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Hentai Foundry Discord

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TitleHentai Foundry Discord
BodyPlease take note of a couple of common mistakes people make when trying to submit artwork through our queue system:<br /> <br /> <strong>1.</strong> <em>Keep submissions under a 2MB file size.</em><br /> <strong>2.</strong> <em>Make sure you are applying the proper filters to your submissions.</em><br /> <strong>3.</strong> <em>Submissions that are bigger than 1600px will also be sent to the queue, regardless of file size.</em><br /> <br /> Don&#039;t forget to check out our discord channel for an extensive experience! We also have a &#039;newbie corner&#039; within our discord, for those who get rejected and would like critique to improve.<br /> <em><br /> <a href="/ rel="nofollow">/ /> <a href="/ rel="nofollow">/ /> <a href="/ rel="nofollow">/ /> </em>
Date Posted1529036560

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