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B.O.B. does something.
Faster than you can say "Draw!", here's a story or two that focuses on the newest arrival to the Overwatch series, Ashe. And boy is she pissed after certain events.

angry sex | hot bitch | robot sex

Lena and her girlfriend Emily attend an American highschool prom as chaperones to provide solidarity to the Prom Queens. When Overwatch sluts D. Va, Zarya, and Brigitte arrive, their constant mocking of the prudish gay Lena causes her to snap and show them, and everyone else, exactly how well she can handle a cock.

Contains Dub-con, homophobia, massive size, huge come, rimming, cheating, mindbreak.
Happy Overwatch Halloween 2018 everyone! For the first of this year’s stories, here’s a tale about Pumpkin Reaper using his detachable head to suck his own huge musky demon dick!
Doomfist has finally found the key to bringing down Overwatch, tapes showing what a bunch of beast cum addicted sluts they are, ready to release to the world.
Contains beast (obviously), lots of cum, sloppy facefucking, more cum, massive insertions, some more cum, broken whores and last but not least, some cum I guess. 
I'm open to suggestions as to which characters to cover next. I'll try to update this on the regular :)
This takes inspiration from softcore erotica sites, like Digital Desire, but with fictional characters from shows, anime, and comics. It features the hottest characters in media stripping their clothes off and being kinky. This next one is Hana Song, AKA D.VA from Overwatch. Hope you enjoy.

Overwatch's famous Mech Pilot let's it all out, just for you! So much cute and sexy together that it's hard to nerf!
McCree needs more love so I've decided to write a series where he gets all the love. (and where he also has a massive prick that women can say no to... But why would they)

(Unrealistic sex, Size kink, Fluff)

I love comments/suggestions and welcome constructive criticism... just don't be a dick.
The game has changed. 

This is the story of how the battle between Overwatch vs Talon went from the fate of the world into the loser gets fucked, obviously I mean that literally.
[Overwatch] Talon sends Moira and Doomfist on a very special mission, one with a very specific requirement: seduce Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou. The two drop in on a charitable fundraiser Mei is a part of, and apply the considerable weight of their respective charms...

(Seduction, Threesome, M/F/Futa, Oral)
Infatuated with Tracer, D.Va joins Overwatch. But after Tracer leaves for home and doesn't return, D.Va decides she needs to go find her. What will D.Va find at Tracer's apartment? Sequel to "Unhealthy Side Effects of Pizza"
A collection of  encounters involving the wonderful and lovely ladies of Overwatch!
Mei has been working tirelessly on a surprise for her girlfriend, Hana. 
She wants to spice up their love life, and the special concoction she's mixed up will be just the thing!
... Right?

Life drain / fatal orgasm / cum to death
Cum inflation / death by cock
Hyper cock / hyper cum
Body odor / musk / sweat
Body hair / armpit hair
During one of Tracer's rare breaks, she takes her girlfriend to Blizzard World for a day out.

Warning: features hyper cum inflation, popping, and cock vore.
Hana Song, internationally famous MEKA pilot and pro gamer, is stuck at a convention center and wishing she could be anywhere else. But a chance encounter with some perverted deviants causes the teen celebrity to fall into a spiraling descent of depravity.

Themes: kidnapping, noncon/dubcon, humiliation, bondage, mindbreak.

Mercy the try-hard sweetheart is broken and used as a cockwhore. 

1. When Torbjorn threatens to throw the game, a desperate Mercy main will do anything to appease him. She reluctantly agrees to suck him off to earn his compliance. Mercy soon finds herself crying, covered in cum, and bouncing her pussy on fat dwarf cock. 

2. [Upcoming: MMMF, fisting]

Features: non-con, dub-con, degradation, sloppy blowjobs, humiliation
You know that situation where, if you give in to a scammer, well - they've got you even tighter.  They know you'll capitulate, and they get even more dirt on you.  It's like a vicious spiral.  Angela Ziegler is about to learn all about it, unless she's smart enough to cut it off at the start.  Is she?  No.  She's not.
Tracer wasn’t sure when Emily requested this for her birthday gift, but now she’s glad she said yes.

Contains: Cock and Ball Worship, Deepthroating, Cum Swallowing, Cuckqueaning.
Overwatch | Dickgirl Widowmaker/Sombra x Female Tracer | Control | Romance | Con/Non-Con

Months of planning, scouting and preparation, and it all comes down to this, down to a three-second window, such a small amount of time but one that's going to change both their lives forever, in ways even Widowmaker could never have expected...
To celebrate Overwatch getting back together, Emily buys Tracer a pizza. Tracer is a bit doubtful about eating it, but after some time she gives in and finds she enjoys it. However, it seems this pizza does more than just being delicious.
Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill), Weiss Schnee (RWBY), and Pharah (Overwatch) go head-to-head-to-cunt-to-ass-to-mouth in an interdimensional slut-off. Surely they'll get along and make it a fair fight...right?
When young Ciaran wins a date with his favorite streamer, he's determined to milk the situation for all he can.

Features D.Va getting slammed by a monstrously huge schlong, stretched out, cumflated, gaped, and addicted to her new favorite toy.

Check out my
Being married to Mercy is the best that has ever happened to Pharah. Being unable to give her wife and lover the thing they both wish most for? Not so much. But sometimes, if you try really hard, crazy shit might happen.

(Futa-Pharah fucks Mercy, for those who don't get it)

This is a gift to my good pal -624- 
[Overwatch] Life is hard for Mako Rutledge. Not only is he from a horribly irradiated wasteland, not only is his best friend an annoying prick, not only did his hook combo get nerfed - now all the girls in Overwatch want to take a ride on his big sweaty hog! And there's nothing he can do to stop them because he lacks mobility.

(Short Chapters, M/F, Noncon with woman aggressor, comedy)
A part of a wrestling RP that we grew to love. An alternate Overwatch universe where the organization is really just a wrestling league, with the women as wrestlers. Played as Soldier 76 and Reinhardt as announcers (Reinhardt is the CAPSLOCK voice, and Soldier 76 is the regular one)
Related art here:
One shot. The Story that goes along with

Enforcer Greymane finds himself forced to work with Officer D.Va and Paramedic Morales, while any man would he happy to work with a korean beauty and a latina bombshell like them, he has reservations about the idea. As his stress continues to raise, it's up to the girls to show him  their worth to the team.

Lots of cum and two beauties using the best of their skills.
A HotS/OW story.

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