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The X-Men and all the Marvel X-teams are under fire from anti-mutant forces once again, but it's the personal aspects of their lives that change the most when four key X-Men are exposed to a life-altering event... a particularly sex-life altering event, and suddenly lots of people are getting some in this x-rated X-tale.  Plenty of fap-worthy episodes here and even some laughs.

Hetero, oral (m/f), paizuri, group sex, vaginal, anal, semi-consentual, furry

New Chapters:
Chapter 21: A Little Bit of X: Chapter 21

Now eighteen, Ash and his friends decided to go to the beach, a secluded area owned by Misty's sisters. What they didn't expect was for Jessie of Team Rocket to be there, nor her new beau and his huge wang that puts Ketchum to shame.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Baring All At the Beach!

This is a recent story I wrote or at least earlier this year and for now the last story I write using other people's o/c's. Thought it would be fun to write a story and have you the pervy reader :P fill in the blanks and takes place on Azeroth

Marcella Nightwalker (c) Maxbass
Cali'Fon (c) Sinister
Cavalina Dawnwalker (c) CavDirshel

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Blood and Blue

Prompt time is back in the form of periodic livestreams funded by Ko-Fi donations instead of Patreon. Short form, 500 word-ish bursts of smut to be found within, and in addition to the prompts this will also be where I'll post openings and announcements for when it's live.

New Chapters:
Chapter 10: Prompt Batch 8: 9/15/2019

A short story narrated by Gracie, a submissive who constantly discovers new fantasies. This short piece tells a tale of dominance. Gracie takes her rightful place as her Dom's fucktoy while an entire club watches.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Alpha 1

You have recently taken a job as a guard at an archaeological dig-site in Uldum. There you meet Elise Starseeker.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: 1

A bratty blonde teenager breaks into a cottage in the woods. Now she’ll have to bear the consequences.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Goldilocked

Wanting to learn from her defeat during the festival, Uraraka asks Katsuki to spar with her. When he's not his usual self, she decides to have him test her strength in a different way.  (My Hero Academia)

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Growing Stronger

A series that will through old stories and new attempt to chronologically map the canon adventures and events directly influenced by Rhulan Rokonaka, AKA The Sorceress of Storms, Architect of Elemental Magic, Demon of Storms (one of the Architects of Hell), Dark Empress of the Void, and many more titles leading back to this mysterious celestial figure.

New Chapters:
Chapter 65: A new Hero's Quest Begins

Tony's life sucks, then one day he goes to bed and wakes up in a magical land...that is a fucked up mirror version of the real world and filled with horrific monsters and dangers.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Where?
Chapter 0: Prologue: The Note


Themes: Futa Sex, Bondage, Rough Sex

Summary: In which Miranda isn't too happy about Shepard letting Tali'Zorah onto the SR-2. But in the end, she finds a use for the Quarian bitch all the same. Namely, serving as stress relief for the ship's futanari population.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Tali/Futa!Samara

Commissioned by Greywaltz
This is the continuation of the Shadow Collective Saga. This new story arc takes place during the time of the sequels and will follow the adventures of Luminara, daughter of Savage Opress and Barriss Offee.

New Chapters:
Chapter 9: Darkness Dawns


Themes: Bimbofication, Rough Sex, Breeding

Summary: A different take on the plot of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in which Lara is dealing with some physical changes, and all the disadvantages that come with them. No Sex in the first chapter, mostly set-up!

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: A Hidden City

It's sex, pain, and tears, how a hot not-so boy discovers the perverse world of adults of his planet all, and is hesitant to evolve from the fear of entering that world. Along the way, he finds that there's more than just deviants and perverts in this world, and embraces the yearning call that has created much pain and troubles in his life. Through his journey, he discovers that he must become everything he disgusts before becoming who he wants to be, and unleashing his true powers. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: The Unspeakable Act
Chapter 2: The Taste of Femininity

The Clocktower is one of the three main branches of the magus world. Where the current and soon-to-become house heads study. A dangerous place where deals are struck at any moment, and all for the sake of furthering the history of one's family.

Or, in the case of one individual, to satisfy his lusts with the bodies of the more amicable women.

Anonymous Commission. See my Profile page for more information!

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Interlude: Social Gathering

Blademoon is a tall, strong, serious-minded warrior of the Kaldorei Empire who, during the attack on the elvish capital of Zin-Azshari during the War of the Ancients, suddenly finds herself transported ten thousand years into the future, in the grim underwater kingdom of Nazjatar. Can she overcome a ten-thousand year cultural gap and an enduring harpy curse to reconnect with her people, discover the mystery of her temporal misplacement, and get her revenge on the villainous naga?

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Drawn to Scale

set in an alternate universe where nothing is taboo

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: shots fired

A story I wrote for Literotica a few years ago. It's not my best story, but I decided to upload it to Hentai Foundry so more people could see it.

In this story, a witch kidnaps a young man from his bedroom and has fun with him...

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Whims of a Witch

Minecraft where everything is female except Steve. So horny villagers, anthrogenic animals and monster girls. What's not to love?

-everything is realistic looking, not block-like, it's just the world of Minecraft-

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Chicken Girls

Integra didn't think she would ever have to deal with such things in her lifetime, but then one day, 20 years after Millennium, the earth cracked open and Hell poured out of it. The end times have come and Hellsing must do everything in their power to prevail.

A bonus chapter with nothing but hentai has been added, 05-2.

New Chapters:
Chapter 8: 07 Duty and Sacrifice

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Mica Burton's Interview

Roxanne and Celeste are happily married and living together in Amunta, the jewel of the desert while Roxanne works as the Champion of Dielia and Celeste teaches the acolytes of the temple in the art of sex. Hidden forces however want to overturn their lives, and take advantage of the beauties in every way they can. In the meantime, the devil Cibal begins preparations for a conflict with the old gods that has been building for years now that she is working with the new gods. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 41: Bonus Battle of Cambria

Long before current ages the world was once ruled by demons. However that age soon fell but one demon managed to survive and has risen once again and now is coming back for what is his.. The World.

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Mother's Mistake

Merlin is a simple man at times. He senses Master’s emotions, he goes in for the feast. When the Magus of Flowers builds up a bond with Master, Alter Cuchulainn can’t cockblock the Caster anymore.

(Warning) Contains:
- Tentacles
- Cum Inflation
- Leeches Mentioned

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Emotional Etiquette

Request for Allcreation103!

A magus, named Ewan Melling, discovers the Clock Tower and eventually Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Post Fate/Apocrypha story but before Fiore goes out to New York.

(Warning) Contains:
- Incest Mentioned
- Light Tentacle Play

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Sunflower
Chapter 1: Rejuvenation Pruning

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