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Ruby proposes her team bond more as a team through sex. Luckily, the team is very willing to follow that idea. (Commission based on CSLucaris's pic by the same name)

Themes: Dom/Sub, Incest, Breeding, Rough Sex

Summary: In an AU where Ruby Rose is actually Rory Rose, this genderbent version of our plucky heroine is fed up with everyone treating him like a child. Especially his big sister, Yang. He decides to do something about it.

Due to some Monarch's influence, the whole Remnant became a casual sex paradise.
A world where every kink is widely accepted.
A world where a man can walk up to a woman and fuck her full of cum.
A world where a woman can straddle a man as she drains him of his sperm.

Join our young heroes as they explore their world where anyone can be used.
Enjoy as they explore the Free Use World of Remnant!

RWBY is property of Rooster Teeth.
After several humiliating failures, Cinder and Emerald bear the brunt of Salem's anger. Locked halfway through a wall, the two evil gals become cumdumps for countless Grimm.

Upon being denied access to a Vale night club for Beacon students on the grounds of being too 'green' the school's resident rich bitch Weiss Schnee must prove her worth by traveling to a nearby swamp and slaying an ogre. Hilarity and horror ensue.
Jaune unlocks a Semblance that seems at first glance to be useless. A little aura transfer, a warm sensation and a faint pink glow. It doesn't seem to have much effect on Yang in training, even if she started to act a little unusual. His mind - and Yang's - soon change when late night training turns to exercise of an altogether more enjoyable variety.

Commissioned work
Prompt from Tumblr for jaunes-erotic-world: When it comes to having a younger boyfriend it's important to take the lead. So, Coco does what she can for Jaune, when she finds out he likes sexy costumes she uses her fashion sense to oblige. (Switching back and forth between femdom and maledom depending on outfit).
Anonymous Prompt from Tumblr: Can you do a piece about Jaune turning Cinder and Emerald into his personal mind-broken cum-addicted sluts?
Jaune has been working out for a while with his team trying to improve himself further at Beacon. He doesn't believe in the results until a certain workout with Nora becomes a little bit too 'intense' for either one of them. Now Jaune has a new workout that he is enjoying greatly. 
[RWBY] Cardin’s attempt to embarrass Jaune by pantsing him in front of the girls of teams JNPR and RWBY during a sleepover backfires horribly when it turns out that Jaune is gifted with something good enough that each of the girls finds themselves wanting nothing more than to find some time alone with him to experience it for themselves. Commission for bscommissions.
For a guy like Jaune who wanted nothing more than to be noticed, to be someone important, unlocking a Semblance which prevented anyone from noticing him at all while it's in use was a painful experience. It's not all bad news, however, especially when it lets him indulge himself with the numerous beautiful women of Beacon, all without them knowing what's happening. Commissioned Work. (Jaune x Schnee women)

It's been months since Yang started dating Blake, and just as long since Weiss started dating Ruby. They've enjoyed each other from first base and beyond. Life is good for team RWBY...

But all Weiss and Yang can think about is one drunken night in the woods, and how much the brawler enjoyed the heiress's cock.

Anonymous Commission. See my bio page for more info.
Commission for AL; Futa Emerald x Ruby

An Alternate Universe where Emerald is found by Qrow. 

Emerald never imagined herself getting picked up and taken off the streets by some drunk hunter, but there Qrow was, teaching her how to be a huntress, how to fill in as his protege. He gives her the opportunity to learn at Beacon, something she'd never fathomed before. She doesn't imagine that his help involved falling in love with his silver-eyed niece, though. 
Yang was incredibly horny as she and Blake watched Cardin wreck Pyrrha's pussy and Jaune's masculinity with his giant penis. But things go wrong when the bully sets his sight on the lesbian couple. 

Commissioned story. Commissioner wished to remain anonymous. Sequel to 'Party to Debauchery' written with permission from original author.
Jaune fights the new teacher's assistant, Neo, acting undercover for Cinder. The two fight, and he loses, but he still impresses Neo enough for her a special reward.... Includes: Sex and light femdom.

The semi-finale in the smut-tastic fantasy epic that is the corruption of RWBY!
Features gore, fighting, blood, action, romance, and the complete and utter destruction of all that mankind has ever stood for. Neat!

As always, commissioned, fathered, and planned by: / />
PDF download: / class="storyRead"> Read this story >>
Jaune comes to Weiss for some help in the bedroom, and to his surprise Weiss agrees... Though this isn't exactly what he had in mind...
$20 Commission for Irateking on Tumblr: Jaune finds a book that summons 3 sexy devils to grant his wishes. (Rias, Akeno, and Grayfia). They each perform different sexual fantasies for him. Rias is the older classmen who seduces him while helping him study. Akeno is a minor sadist that does stuff like footjobs and teasing. Grayfia is the obedient maid that tends to her masters needs. In the end they're all bent over begging to be bred by him.
This story started from an anonymous prompt from Tumblr: Maybe one where Weiss is caught cheating on a test by Jaune, and he asks her to deepthroat his cock. Weiss is already in a lesbian relationship with Ruby, but agrees, if he uses a condom. Too bad she didn't see his size first, before saying yes. 
[RWBY] With her arena fighting career on the decline and her finances horribly mismanaged by her accountant, an offer to do a one-off porn shoot with some well hung co-stars sounds too good to be true for Pyrrha, but it’s the only option she’s got. Good thing it ends up being way more pleasurable than she could have ever imagined. Commission for bscommissions.
The problem with Semblances is that people came to rely on them, and that you never knew what you were going to get until you got it. Jaune's Semblance allowed him limited control over women, or so he thought, but a single mistake combined with a lack of understanding on how far his Semblance went, causes a cascade effect that will change his life forever. Will involve Beacon and canon characters only from (approx) chapter 5 onward.

The Beacon Dance is on, but Pyrrha and Ren's dates are no shows. Jaune and Nora are, instead, enjoying each other's company, with Pyrrha and Ren slowly being swept from each other's minds as things get more passionate. Includes: NTR, smut.

After watching her father set off on yet another trip to visit his fiance in Atlas, Emerald Ashari decides enough is enough. Taking some poorly thought out advice from Yang, she decides that the best way to keep her father's attention where it should be is to make sure he can't think of anything other than her. If that means seducing him away from Winter, so be it. 

Commissioned work by LordDial. Based off Coeur al'Aran's work: Relic of the Future
When Blake went into heat, Kali brought her to the Heat House, an establishment created to help faunus deal with their carnal needs. Filled with human men and women of all types to satisfy faunus in such a trying time. Yang and Ruby were two such "helpers". A commission for Compa16.

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