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AU: a One-Shot. Minato is dead and Kushina needs someone to be with so she decides to use Naruto as he sleeps, but when Menma confronts on it what will happen in the Uzumaki household? Warning: Force, incest, older woman
Featuring Samui and Mabui.

After an earthquake in Kumo, many of it's citizens are displaced. Konoha takes in the refugees and rumors about the dark skinned Kumo men are spread. Unfortunately for Naruto, it seems these rumors are true. Contains NTR and the N word so look out.

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 The nine tails is more than a little upset about being sealed even more so when she finds out she's sealed in some lowly boy. It doesn't matter though, she has her own plan to make her extended stay a little more tolerable.
Instead of showing up when he said Mizuki showed up early and used a jutsu from orochimaru to send naruto to hell, luckily for him naruto gets adopted by lilith the queen of lust... look out ladies, the prince of lust is on the prowl
Being the Hokage's assistant is tiring work, and Shizune has it especially hard.

Commissioned by Chiefreyes17. Jiraiya has return to the hidden leaf village for a visit and sees the needs of the wives of his fellow shinobi, something he really gladly undertake to fix.
After Naruto stays transformed by his Sexy Jutsu, Hinata reveals a Sexy Jutsu of her own, and the two engage in one of the most... unique sex sessions of their lives.

Probably the single strangest stories that I will ever write.

Note: this story doesn't contain Yuri or Futa, it's Hetero... just with everything reversed.

Contains: Fingering, Handjob, Awkwardness, Weirdness, and Vaginal.
With Sasuke away as often and how long that he usually, Sakura is reluctant at first to take the Daimyo up on his offer. But she quickly falls into the place of a slut with his help.

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Sarada wants a daddy, and Naruto is the closest thing she has. But Sarada is also a very naughty girl, and Naruto can't resist her. [commission] 
Naruto gets in touch with his feminine side in an exciting new Naruto story from the people who brought you 100 Wives Of Naruto!

Created as a result of speculation, discussion and requests from someone who'd rather remain anonymous, I hope you all enjoy. This is a quick draft, may be edited for quality.

Set at the end of Naruto Shippuden but before all the epilogues Sasuke is set to leave the village again and Sakura's in his way asking him to take her with him - again.
Contains maledom, reluctant, pain, branding, submission, attempted rape and minor incidents of violence and death.
This is a Story (Short one) About a Naruto Character, Genma, and My friends OC, Zenma.
I wrote this for her entertainment
While Naruto is dealing with grave threats against his safety outside of Konoha, Sasuke keeps Hinata, Hanabi, and a barely legal Himawari safe. But Sasuke finds himself doing more than just standing watch over his friend's loved ones. Anonymous commission.

Epilogue: Even more worrying is what happens when Sarada comes by and discovers just what her father has gotten himself into.


Summary: Jiraiya's putting together a team of sexy kunoichi for his elite team, and by team, I mean harem. First on the list is the busty, and beautiful Hinata Hyuuga. Includes: Smut, big breasts, and Teacher/Student sex. 
Each chapter features one or more females from an Anime, Manga, Comic, Video Game, etc giving head. Tags: Blowjobs, Deepthroat

Starring :
Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Batgirl DC Comics
Princess Jasmine Disney's Aladdin
Tsunade Naruto
Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail
Rei, Asuka, Misato Evangelion
Black Widow
Emma Frost Marvel Comics
Rey Star Wars The Force Awakens
Haruka Sailor Moon
Quiet Metal Gear Solid

Sakura staring into the eyes of her boyfriends roommate as her boyfriend fucked her ruthlessly. She saw a smug smile break out from Naruto's mouth as he stared back before mouthing the words 'You dirty bitch.' to her from across the room. Sakura let out an uncontrollable moan as a wave of pleasure shot to her pussy at the sight of this...
Commissioned by slots. The premise of this series is simple - think of every possible, demented twisted way for Sasuke to destroy Naruto's life, steal and fuck his wife, and this story has it. Contains plenty of detailed lemons, a slow build up, and enough humiliation and domination to fill anyone's cup.
Naruko and Hinata's kids are teenagers. Curious, horny teenagers peeping on their parents. Fun ensues. [futa, pegging, incest] [commission]
[A SexualPancakes commission]

The spring may be warm, but Naruto and Hinata's marriage has cooled and she's dying from boredom, begging for the adventure they'd had when they first married.  When Naruto frees Kurama on a date to give her that in a spit-roasting ménage, it unleashes the Nine-Tails to seduce Hinata in a growing succession of demon-cocked massively unsafe perversions.

[NTR, Deepthroat, Impregnation, Creampie, Womb-Fucking, Anal, Tit-Fucking, Pregnancy Sex, Bukkake, Cumplay]
Tsuande has not fucked since the death of Dan and she is frutrated

But Shizune gives her an idea, she will find a sexfriend but it will not be the one she would have imagined...

Sasuke watched as this younger tough jock walked to my wife to claim his prize ... I had beaten me so definitely and squarely there was no question who was top dog in the room, and my wife had been there to witness it all. It was all so primal and clear ... and to top it off, it made me hard as hell!
Now we begin the road to Part 2 of the fanfic: Arashiden. Episode 7 covers the formation of Clan UzuSenju and the events leading into Konoha's next biggest family!
Plus lots of family humping. 
This is a story chronicling how Ino Yamanaka, thanks to some sexy new techniques she developed, takes control of Konoha. Contains many victims, including Naruto, Sakura and Hinata.
This is a crossover between Naruto and whatever other medium of anime/manga I feel like. 
Tsunade and her fellow instructors teach the young kunoichi how to please a man.  Only men aren't aloud in the classroom.  This fic will contain oral sex, anal and vaginal sex, and a lot of chicks with dicks.

This story is closed, due to my massive loss of data last year.  However my new story Tsunade's Blowjob Training Course Returns...Kinda, is a continuation. go check it out!

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