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Some light romantic Winston/Mei porn. Enjoy!
Ana reacts unexpectedly when Mercy accidently reveals her attraction to her daughter, Fareeha (Pharrah).

F/F, Mercy/Ana, top/bottom dynamic, humiliation, suggested incest.
Tracer gets kidnapped by her long-time rival, and realises something isn't quite right with Widowmaker...

F/F, Widowtracer, BDSM, Dubcon
After a Valentine's Day date, Mei-Ling Zhou and Hana Song decide to wind the day down with a nice, relaxing cuddle. But when Hana asks why she and her girlfriend haven't taken the plunge yet, things take an unexpected, romantic turn...
As Tracer fights back against the nefarious terrorist organization Talon, they set their sites on her Achilles heel: Her lesbian lover, Emily.
First started as an alternate version of Nufta's Overwatch story which features scat as the main theme, now i write it the way i see fit (still with scat though). So there are differences. For example, Mei's mind is intact and she loves D.Va. 

Involves scat, mind break, and some romanticly fucked up relationships.
She was a hacker. He was a cyborg. Could it have been anymore obvious?

Sombra pays a visit to Genji, hoping to make a new 'friend.' When he isn't too receptive, she uses her hacking skills to have her way with him.

M/F, Dubcon, Assplay, kinda BDSM-ey
Quick lil' one-shots featuring the delightful debauchery of Overwatch ladies both with and without dicks. After all, the world could always use more lewdness.

AKA, the fun LnC has with quickies :D
A series of stories involing the females heros of Overwatch in diffrent snarios. Futa, lesbian, bondage and UA
The Overwatch holiday comic got a few things wrong! Emily doesn't really exist, Tracer's girlfriend is Mei-Ling Zhou! Also Tracer has a dick. How did they miss that?! This story tells what REALLY happened that holiday.

(F/Futa, Romance)
A newly feminized sissy Mercy lookalike enjoys a successful game with her lovely DPS mistress Widowmaker. Perhaps she’s been good enough to earn a reward for her healing this game…

Contains: Sissification, Mental Reprogramming, Chastity, Anal, Oral, Humiliation

(Originally posted 9/18/16 on tumblr)
Symmetra receives a suprise visit from Tracer, the night after a mission. She finds herself introduced to a whole new world: the world of kink.

F/F, Contains bondage, light breathplay, light pain, light humiliation. My first serious attempt at erotica, so C&C very much welcome
A college student starts playing Overwatch with his roommate and starts to like Mercy a lot. A WHOLE lot. Soon his life becomes a wonderful haze of submission as he submits to his roommate as the healer to his tank…

Contains: Heal Sluts, Sissies, Sissification, Femboys, Feminization, Overwatch, Mercy

(Originally posted 7/16/16 on tumblr)
In the midst of a battle, Pharah and Mercy sneak away for a brief respite in each other's company.
After a successful first date, Angela brings Fareeha back to her home, certain that she’s ready to finally offer up a specific ‘first’ to her date. Commission for demon32835.
McCree and Mercy reunite to celebrate the recall of Overwatch, although he has more on his mind than a simple reunion of friends. A slip of the tongue changes the night's course.

Overwatch, M/F, Cum/Foodplay, Exhibitionism, Oral, Romance

This story is for gizmo16x as one of the winners in my Fan Raffle: Blizzard
Tracer's throwing a Christmas party for a very special someone in her life. But when shopping for a gift for an immensely virile Bodylifter with a penchant for pink hair and questionable gender boundaries, what gift could possibly be worthy? Someone purple, I'd bet.

Raffle Prize for KittyCatherine
At an Overwatch Christmas party, a spiked punchbowl leads to a slightly tipsy Ana and Jack getting into an evening that's been decades in the making.

(M/F, Light Romance, Vanilla)
An off the cuff remark triggers an internal torment for the spunky time-traveler. Luckily some very familiar faces are eager to help her handle it.

Overwatch, Ass Worship, F/F+

This story is for Phantom52293 as one of the winners in my Fan Raffle: Blizzard
Having been stymied by a teammate out of a well-deserved shagging, Symmetra has decided to take matters into her own hands. Well, her constructs, mostly. Will she succeed in her quest to achieve "Perfect Harmony" with her insides?

Commission for Shazam89
Tracer's annual Halloween party goes awry when Symmetra unexpectedly shows up, dressed as a vampire.

A short musing.
Tracer has had a crush on Zarya for quite some time now.
Zarya's always known, of course, but she's never done anything about it.
Until now, that is...

Raffle prize for KittyCatherine

Mild domination
Emphasis on muscles, sweat, and musk
Short, and rather dark. I got to thinking how the Overwatch ladies coped with all the 'use' they keep being put to, especially around times like Halloween. Don't read this expecting smut.
So much fucking FUTA!

The stories of the many people of Overwatch, caught in crazy situations which involve them either being fucked, or fucking someone else. Tis will be a long series, so stay tuned and stay horny! And, of course, Submit Your Ideas!
A story about Imp Mercy, a dark being who uses her Nanomachines for control and pleasure over healing. In this, she takes Mei, and warps her into a willing slut~

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