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Sombra seems to have gotten off scot-free from her double-dealing with Katya Volskaya against Talon. Reaper and Widowmaker are here to make sure she understands that, no, she hasn’t.


(Reaper/Sombra/Widowmaker, full-nelson, dubcon, anilingus, anal).
Ashe (Futanari) x D.Va, risky creampie

Ashe and the gang raid an old Overwatch facility, which turns out to be not-so-deserted. Now she has a prisoner on her hands, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - Ashe gets pretty frustrated after a job, and the girl she's captured owes her for all the trouble she's caused. And - 

Well, Ashe is the Deadlock gang's leader. Does she really need a reason to get her dick wet?
After joining Overwatch, Junkrat bonds with Mei by helping her discover her passion for junk food.
Tracer needs to bring Widowmaker to justice, so much so that she goes out on her own to hunt her down. But what happens when she's stuck for three weeks doing nothing but watching the sexy femme fatale? 

Kinks: Voyeurism, spying, masturbation, infidelity, f/f.
Zarya x m!Mercy, fantasy AU: who would have thought that female barbarian and male valkyrie can fall for each other?

Commission by Clever fox hound

Inspired by
After being thoroughly disappointed by what Doomfist has in his pants, Mercy and Sombra's pursuit for pleasure has them falling back on a faithful partner. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Raceplay, Cuckolding, Cheating, Cock Worship, Rape/Non-Con.

Angela has had enough of Fareeha getting herself into Danger, so she decides to take the matter into her own hands...and Nails. (Tickling Based with some Foot Fetish Elements)
Hana Song ( and Brigitte Lindholm have sex.

Don't worry, the intro means nothing.
We all know the expression. Let’s make it sexual! During some teasing with Mercy related to the old adage, Genji decides that if he’s not eating apples, he might as well eat something else!

(Genji/Mercy. Cunnilingus while jacking off, mentions of other sex acts, puns and lame jokes. Based on by DaintyDjinn.)
It’s White Day, and Genji’s turn to pamper Angela. He’s not much of a cook, but happens to be quite a wordsmith! Perhaps Angela will enjoy some poetry to mark this special occasion? If nothing else, it’s sure to get her in the mood for some sweet, sweet loving!

(Genji/Mercy. Marriage, Poetry, Maledom, Cock Worship, Pile Driver)
Genius mechanic and squire Brigitte Lindholm wants to be dommed, hard. Too bad every "man" she meets wants the exact opposite from the tall, muscular Nordic beauty that she is.

Never lose hope, though, because a chance encounter with Jack Morrison in the gym just might change her luck for the better.

(Contains body and cock worship, age difference and a bit of a daddy kink.)
When the Overwatch crew takes a much-needed holiday to the beach, Pharah is caught napping by a certain promiscuous doctor. After she awakes, the rocket trooper turns the tables and gives Mercy a vacation she'll never forget!

Tags - Lesbian/Sleeping/Oral/Anal/Fingering
Short one-shot wherein Tracer eats Widowmaker out. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Rimming, Cunnilingus, Spit, Dom/Sub.

After a checkup, Lena is unable to pay for Dr. Ziegler's services. Luckily, the doctor has another way that she can pay, not that she expects Lena to like it. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Foot Worship, Rimming, Nonconsensual.

Here's a lil' V-day themed short story, nothing too big. Unlike Ashe...

Inspired by a lovely pic by Rattledbonezone: / />
Like this dismally small thing? Check out my Patreon for longer stuff, got a poll goin' on for my next story.
[Overwatch] Genji and Mercy have been married for a while now, and they're really hoping to have a baby. As it turns out the act of trying to get pregnant turns them on quite a bit, and before long this couple is having tons of fun in their attempted breeding sessions!

(M/F, Married, Breeding, Romantic)
Genji and Angela Ziegler-Shimada celebrate Valentine’s Day, the only way they know how. With each other, and plenty of delicious treats!

(Genji/Mercy. Food, Cunnilingus, Naked Apron)
Tokki the MEKA is Dva's pride and joy, a trusted companion on the battlefield. And with a little bit of help it will show its love for the rising star... Dva x mech (pleasure mode))

Commission by Clever fox hound
Cured of her mental conditioning and eager to just take a break, Widowmaker takes a tropical beach vacation to get away from all the fighting and life her life. When her bikini washes away into the ocean, she finds herself the center of a lot of public attention, but attention she doesn't really mind. Anonymous commission.
I've been living a great life with many partners, some of them I'm married to, others not.  First it was Aqua, then 2B, then, well... guess you'll have to read my life's story to find out!

(Contains Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Blake Belladonna from RWBY, 2B from NieR: Automata, and Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch).
Thicc-assed dommes Widowmaker and Sombra team up to turn their captive, Tracer, into a fart-huffing, shit-eating toilet whore. A semi-sequel to Tracer's Talon Recruitment.
Angela and Genji have a few hours to waste, waiting for the Watchpoint to heat back up as they work to rebuild Overwatch's global network. Whatever will they do in the meantime?

(Mercy/Genji. Cock worship, footjob. Based on a series of pictures by !)
Reaper is...curious about Widowmaker’s new biology. In what ways is she different from a normal woman? As it turns out, they have more than a little in common.

(Widowmaker/Reaper. Sub/Dom, Pain Play, LOTS of Dirty Talk, Aftercare, Angst.)
Tracer's just joined the heroic team of Overwatch, and the rest of the team are very, VERY eager to meet her. Especially with the way she walks around in that skintight jumpsuit. She's going to have learn who's on top in this team, and she's going to learn fast.

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