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Vault 68: A semi-canon VaultTec Vault built for 1000 occupants; 999 men and 1 woman.

What could possibly go wrong for our sexy, busty, brunette protagonist Mary?

Contains: rape, anal, bukkake, gokkun and tight blue jumpsuits.
Years in the future after the nukes have gone off. Two adventurers come across a ruin Vault Headquarters and found recordings from a Vault numbered 282. What experiments was taking place on these dwellers?

 (This originally was a contest entry that I decided to turn into a series.)
Coming home early from Sanctuary, Piper finds out something about Nora and Dogmeat that changes her life forever.

Contains: Bestiality, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Cock Worship, Knotting, two women fucking a dog.
Weekly Poll Winner (Chapter 6 is currently Patreon-Exclusive!)

Themes: Dom/Sub, Rough Sex, Breeding 

Summary: A young man wakes up as the Overseer of a new Vault. Specifically, Vault 69. He's just completed a treatment that brings all of his SPECIAL stats up to the maxed out ten. Time to get to work.

A series of shorts about the different faction encounters in Fallout.

Chapter 1: Reunions (BoS/Outcasts)
Fallout 4

A series of collection of lewd, smut and lewd of Nora. You going to enjoy every adventure she make on the Commonwealth.

After an especially wild night of drinking Cass find herself all alone in a compromise situation [Fallout New Vegas].
Nora decides to take a lazy morning to herself.
Curie's comforting presence and medical knowledge have made Sanctuary one of the best settlements in the commonwealth, but one person can't stand it. Marcy Long has had enough of the synth woman and arranges a little surprise for her. Will she get away with it, or will her actions come back to haunt her.

A commission by Jamal542.
The story of a boy and his dog is timeless and eternal.
Therefore... it never changes.

Join them both as they embark on a semi-epic quest to the NCR (or at least the Mojave) accompanied by two beautiful former sex slaves desperate for safety, very desperate. 

Especially since they can't actually afford to pay him in caps...
Forever changed by his traumatic past, cold-blooded killer Lucian is haunted by nightmares. He spends his days terrorizing the citizens of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., but his established way of life is threatened when he decides to purchase a slave-girl.

Themes: Brainwashing, Rough Sex, Breeding, Dom/Sub

Summary: Nora doesn't get far before she encounters a young scavenger in Sanctuary. But he's not just any scavenger... and in the end, she finds herself following after him, unable to help but desire what he has to offer her.
Nuka world, all the blood, guts, caps, and violence a person could want. But this raider paradise couldn't exist without the tireless efforts of one man. Follow our beloved leader as he navigates the pitfalls just another day as Overboss.

A commission by Jamal542.
Piper loves everything about her husband.

Content: Cock Worship, Deepthroating, Cum Swallowing.
Nora attempts to surprise her girlfriend, with arguable success.

Content: Lesbians, Rimming.
The Courier, Six, has just won the war against the great menace of Caesar's Legion and peace has finally reached the Mojave. unbeknownst to him, his feminine companions and allies are planning a party for him that is destined to get out of hand due to the blissful moods and ample drinks involved. 
He's wanted her since she arrived in diamond city, but her loud mouth and explosive newspaper are becoming a problem. But maybe for the Mayor, he can kill two birds with one stone. 

Mayor Mcdonghue/Piper

Oral... Dub con... blackmail...M/F
As the merciless cold sands of Vegas ponder down heavily unto the Courier and Cass an abandoned motel harbors the two for the night with a well hung young man.

Commissioned and co-writtened by:Canderous19.
After what seemed to be a run-of-the-mill skirmish with some raiders, a young vault dweller is unknowingly hunted across the Capital Wastes by the rest of the gang, who are out for revenge.

Simply killing her won't satisfy them, though. No, she was going to give them some entertainment.

Contains: rape, violence (possible for more to be added in future chapters)
Lonely and curious Isabel Cruz mess around with a protectron of her own after looking into her magazines.
Looking to earn some caps the Sole Survivor explores a mysterious laboratory and earns more than he bargained for. at least he doesn't need to worry about caps anymore.

Content within: Futa, robot, sissification, dub-con, 
An extremely busty Minutewoman is sent by a young man to help protect Goodneighbor but as the little town goes quiet an attack might've been an invitation.

Warning:Dubcon, humilation.

Commissioned by:JSFNorthernCommand.
Supersoldiers will roam the wastelands. Supersoldiers with big cocks cause that is fun.
Nat catches Nora with her pants(almost literally) down, then threatens to tell everyone her secret unless Nora does what she commands. Nora decides to play along, one thing leads to another, and all of a sudden Nora's dick is in Nat's ass.

Yet another thrilling entry into the saga of Nora giving the teens of Fallout 4 some ancient Bostonian dickings.

The oral stuff is now balanced out with the butt stuff in this one.

Themes: Dubcon, Bestiality, Amputee Sex, Drunken Sex

Summary: Proctor Ingram and Senior Scribe Neriah get sloshed on Christmas Eve. Luckily the rest of the Pyrdwen does as well, because they both wake up afterwards with splitting hangovers... in the most compromising of positions.

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