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The Chosen Undead has insulted the Darkmoon Prince. He has taken to challenging him and doing so without thought of repercussions. Such an insult would mean his death, but that was not good enough for Gwyndolin. The Chosen Undead had to be made an example of.

His Covenant's loyal Knightess was perfect to help him enact it.

Anonymous Commission from the Patreon!
A story of a chosen undead fucking her way through the world of dark souls 3.

kinks change between the chapters

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 Despite her best efforts at persuasion, Priscilla can't get the Chosen Undead to leave the Painted World. After much adoration, Priscilla decides she can convice her devotee through a very explicit and passionate 'compromise'.

My second Dark Souls fiction featuring everyone's fluffiest-tail waifu, Crossbreed Priscilla.
CU's gender unspecified.
Vengarl's body and reader insert. Dubious consent. Re-uploaded from my AO3.
Reader insert involving a Vengarl- body and head included- and a reader with a vagina. Re-uploaded from my AO3.
 A three-part story featuring three of our favourite Souls maidens (namely the Emerald Herald, the Plain Doll and the Fire Keeper).

 The maidens repay the efforts of their champions with increasingly lewd acts, from blowjobs to fun buttstuff.

C1: Emerald Herald, rough blowjob
C2: Plain Doll, blowjob and vaginal
C3: Fire Keeper, footjob and anal

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In a cruel and despairing world, the Emerald Herald understands just how rare pleasure can be. But when her warrior comes back from a difficult battle in poor health, she recognizes that he deserves something more. How will this mysterious figure reward her champion?
Ciaran aims to train a night named Peter to become better so as to fight off the monsters with ease. In the long run, however, he finds himself developing a crush for the goddess, wanting to do his best to please her. Commissioned by anonymous.


Something is different during your visit to Majula, especially once the Emerald Herald gets on her knees in front of you.
An old story I wrote around the time Dark Souls 1 debuted.

Themes: Consensual, Loving, F/F, Sex Toys

Summary: Priscilla's existence in the Painted World is one of solitude. Until it isn't, and the Crossbreed finds herself making a friend. Eventually, that friend wants to be something more... and Priscilla is all the happier for it.

Bloodporn is a series of Bloodborne-related fanfictions. Of course it's all erotic. Eros and Thanatos all the way!
...I'm not apologizing for that punny title. Anyway.

The purple haired warrior named Neva arrives at the chapel where she must fight Sister Friede. Unfortunately for her, loss after loss takes a toll on her mind, and she arrives at a last resort to give the sister a little bit of payback. Commissioned by DeadSpaceSurvivr.
A short story involving a young mages journey through the decrepit Kingdom of Lothric, and his discovery of the Child of Dark that would become his teacher.

Also they have sex.
Erotic fantasy. Sexual content. Stories of several Chosen Undead submitting to the lust of the realm's demons. (Spans Dark S. to Dark S. II)
Erotic fantasy. Sexual content. A short love story between The Fair Lady and a young Hero who desires to cure his beloved of her afflictions.
Dark Lord ending.

With the First Flame fading, Dark Lord Roland must wait for the Dark to grow in strength.

(Chosen Undead/Female Cast)

Story about Rosaria, a shemale who runs her covenant. 

Content : Futa/M, Ass Worship, Rimming, Worms
The Capra Demon captures a little undead as his prey.

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