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The members of Overwatch and their opponents aren’t just heroes, they’re celebrities with their lives on constant display. With the world always watching, Mercy can’t seem to find any private time to satisfy her growing, increasingly vulgar needs. She’ll just have to do it in public, then.

Raffle prize for bubba121212
Mei can't remember a time when she wasn't Zarya's personal toy; her Fuckpig.
She tries her best to be an obedient little whore, but something is holding her back.
Today, with Zarya's help, she's going to lose what little humanity she had left...

Body hair / body odor
Armpit kink / feet kink
Mild watersports
Spanking / punishment / fisting
Sex slavery
Pet play / abuse
Mind break
Cum inflation
Rape / non-con / dub-con
With her technology being nerfed to hell and back, and Pharah still not back from her mission, Mercy decides to finally get out of the house and head down to the nearest bar. Then it quickly escalates from there. Commissioned by Startale.


Mercy shows Pharah quite a bit of affection.

Lesbian affection.
Sombra has the misfortune of getting within walking distance of one of Moira's experiments. Her intelligence takes a steep decline, and her libido spikes, turning Sombra into a mindlessly horny bimbo.
A gang of angry men have taken Tracer and Brigitte captive. Now they vent their frustrations. [ryona, rape] [commission]
Mercy recently recovered a peculiar piece of pink bio-armor from Talon. She decides to test its function during a low risk field mission with some new Overwatch recruits. Below is her audio report of the mission, detailing how much of a big, sensitive success today was.

Erotic twist on the recent Mercy Charity event skin. 
A mysterious shipment of tentacle creatures has arrived on Mei's doorstep for her to study. But one night, the slippery little bastards get loose. They're ready to take utter advantage of the sexy ladies of Overwatch, both in private and the very humiliating public...
The heroes of Overwatch are living their lives after the organization has shut down. But sinister forces are still at work. Powers that be don't intend on allowing these former soldiers to live peacefully, and it seems that certain villains fully intend to exploit them for their own personal pleasure. 

Categories: BDSM, Submission, Group, Threesome and some vanilla thrown in for shits and giggles. 
Realizing she can make some amazing money on the side as a camgirl, D. Va has a few modifications to her MEKA unit to turn it into a brutal fucking machine and live streams herself getting ravaged while interacting with her chat and accepting donations in exchange for dialing up the speed. It might be more than she was ready to handle. Patreon poll winner.
Mercy has been helping local villages with any medical care they might have need for.  But one day some horse breeders brings Mercy their stud that hasn't been able to cum and ask the good doctor for a bit of help with the stud's problem.
Brigitte's absolute favorite time to fuck Zarya is post-workout. 
Something about Zarya's sweaty, muscular body just does it for her. 
Tonight, she decides she wants Zarya to breed her, and Zarya is more than happy to oblige. 

Body odor / musk 
Body hair
Footjob / feet kink
Armpit kink
Mei is a scientist by day, but few people know what she does to unwind. Not until a colleague stumbles across her stream one day.
Pharah and Mercy make quite a team. Giving the Rocket Queen a brand new rocket, though, opens up possibilities that both of them didn't even imagine.

Chapter 2: A foiled mission leaves the notorious assassin Widowmaker tied up in the hands of the enemy. She grows to not mind it very much.

(Contains futa on female, big dicks, and anal. For now.)
Behind the scenes of an Overwatch match, clones live, play, and die for our amusement... and their own.
Knowing that death is merely the door to their next respawn, a laissez-faire approach to life has been adopted, along with an unhealthy degree of destructive kinks.
Random, unconnected stories taking dark or filthy themes to my favorite or despised heroes.
Themes: Deepthroat, Dom/Sub, noncon, humiliation

After losing a teamfight, Brigitte is captured and forced to "service" the remainder of the enemy team, but where do they put their giant cocks when her armour is bound so tight?

The result? the freshest face in Overwatch has said face fucked.
Pharah and Ana go undercover on a mission to confront the ruthless Queen of Junkertown. The unforgiving Australian outback will make it difficult, but things are about to get much harder.

Another commission! Part 1 of a 2 part story.
Mercy goes on a mission to stop and detain two escaped and enhanced gorillas, only to find herself under their grasp and doing exactly what they want.
Overwatch travels to the Horizon Lunar Colony hearing word that Talon is infiltrating it for their own purposes. Unknown to anyone but Winston, however, some of his species had been left behind. And man are they horny. A joint commission from two anonymous contributors.

A resurgent God program possessing a former Overwatch scientist is finally free to unleash all sorts of depravity on both
Overwatch and Talon operatives, setting the stage for all sorts of depraved shenanigans and kinks!

Brigitte learns that her girlfriend has a breeding fetish, after learns that Brigitte has a cock.
After her mentor, Reinhardt Wilhelm, answered the summons to return to Overwatch, Brigitte Lindholm found herself trekking across the countryside alone. In her travels, she needed something to entice people to help her train. What better than the offer of casual sex for anyone to best her in the ring? I mean, she hadn't ever been beaten.

.. what could possibly go wrong?

Story includes: humiliation, slut conversion, impregnation, breeding, bound gangbang
A story I will be working on, going through Sombra "hacking" the ladies of Overwatch, one by one reating a secret harem of her personal human

Better sooner than never, another chapter with some ideas planted towards the end in regards of possible side chapters. Would you guys be interested in those side stories instead of just recruitment scenarios?
When Mei wakes up from her nine-year cryo-sleep, the last thing she wants is to be alone. 
Soon enough, she wishes she'd never been found...

Soul drain

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