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Sombra's hacking tends to cause more enemies than friends, even among fellow hackers. Yet, like every machine, every human has a weakpoint to hack, until they're happily dancing to your tune. Sombra won't discard what can serve her, and competition is no exception.

Tags: Blowjob, Happy Sex, Sombra

Captured by clever scientists and rendered helpless, Mercy, Mei, D.Va and Pharah have their darkest fantasies played out by those who know them best... Themselves.
Betrayed and pinned down, Widowmaker's objective goes wrong... or does it go very, very right?

Story for my page. I did my best to make it as lore-friendly as I could. Within reason, obviously.


ch.1 - [Widowmaker/Tracer/Sombra/] [hotdogging/rimming/anal, oral, frot]
ch.2 - [WM/Mercy/Pharah] [hotdogging/anal/DAP, frot, voyeurism]
ch.3 - [WM/Brigitte/Pharah] [oral, anal/DAP, frot, sweat]
Amelie Lacroix (Widowmaker) seduces a young Overwatch agent into offering up information that her new Talon overlords could desperately use.

Warning: contains references to cheating, as Amelie is a married woman.
All characters are at least 18+

Widowmaker is on fire, having racked up one of the largest kill-streaks she's ever had. It's almost certain that she's gonna get Play of the Game. That is, until an unexpected visitor gives away her position. Not wanting to ruin her flawless match, she slinks into the back alley where he lurks, and does what she can to keep him quiet.
Originalish Overwatch canon story of Tracer's chronological affects turning her into an impified caricature of herself; short, hyper, and very horny.
Mercy gets separated from her team while pushing the payload Numbani. Luckly, she makes a new friend in one of the back alleys.

Mercy x Roadhog. Emphasis on size, muscles, fat and sweat.
Tracer has been captured by Talon, and her sexually sadistic interrogators, Sombra and Widowmaker, intend to break her mind.
What are you doing on Thursday night? Ana is fucking her daughter's girlfriend. Good thing Fareeha's into it!

[Ana/Mercy, Futa, Cucking, Oral]
Just a short hyper breast expansion story featuring Symmetra from Overwatch.
A one shot Mother's Day special follow-up to my previous Overwatch fanfic Goddesses of Egypt
This is a Request story for Overwatch. Description provided by Requestee:

Futa!Tracer x Harem. Tracer has done it. Through blood, sweat, and tears she has brought peace between humans and robots,  captured and got Widowmaker's programming shut down and erased, and brought the downfall and destruction of Talon. And apparently, ALL the ladies dig a proper Hero!

Tags: Ahegao, Exessive cum, Cum Inflation, Futanari, Harem.
[Overwatch AU] Angela Morrison’s husband has been dead for ages now, almost ten years to be exact. And as much as she loves being a mother to her son and adopted daughter, she’s started to realize she misses some parts of being married. And when her son’s friend spends the night after his car breaks down, well how can she resist?
My first story here on HF, so reviews are extremely welcome and wanted.  
Sombra's kisses are going to be the end of Katya.

WARNING: Very dub-con at first.
Overwatch celebrates their first victory after reforming, and Zarya waits until the end of the night to celebrate the way she wants to. Finding someone who can keep up, proves difficult.

Overwatch, Zarya, McCree, Reaper

For IvanR1314 as the final winner of my my Fan Raffle: Blizzard
Widowmaker knows exactly what kind of power her backside has, and she makes sure that every girl fascinated by it gets her chance to show it the love it deserves. Anonymous commission.
Monthly Patron Request

Themes: Torture, Brainwashing, Dubcon

Summary: Now a multiple chapter piece. Sombra and Widowmaker are finished. Next up will be Tracer (which will show up on my Patreon in the next two weeks) followed by Mercy next month!
Mercy hates Roadhog, Junkrat, and Sombra, and they hate her, so when she is called out to aid them in Eichenwalde, she is suspicious and reluctant. And she should be, considering what Roadhog has planned for the doctor.

(rape and videotape blackmail)
(my first story, yay ^-^)
Pharah tells you all about her Mistress Symmetra, and the troublemaking Hana Song that gets both of them into hot water with their owner. What sort of punishment does Symmetra inflict on her pets? You can bet it's nothing short of perfection.

(Lesbian, Heavy BDSM, First Person)
A teenage Efi gets filled to the brim by her amazing invention.
Let's say that Tracer is an obscene whore/pedophile who has breathed in more lungfuls of semen than she has air.

Let's also say that she receives a disgruntled email from an 8 year old elementary school student about how much of a jizz-gargling slut she is.

What do you think she'd do in response to such a nasty, mean-spirited message? 


OC Sam is a low level employee of Overwatch, who one day gets caught in the cross fire between D.Va and agents of Talon and knocked unconscious. When she wakes up she is in D.Va's body and bound. Needless to say, when the Talon agents come they get their revenge on D.Va however they see fit.

D.Va's tight, teen holes are destroyed by the huge dicks of Talon, especially Widow's special enhancement. Skullfucking, cumflation, and fisting ensue.

Commission by Anon
Orisa is having an identity crisis. What is life? What is love? What is giant-cock futanari? Why doesn't she have one? All good questions. Through the wonders of modern medicine, she can find the answers.  This will be a challenge even for Mercy, the leader in the field of nanobiology and cybernetics enhancements, but also a true test... of bedside manners.
A series of one-shots about different characters finding themselves in Mercy's hospital

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