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Getting frustrated with her lack of stimulation using the usual sexual toys Lucy Hearfilia resorts to an extremely unusual means of getting off; her summoning Keys. And boy is she not disappointed at all by the idea afterward.
Erza and Mirajane clash in a wrestling ring to see will be the next miss fairy tail. but more importantly to see who is the better woman. a request from a deviantart user.
After Beating Jellal, Natsu decides that he wants Erza and will have her no matter what. Meanwhile, Mira and Seilah won't stay silent!
This Lemon is from my first story in FF! It is meany for ...shall we say, A demo
Ken is a mage in Fairy Tail, and he has gotten his hands on a very special magical tome that can let him rewrite reality. Naturally, he uses this to indulge his fetishes. [anal] [commission]
Long before current ages the world was once ruled by demons. However that age soon fell but one demon managed to survive and has risen once again and now is coming back for what is his.. The World.
Laxus isn't sure what possessed Lucy to drag him back to her room and shove him down onto her bed, but he isn't about to complain.
Some good old roughfuckin' featuring Natsu and Juvia from Fairy Tail.

After losing a battle against a big smelly orc, Minerva must use every ounce of her strength to survive being his fucktoy for as long as possible.
A cross-universal occurs and Kushina Uzumaki winds up in within the universe of the Fairy Tail franchise, in Magnolia no less. Alone and without resources she nearly succumbs to despair until she is found by Fairy Tail and given a place to stay. There she acts out her depression with promiscuous behavior and sleeps with any/every member willing to give her good time. Starting with Natsu.
Summary: Gildarts didn't plan on finding Lucy heartbroken and upset, but after learning that she and Natsu are on break, he can't help but want to seize the moment. One thing leads to another as Gildarts takes Lucy and gives her what Natsu never could. Includes: NTR, Smut, Daddy Fetish.

In a world where sex is commonplace and prostitution is a bustling industry, the hottest girls in Fiore and beyond make good use of their beauty and allure to make a living in this lewd world. In this installment, we move on from Fairy Tail and enter the halls of their rivals, the royal guild Mermaid Heel.
When Erza Scarlet is captured by a rival guild, it will take all of her willpower not to become their cock-addled fuckpuppet.

Except, you know, that happens. I guess she didn't have much willpower to begin with, huh?


Summary: After saving her life, Lucy gives Taurus a reward of his choice. He picks exactly what you think, taking advantage of Lucy and making her a pervert like him. Includes: NTR, Smut, Mind Break.

After weeks of enduring her... distracting styles of dressing Jellal snaps. Although Erza really doesn't seem to mind. Jerza

Request by Wolfspirit44
Erza Scarlet — S-Class Mage-Knight of Fairy Tail — is captured by a group of Bandits known as the Jackals, criminals that she once brought to justice. The famed Bounty Hunter is brought low by rape, becoming a Slave-Mage, a Fuck-Mage, and finally, a Toilet-Mage!  

Commissioned by: Rawrbert
Lisanna reveals that she has never had a sexual experience, so her friends in Edolas decide to show her a good time. [commission]
The demon lord END has begun a march of conquest against humanity and begins with the Kingdom of Fiore. As the guilds of Fiore unite against his invasion, one by one they all fall, and the demons have their fun with the defeated female mages as spoils of war as END plans on conquering the world. Major AU.
After knocking her unconscious, Brandish decides to punish Lucy one last time.

This story started as a 100 word writing prompt for a Discord server but since it got so long I decided to post it as a legit story.

This is basically my very first story, and of course it's porn.
(Commissioned by Robert) Erza Scarlet is the strongest woman in Fiore, the S-Class Titania of Fairy Tail. It made him sick to his stomach to see that horrible monster respected and loved by the masses. So it was up to him force her down to where she belonged.

Erza/OC Warnings inside.
Erz (male!Erza), tricked and captured by villainesses. Femdom

Commission by
Lisanna and Lucy want to decide who is the dom in their relationship. Erza and Mirajane offer a solution. [commission]
Getting used to life back on Earthland isn't easy for a closet slut like Lisanna Strauss, and trying to compete against the busty bombshells in Fairy Tail isn't going well when they have tits the size of melons and thick bubble-asses to boot! But all of that changes when she makes the most depraved wish of her life and adopts a brand new look that makes her lust to ride the dragon. 

Commissioned by NoelRosewick0326

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Summary: Lucy and Natsu have been dating for a while now, but with him away on a mission for who knows how long, well... Lucy has needs to fulfill. Her heart belongs to Natsu, but her body is happy to experiment with her fellow Guild members. Includes: Threesome, and NTR.
A two-part story that focuses on Lucy and Levy as they try to find Natsu and Gajeel, both of whom have hidden themselves in the woods to stray away from mating season. Commissioned by anonymous.
A collaboration between and over on He's posting it there, I'm posting it here. 

A series of one-shots unveiling the darkest pits and lowest lows that the battles in Fairy Tail could have taken. (You can share your ideas in the comments, if we write it we'll give proper credit to those who suggested it.)

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