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Katarina Du Couteau does not suffer fools gladly. So why does she endure one man’s brash disrespect?

Because there’s no way she could dick that good otherwise.

(Katarina/OC, dubiously consensual impregnation to consensual impregnation, angry sex and power play mixed with some softness, a lotta sex positions)
You've had a rough day at work, and the bitter winter night has threatened to freeze you in your tracks on the way home. Luckily for you, your girlfriend Syndra knows just how to warm you up and melt your stress away. This story is a commission!
Kai'sa has the after-concert jitters and finds herself feeling nervous about her role in K/DA. It's up to one of the other members to see that she starts feeling more like herself again!
Alternative title: Pain and Bliss

My first personal passion project in some time. Exploring the unique relationship between Caitlyn, Vi, and her sister, Jinx. With some accompanying artwork by the generous NormanA. 

Obvious kinks: Cheating, cock worship, incest, watersports, huge fucking shemale dick, unbelievable amounts of cum, mild inflation.
LeBlanc x LeBlanc clone Selfcest. Who needs to relieve stress when you can get your clone to do it for you? Old story I wrote back in 2014.
What if somebody saw C jumping about the city? What if this person instantly knew they had to tell police? Well Caitlyn and Vi know that they absolutely need to protect this guy before he ends up somewhere in dead in the gutters. And while they are at it... why not tickle some more information out of him, right? Cause if one things loosens a guy's tongue it's two pretty, naked ladies~

Commission for Nico
A separate continuity from my other series.

In this story, Luxanna Crownguard finds herself dragged into the seedy underbelly of Demacia, something she likely did not think existed. And then she gets fucked. A lot.

Tone is 'oddly lighthearted' despite everything.
Commission for Jesi; Futa Taliyah x Neeko x Nidalee

Neeko isn't very knowledgeable about... anything, and when she sees a cute girl with a cock, her curiosity gets the better of her and she goes for it. Taliyah's not very impressed by the lizard's antics, nor is she happy with her trying to apologize by bringing her to the local gloryhole.

But what can Taliyah do other than enjoy it? 
After band rehearsals, Akali takes the subway back home, only to be assailed when she least expects it by a man she doesn't know. It may not be when she wants it, but her chikan dreams are finally going to come true. Commission for simo09
Excited to spend a night on the town, a poor decision lands you handcuffed to a chair with a displeased Caitlyn just itching to use you to vent her frustrations.
In order to help with group bonding, Kai'Sa recommends all of K/DA to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. One of the nights is clear with a full moon out, where succubi and other otherworldly powers become their strongest, including one of their members.

Akali answers the question, of what could possibly go wrong, for herself.

[Akali/Evelynn. Includes: cunnilingus, vaginal fingering, 69, light bondage and bladeplay, marking]
Futa Cassiopeia x Lux. Commission for JSDP

Lux has seen Cass around campus before - she's so noticeable it's hard not to. The funny thing is, Lux has never actually talked to her before, which is a real shame, because she's exotic and pretty, and Evelynn speaks highly of her. Sure, it doesn't seem like she has a lot of friends, and she tends to get up to... lewd activities, but Lux doesn't mind.  

It helps that she's single, too.

Sejuani is not one for weaklings. After making short work of a bandit group, she is surprised to find a woman still standing, adorned in golden plate. Sejuani found such strength attractive. Very attractive. If you like dominant lesbian sex, you'll love this.
Ashe has been kidnapped by the wicked witch of the ice, Lissandra, and locked away within a cell of true ice. With a meeting of great political importance being held at the break of dawn, Lissandra seems to have the upper hand.

How will Ashe escape from this seemingly hopeless situation? And how will she enact her revenge?~

Riven's journey comes to an abrupt end when she finds herself bound, naked and at the mercy of her new owner.

Contains: Domination, humiliation and non-con

I wanted to try something different with the coloured speech, hopefully it made reading easier or at least not much harder. Also this was meant to be a short standalone story but I may add another chapter or two I'm not sure yet.

During her usual 'job' as a Pirate Queen and Champion of the Fields Miss Fortune needed a vacation, thus, she returned to her ocean island vacation home where her lover Soraka waited for her return. There she releases much tension with their usual intimate massage and then the typical sexual romp with Soraka's special appendage taking charge making Sarah really feel sensational pleasure all day long with her celestial lover.
Sona is feeding again, but this time she's gotten Ahri in trouble too! How will their summoners punish the pair I wonder...
Evaine LeBlanc messed up. Big time. Sending her agents out to counteract Swain's plans, she left herself vulnerable. Captured by Jericho Swain's loyalists, she waits in Noxus' cells without backup, magic, or any hope of freedom. 

Jericho Swain/Evaine LeBlanc
Mind/Soul Invasion
Public Humiliation 
Rough Sex
Dub-con to Consensual
Evaine 'woofing'
Anonymous Commission, (Futa) Battle Academia KatarinaxBattle Academia Lux + Academy Ahrix(Futa)Xayah

The Academy is out for vacation at a gorgeous poolside resort - gorgeous both for the scenery, and the ladies. Ahri decides it's about time for Lux to hook up with her crush, Katarina, while she goes to pester her probably-ex-girlfriend, Xayah. It's a little bold for Lux, but Katarina looks damn fine in a bikini.

Ahri will be fine by herself, right? 
Miss Fortune Stops into Bilgewater and makes an unlikely friend with Gragas when he shares his special, unending brew with her. Now it doesn't matter where, when or who she sleeps with, just that She gets her fill. The pair travel together and settle their problems the fun way. 
Story written by //
Commissioned by me 
Permission was given to post check out his work
Anonymous Commission. Futa Lux x Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune's a gold digger, no two ways about it. She's willing to do whatever to get herself her payout, and using her body is the quickest method. When she meets Lux it's like she's met the girl of her dreams: young, infatuated, and rich - all she needs to do is tease her along, then have risky, unprotected sex with her, and it'll be perfect.
After stealing from Evelynn, Riven is chastised and sent to Ahri's home to be her personal bunny-maid. There, Riven documents her experience in a diary, explaining how both her holes are filled with large plugs, how they're trapped inside of her by a chastity belt, and how she hates that she enjoys it.

Bugged Word Count
Xayah and Rakan are invited to one of Ahri's prestigious house parties. What they don't know is why, but Xayah soon finds out, and not without some serious repercussions.

[ear sex, creampie, cheating]
Sona breaks up a dispute between two brothers about their sexual prowess, just to help them settle it behind closed doors.
Erotic shorts involving characters from League of legends.

General themes are: dubcon, bdsm, submission, humiliation, degradation.

Sexual Acts include: cunnilingus, Rough Oral Sex

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them and I may or may not write them.

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