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Pro-bending enthusiast Asami Sato sponsors her own team, the promising Fire Ferrets (and dates their leader Mako on the side). All's well and good until the newest recruit of the team, a headstrong and charming waterbender from the South, throws her entire life for a sexy and depraved loop. One filled with immorality, worship and an irresistible attraction.

(Contains futa on female and CHEATING.)
Being stuck naked all by yourself isn't the worst thing, but it's still not great. So it's a good thing for Korra that Asami is very understanding about the situation, and willing to go the extra length to help her out.
Asami Sato might be a member of Republic City's highest social class, but that doesn't make romantic relationships any easier for her. As she begins exploring the world of online dating the results are less than ideal and make her realize she's looking for the wrong thing in the wrong places.

Korrasami - non bending au. Prostitution.
Zutara high school AU with genderswap twist: when Kaito makes stupid bet with Zuka, he bites more than he could chew. Still, it turns out to be a great fun for both of them

Commission by ohdontdoit

Outfit inspired by
Weekly Poll Winner (Part 2 is up on my Patreon!)

Themes: Rough Sex, Fucked Silly, Breeding

Summary: Based on  by MrPotatoParty! In which Sokka fucks and breeds his way through the entire female cast. No one is safe from his big dick and virile seed, but that's alright, because the moment any lady lays eyes on his cock, they know exactly what they want.

Azula, Ty Lee and Mai go searching for some Kyoshi Warriors to fuck into submission. 

Futa, Orgy, Explicit.

Another ATLA Commission! I absolutely love writing ATLA Smut so if you have any commissions or just general questions about prices, what I write etc email me at Enjoy the story!
Zuko has been declared the new reigning Fire lord after Aang defeated Ozai. But being Fire lord isn't very exciting, good thing the girls of the ATLA universe can entertain him.

New Chapter 3 out now!

An ATLA commission. If you want to order a commission or have any questions about my prices or what stuff I write, email me at Enjoy the story!
There is only one thought in Katara’s mind, Ozai always wins.

Another commission, for inquiries about commissions such as questions about prices, themes and kinks that I write, email me at Enjoy the story!
Katara is horny one night but everyone would notice if she just walked up to Aang so she has to use the new bloodbending skill she has been developing.
Avatar Korra and Asami are interrupted in the spirit world
Avatar: The Legend of Korra: Korra x Jinora x Ikki Season 1: Ikki hears Korra crying out at night, then decides to drag her sister to cheer Korra up. What they find is the Avatar enjoying herself, high jinks ensue. 
After the first year of Korra's tenure as Avatar, Amon has been defeated, Korra has learned airbending and has returned Lin Beifong's bending to her. As thanks, the usually strict, no-nonsense chief of police takes Korra to a quiet spot on air temple island and takes her virginity as thanks.

Your quiet day at the beach is broken up by the odd sight of a very flexible girl wandering naked down the sand, and when she catches your eye, she decides your day needs to get a whole lot weirder. Patreon poll fic. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
What if Azula hadn't just ignored Katara after she was captured? What if she paid her a bit more personal attention?

Katara is broken into her new life as a sex-slave.

All characters are intended to be 18 or older. Real life rape is wrong, this is purely fantasy and does not condone any depicted behavior in real life!

Finally, if you are into this kind of thing with a partner, Use a SAFE WORD and remember AFTERCARE! There are instructions online, folks.
After Sokka calls him short, Aang teaches him... and his girlfriend Suki... a lesson.
In this slightly altered setting, Aang is tasked by the leaders of the nations to go and replenish the ranks of the Air Nomads by breeding with everyone he sees fit. Thankfully, Sokka and Katara, both hailing from the Slutty Water Tribe, have already turned him to their ways during their adventures. All that's left is for Aang to get over his reluctance to use his authority, and breed everything in sight. 

Commissioned by Fairfaxer
Extra curvy Korra and Kuvira from Avatar (don't worry if you never saw it) settle their rivalry with an all out sexfight that tests their every limit.
As the avatar Korra is allowed to mark four women as hers. Something she takes great pleasure in doing. With each girl she'll use different methods, sometimes loving or sometimes simply dominating them.
When Korra wants to try some breast meat, Asami doesn't have the heart to refuse her.
Avatar: Legend of Korra, Asami Sato, Korra, Breast Cooking, Non-Fatal, Consensual, Complete
Hoping to help Aang improve his Earthbending skills, Toph comes up with a new way to motivate him. Unfortunately for her, Aang goes further than she anticipated...All characters 18.
Years after the events of TLA, Sokka is trying to repopulate the Southern Water Tribe. The job proves to be much 'harder' than he first expected - especially when some old friends come to visit.

Azula supposed it was a happy ending. She certainly didn't dislike it. [concubine, sex slave] [commission]
Azula takes to the beach with a hand-picked array of the Fire Nation's most virile men to indulge in her breeding kink, and drags both Ty Lee and Mai in to join her. Patreon poll winner.
Deciding the war-torn world needs to repopulate, Aang and company come up with a way to make certain woman impossibly more fertile than before. The first person to receive this blessing is none other than Azula herself.

Suggested and voted for by readers on my .

(Contains mindbreak, gangbang, hatesex, incest, body mod, breeding)
Korra just wants to feel something. Anything. [The Legend of Korra] [commission]

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