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It's... quite the life, being stuck with the upper half of their bodies in Raven's tent, and the lower half outside, free for the bandits to use. But Yang and Weiss are learning to love it.
I have numerous open commission spots open and am looking to have them filled! 
There's more than one way to raise money for charities, as Weiss finds out. And by the end of the night, she, Winter and Willow have all come around to the idea.
Samuel Waylon woke up one morning with the ability to alter reality. As such, he spent all of a minute pondering the tremendous amount of good he could do with his newfound power before thinking better of it.

Fuck being the self-sacrificing hero!

No, he’d be going the villainous playboy route instead. To be the villain where everyone else in his shoes would be the hero.
After conquering his foes, Godzilla marks his victory by mating with his "queen" Mothra.
It's nice to be back home with her family. Blake's enjoying getting to talk to her mother over a nice cup of tea. Of course, there's a not-so-small problem demanding her attention. Luckily, Kali's always been able to take care of this sort of thing in the past.
A band of supervillains attempt to join forces. It goes very badly when they break into a freeforall fight.
A yugioh card (Tour guide from the Underworld) is turned into a massive demon after asking for a pay raise. It's a promotion, see?
|| Commission for a client.

This story contains: large breasts, large insertions, mild mind control, slutty behavior, submission, lesbians, monitoring equipment, experimentation and a few more.

A story involving the work of a researching anatomy specialist hoping to secure the next big contraceptive for women. Professor Tanya takes on three test subjects to determine what her serum can do, and monitors the side effects.
Written in first person narrative.||
A guy is sucked into a video game where he plays as a half-angel, half-demon femme fatale. Guided by his dead angel lesbian mom (don't ask), he has to defeat and absorb the powers/looks of the other demons to get his way out.
Two princesses of ancient Egypt fight it out over ownership of an oasis
This is a series focusing on pure girl on girl action, with an emphasis on group sex. 

So far I plan on doing RWBY, Overwatch, Sailor Moon, BlazBlue, and Fate/Grand Order. 

Let me know what franchises you think I should do in a comment! 

All characters in these stories are 18 years old or older. 
I know, I know, I’m the last person on the planet that needs to be trying this. But I’m in a pinch and can’t think of any other way out than to whore out my only marketable skill. So let’s see if I can’t damage my credibility even further.
Miss Militia finally finds a way to relax. To work through the stress she didn't even know she had. And doing so in ways that she never even thought about doing. And she doesn't even know she's working through it.
Taylor is going to be a hero. And no one and nothing is going to change that. Not Lightshaft, no matter how many sexually-laden hints the villain gives as she teases Taylor. And no matter what other people say.
A strip club picks up one night as their hottest stripper challenges a busty local legend to the titfight of the century!
The following story is based on true events thou names and places have been changed to protect the stupid. Something’s have also been embellished for the sake of entertainment...except for the part about the size of my dick that parts all true.
Two female spies run into each other and start flirting before they discover that they are each other's targets, triggering a sexual contest to see who walks away.
My discord server the kitsune's den is up! Drop by to hang out, get updates on my work and share some art work! 

Predator or Prey? It's a question that tears at the soul of Zootopian society... Or, at the very least, provides a good excluse for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to engage in a little bit of grappling when the cable goes out during a lucha match.
Set in the same universe as Tales of the Heroes and Ariadne, a marine goes into war-torn Liberia to search for the gods and if they exist. Human Male/Serpent, Human Male/Tortoise, and Human/Vampire. M/F, M/F, and M/F   

Contains: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Graphic, Cannibalism, Execution, Rape References, Drama, Love, Sex, Intercourse, Pregnant, History, Myth, Slavery, Gods, Religious, Buddhism, Size Difference, Vampire, Scalie, Romance.                             
Sexy stories set in various places across time and space. History is my jam and I find there are a lot of opportunities for interesting tales to be told throughout the ages that you couldn't do in a fantasy, contemporary, or sci-fi setting.
This will be where I post all of my commissioned work. If you're interested in that sorta thing, I would first strongly ask you to consider checking my Patreon first. The Lecher tier entitles patrons to a request for every month they've signed up, which can be way cheaper! It has its pros and its cons, but you should know your options.

If you want to just talk, you can contact me on the HF discord. Just look for Erotica!
Ruby and Yang are called on to help the class learn about giving oral sex to girls. And the sisters help the class learn again and again, until every student understands how to do it. And then Professor Goodwitch shows what a caring teacher she is by letting the boys in the class gangbang Ruby and Yang.

All in all, it's a very interesting day in class.

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