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A collection of smut stories set in the Overwatch universe. These are meant to be true to the game's characters and settings wherever possible.

Individual tags and pairings are listed in each chapter or chapter title.
After a long period of hunting her, Soldier 76 finally crosses paths with Widowmaker. When he finds her, he's prepared to leave his mark on her and change her forever.

A story told first from 76’s POV, then from Widow’s. Includes action, violence, comedy, and a lot of smut.
This story was commissioned by PersonalDeviant.

Synopsis: Mercy’s maternal instincts awaken while she takes care of an injured Overwatch soldier.

(nurse, older woman x younger man, handjob, femdom, dirty talk, breeding)
Tracer is gay. Tracer also likes having casual sex with men between relationships. Emily is more into it than she knows what to do with, and decides to ask her to invite a man over so she can watch. Brian ends up the luckiest guy in the world, especially when Tracer tries to spread her kink to the woman she loves. Commission for simo09, second part commissioned by anonymous.
Ana Amari and Jesse McCree mean a lot to each other. Most won’t ever know how much.

(Ana/McCree. Plot-heavy. Also has Sombra/McCree, McCree/Ashe and Ana/Sam. Background Genji/Angela and Emily/Lena.)

A birthday gift for DraceDomino!
After their first Hanukkah together, Genji and Angela share an intimate evening.

(Genji/Mercy, Jewish Mercy, extremely fluffy and cute sex)
Haneul Song, South Korea's top MEKA pilot, esports king, and master shit talker... What happens when Sombra gets pushed to her limit? She takes matters into her own hands, of course. Sore loser or not, she has a point to prove (male!Dva x Sombra)

Commission by Clever fox hound
You told Ashe no once. Then you got arrested for trying to pull a heist off yourself, and Ashe pulls your ungrateful ass out of the fire, but with a price: she wants to show you what happens when you tell her no. Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
Symmetra's glove starts acting up while she's alone, but it's more than just a malfunction.
A botched anti-terror mission carried out during the height of Overwatch's functionality sees Mercy's operative status temporarily exchanged for motherhood. Now the proud parent of a boy who's body was reconstructed into that of a tiny, hyper-sexual sperm-tank, Mercy must somehow clear the hurdles of child-rearing whilst avoiding impregnation by her rosy-cheeked charge. You know, among other grossly-depraved mishaps.

In an attempt to out-do her mother in front of their boyfriend, Jesse McCree, Pharah ends up way over her head. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Bestiality (equine), incest, hyper cock, cum inflation.

 |  |
[Overwatch] The ladies of the Overwatch women's dorm have had enough of D.Va! The little brat is the worst roommate ever! She's rude, she's inconsiderate, and she acts like she's an untouchable celebrity!

Well...she ain't. And Zarya, Mercy, Pharah, Tracer, Brigitte, and Mei are gonna give her a good old fashioned six on one gangbang to prove it. Take that, ya miserable little fucking gremlin.

(Humor, Futa/F, Gangbang, Mild Dubcon)
Hanzo is an eternal grump, dedicated to wallowing in his self-inflicted solitude even as he feels like he's missing important elements in his life. Symmetra wants to exert a very specific kind of control over someone else. A misunderstanding over differing December traditions gives the two of them an excuse to figure out how they can help each other.

(M/F, Very light Dom/Sub elements, holidays)
The big appeal of Overwatch is not just that the characters are very attractive but also that they have so much personality and charm to them and that is something I feel is not often conveyed in erotica and hentai featuring them. I want to bring these characters to life, telling smutty stories that still seem plausible and lore-friendly in the setting.

D.Va decides she can't hold back her interracial curiosity anymore, but she needs a man strong and cruel enough to indulge in it properly, which sends her running off to Doomfist. Commission for simo09,

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Big Dick

Summary: After Doomfist finishes retaking control of Talon and setting it on 'the right path', Moira pulls him off to fix all of the damage does to his prosthetic through negligence while he was in captivity. Of course, that's not all she wants him for...

A first person perspective story about a Blackwatch agent and her progression into Talon
A collection of stories set in the Overwatch universe without a linear storyline
Moira has a special experiment that requires her personal attention. 

Requested by my favorite person.
Free weekly oneshot voted by my Patrons!

While Bob is away Ashe takes the free time to get back to her roots doing some scouting around Route 66 with her steed- a stallion named Mondo.

When washing her horse in the stables though a dirty thought crosses the outlaw's mind; something which fellow cowgirls whisper about.

Alone in the country with nothing else to do an excited Ashe decides to have some fun with Mondo, only to realise that big beasts can't always be controlled.
Widowmaker has a new enhancement to help ensure mission success. Namely, she is unable to cum unless told so by a Talon leader. After her capture, the effectiveness of the modification is enough for several of Overwatch's heroes to have something similar done to them.
Ana knows Hypnosis. She can't be trusted with it... as Jesse McCree and Ashe are about to discover

Dub/con, Mommy kink, Hypnosis, Anal, Rimming, Cum eating, 
After the Witch’s third attack on Adlersbrunn, the defenders have elected to preemptively stop her next assault. Following the counsel of the Monk, the Swordsman ventures off into the Black Forest to track down the Witch and put an end to her one-on-one, but when he’s ambushed by her magic, he may find that the tables have turned.

(Swordsman Genji/Witch Mercy, Light dubcon in the first chapter, romance, fluff, lots of plot, more themes in later chapters)
To celebrate their first-year anniversary as a couple, Genji and Angela have elected to go on a tropical vacation, which of course translates to beach time. When a small mishap with an inner tube leads to something more, the two of them are reminded of how much they truly care for each other, even as the realities of trying to have sex in certain locations catch up to them.

(Genji/Mercy, Romance, Fluff, Comedy)
B.O.B. does something.

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