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Haru uses the power of the Meta Nav app to enter Sugimura, her fiance's, mind. She thought she could use this power to change him for the better, but instead his dark desires twist and change her into his perfect woman. Includes: Mind Break, Mind Control, Corruption, Bad End

Ren Amamiya is happily employed as Mitsuru Kirijo's "secretarial assistant."  What this means is being arm candy by day and her thoroughly submissive whore at night. 

(Commission fic.  Femdom Mitsuru, extremely submissive Ren, some BDSM vibes but without any actual bondage/pain play.  Rough anal.)
A virus is running rampant among the homeless population of Tokyo, and Tae proposes to Ann that she help out by catching the virus herself in order to let it be studied, which leads her down the path of getting used by several hobos. 

Warning: features STDs as a kink and incredibly ugly men. 

Anonymous commission
The Phantom Thieves come up with a solution to make life easier in Mementos, that is clearly based in the reality of the setting and not just an excuse for me to write stories where cute girls beat up various fictional characters. 

Commission for my editor Joey. 
Yukiko Amagi has a secret, she's the preferred plaything of a foreign company in bed with the Amagi Inn, and she loves every second. All ready very pregnant, she's presenting her final act of submission to 3 very virile black men before being roughly fucked by all three.
[Persona 5] Ren's been failing Kawakami's class, and she has no reason to believe that he isn't going to live up to the expectations of a trouble making delinquent. Fortunately, there's a way Ren can win over his teacher...if he's willing to open his mouth - and his ass - so she can get some much-needed stress relief.

In another reality, the characters of Persona 5 have swapped ages. Those once adults are now teenagers, and vice versa.

That includes the Twins Justine and Caroline within the Velvet Room. And these are the ones most willing to put you through some form of punishment.

Commissioned by anonymous. ACAU concept created by ScruffyTurtles.
Ren didn't know the two older, well hung women he's been the plaything of are old friends from college. Not until Sae and Tae decide they want to share him and break them into their plaything slave for good. Anonymous commission.
Ren and Makoto have been planning to start a family for quite some time, but on the day they settle on, Ren surprises Makoto by bringing her sister to the bedroom, and Sae is more than a little surprised herself when she finds out exactly what's on the agenda.

(Commission fic.)  (Impreg kink, F/F incest, threesome, dominant P5 protag, collars, very mild ownership kink.)
Explicit Lemon fic featuring Yusuke Kitagawa and Futaba Sakura of Persona 5, Futaba and Yusuke are cute lovers attending college, Yusuke has a knack of seeing the beauty in anything, including sex. Includes Explicit Sexual Content, you been warned!
After his change of heart, Kunikazu Okumura begs for his daughter's forgiveness in an unorthodox way. 

(Father/Daughter incest, dubcon (guilt and slight reluctance), Slight Femdom Lite TM, cunnilingus, blowjobs, clothed sex, and creampie. Angst.)
When Ren visits a Velvet Room without Igor in it, Caroline and Justine see an opportunity to begin the next step of rehabilitating their prisoner, which involves a lot less pants and a lot more thrusting than Ren is really prepared for. Anonymous commission.
Idol sensation Rise and viral dance star Ann have had a bit of a heated online rivalry, and their attempt to have a conclusive dance-off to prove who's best ends up a desperate, sloppy gangbang to try and prove their prowess. And that's never how you solve anything. Commission for simo09
Another Chie commission unrelated to my previous ones. Naoto has heard rumors that Chie is packing something beneath her shorts and as the detective prince she finds she must investigate the issue which Chie is all too happy to help her with
You've heard about a punky back alley doctor with an interest in 'prostate exams', who will give anyone who can endure such a test anything they want, and you've decided you can handle all Doctor Takemi can give and then make her take even more. Anonymous commission, reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
When Theodore crafts an armored bunnygirl outfit after the P5 crew defeat PQ2's first boss, Elizabeth is quick to snatch it and use it to lure Akira into stealing more than just her heart.

(Twitter poll fic.)  (Netorare/NTR, but no actual cheating.  Bunny outfits.  Creampie.)
A sleepover, a bit of alcohol, and a series of confessions from the other Phantom Thieves about the dirtiest thing they have ever done leaves noted goody two-shoes Makoto embarrassed, and the chain of question that follows leads her down a path of admitting her love of anal sex and having her ass eaten, which sets off a chain reaction that drags the whole party down into appreciation of girls' butts. Anoynmous commission.
You and Mitsuru are finally wed, and you've carried her all the way up to her massive apartment suite at the top of the Kirijo Group HQ to give her the mindblowing wedding night she's always dreamed of...and a new heir to boot.

(Twitter poll fic!) (Reader insert has a dick.  Impregnation, mild degradation kink.)
Concerned for his maid/teacher/girlfriend's health from working two jobs, Akira tries to help Sadayo Kawakami smile again, and maybe hear her moan a bit too. Includes: Tickling, Foot Worship, and Footjob.

A Shadow flees the team of Ren, Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto by throwing up potent aphrodisiac spores, and while the Phantom Thieves need information, the sex pollen induces other sorts of needs within them, and they aren't strong enough to fight those needs. Patreon poll story.
Sadayo Kawakami, more than a little tired of supervising a bunch of high schoolers, finally gets to hit the beach on her own during the Hawaii trip and just as she'd hoped, gets a little bit of action from a stranger who wants to fuck her just as badly as she wants to get fucked.  

(Twitter poll fic!)  (Creampie, public sex, risky sex, slutty talk, very mild raceplay that doesn't delve into real stereotypes.)
The Phantom Thieves have cleared the Casino Palace.  You -- leader of the group -- have been growing obsessed with Sae's Shadow with every trip in, and now you have a plan to save your friends some trouble while still hooking up with the scantily clad, gothy gambler.

(Reader/Shadow!Sae.  Competitive sex, femdom to femsub, mild mind break, cock worship, and cheating -- the reader is also in a relationship with Makoto, and it's focused on throughout.)
Commission Info /

Tae Takemi is administering a new drug to her favorite little guinea pig with surprising results!
After the Phantom Thieves take down The Joker, the only Joker now left standing makes his move on Harley Quinn, who might be ready enough to move on that she's ready to accept this new Joker as hers. Anonymous commission.
Another caption for Sowilo's art.

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