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Crossover between the videogames Dead Or Alive and Corruption of Champions.

Honoka, a participant of the latest DOA tournament finds herself dragged to the corrupted land of Mareth, a prophecy claiming she'll be the one to cleanse the land of Lethice's corruption.

Will Honoka save Mareth, or will Mareth corrupt her…?

Credit given to the creators and contributors of CoC, namely Fenoxo, who started it all.

Read and review if you're so kind.

Themes: Furry Sex, Rough Sex, Breeding

Summary: A Champion of Ingnam who doesn't suffer a terrible fate at the hands of demons or anything like that. Instead, she has loving sex with another wolf-morph like herself.

My own take on the world of Corruption of Champions as originally created by Fenoxo and numerous other talented writers.
Sophie punishes her salamander friend for thinking that he could dominate her.

This will be where paid Corruption of Champions stories go, should I receive such requests.
A man known as “the Father” is quickly becoming infamous in the fantastical world of Mareth. As a family man with a dark streak, compassionate with his loved ones and cruel to many else, the Father intends to use his various manipulative powers to make his family the greatest that Mareth has ever seen.

A delightfully disturbing incest-fest with lots of father-daughter loving and an endless amount of mental and sexual domination. Based on Fenoxo’s text game “Corruption of Champions.”
What I've always wanted to do with my main character.
What if three Champions were betrayed in various ways by people in their villages? This is a story about those Champions journeys through the world of Karet and their subsequent revenge.

Inspired by the game Corruption of Champions made by Fenoxo and his lovely team. Check it out.   

Anyways first time smut writer so criticism is welcome and appreciated.

Hope you enjoy.
I'm a sucker for Bad Ends, and CoC is filled with 'em. As tantalizing as the writing is in CoC, I decided to put some of them here because I was unable to find them online.
To summarize events of the game: Urta is on her lone quest to banish a spirit from her body in order to become fertile and start a family with the Champion.
Obviously, in this story: that isn't going to happen.
Helia, driven by the breed crazy instinct of the Pale Flame to have a baby with the love of her life, deciding to get the necessary equipment when she won't.

May evolve into a series of the hottest denizens of Mareth(figuratively and literally!) satisfying their desires.

Inspired by the Tower of the Phoenix dungeon in the game and this picture.
Months of wild fucking has given Jenny a bigger family than she could've imagined. But with the first anniversary fast approaching, the portal to Ingnam will be opening again. What will the villagers have to say about what has happened?
A COC-themed story. Includes a new behaviour for the worms, a twist given by the author's imagination. Corruption of Champions is a text-based game that was nothing to do with me!
Third commission in this batch is for .

It’s a story set in the Corruption of Champions world based on [] by ninjakitty starring her OCs Minerva and her daughter Leira.
This is the description of my COC character Yamato the 1/2 dragon 1/2 Kitsune
Various stories based on Fenoxo's game, Corruption of Champions.
Warning: there may be some niche fetishes like futa, genital piercings, urethral insertion, egg laying, sluttification, transformation and vore ahead.

Chapter 1 inspired by this awesome picture drawn by Adjatha! //
“People come to this world for wealth. Power. To protect their village. I came here to find out who and what I really am…” –Hei

Theres a lot more sex in here then it sounds. It wouldn't be a C_O_C  fanfic without tons of sex. Or rape. Or Futas. 
Fanfic based on Corruption of champions. Doesn't interfere with game plot either.
Just a week before they big day the champion dies. Syn volunteers to take his place.
This is her story.
these are the adventures of my OC character in the game named ryo.... so join him in his adventures he has in the land of Mareth...
These chapter(s) are based on the flash game "Corruption of Champions". I might write more later.
I have a few idea's for things that i would love to see in the game, so here they are, written down, a few scenes including my character and the world around her.

BTW, she is as corrupt as physically possible.
This is the story of my Champion from Ingnam, the young blacksmith Jenny. Skillful with the sword and not opposed to a good orgasm, she forges onward in her mission to protect the portal and protect Ingnam.
A story starring Excellia, requested by ashraam and set in the world.
First of all, MASSIVE thank you to InCase and sentrythe2310, for the sexy artwork that inspired me to write this!

Desc: You're wandering an unkown land for some time, but soon enough encounter shelter, however it's inhabited by a Minotaur Queen!
Disclaimer: The environment and some of the characters belong to fenoxo. Those that are not his are mine, so please ask before using. This is my first attempt at making a story for here, so any feed back will be welcome.

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