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It shouldn't be possible, but months after he turned himself in, Makoto can still sense Kamoshida's palace around the school. Disbelieved by the others, she investigates it on her own, finding raw depravity within that pulls her into a terrifying realization: this palace may not be Kamoshida's, and she may be in more trouble than she can handle. Commission for simo09.
A sexy lemon featuring Mitsuru Kirijo and Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3. After a good time at a classy party, the handsome, gruff boxer and the sexy, stylish socialite get kinky and dirty, with a lot of sexual heat to exchange in a massive way.
Eager to make the most out of their time together, Sae helps Ren lock up Leblanc. Shenanigans ensue. Commission.

(Established Relationship, Older Woman/Younger Man, Cunnilingus, table sex... Fluffy slow build.)
When Futaba discovers Ryuji's little secret, her Netorare fantasies come to life as the two betray Joker for each other. Includes: NTR/Netorare

Fresh from a Halloween party, Tae and Ren roleplay based on their costumes, with Tae as the dominant witch calling the incubus Ren to this world to be her love slave. Anonymous commission.

Themes: Mind Break, Rough Sex, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Sae Nijima is investigating a prostitution ring in which the girls are broken down and made into willing whores. In the process, she gets too close and receives some threats. Of course, in a world like the one she's in, everything is a matter of perception...
[Persona 5] After their romantic opera date, Ren and Sae return to the older woman's apartment to continue their evening. Sweet, tender, and romantic - that's what this story's all about!

(M/F, Romance, Vanilla, Sweet)
Balancing chores in the home of Ren and the four girls he lives with should have been easy, but navigating the mess of everyone's desire to clean or willingness to do anything to get out of cleaning has become a chore unto itself. One Ren's happy to make the most of. Anonymous commission.
Futaba's happy with Ren, but Ryuji's constant checking her out and a quick phone hack to see what he's packing fills Futaba with ideas. Ideas only a young woman whose view on human relationships can be grown from hentai OVAs can muster, but she's not cheating with some ugly older man; it's with her boyfriend's closest male friend. Commission for simo09
Fresh out of a breakup, Ren heads to a strip club in the hopes of feeling better, only to be captivated by one of the dancers. Commission.

Contains: Stripping, Lapdancing.

Ann helps cure Haru's constipation with a specially made enema. The experience ends up awakening some new feelings in both girls.

CW: Scat
Makoto is just so desperate to be useful to her big sis. Though she may have ulterior motives for thinking sex is the best way to contribute to the household.
The four main girls of Persona 4 record a porn shoot together. It is not a normal one, however, but a snuff film - and all of them (except Naoto) are very happy to star in it.

A commission - if you want one, you can contact me on Patreon

Includes extreme violence and women being killed in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Sadayo Kawakami's life changed when Akira discovered her job as a maid. She thought of him as this dangerous, cruel delinquent who didn't care about her. She was only partly right though, as she enters a secret relationship with the man she should be teaching. Includes: DomCon, Student X Teacher smut, Mind Break, and Romance. 

Ren is happy to submit to Haru and do whatever she asks, even when her request is to conjure Arsene so that they can both fill her together, and to push her limits further. Anonymous commission.
Ren Amamiya learns he isn't the only one keeping secrets. A quick trip to the metaverse shows him something Dr Takemi likes to keep hidden deep away...
It's Ren's last day in Tokyo before he's set to return home, and Ann can't let that happen. she heads to Leblanc, sneaks in while he's asleep, and pleads with her body for him to stay and know how she feels. Anonymous commission.
Naoto thought she was prepared for anything the culprit could throw at her. She was not prepared for everything her Shadow would throw at her.

A collection of short scenes with not a lot of buildup. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
Two students, their teacher, and an unholy demon permanently bonded to Ren's libido. What could possibly happen?

Well, if you read the others, you'd know by now.

A long overdue entry into the ongoing Free-use Mara series. Contains some pretty serious anal fetishism.
Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura are just a couple of (dick)gals trying to get fit. Once the blood's flowing and the sweat's oozing, inhibitions loosen, and they fuck harder than any two pornstars on Earth.

Futaba is very proud of her gaming skills. But after a harmless bit of trash talk with an online rando, Joker puts her skills to the ultimate test.
Yukari and Mitsuru set out to have as much fun as possible throughout Tatsumi Port Island. Completely naked except for their shoes, their idea of fun is to be fucked by as many guys as possible, in as many ways as possible. Commission for waiting4theworms.

As the sun sets in Hawaii, Ren and his two older partners get up to no good on a public, but mostly-empty beach. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Public Sex, Breeding, Mommy Kink.

Biting the bullet to save her best friend, Ann finds herself posing in lingerie for Kamoshida. What will it take to please a man who can never get enough? Anonymous commission.

Ren's favourite doctor runs a few tests on him. Nothing unusual there, unless you count how 'invasive' they are.

Or how enjoyable.

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