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Mercy's transformation into an obedient fucktoy.

Contains: Submission, domination, humiliation, dubious-consent and blackmail
Mei hasn't been a day in the antarctic outpost when she asks her fellow scientists to help keep her warm in the most effective of all ways: blowbanging her senseless. Patreon poll story.
After Widowmaker assassinates Tekhartha Mondatta, a vigorous rush of vitality excites her more than her will to live. When the helicopter is damaged, Widowmaker takes matters into her own hands to fulfill this new urge. 
On the eve of her wedding, Pharah is anxiously waiting for her man to arrive after he's sent out on a mission.

Little does she know that waiting for the day of the wedding to arrive was the easy part: surviving to the honeymoon will be the challenge!
A slip of a syringe turns Mercy's research into bovine hormone treatment in medicine into a frightening descent as her body grows and changes in ways that make her more like a cow herself, and which send her mind spiraling into directions that crave things she shouldn't crave from herself. Anonymous commission.
The complete story that began in "Wrath of the Bandido Bitch" now has its own story dedicated to itself on HF. A bounty hunter named Quinn finds himself in the middle of a Deadlock Gang operation, then in the middle of a battle with Overwatch. When he and the Deadlock leader fall off the train, they also end up falling for one another. A..
Orisa x Widowmaker. A short story that promises to tug your heartstrings like you tug your dick. Widowmaker regains her emotions and plans an escape from Talon, but is caught on the way out. Orisa saves her and offers her a place to stay. Does Orisa have what it takes to become a hero and join Overwatch, and will Amelie be able to face all the people she's hurt?
The Overwatch Marketing department has come up with a new method to drum up support for the franchise- a sweepstakes in which a few lucky fans will win dates with one of the lovely girls of overwatch!
A collection of growth stories for Overwatch. Handles giantess, mostly, but it has some "regular" expansion content.
Overwatch is weird. No, not the setting or the story behind it. The Game. Why would Junkrat and Zenyatta team up to defend a payload delivering an EMP to omnics on King's Row?

The most obvious answer, of course, is that they are in a video game. Not only do the characters involved know that they are in a video game, but each of the 337+ skins have their own quirky personality.

Let's see what happens whenever you're NOT in a game fighting over some irrelevant capture point in Hanamura...
Of all the things Jesse had been expecting to come out of a reunion party of Overwatch's members, an incestuous orgy wasn't one of them. Not that he minds. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Parent/Child Incest, Hyper Cock Sizes, vague mention of cuckolding near the end.

In the halcyon days of Overwatch, Jesse McCree has an unexpected encounter with a young Pharah, but it isn't long before her mother Ana is thrown into the mix as well. Commissioned by anonymous.

Patrick Rator has a medical examination with Angela Ziegler but ends up getting a sloppy rimjob instead!

Includes The Chronicles of Shadow Part One.

(This is a commission for // !)

Involves rimming, deepthroat, very messy!
IMPREG-NATION is a show all about making babies! But it's not a fuck-and-forget show, it's all about making love to women that want love and taking care of them.

Today's guest star is one Efi Oladele, forgotten by the development team. 
Moira confronts Mercy late at night and a sexy catfight shortly follows.
In order to win the war for Talon, one plan is put into action. The plan? Turn Widowmaker into a impregnating machine. DONE FOR PATREON
Few could have imagined Dr. Angela Ziegler would ever fall for a rough and tumble cowboy like Jesse McCree, but there's a side to their relationship that no one else on the Overwatch team would ever suspect. Commissioned by anonymous.

Zarya has been frustrated lately with the caliber of lover she has been able to find. That all changes when a sparring match with Doomfist shows her how much more powerful than she he is... And to the victor, go the spoils. Doomfist dominates and subjugates Zarya, and she loves it. [A commission for Greywaltz.]
An Overwatch FanFic.

Sombra sets out to fulfill her ultimate ploy: becoming very intimate with all the girls from Overwatch.

Will she succeed?

The Tags here will be the collected Tags of all chapters, but every chapter will have their own Tags at their beginning.

Tags: Anal, BDSM, Dub-con, Edging, Fisting, Forced orgasm, Hypnosis, Lesbian, Lots of sex toys, Mind control, Oral, Virtual Reality
Without any other options, Ashe is forced to whore herself out. Her first customer is the last person she would have expected it to be. Poll winner.

Contains: Anal Sex, Dom/Sub, Painful Anal, Dubcon to Con

The exchange of paper correspondence has been the bedrock of many a romantic relationship. Angela and Genji are old-school enough to enjoy getting letters from each other, and responding in kind. It helps that plenty of their letters are smutty!

(Genji/Mercy, sexting, letters, dirty talk, fluff, long-distance fucking?)
Zarya screws up one too many ults, and her team intends for her to learn her lesson. By gangbanging her, of course!

(Zarya/multiple men, humor, dubcon)
Widowmaker takes the time to visit an old associate, and to remember that life can still be good.

(Widowmaker/Maximilien, Robo-sex, Prompted by picture courtesy of )
A sequel to my 'Tracer's First Prom' story, this features D. Va paying a visit to the family of Tracer's new boyfriend, and seeing if she can handle all the fat hard, All-American white cock meat they have for her.
After running into (and getting stomped by) McCree, Ashe is looking to get back at him. Obviously the simplest way to do this is to give some guys some blowjobs and send photos of it to McCree, to remind him what he’s missing out on. This is clearly the best solution.

(Ashe/Fellas, Blowbang, cock and ball worship, power bottoming)

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