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After sneaking a look at Moxxi’s breasts for just too long and ignoring what the woman said afterward by staring at her breasts, Gaige is punished and broken in front of a crowd as punishment.

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Can't think of a clever title. *shrugs*

But it tells you this will be a collection of sexy stories about the vault hunters and their friends/enemies.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Also will contain spoilers for BL2 & 3.
Lilith goes to a nearby bandit camp to carry out a mission. Things don't go exactly as planned.
[Borderlands] Pandora was the greatest thing to ever happen to Moze - all because she met her girlfriends. Together she, Tiny Tina and Gaige are a special group of demolitionists, blowing up bandit camps in between wild threeway fuck sessions. RESPECT THE BLAST BABES, NARCS!

(F/F/Futa, Humor)
My very first submission, wasn't planning on submitting but here goes, hope you enjoy

sorry if it takes a bit longer, i have a few memory issues so there might be fairly large gaps in chapters

[Borderlands] Amara has been trying to breed a new generation of Sirens, and now...she finally has a pair of sluts that will help her do it. Claiming Maya and Lilith as her personal breeding bitches, Pandora's newest Siren will finally break the rule of six!

(Futa/F/F, Breeding, Cock Worship)
[Borderlands] Amara and Moze are brand new to Pandora, and they're going to learn a simple rule about life there: that nobody fucks better than Gaige the Mechromancer and her sentient robotic dick!

(Futa/F/F, Comedy, Robotics)
Tannis never thought she'd actually find a way to be happy in Pandora, but as it turns out...all she needed was a family. Things started to get better for her after she adopted Gaige and Tiny Tina, and the three enjoy a unique relationship. Nobody said you have to be sane to be happy!

(F/F/F, Adopted Incest, Romance)
Moxxi lure's Gaige to the bar, intent on helping to make the young mechromancer another sex-slave for her Master.

KINK KEYWORDS: Mind Control, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Breast Expansion

A commission for JSFNorthernCommand
Athena gets trapped in a door, and Nisha takes advantage.

Content: Whipping, light dom/sub, noncon.
A pair of female psychos, a cyborg biker girl, a cute and murderous sushi chef, and a brawny Siren who can induce lust in anyone around her. You know; the last sexed up team we'd want to end up saving the planet.
You, Claptrap's minion, are given a mission to go spy on Lilith & Roland, as Claptrap thinks they may be spies. When you get there, you happen to spy a sexual event.
It's Mercenary Day on Pandora! A day of love, festivities, presents, or in Maya and Krieg's case, hot sex. 

A little Christmas I threw together! 
In an effort to drum up some new business at her bar in Sanctuary Mad Moxxi is hosting a special event for only the most discerning (and rich) customers.
A young man visits Sanctuary for the first time, having won a lottery to have sex with one of the city's beautiful vault hunters.

KINK KEYWORDS: Bestiality, Prostitution, Teenager

A commission from shade333
Looking for a new way to make some money, Moxxi invites Lilith, Maya, Athena and Gaige to participate in her newest arena attraction: beast fucking.

KINK KEYWORDS: Bestiality, Tentacles, Teenager

A commission form shade333
Based on a Borderlands comic, I decided it needed a bad ending. We follow our four Vault Hunters as they hunt down a notorious bandit in the wasteland (spoiler, someone gets raped by a skag). 
Maya and Moxxi are tricked into an ambush.  Their attacker then uses his Legendary Mod to mind-control both ladies, making them his personal sex toys.
Mad Moxxi didn’t get her nickname because she is a paragon of virtue. It’s what Maya rather liked about her. Past tense, to a time before her drink was spiked, and went from asexual Siren, to big dicked bitch breaker for a few hours.

Borderlands, Maya, Mad Moxxi, Futa, Impregnation, Date Rape

A commission for JSFNorthernCommand
Maya and Lilith try to learn about each other's Siren abilities, and end up finding some OTHER things they have in common.

[futa/futa, anal, frotting, lesbian stuff, some comedy]
Inspired by a piece written by SluttyHaruka/LicoriceLain, this story features Athena trying to scrounge up some extra money. (Contains “orientation bending”, or whatever the term is. This may be possibly offensive to some.)
A Borderlands story involving the blue-haired siren Maya, and the beastly psycho Krieg. A intense sex story which is potentially cannon. 

This is a story I've been wanting to write for while due to a variety of reasons. Potentially cannon thanks to meat bicycle built for two, Maya's got that muscular goddess thing going on, and Krieg causes it to have the vigor of bestiality without it actually being bestiality (which tends to lack passion). 
An alternative version of the Borderlands 2 mission 'Clan War: Starting the War'.

 Realising that it is in fact Ellie who is behind the events meant to pit the Hodunks and Zafords against each other, Tector and Jimbo Hodunk kidnap her, intending to use her as bait to lure Mad Moxxi in for negotiations. In fact, they care little for Ellie: their actual goal is revenge on Moxxi. 

Very rape-y smut ensues.
Yet another take on the Skags overpowering one of the Sirens (In this case, Lilith) and doing the smut-smut.

One-shot, very rape-y, and (Duh) beastiality. Written as an attempt to distract myself from my inability to write a new chapter for a pants-related story.

Edit: not one shot. ch. 2 up. More of the same, with an open ending in case I ever wanna continue it.
Fiona celebrating the end of Tales from the Borderlands with Athena and Janey. (No spoilers, just sex...lers.) Based on a lovely commission I had done by Avernalism! (I'll link it when I get it uploaded to HF.)

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