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Link finds out the path to freeing Hyrule turns him into the legendary Sissy of Time. Each temple being liberated brings him closer to his destiny. Sissification is obvious here.
A horny Futa Mipha sets her sights on taking advantage of a drunk Link.
Once she's come to terms with what's happened and how her kingdom is now in ruins, Zelda reminisces about all the destroyed places she and Link made love, and then thinks of the one place now free for them to experiment in: the dungeon, where the princess becomes willing slave to her knight. Anonymous commission.
Peach entertains a handsome, silent guest from a far off land.  Much fun is had.

Another repost, hopefully reads better this time.  

Inspired by LurkerGG's excellent Lending Link Out series, but is not canon to it.
After Link blew Rola's mind with his intense arrow-shooting, she gets caught up thinking about him at work. As if summoned by her sheer will, he returns and proceeds to blow her mind again. This time, they have an unexpected audience.

Will update tags when new chapters come out.
She woke up to find that her memory was gone, to learn that her land was destroyed, and to be told that she was the only one with the power, and the abilities, to save what was left.

Good thing the Ancient Machines made sure she was ready for every fucking situation!

Breath of the Wild featuring Zelda
Link needs to straighten the record between him and Peatrice, who seems to have fallen in love with the young hero, so he visits her house one fateful night. Commissioned by Lewdsmokesoldier.

[Commission] When Link accidentally turns into a woman due to exploring an ancient shrine with Zelda, he seeks the help of Urbosa to conceal this fact and find a way to return back to normal. Nothing will prepare him for the discoveries he will make about himself through his interactions with the Gerudo chieftain, however...

Contains TG material as well as navel/belly fetish stuff.
Urbosa’s concerned that Link’s attraction for Zelda may lead to mistakes, and offers to sate his appetite for the Princess. But when Zelda catches them, a new opportunity presents itself: for Urbosa to teach Zelda how to properly please and enjoy a man.

(Zelda/Link/Urbosa, teaching)
Commissioned by undeadpenguin37 on DA; who brought you all the Lesson in Humility series, this is a new story born out of hype for BotW2. 

Set in the wake of BotW, Zelda gets a lead on something to help her as the leader of her nation, but ends up delving into the ruins of a hidden temple holding a dark secret. In the process, she ends up getting turned into a ReDead.
Link's an exceedingly handsome man. When combined with his other virtues, it turns out that he's rather irresistible to the many, many women of Hyrule. And what sort of Hero would he be if he didn't give them all the attention they deserved?


(Breath of the Wild, Link/various female characters, impregnation, plot)
With his memories still not quite fully recovered, a trip in Gerudo Town and the discovery of a specific outfit to infiltrate this place brings Link back to visions of the past as he remembers just what kind of relationship he had with another champion: Urbosa.

Features illustrations done by Kaibuzeta, HypnoticMaid, Sue Chan and Mythkaz, all used with their permission.
A certain pirate, the so-called Queen of the Seven Seas, is causing chaos and turmoil along the Hyrulean coasts as the champion of Hyrule has to stop her from looting and pillaging as she pleases. However, as he gets caught, Link gets to know perhaps a little bit more what makes Risky Boots such a threat...

The picture used here is by SnakeGalSkye, who gave me the permission to use it.
A reboot of the Zelda Alternate Destinies chapters in written form.

In this case a reboot of / drawn by the amazing lurkergg

A self contained what if story, with Link and the Zora royal family getting it on. 

Story ideas include harem, impregnation and sexy zora goodness. 
After having a vivid dream of her captured enemy, Ganon -- one in which he ravishes her before claiming her as his Queen -- Zelda finds her desires set alight by the perverse thought of giving her body and kingdom to her ancient enemy.

(Twitter poll fic.)  (Sorta-hypnosis.  Aphrodisiacs/sex pollen, but with a greater focus on someone kinking on those things.  Monster sex.  (It's Ganon, not Ganondorf.)  Consensual.)  (Not set during any particular Zelda canon.)
Young up and coming kickboxer Linkle gets a surprise invitation to face the champion of the Hylian Kickboxing League and must find out if she's ready for the big leagues.
Caught in his intrusion of the Gerudo city, Link is tied up in the middle of town square to be used freely by vai for stress relief.
The blonde hero of Hyrule and it's beautiful princess are sharing a moment by the fire... And she gets his wang in her face.
Zelda, cornered by her adversary Ganon at the top of Hyrule Castle, finds herself at his mercy with her magic disabled and Link nowhere to be found.

(Flash smut!) (Ganon/Zelda, with Ganon in his big orc-esque monster form.  Sex pollen/aphrodisiac-ish stuff.  Definite mind break at the end.  Noncon to dubcon.)
BOTW One Off
Link investigates rumours of mysterious purple chuu. 
Turns Chuus are filthy, flighty creatures. 
Link enjoys traveling in his Gerudi vai outfit under the guise of a woman, but when he meets a few interested stablehands, his innocent thrills turn into something else entirely, because the burly rancher men are more than happy to treat Link like a girl. Anonymous commission.
In which Kass the Rito gets his throat and rectum destroyed by a horny Bokoblin and Moblin. A commission.

Warning, this includes the gays, rough facefucking, smell kinks, armpit stuff, etc. You know, the usual.
Thanks to poor equipment and unexpectedly stronger than expected enemies, Link's journey ends much sooner (and more painfully) than expected...
Before he leaves again, Malon wants Link to give her a gift she'll never lose or forget.
His task is to infiltrate this fortress and eliminate as many of the Gerudo inside as possible. It is an assignment he relishes, and one he will complete if it kills him. [snuff, misogyny, dark] [commission]

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