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Unfortunately, things don't always go to plan- not for Kellogg, and not for the Institute either. And when the backup plan backfires as well, the experiment "Sole Survivor" is probably doomed to go really far south. 

A humorous Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story set in Fallout 4, with many mods, hijinks and DLCs abound.
Leave a comment with your ideas on how the tale of the Survivor goes, as i play along in my first ever Hardcore playthrough!
Using a custom device in the vault the sole survivor turns the run down vault 88 into his own personal harem where various ladies are all to eager to obey his every command. 
Nora takes Piper down to a special simulation she discovered and things quickly go awry when the simple, Pre-War setting takes a turn for the sultry.
Sierra Petrovita arrived at Nuka World with dreams of paradise. It didn't take long for the raider-led amusement park to put an end to those dreams. Patron request.

Contains: Watersports, rape, general dark themes, slavery.
Perhaps as a result of cryo or due to her strong motherly instincts, Nora's body is still behaving like a nursing mother. With no baby Shaun in sight, Cait steps in to help the Sole Survivor with her burden.

Contains: lesbians, lactation, breast feeding, pussy fingering.
A Fallout themed CYOA, about a Vault Dweller who leaves their vault to explore the Wasteland. And the kinky shenanigans they get up to as a result.
Patreon Poll Winner

Female Sole Survivor Mara is overwhelmed by a glowing Deathclaw and fucked ruthlessly. Subjected to notable changes, she has a new perspective on the world around her: That of a hyper-nympho bimbo slut.

Themes: Beast, Ahegao, Cum Inflation, CYOA

A scientist obsessed with Deathclaws and his bodyguard trek around the Wasteland, following the specimen D-1567-AR-826, or "Dan" for short, as he rampages across New California sticking his dick in anything that moves. Raiders, NCR, Brotherhood, mutants, other Deathclaws, who knows what sort of mates Dan will find, and all the discoveries about Deathclaw biology to be found! 
Bailey sets out to find her husband after he was taken from vault 111.
After playing Fallout Vault, I wondered why (despite all the radiation and suchike in the Wastes), there were no Futanari coming to my vault!

So what if Vault-Tec had a secret weapon to re-populate Vaults/Wastelands if humans were in danger of becoming extinct?

So I will write what happens when Vault-Tec's plan escapes the vault and spreads into the wastelands!

This will contain various themes, some vanilla and some extreme, dependant on where the action takes part.

Please enjoy!
Better Summery inside. Abigail sets off to find her sister.

Themes: Feral ghoul fucking, Beastiality, Stage sex, Ghoul fucking everywhere, and plot driven
Hello! So this commission has the usual Snuff and Rape warnings! if you're squeamish to those, don't read the erotica.

This was commissioned by  Don't be a dickhead and go harass people, thanks.
The Lone Wanderer and Sarah Lyons find themselves captured by the Institute and forced to breed.

KINK KEYWORDS: Forced Breeding, Impregnation, Voyeurism

A commission by kvothe14.
18 year old Kayla Koch has risen from a 226-year cryogenic slumber to discover that her body has been sexually enhanced. Even worse, creatures named Death Colts (Deathclaw+Horse Crossbreeds) have descended upon the unsuspecting teen in a breeding frenzy. 

Tags: gangbang, bestiality, cumflation, mild transformation (breast/ass growth, enhanced ovaries), large insertions, breeding, non con, nipple penetration, and an obscene amount of cum
Nora, the Sole Survivor leaves the vault, desperatly wanting to find her long lost daughter, Shauna. Things take a turn for the worse when she stumbles across Vault 69, accidently activating its secret, primary function. Nora soon finds herself at the mercy of many a hung monster on the wasteland. Enjoy!
In Vault 86, when children reach their 18th birthday's they are exiled into the wasteland, instructed to follow their ultimate purpose. Scared and alone, Hannah takes her first steps into the above-world and quickly discovers the harsh realities of survival. Following a set of co-ordinates to some kind of 'promised-land', Hannah is forced to learn that naivety and weakness get you nowhere. In the wasteland, you become currency, and the land is very poor.
A regular day in the wonderful Capitol wasteland, a group of vicious raiders vanquished by the enigmatic wanderer! But now that there are only a few of their number left... just what sort of urges does our character have in mind?

One thing's for certain.

There won't be any raiders left afterwards.


A commission for a person from a place, written based on their kinks and specifications as far as the characters are concerned!
In this Fallout New Vegas campaign. There is three main characters. (and probably a few more that will show up for the DLCs if I have time). The Courier, The Ranger, and The Legionary. 

This story will contain some fucked up shit. I'm talking only the edgiest shit.  Rape, scat, cold blooded murder, handholding. 

Only get on this train if you're prepared. 

Chapter 1: Courier Chapter (Rape, Murder, Foot fetish, Plot,
Description can only contain 500 words...
A curious radroach senses a fertile female to carry its eggs, even if she doesn't know about it.

Kinks within: Somnophilia, egg laying, bestiality specifically bugs.

Seriously if you find cockroaches disgusting to the degree you can't even read about them then you're better off skipping this one.

If you enjoy the story please like it, favorite it and leave a comment.
[font="Lucida]A former BoS member finds himself having to hunker down in an abandoned home during one of the Radiation Storms of the Commonwealth. What he finds blows his mind...[/font]
The lone wanderer has a hell of a night with piper but there's something even worse in store in the PLEASUREDOME.
[font="Trebuchet]In order to survive from a radstorm,Nora &Piper takes shelter in an ruined building in the glowing sea.Soon they find out about its inhabitants and their hospitality.(originally written by me on[/font]
Convinced by the Sole Survivor to rejoin the Brotherhood of Steel, Dr. Madison Li finds things far worse than she expected. Held at the hands of three sadistic and vengeful men who will stop at nothing to find out everything she knows.

Warning, contains: Rape/Nonconset, slapping, and mindbreak.

A commission by Jamal542.
Vault 68: A semi-canon VaultTec Vault built for 1000 occupants; 999 men and 1 woman.

What could possibly go wrong for our sexy, busty, brunette protagonist Mary?

Contains: rape, anal, bukkake, gokkun and tight blue jumpsuits.
Years in the future after the nukes have gone off. Two adventurers come across a ruin Vault Headquarters and found recordings from a Vault numbered 282. What experiments was taking place on these dwellers?

 (This originally was a contest entry that I decided to turn into a series.)

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