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Whitley Schnee has a secret hobby. When he's caught in the act, he must do everything in his power to avoid embarrassment...and avoid becoming a slave to big, fat dicks.

A poor unfortunate boy discovers the hidden joy of being DENIED his fart fetish while others indulge as the kink becomes more popular and cool in society. 
It had been a hellish week at work, and I needed one hell of a break. The kind of break that would leave me gasping for breath, dripping cum on the floor of a gloryhole stall!
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Dwight is a cuckold that seeks revenge on the studs that stole the girl of his dreams. Since he has become the laughing stock of his peers he has decided to emasculate Antonio and the soundcloud rapper that has yet to face. This is a dark tale of revenge, lust and debauchery.
Nixxa Arkani is a sorceress, one who uses her bizarre magics to wander between worlds, be they mundane, alien, or something even stranger. Her adventure takes an erotic twist, though, when a magical mishap brings her to the realm of the Daagoni -- beautiful, horned savages with a distinct interest in Nixxa!

[Fu(x∞)/F] [anal gangbang]
Sequel to Rose and Valentina. Commissioned by 200MilestoOregon

A pair of unlucky twins go up to the family cabin for a summer vacation full of fun before they venture off to college. Their father has prepped everything for their stay but there's only thing on the itinerary.

Nonstop. Anal. Pounding.

This will be a summer to remember...
A fan written story following Carmen, Kelsie, and Mari after the party at Simon's House. Following The titular Marvello Sisters on a journey of personal and sexual discovery with the help of Carmen's well endowed boyfriend Simon and her bestie Kelsie. 
It rhymes. It's like pottery. 
This is not new, nor is it finished yet. 


I wrote this just before 'Summer Job' and forgot to go back and finish it. 

The prompt for this story was a snap chat picture of a male leaning forward on orange sheets while a man with very hairy legs has his cock up his ass, while laying backwards. Across the picture are the words, "Finally big enough for dad's 🍆". 

From that I got this story. 
Lizard girl Lin is stuck taking care of her "son" after his sudden arrival in her life a short time ago. Unfortunately, he seems to have some trouble respecting her boundaries and little issue with incest...

This work was commissioned by

My commission information is available .
Just before the succubus was sealed away, it managed to get its revenge on the party's bard. The demon's final spell keeps her in a state of constant arousal but unable to orgasm. She's too embarrassed to get help, but when she finally can't take it anymore she seeks out an curse-breaker.

(Contains: F/F, strap-on, anal, orgasm control/denial, and some dominant/submissive.)
A phat bubble butt brunette has her butthole permanently altered into an alien womb.
“i cant wait to see my little boy’s hole stretched! im gonna masturbate for hours now” said my dad loudly since he didn’t know I was home.

My dad gave me away to a bunch of guys for them to record and make them gape my boy hole with their fat man cocks.


Now I get to work. :)
When a girl gets in over head, she finds herself taking so much cum from the biggest cock she's ever seen that it's coming out her other end.
Two roommates deepen their commitment to each other as I lessen my commitment to titles and descriptions.
During a little reading time, Era is called out by his final follower that throws him off guard and both embarrasses him and flatters him, what happens in the bedroom stays there.
A rebellious teen is sodomized by her brutish father.
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Being a professional woman in this day and age comes with a few setbacks and a few labels. There's always someone or something trying to drag her back down to the ground or make her feel like she is unwanted. Some of those people are people you love. 
More complete and easily accessible commission information, including the all-new a la carte commission option and list of fandoms.
Uri is the last follower of a now disgraced god, Era. Era is a god who isn't too much of a fan of humans, often thinking of them as lowly, however has a special place for Uri.
Part of a Trade I did with Akys for art of one of the characters in the story, The Gamer, that I'm currently working on.

Arthur, a student always hiding from a tyrannical teacher witnesses something at his school that lets him get a leg up on her.

(Includes Blackmail, Dubcon, Anal...)
Hi Gentlemen, My name is Kawal Makhni from Pune. I am occupational spanking model / call girls and schoolgirl from pune. Spend time with me for your pleasure or recreation and I can promise you will need

Ever have trouble figuring out where exactly the border is between homo and no homo? This comprehensive guide is sure to help! 

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