Comments for picture #738196 | urn:uuid:2930006b-31df-a874-7a31-5bb4f9699bb5 Comment by maskedmarmoset | 2019-10-03T18:40:47-07:00 You do great, great big cocks, KJ. But sometimes "futa" isn't the answer to every question. Thanks again!
Comment by kudrick | 2019-09-26T10:37:55-07:00 Not in the obvious spots, but couple of torn out holes would be purrfect.]]> Comment by KinkyJimmy | 2019-09-26T05:39:05-07:00 Comment by Ovinity | 2019-09-24T21:47:22-07:00 As far as HF etiquette goes, my takes as a consumer (I'm not an artist)
Most artists here have presence on other sites, eg Twitter / FurAffinity, and link to those in their profiles and often in the descriptions of each of their images.
Some artists here use Patreon or similar (such as selling image collections on sites like gumroad), and link to those in the same way.
A handful of artists on HF post the "teaser" versions of their images with the whole "Subscribe to my patreon for uncensored"; this is allowed by the site but seems unpopular among the userbase, purely by view-to-like-and-dislike ratios.
The HF forums are basically dead, your only interaction with other users here will be through the comments on individual images. Posting on the forums may as well be screaming into the void, you'll only really get a few people there.
The "Ratings" system is important for tagging your art IF you draw certain kinds of content, because most users are filtering out certian content using the Ratings flags. Tag your Scat and Gore if you draw those.
Separate to Ratings are Keywords. You the artist set the keywords; take a look at what artists similar to you are using as their keywords and go from there.
The HF front page shows a feed of most recently uploaded images, and there's page accessible from the front page that shows everything recent in order it's been uploaded. Combine uploading more than once in a blue moon with good Keywords and you'll get traffic from users who like your art.
The Featured images (top of front page) are picked by the staff. The Popular images below the New Images feed are selected automatically based on likes / favs over the last few days.
Comment by sinfulwolf | 2019-09-24T19:53:40-07:00
And I think featured is something quite well done that gets that roll of the dice to catching folks eyes. Not quite popularity though.]]>
Comment by lovecannibal | 2019-09-24T05:45:12-07:00 The details are great, her face is beautiful, the nice touches of camel toe and asshole visible through the suit fabric, and those eraser sized nipples. This is why you're the best at what you do!

Thanks for some more great art.
Comment by KinkyJimmy | 2019-09-23T22:17:53-07:00 ]]> Comment by sinfulwolf | 2019-09-23T22:12:32-07:00 I think my only criticism would be that her breasts seem a little too balloon like and seem a bit odd sitting on her.
Overall though, I can see why this got featured. Well done.]]>
Comment by BadWolfman | 2019-09-23T02:14:16-07:00 I'm sorry, you're right. I wasn't thinking. Still learning the acceptable etiquette for this type of stuff. I'm looking for an edit button to remove the pic. If I can't find it I'll just delete this comment and any similar others I've made recently.]]> Comment by KinkyJimmy | 2019-09-21T22:54:33-07:00 ]]>