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Commission. Warning, Hyperfetish.

Welcome to Franklins Fitness Center for Anthros! 
No matter what your goal is- Losing weight, building muscle, getting fit- Franklins universial, personalized coaching and 24/7 service will get you to your dream body, 100%!

Attention: No minors allowed. Sexual practices with the coach mandatory. Other degenerate acts possible as part of the training scheme.
A first time is best had with a submissive father who's up for anything for this lion...
I was driving to go see a house out in the country.
My car broke down so I started walking.
I came across a horse, that was not ordinary horse.

TAGS furry, yiff, unbirth, gestation, tentacle, cuminflation, mommy, horses, hentaiporn, manga, slime, slimeinflation, nursing, nursingfoal
A jock, who's still in the closet, gets some fun with a dominant pair that are up for some rougher play...
Xander, a fox, has his first time with his father, topping and bottoming to lose his virginity...
A gay fox and hyena couple explore anal delights...
Lupa, an anthro wolf, is bound in the yard for a feral dog to breed while her family watches...
This was a older commission I did for a friend on discord. It contains Anthro (Furries). If that aint for you, now's the time to bow out.

If you like what you saw, feel free to commission me or donate via Paypal!

Also Patreon is fine too.
This was done as a commission for a friend on FurAffinity.
If you like what you read, feel free to commission me or donate via Paypal!
Also Patreon is fine too.

This contains Anthro(Furries) if you're not a fan of that, this ain't for you.
A Bachelorette party is crashed by four raunchy Minotaurs, who go to great lengths to help these young ladies learn the joys of Beastial sex.
Lin, a young Paladin of Eros, arrives in an unfamiliar town on a quest to cleanse a haunted manor - if she can even make it past the guards first!

This work was commissioned by

My commission information is available .
Set in 1983, Ryujin is designed to serve as a more direct sequel to Ariadne and the Tales of Heroes. Human Male/Serp.Woman, Human Female/Male Dragon, Male Human/Female Rat, and Female Human/Female Minotaur M/F, M/F, M/FF, and F/F.

Contains: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Graphic, Drama, Love, Sex, Rape, Intercourse, Post-Apocalypse, Pregnant, History, Myth, Magic, Gods, Religious, Size Difference, Scalie, Furry, Femdom, Breastfeeding, Romance, Lesbian (Bisexual).
WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS: Male to Female Anthro Cow TF, Weight Gain, Burping, and Farting.

Jessie takes a job at a farm working with bio-engineered livestock, not realizing the changes he'll have to go through to please his new boss.

This is a commission for gomanfury ()
A pretty femboy and his tall, buxom gal pal have an intense encounter at her place of work!
This is a fan fiction for E.Z. McCain's Beastiverse (// It is an expansion of Teen Damia's 12/22/2019 dairy entry, specifically, the scene with Amit. Please enjoy! 
A man gets some VIP time with a theatre performer, only to find out that her reindeer attire isn't just a costume and her long legs are simply...WOW...

Only one thing can ensue!
A tiger takes a coyote with something different between his thighs to bed for some roughly pleasurable impregnation fun...
Two ladies, one dominant and the other submissive... But, this time, she doesn't want to use her safe word!
Dirty talking can be taken far, the submissive princess slut teased and ground into, taunted into taking a cock that he's taken time after time again before...

Yet there's always one more move to grind out as the pretty boy.
Young Lupa can't take it anymore. As much as she may try, she can't ignore her hunky roommate anymore. Him or his giant monster cock. Well if he won't share, then she'll just take his cock herself!
When she confessed her dream where she saw her cougar husband with her dragoness mother, Fyr never expected things to take the lustful and dark turns that they did...
A married couple of anthro foxes set about consumating their wedding night with an air of expectation...

Things do not, however, quite go to plan after the bliss of passion and it turns out that their pregnancy is not to be carried by the lovely lady this time around. Together, however, they will come through the delight of pregnancy as his belly grows and grows...
When a man wakes as a vixen and a woman wakes as a fox, their lives will forever be twisted and changed beyond their wildest imaginings...
The story of what happened to Jeremy and Leeroy (though mostly Jeremy) after they got their junk swapped with a mare and baby, respectively.

Contains a slow transformation from male to female that was neither asked for nor wanted, masturbation, culminating in a wild group sex ending.
A young reindeer who's fresh out of flight school is recruited at the eleventh hour to join Santa's team for its annual round-the-world flight. And while the training is grueling, there are some pretty sexy perks.

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