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Another year, another month's worth of daily stories. 4th year in a row, to boot. Specifics will be at the start of each story.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Marie Wentz (Astral Chain) [Condoms]
Chapter 1: Chione (My OC) [Worship]

A scientist obsessed with Deathclaws and his bodyguard trek around the Wasteland, following the specimen D-1567-AR-826, or "Dan" for short, as he rampages across New California sticking his dick in anything that moves. Raiders, NCR, Brotherhood, mutants, other Deathclaws, who knows what sort of mates Dan will find, and all the discoveries about Deathclaw biology to be found! 

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Dan and the Cultists

The Inquisitive Ocelio is a famous detective, pursuing his arch criminal nemesis, the elusive Red Dot.  No, really, he's totally a detective and not a prostitute.  Gosh, he'd totally know if he was actually being paid to have sex with people.

Femboy x various monstergirls/monsterfemboys.

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: RyiaPas

[ltr]Anthony is a dorse catcher, after spending several years avoiding the infection... Things take a turn for the worse and life as he knows it is about to change. [/ltr]

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Exercise and Socialization

During his negotiations with Euphemia, Lelouch's Geass flare-up takes a lewder turn than in canon. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: A Lewd Command

It started as a means to an end, to get some Gil in order to help keep Avalanche from being discovered. It was risky, but it had to be done. As time went on and desperation mounted, so to did the acts Tifa had to do to keep her friends safe.

That is, of course, what she tells herself as she goes to see Don Corneo.

Anonymous Commission, straight from

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Wrong Kind of 'In Too Deep'

The Adeen farm is idyllic in a few regards, though it has its difficulties.  The world meanwhile continues to turn despite what is assuredly the best efforts of its denizens.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Wanton and Wanted

A brother well below the age of 10 and a sister just slightly above the age of 20 engage in a depraved sexual relationship with one another despite not liking one another very much.  The disgusting endowment of the former and the general sexualization of the latter make their hatred for one another debatable. 

How much is up to you.


New Chapters:
Chapter 0: A Difference of Opinion

For more of my work, you can support me on or

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Intro

In the halcyon days of Overwatch, Jesse McCree has an unexpected encounter with a young Pharah, but it isn't long before her mother Ana is thrown into the mix as well. Commissioned by anonymous.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: A Father's Shame

Ideas of sexual encounters between various characters from the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Inspired by the anons over on /aco/ of 4chan and hoping to inspire more art of an erotic nature, I'm not sure how many chapters this will be. I wrote this first chapter originally on 4chan as a sort of challenge to myself to post a story in snippets and quite liked it. I now the present the first story in its entirety with a few tweaks and edits.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Rian and Brea after the Finale

The events of Resident Evil 6 go off the rails when the C-Virus starts turning men into sex-crazed, well-hung, mindless monsters -- and gives women the ability to control them, as well as a powerful addiction to their cocks and cum.  Because why not?

(Dubcon of the "sex pollen" variety.)

Chapter 1:  Helena Harper gets infected, and gets ideas.

Chapter 2:  Ingrid Hunnigan, Leon's mission control, gets a visit from a newly corrupted Helena.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Chapter 2 - Ingrid

"A training session descends into an erotic nightmare for a busty blonde."

This is the first story I have created in 2 years,  first smut fic I have ever written. Extremely hardcore/graphic content. You have been warned.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: The Breaking

[Persona 5] After their romantic opera date, Ren and Sae return to the older woman's apartment to continue their evening. Sweet, tender, and romantic - that's what this story's all about!

(M/F, Romance, Vanilla, Sweet)

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Date Night With Sae

Ulkor Jad's ship crashed during his last bounty hunt. Now he's got to pay the bills with a regular hover taxi job. Fortunately for him there are plenty of hot chicks who never seem to have enough credits to pay their bills. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 7: Keep Your Eyes Open

Following the lives and jobs of the monstergirl sex workers in the Ghetto Goblin, Goblin Coplin etc universe. Elven dominatrixes, submissive orcs, milfy cyclopses and more.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: Lusting Lizardfolk

Aloy and Talanah take a job to help clear out a bandit camp, but forces against them want to make sure they don't come back. 

Contains: Bondage, Butt plugs, abduction, electrocution, and large insertion. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: All Roads lead to Sunfall

set in an alternate universe where nothing is taboo

New Chapters:
Chapter 10: combat training

Got a request? Here are my guidelines, and the requests go in the comments. Requests can be guaranteed by subscribing to my Patreon.

Kink glossary is available in Chapter 7. From Chapter 94 onwards, kinks are specified within the chapter.

New Chapters:
Chapter 176: Anna/Kristoff (Frozen)

A fan written story following Carmen, Kelsie, and Mari after the party at Simon's House. Following The titular Marvello Sisters on a journey of personal and sexual discovery with the help of Carmen's well endowed boyfriend Simon and her bestie Kelsie. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 17: Episode III - The Velvet City Plaza (Act VI)


Themes: Mind Break, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Akki Nago is a bit smarter than his massive size makes him out to be. Managing to screw up Rushuna's reload and disarm her all at once, the big bad bandit leader goes on to teach the blonde Senshi a lesson in fucking with him and his gang. The Smiling Senshi's journey ends before it has a chance to begin.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Rushuna's Bad End

A collection of prompts sent to me by readers. Currently taking submissions for Sailor Moon, PMMM, RWBY, Ranma 1/2 and Worm. Send me an idea, and I may write a ~500 word ficlet for it.

New Chapters:
Chapter 161: PMMM, ATLA/LOK, Worm, Sailor Moon, Kill la Kill

Carol Danvers, aka. Captain Marvel, shows a tentacle monster who's the boss.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Tentacle Time

Details a heated sexual encounter between the proud dragon Shyvana, and the soft and sleek vastayan: Neeko. Features Shyvana taking a dominant role over the dainty lizard-girl in the middle of the Ixtal jungle. Work in progress.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - Friction

Various tiny stories using the 2019 prompt list, because I looked at all the things I have to do and decided this was a good opportunity to practice my flash fiction because I am profoundly stupid.

Wish me luck.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Mindless

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