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Themes: Moresome, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: A spiritual successor to The Big Bad Wolf (Faunus). In which our protagonist ends up attracting the interest of every other member of Team RWBY after being brought to Beacon.

Takes place in AU after the series. Yang and Jaune are engaged and on the night before their wedding the girls find that the boys have taken Jaune to a strip club. Yang decided to have some fun and remind her man why she's the only woman he should be looking at.

Contains: Stripping, sex, creampie, various pairings.
Yang Xiao Long's visit to Junior Xiong's nightclub goes a tiiiny bit worse than it did in her character trailer ^^

This one's a Patreon story - every month, each of my 5$ Patrons gets to submit a girl, and then all Patrons can vote to pick two of them. Then, the girl is put through a scenario decided by the one who submitted her :)

Includes rape, extreme violence, and characters dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Adam Taurus didn't die on the wallfall, instead he was captured by blake and yang and to be taken back to her home to await trail. What will become of him, perhaps the good in team ruby will rub off on him, or perhaps his darkness will take hold of them. 
CYOA ending, BDSM stories involing the cast of the show RWBY (Aged up) and the villain Adam Taurus
It's a very hot summer that Yang's struggling through. And a very hot Summer he has a crush on. But as the months wear on, it does get a bit better, in certain ways.
The fall of Beacon was averted and Pyrrha saved. Jaune Arc returns home a hero to rest and recover while his arms, wounded in the right, heal. It's his first time back at the Arc home in well over a year - and it's a surprise just how much things have changed. Not quite as surprising to his family, however, who can't believe how much their shy, nervous and gangly Jaune has grown. Or how good he looks.

Commissioned work
After their run in with Cinder and the unlocking of Jaune's Semblance, Weiss finds herself mulling over mortality and the very real risk of death. With a team that can't quite connect with her on an emotional level, she looks for comfort in the most unexpected of places. Jaune isn't the same boy he was anymore, and neither is she the same girl. They've both changed. Bonds can be forged in blood and battle, or sometimes over little more than a late night chat.
Ruby guides Weiss down a path of depravity, but for all the hesitance Weiss shows, she wants nothing more than to accept herself for who she really is. Commission for DucTape.

Content warnings: Animal genitalia (on Ruby), musk focus, watersports, bimbofication.

Jaune was just out doing some training against the Grimm when he ran into a very... unique creature.  The creature needs to eat, and she finds herself drawn to the Huntsman in training... Includes: Mind break and dom.

Commission for Gt786. Futa WeissxBlake. Warning: Strong themes of cheating

It's not that Weiss doesn't want to share a room with Blake, but rather that Blake's a huge tease and Weiss is a sex-deprived Futa. The tension between them is thick, and no matter how loyal Weiss tries to stay to Ruby, every swing of Blake's ass tears down her defenses just a little bit more.
"Uh, might seem pretty rapey in some parts, and pretty anti-lesbian. Read at your own risk, I guess."

[RWBY] AU, In which a couple of kemonomimi bitches learn their place in Remnant, for world peace. Unfortunately, most of the fierce Faunus women still need to be tamed––a process which a few hung human males would enjoy doing to the fullest.

Literal Interracial, Big Tits, Big Cock, Fictional Racism, Maledom, Dubious Consent, BDSM Tropes, Corruption.
"How many military movie names can I parody? Let's find out."

[RWBY] Sort-of AU, in which some slutty human women start riding some big Faunus dick. Let's see what sort of debauchery shall be discovered in the upper echelons of Atlas' military and society.

Winter Schnee x OC. There's going to be a lot of Faunus OCs.

Literal Interracial, Big tits, Big Cock, Animal Penises (without actual animals), Maledom, Dubious Consent, Pining, Excessive Swearing, Fictional Politics.
Camilla from fire emblem faces off with Yang from Rwby in a Interdimensional arena.
This was a commission from the user DeviantART TheCheifofSpa 

The Beacon Dance is on, but Pyrrha and Ren's dates are no shows. Jaune and Nora are, instead, enjoying each other's company, with Pyrrha and Ren slowly being swept from each other's minds as things get more passionate. Includes: NTR, smut.

The sleepy suburb of Vale plays host to a dirty little secret – the Cougar Club, run by the horny housewives of the town, allowing them to share, indulge and enjoy the carnal pursuits they’ve been missing out on for so long. Jaune knew nothing about the club, but a chance interaction with Summer Rose will see him introduced to all the hungry milfs, just desperate for a young man to warm their beds.
"A training session descends into an erotic nightmare for a busty blonde."

This is the first story I have created in 2 years,  first smut fic I have ever written. Extremely hardcore/graphic content. You have been warned.
Yang was caught shoplifting! Now she has to strike a deal or face the consequences.
Yang overhears Jaune and Pyrrha training on the roof one night and gets the wrong idea.
After team RWBY defeats Salem, Ruby invites the powerless Salem over to her house. Why? For sex probably. This is a commissioned fanfic. If you want to commission a fanfic feel free to contact me at .
What if when the gang arrived at Brunswick Farm they were affected by lust instead of apathy?
A series of one-offs where futa Yang rapes people. This is a commissioned work. If you want to commission a story contact me at .
Picks up after The Yang Special. Despite their late night with Yang, Pyrrha still gets Jaune up for morning practice, leaving the rest of JNPR and Yang to clean up after last night's party. That lasts about until they are out the door. Morning wood and an impending sunrise give Yang some ideas and some dirty fun ensues. Written as part of a commissioned series.

Tags: Sex on a Balcony, Sex with an audience, Standing sex, cumshot, humor
"NTR? Lemme copy-paste some hentai plots, brb."

[RWBY] Jaune cucks people. 'Nuff said. This series will update irregularly, so whenever I feel like it. Just expect some unconnected stories regarding Jaune + NTR plot every now and then.

Maledom, Big Dick, NTR, Netorare, Cuckold, Cheating, Open Relationship, Breeding, Rough Sex.
In which a, mostly innocent, rabbit girl falls into a cunning trap.

This is a commission! If you want more stuff, or the chance to get one of your ideas voted into being,
A few days have passed since Yang walked in on Ren and Jaune double teaming Nora, and she's been shooting the team odd looks ever since. Tired of not knowing, Pyrrha and Nora confront her to find out just what she wants. 

Tags:  Group Sex, Strip Tease, Lapdance, Blow Job, Paizuri, Four on One.

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