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Theirs's a war brewing in Célidoine, located in a Mystical land in which MAGIC was born. Bringing with it supernatural beings. Over a 1000 years ago magic had grown dark and filled with terror at the hands of some of those supernatural beings. Since then a ban of magic has been set in place, to protect the people within the kingdom and the supernatural hiding in plain sight.(FYI: Just trying something new any questions find me on Discord Pryde#8419)

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Thrill of the Hunt

The ladies of Galar have been cute so far, but just how raunchy can things get? Let's start by seeing Nessa and her Drednaw giving the gym and its attendees a public show, for starters!

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: The Smell of Wet Lopunny

A collection of short stories about the heroes failing and being defeated. Each a standalone story, can be fleshed out by request or demand. Will feature characters from Cartoons, Video games, & Cosmic Books. All characters over 18, in mostly Non-Con. scenarios. No categories off limits including Gay, Bisexual, Futa, Incest, Etc. Each chapter will be label for Categories.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: The New Locust Queen (Gears of War-Kait Diaz)

Patron Request

Themes: Mind Break, Futa, Dom/Sub

Summary: In a very different version of the Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity learns from her mother, just how it is that the Royal Family commands absolute loyalty from its most powerful servants...

New Chapters:
Chapter 17: Chibi-Usa Returns!

A decommissioned female android finds new life when she's rescued from the junkyards and repaired by a female mechanic. | Weggeworfener weiblicher Android wird repariert.

(Contains: no smut yet, but the beginnings of some F/F.)

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Routine

A fan written story following Carmen, Kelsie, and Mari after the party at Simon's House. Following The titular Marvello Sisters on a journey of personal and sexual discovery with the help of Carmen's well endowed boyfriend Simon and her bestie Kelsie. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 13: Episode III - The Velvet City Plaza (Act II)

[Steven Universe] Jasper's been really struggling since the Diamonds made peace with Earth. With no other gems to relate to, she's managed to find some solace with a very unlikely source - her new boyfriend, Greg.

The ol' Universe charm strikes again!

(M/F, Romance)

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: What Pink Left Behind

You are a traveling merchant in the young, newly christened country of New Borealis. You travel across the land, unintentionally building up a harem of beautiful, sexy, and weird Monster Girls. From Succubus to Dolls to whatever else this weird world has in store for you. Fuck monsters, woo girls, and maybe even save the world. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 5: The Morning After

**Note: Please read up to Chapter 3 of Witch Thelma first or you may be confused.**

Juno discovers feelings she didn't know she had and works to make her love unrequited.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Act 2

Links and updates regarding those of my stories that are posted on other sites.

New Chapters:
Chapter 117: Enter the Sandboy, ch 6

Some scattered chapters based on popular animes.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: ONE (hot) PIECE (of ass)- How to kill time on the sea

Excerpts from the journal of the pirate captain Avery Locke, chronicling the final days of her career from the heist of the HMS Empress to her seduction and fall into sexual slavery to a mermaid.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Career Ender

A planned series of short stories featuring the students and faculty of Garreg Mach monastery finding things to do in an alternate world without Those Who Slither in the Dark. 

Mainly, engage in smutty, filthy sex.

Tags: Breeding Kink, Foot Fetish, Orientation Play, Bestiality, Cheating

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Ingrid's Burdens


Summary: Having looked forward to marrying Harry for years and having built up Harry as a sex god, Ginny proves severely disappointed on their wedding night when he proves... lacking. The Weasley maiden takes matters into her own hands.

Themes: Futa/Male, Futa Groom/Sissy Wife, Sissification/Feminization, BDSM/Femdom, Cock Worship, Magical Enhancement

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: The Potter’s Happily Ever After

Lewd drabbles involving various characters from Kim Possible, some branching into longer stories. 

Write a comment to tell me which ones you want to see followed ups to, or which ones you just liked in general.

New Chapters:
Chapter 16: Ann 5 and 6


Themes: Big Dick, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Nagatoro takes her teasing too far one day by following her Senpai into the boy's locker room while he's taking a shower. She (and her friends) are soon taught the error of their ways when Naoto finally snaps.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: I'm sorry Senpai! Please bully me!

Each chapter will focus on a different fetish, usually with a different character. Though they are meant to be enjoyed individually, they all exist within a shared universe. Not every fetish explored will be one I am versed in, so if mistakes are made - my bad. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 5: Lois Lane is a Cuckquean? (feat. Maxima)

When a red dragon challenges him, Xigfeldo cannot resist putting him in his place in the kinkiest way possible...

Or should he say...putting HER in her place? Magic is not for the faint of heart and lust!

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Red Dragon's Pride

Ayesha, the High Priestess of the Sovereign steals the infinity stones from Captain America before he can return them to their timeline, taking sweet, anal revenge on the female superheroes of the MCU, two at a time!

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Prologue- Gamorra and Nebula

Morrigan desperately wants to bed Elizabeth Cousland, but will she get her wish? Is she ready for what the warden demands of her partners?

Please let me know of any errors or inconsistencies.

New Chapters:
Chapter 5: Flashback - Gheyna

Even fat-dicked tomboys need some lovin', but for Ryuko it comes from the most unexpected of places: her best friend Mako.

Uh! Dead memes.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Vehym Vyhdyco Nasyga muugc knayd.

One of my most popular commission types is the "Versus" story style, where you pick two random competitors, a way for them to fight, and I roll some dice and make the fight play out at random.  All manner of combatants - Including a rather shocking number of characters from an equine-based series which is not to be named - Will appear. Enjoy

New Chapters:
Chapter 7: Sticking Your Dick in Crazy: Client's OC vs Harley Quin

In the 22nd century, the solar system has been explored and colonized. The nations of Earth are trapped in a deadly game of colony and empire - a game overset when an FTL experiment on the Saturnian moon of Janus rips a portal between our solar system...and somewhere else. What lays on the far side of the portal shall change the future of human history.

But will it spell the end for us all? Or the beginning of a new golden age?

Only time will tell.

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Four

 Petra revels to her friend Dorothea that she has a big secret that she has been hiding. As the future King of Brigid, Petra is tasked with breeding her people. Now at Garreg Mach, Petra is now practicing her royal duties with her friends & companions from Fódlan with her love Dorothea.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Dorothea

Xayah and Rakan are invited to one of Ahri's prestigious house parties. What they don't know is why, but Xayah soon finds out, and not without some serious repercussions.

[ear sex, creampie, cheating]

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: What an Earful

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