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Krista has an intense desire for Ymir, and when Ymir gets too drunk at a Christmas party and passes out, Krista takes the opportunity to enjoy herself. Anonymous commission.

Content warnings: Futa (Krista) on female, anal, noncon.

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After the battle of Trost, Annie invites Mikasa out to train - with ulterior motives.

This one's a Patreon story - every month, each of my 5$ Patrons gets to submit a girl, and then all Patrons can vote to pick two of them. Then, the girl is put through a scenario decided by the one who submitted her :)

Includes rape, extreme violence, and characters dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Sequel to 'Lick the Foot That Feeds You'. Mikasa finds herself lonely again, and Sasha could always go for more food, but Mikasa wants a little more from her this time. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Sweat/Musk, Pussy Worship.

Annie taught Eren a lot in hand to hand combat. During their years as cadets, the two would often train alone. Is it really a surprise that one of their sessions would get a little heated between the two?
Mikasa sulks in solitude, barely touching her food. Sasha wants the leftovers, but Mikasa isn't prepared to give them away for free. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Foot worship.

A squad captain's work is never done. You have reports to write, equipment to inspect, and then on top of all that, sometimes your base commander just grabs you into a closet and milks you like a dairy cow. What's a sleep-deprived neat freak to do? If you answered "Get his ass beat by Zoe Hange," well, uh... Congrats on reading the tags? 

Done on commission for my close friend Kitty. 
Eren x Mikasa short smut stories.
Contains BDSM themes, maybe more stuff to come later.
Historia needs an heir, and she has decided that you, a friend she''s had from the very beginning, are going to give it to her. But maybe there's some that she's not saying about why she wants it to be you. Commission for Grayjack. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS: Female Weight Gain, Giantess Growth, Farting, and Minor Spoilers (About halfway through season 1)

After the hungry Sasha devours a stolen, experimental potato from Hange, she experiences first hand a new type of titan transformation, involving lots of fat, height, and gas.

Story originally, based on () by the long deactivated antisalong.
An Interactive story I made for my recent followers/readers. Let me know if you enjoy it! 
Sasha Braus is a greedy, greedy girl.

I take Oluo camping in my huge SUV. He's taken out of his dimension and into a more modern world. Then I bone him. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

I wrote up the outline and handed it to SuccubusMikasa, who put it all together in elegant writing form! Permission to post here, as well.

Early interactions with Oluo as my superior, before it really turned into a formal relationship. Sneaking around to meet him after dark by some BUSHES & STUFF and no time is wasted. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

I wrote up the outline and handed it to SuccubusMikasa, who put it all together in elegant writing form! Permission to post here, as well.
Sasha Blouse, ever the enthusiastic and hungry girl, conducts a nighttime raid upon the camp's storehouse. But what ought to be a simple raid for lovely food winds up becoming a rather bemusing encounter with truly strange yet quite fitting lewdness.

Or, put simply, Sasha gets fucked senseless by a tentacle monster posing as a potato.
Hange gets curious when she notices a new species emerge among humans.
Winner of voting.
With the threat of annihilation at the hands of the Titans ever present, each person must pick a trade to do their part ensuring humanity’s survival. The 104th’s harshest member makes the odd choice to moonlight as a lady of the night.

Visit my if you like what you see.
A normal world but is it a normal life? A look into the life of two strange men.
The story that goes with the picture in my gallery.

Synopsis- after years Annie Leonhardt finally emerges from her crystal prison.  And the only one who can get to her, the only one she'll allow close to her is and always has been; Armin Arlert.
Bertholdt has always admired Annie, but is always afraid to tell her, until Reiner takes the decision out of his friend's hands and tells her for him.  Annie takes this information in a less than pleasant manner and Bertholdt finds himself in a situation he was not prepared for.  More frightening than exhilierating, Bertholdt finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew and is unsure how he feels for the firey blonde who exerts her dominance over him.
Mina is drugged, raped, and tortured by Military Police. Who had previously sexually harassed her. She just can't seem to live with what happened to her.
You have been at the Scouting Legion encampment for a while now. Where you have become  friends with Hange and she learns of your crush on Corporal Levi! She tells you that Levi has recently inquired about you. 
Levi has been caught by the underground gang he once fought for. When he was still known as Rivaille. Eren is given three  : For him to leave Levi behind and the gang leaves him in peace, For him to act like a hero and attempt to save Levi, or for him to play a solo game of Russian Roulette - winning both of their freedoms.

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