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Sequel to Let It All Out. Reader and Ryuko are in a relationship. You find out about a secret kink she's been messing around with, and the two of you experiment with it. Anonymous commission.

This is a story about waifus. How many of them can one woman possess? Will the boundaries of reality stop her?

Nui Harime has a new suit, and she's eager to on the Kiryuin sisters.

Saitama has come from far (very far) away to participate in the prestigious Honnoji Academy tournament, but when he insults Satsuki, he gets more than he bargained for.

Or does he?

Probably not.

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After working out, Ryuko chooses to get a special kind of bath from her sub, Mako, before she goes for a real one. (It's a tongue bath, and specifically on her balls.) Anonymous commission.

Content warnings: Futa (Ryuko), sweat kink, dom/sub.

Ryuko rebels against the posting dick pics next to major Honnoji landmarks. Infuriated by the mystery cock bandit, Satsuki launches an Academy-wide search, and Mako jumps on the bandwagon - swiftly proving to be the world's worst detective when she ends up coated in spunk.

It was supposed to be an easy victory, another win under her belt against the Elite Four. A sign that she was tearing the school down and getting one step closer to finding out about her dad.

Now Ryuko was walking around the school, naked and lead by Nonon.

Anonymous Commission from the

Five years ago, Ryuko Matoi put away her scissor blade for good, and proceeded to begin a new life with her sister. 
But they never really grew up, and competitive siblings often try to one up one another. 
Though, things escalate when one calls the other a virgin.

Lots of buttsex follows. 
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Ryuko Matoi has gone on a crusade to destroy every last life fiber uniform in Honnouji; until she runs across the chemistry club. Poisoned by a dangerous chemical, Ryuko is blackmailed into joining the club in hopes of finding a cure - while it degrades her body; and the students she once pushed around degrade her.
When a student is turned down by Satsuki for recommending a particular club, the class president has her world turned upside down, with the worst part being that she doesn't even know it. Not even her sister Ryuko is aware. Something is off, though. Could the president of the Mind Control Club know anything, or will he be too busy playing with their rears?
Ryuko is called up to the front of class by Aikuro knowing she won't be able to solve the question; his intention is to simply take her from behind in front of the rest of the class instead. Patreon poll story.
Ryuko returns from an exhaustive day of fighting, and you're ready to help her feel better. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Reader Insert, Foot Fetish, Watersports.

Satsuki would much rather take care of her paperwork, not have her ass get played with. But since she doesn't have a choice in the matter, she just has to take care of the boy behind her.
Nui Harime kills the four main heroines (Ryuko, Nonon, Mako and Satsuki), turning their corpses into sex dolls

My first commission! If you want one, probably best to contact me on Patreon

Includes rape, extreme violence, and characters dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Sent home for fighting, Ryuko finds herself in alone in the Mankanshoku household and finally able to take a private moment to herself for the first time in forever. But she's not as alone as she thinks, and the family dog Guts takes an interest in Ryuko that she can't say no to. Commission for parappa642
Years after defeating the Life Fiber menace, Ryuko waits eagerly for her girlfriend Mako to get home from a trip with her family, only to find herself threatened by the resurgence of Satsuki's old suit, Junketsu, which wastes no time forcing itself onto Ryuko's body and reshaping her to suit its plans.

(Commission.)  (Corruption, mind control, Bad End.)  (Takes place long after the series, with Ryuko in college, and spoils just about everything there is to be spoiled.)
Commission for Kinky-no-Kyoukai; contains mind break, NTR, edging, submission
Ryuko (Futanari) x Nonon

Satsuki reveals to her girlfriend Nonon that she has a fantasy of seeing her fuck Ryuko. Nonon's barely on board at first, and is totally shocked by Ryuko's massive girlcock. It all goes down hill from there - for her, at least; the sisters very much enjoy Nonon's breakdown into a cock-drunk slut.
Ryuko needs information from a certain, unnamed student, but there's only one thing that he wants in return.

Contains: Cock and Ball Worship, Semi-Public Blowjobs, Facial.

Commission Info /

A young man tries his damnedest to last 5 minutes with one of Honnouji Academy's finest students, Nonon Jakuzure!

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Fucked Silly

Summary: Before Kill la Kill canon starts, Ranma finds himself in Honno City, and then finds himself drawing the eye of one Satsuki Kiryuin through no fault of his own.

Satsuki wants to know what it feels like to be dominated, and she thinks her trusted underling Gamagori will serve her purpose quite well. Commission for Thrally.

Contains: Rough Anal Sex, Dom/Sub, Spanking, Light Bondage.

A series of story commissions as requested by Undeadpenguin37.

Satsuki Kiryuin is used to life at the top of the food chain - and her mother wants nothing more than to send her into a dizzying fall to the bottom. When given a uniform custom-tailored for her destruction, Satsuki finds her token confidence and motivation decaying away. Among other things.

Heavy on transformation, humiliation, expansion, and shortstack TF. 
Ryuko's school year at Honnouji academy changes when the punishments for her one woman rebellion take a turn for the obscene

Au without Senketsu

small couple of fics I wrote on a whim, may add more overtime
Nonon promised that if school spirit dipped she would allow herself to be freely used by the students it picked up again, and even if she's intent on acting like it's a bother to her, it's really all she could ever want. Patreon poll winner.
Nonon is sent to evaluate a proposed Breeding Club, and has them written off before she's even arrived. But when her bluff is called on how exactly to evaluate the club president, she finds herself the star of club activity and learning just how much Honnouji Academy truly needs a Breeding Club. Anonymous commission.
After becoming aware that something is going on at the school, Satsuki's and Ryuko's eyes are irresistibly drawn to the mind control club. And even if other students are acting perverse, surely the two of them have the mental fortitude to withstand any attempts at influencing them. Surely.

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