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[RWBY] Yang has a certain itch she wants scratched, a curiosity about the kind of primal fun she can have with a pack of Beowolves. It's a kind of fun only a durable and kind of messed up gal like Yang can get into, but maybe it's even a little bit too much for her, too. Anonymous commission.
[RWBY] Weiss is tasked with escorting a horse faunus named Chiron around the school, and she's none too happy with her task. Chiron knows it, and decides he should break through the Schnee heiress's issues with his kind by knocking her down as many pegs as he can. Commission for simo09.
The world has forever changed.  Over the course of several weeks universes all collide together into one, creating a series of events that lead up to one of the most violent clashes in history. But with the women that I have grown close to since these events started, nothing seems impossible.
This is the story of our family, and no one will take away from us.

(Contains Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Blake Belladonna from RWBY, 2B from NieR: Automata, and Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch).
The city of Vale has a surprising variety of secrets. For example, it's rumored that somewhere in the city, there is a building where Grimm are held captive, and those willing to pay can watch as women are fucked by them.

Only, this building isn't just a rumor. It's real.

Welcome to the Blackbone Club.

Inspired by Shonomi's Den of Wolves and posted with his permission.
Yang needed to earn money before Beacon and opening a bikini car wash seemed like a good idea. When Ruby offered to help, she knew it would be a great idea - especially if they offered a little extra in the way of "special service". Warning Ruby in advance didn't cross her mind. Better to seek forgiveness then ask permission, right?

Commissioned work.
Ruby's plan to teach Team CRDL how to behave themselves better backfires. What she meant as a lesson in friendship for them ends in a lesson of how far her body can be stretched with monstrous cocks and inflated with load after load after load of cum. (A commission for bageltiger.)

Themes: Dom/Sub, Moresome, Rough Sex

Summary: In which Team RWBY goes too far with a prank, and Jaune comes out all the better for it.

After the battle with Tyrian, Qrow was badly wounded and succumbing to the poison running through his veins. With their team separated and seeking help, Ruby is left to make a deal with the last man imaginable to save her beloved uncle. But is it not the definition of insanity, to try and make a deal with the criminally insane? Commission for Compa16
[RWBY] Yang tries to sort out what makes her attracted to Blake given how dissimilar they are, and her weird logic reasoning brings her to an insane conclusion: she has to let Zwei mate her to see if it's just an animal attraction. Anonymous commission.
Having finally worn her down, Ruby convinces Weiss to bring her along when she heads out into Beacon. This leads to an extravagant gloryhole in a shady part of Vale, new experiences and a deeper bond in more ways than one await them.
Themes: Smut, Netorase.(Adultery, cuckolding, poliamory, whatever you wanna call it)

Contains: Anal(Will be updated as new chapters are added)

Jaune and Pyrrha slowly advance their relationship, but while their love grows stronger, the sex slowly becomes mannerism. Neither of them seem happy with it, but neither do they have anything in particular they want to try. That is, until Jaune reads something that piques his curiosity.
A collection of prompts sent to me by readers. Currently taking submissions for Sailor Moon, PMMM, RWBY, Ranma 1/2 and Worm. Send me an idea, and I may write a ~500 word ficlet for it.
In a different world, Jaune's mother and Ruby's father married one another. Their families were combined, and Jaune and Ruby became siblings, growing up together. But what happens when the two step siblings begin to see each other as something more than friends? Includes: Pseudo-incest, Romance, and Drama

You and Ruby have been friends for sometime, with the understanding your teammates are annoying when they have company over. One day though, Ruby comes to you asking for a favor, saying you're the only one she trusts to be fair with her

With what she's asking, fair is a subjective word.

Anonymous commission from my Patreon.
Ruby's left behind while the rest of the team has a night out on the town. But, of course, when Velvet comes calling, she'll be having a fun night of her own.

A commission, as ordered by Lucky-38, on Questionable Questing.

All characters have been aged up to legal.

"Hunter of Huntresses? I haven't heard that title in a long time"

I thought I could write this in 12 hours as a new year's gift to rwbysmut4life (who propagated Horse Faunus Jaune) and all the people on his discord server community (except Sandkings321 because he plagiarized me before). It's a month late because I got too attached to it, and made it go from 4000 words to 10000. Enjoy.

Literal Interracial, Big Tits, Big Cock, Maledom, Minor Cheating, Race Kink.
Turns out Salem's two biggest weaknesses are illusions and girldick.

Team RWBY has been captured and now they are sex workers in the Sex Arcade! (Created by Sabu !)

Guest starring the fabulous Ninja Kitty!

Chapter 1: A Taste of Sunshine (Yang)
Chapter 2: To Seduce Midnight (Blake AND Ninja Kitty!)

Themes: Dubcon, Conditioning, Pet Play, BDSM, Master/Slave

Total Word Count: 43,009

Summary: Cardin is an asshole with a big dick and a bigger head. Some of the girls at Beacon are learning just how big. 

When your Semblance lets you make suggestions people will believe without question, it can be hard to resist the urge to use it to your advantage. Luckily for Blake, Yang and Pyrrha, their friend is a gentleman who would never use his Semblance on them. At least, they must be friends, right? Even if no one can quite remember how they met Rice or when.

Hypnosis/NC - Pyrrha/Yang/Blake/Kali - Second Chapter: Jaune/OC/Mother/Sisters
Since their previous adventures, the ladies of Beacon Academy have been slacking off. It's up to Miss Pyrrha Nikos to track down the delinquents and lead them to the right path. But will she become corrupted herself?

Still to come:

- The Desolation of Blake.
- Ice-Cream Redux.
Cardin finally manages to make his move to steal Pyrrha from Jaune.

If you like what I do and want to support me, please consider pledging to my
After a long, hard workout, Yang's exhausted. Blake, on the other hand, has spent the last hour watching her girlfriend move about in tight, short clothing. Maybe she can find an equitable solution.

And in Chapter Two, a group of strangers that find the naked, cum-covered, sleeping Yang have their own ideas about what to do with her.
This story started from an anonymous prompt from Tumblr: Maybe one where Weiss is caught cheating on a test by Jaune, and he asks her to deepthroat his cock. Weiss is already in a lesbian relationship with Ruby, but agrees, if he uses a condom. Too bad she didn't see his size first, before saying yes. 
In a world where the Grimm are born from mud, humans have increased their numbers by the most natural method available. Having non-stop sex, wherever and whenever available. With men with extreme appetites, women with desperate libidos, and wombs eager to be filled, the need for more humans is never an issue. Only a better method to handle the Grimm.

So if you can't beat them, join them.

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