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After the recall Winston initiates the new Overwatch. On their many new missions together featuring members old and new the group will come to blows with their rivals in Talon. Will the operatives from both teams accomplish their goals smoothly? Or will the intricate affairs of sex, in-fighting and relationships tear apart the two teams just as they did before.

A long multi-chapter story featuring all the characters from the game in highly sexual situations with each other!
Soldier 76 is convinced to join the reformed Overwatch, and from the start, has a much less professional relationship with his teammates. And enemies. It’s complicated (not really).
While everyone is enjoying the annual Overwatch Halloween party, an emboldened Mercy uses her wiles and an extremely skimpy witch costume to seduce anything with a pulse.

Title says it all. For viewers and fans alike
After getting caught on a mission, Tracer is subjected to training and conditioning in attempts to make her Widowmaker's submissive plaything. Will she be able resist, or will she spend the rest of her life on her knees? 

(F/F, Mind Break, BDSM, Mind control)
So, here’s the first of this year’s batch of Overwatch Halloween stories. This one involves Zenyatta pledging his allegiance to an obvious Cthulhu stand-in and impregnating Mercy with a bunch of tentacles. Give it a read if you like huge, egg-filled pregnant bellies, or if you want to see my failed attempt at quasi-Lovecraftian prose. 

An experiment gone awry turns Symmetra into a dragon with a curious endowment, but seeking help from a witch doesn’t go quite as planned when Mercy sees potential in her problems. Anonymous commission.
Scott Snow attends Overwatch High where the cast of Overwatch teaches classes for no real legitimate reason other than providing fetish fuel for sexual fantasies.

Watch as he goes through a bevy of classes taught by the lovely (and usually horny) ladies of Overwatch, and catches them sometimes with their pants down.
Widowmaker has been telling her friend Sombra all about the young stud in her life. So naturally Sombra wants to see what all the fuss is about.

Continuation of Widowmaker.
Lena is a huge fan of Hana Song, she follows their streams, she watches their movies, she owns most of their shirt-line. But the thing is, Hana is also a massive fan-girl… of Lena’s.

Mei makes herself a machine to satisfy her urges.

Commissioned short.
Sombra calls Tracer to a hotel room to make a little bargain; in exchange for keeping quiet about Tracer’s affair with Widowmaker, Tracer will need to start giving a little something to Sombra too, and the hacker is a much more frustrating woman to please. Anonymous commission. 
It's always the quiet ones that have the biggest secrets.

A Commission from a close friend of mine.
D.Va's seemingly endless supply of Mechs gets abruptly and unapologetically cut off.  Grown accustomed to being recognised and famous for her skill and ability, Hana quickly navigates her way to more money to supply more Mechs.  She'll have to be more careful with them in the future though!  Unless she ends up liking what she does for the money...

My >!<
[Overwatch] Katya is very accommodating to her friends. Especially Sombra, the mystery woman that forces her into the most depraved of situations. If she doesn't play along, well...Sombra might just let Katya's many, many secrets slip out.

[Futa/F, Blackmail, Rough and sloppy, Cheating, Cock worship]
Mei was left utterly broken by her experiences in Antarctica. Mercy is about to find out exactly what that means.

Mei/Mercy, Dubcon, Yandere, Stockholm Syndrome
Mercy has been in a loving relationship with Pharah for some time now. The couple is happy with each other, but when the wish for a kid grows stronger and stronger, the swiss doctor decides to take some drastic measures…

Contains: dick growth, futa x female, impregnation

Shoutout to the user C443 for once again helping me out!
Angela's new serum happens to work quite well.  But it has unwanted side-effects, and Angela quickly finds herself at the wrong end of a drugged, hallucinating and crazed Pharah.  (Feedback adored, hit thumbs up/fave if you like it ^^)  

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Having escaped prison, Doomfist finally rejoins the ranks of Talon and decides to put some Overwatch heroines back in their proper places, starting with Tracer. 
Cruiser D.Va has a little car trouble, leaving her stranded in the middle of the night. Fortunately, a passerby manages to help her, and since he was so considerate. D.Va just has to thank him somehow.

Tags: Blowjob, Interracial, Happy Sex

Anton Palmer is an insurance agent tasked with running the numbers after Overwatch's frequent, destructive battles.
Knowing that the stress must be getting to his head, his girlfriend, Zarya, takes it upon herself to get creative with ways to relieve him...
All characters are at least 18+

Symmetra is such a fucking bitch.
Tracer goes to Mercy for help getting pregnant.  Unfortunately, after knocking Tracer out, Mercy has her own ideas about how to impregnate her unconscious patient.

Kink Keywords: Futa, Noncon, Sleep, Seeding
Symmetra's efforts at moving the world forward conflict heavily with Pharah.  In an effort to stop it, Pharah finds she was not quite as prepared as she thought she was!

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Sombra's hacking tends to cause more enemies than friends, even among fellow hackers. Yet, like every machine, every human has a weakpoint to hack, until they're happily dancing to your tune. Sombra won't discard what can serve her, and competition is no exception.

Tags: Blowjob, Happy Sex, Sombra

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