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The short series and stories in the Science fiction setting of "Reality-H" consisting of GMO monster girls and alien worlds. (My Pet Slime) and (Monster Mates) among others including new stories make up this series. *Warning stories in this series tend to lean towards vore themes*

New Chapters:
Chapter 24: Encounter with Jessie Jester

A truly disgusting man with no remorse or empathy and access to mind control has a bit of a crush on meg turney. What could go wrong?

New Chapters:
Chapter 5: A thorough cleaning (part 2)
Chapter 4: A thorough cleaning (part 1)

A rare interracial story that is between a white man and a lot of exotic women.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Party!

An innocent soul arrives in hell by mistake, and Lady Death gives it a choice.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: The Choice

A son begins a paranoid attraction towards his beautiful mother. But his bratty classmate steals all her attention and love. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 9: Chapter Eleven - Shameful and Erotic Anal
Chapter 8: Chapter Ten - That Boy Needs Therapy!

A series of commissions from ACgats and his crew after they were impressed with my Customer Service story. A really fun project based on his series of pics about a pizza restaurant that doubles as a strip club. The quirky crew keeps customers happy while keeping their libidos in check and managing the strangest, sexiest restaurant in the state.

Brought to you by:

Check them out for a lot more artwork and my stories.

New Chapters:
Chapter 18: Boys In the Box

Mercy's transformation into an obedient fucktoy.

Contains: Submission, domination, humiliation, dubious-consent and blackmail

Suggestions for my next story are appreciated, they don't have to be Overwatch related either, just so long as they involve humiliation, degradation, submission or any of that other good stuff.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: A True Fuckdoll
Chapter 5: Overwhelmed

Daphne finds that velma has been hiding an interesting clue from the the gang, and now she cant stop thinking about it.

(Revised older story)

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Mystery in the Mystery Machine

The moderately naughty adventures of a young bounty hunter in the star wars universe with beautiful Alien women. Why? because lets be honest, human girls are boring...
It may be a little dark, it may be a little loving, it definitely has plot, but essentially naughty.

I am always editing this. Please feel free to point out if i missed something. I'm not perfect.

(Be careful of Story spoilers in the comments) 

New Chapters:
Chapter 205: Interval Fifty-Seven: The First Knights

Fandom: My Hero Academia
Summary: Uraraka arranges a special surprise so she can finally confess to Deku. But when he doesn't show up, a classmate is there to reap the rewards. (Uraraka/Kaminari)
Content Warnings: Anal sex, quasi-NTR, sexual electroshock play (very light)

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Shock the System

Eggman has developed a new way to create robots and unfortunately for the subjects they're made from, the suffering doesn't end when the machine is activated.

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Rouge Bot File 01

Finally getting her feelings across made Shinomyia Kaguya’s colder side take over and show her beloved Miyuki just how much she loved him. In public. Commissioned by Anon

Tags: Public sex, Vanilla, dirty talk

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: The spoils of war

Princess Ruto has come to her Hyrulean lover, Valda, with a problem; a new Zora has appeared, claiming to he the true heir to the Zora throne. Ruto wants Valda to "convince" this newcomer to leave, using all the sexual deviancy he can muster. Little does Ruto know that the new princess has some surprises of her own. (A final installment in the Royal Treatment series; a commission for VxA.)

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Chapter Four
Chapter 3: Chapter Three
Chapter 2: Chapter Two
Chapter 1: Chapter One

Bi-Weekly poll-requested stories about one character in a kinky situation.

Want to know how Tifa makes an extra buck to keep the 7th heaven open? Curious of Mina's acid can be an aphrodisiac? Or maybe you just want to see Miranda getting the treatment she deserves.

Want to know more? Come inside and found out!

Updates bi-weekly.

New Chapters:
Chapter 10: Class Change (Robin [F])

Step into the world of Lorivas and face a mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the balance! Will you find your way through this perilous world, or give up partway?

(This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for 100 fans. Thanks a lot, guys! Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses!)

New Chapters:
Chapter 977: Another One

Life is tough for Kotaro, who everyday has to suffer under the whims of his tyrannical little sister, and having nowhere else to turn he decides to try out the All-Purpose Sibling Training Program. Join him, as he valiantly goes through all the scientifically-proven steps of sibling bonding, and see if he succesfully ends up regaining his pure,wholesome, not-at-all-weird relationship with his dear sister.  

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: The Final Step

This is a cursed story about a woman being wed to a pig.
This is not a story for the weak-minded.
That said, enjoy!

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Afterwards
Chapter 3: The Edicts
Chapter 2: Warm welcome
Chapter 1: The Path to the Cathedral
Chapter 0: Context and Meeting

Blatantly a re-telling of Mass Effect 2 (not like that hasn't been done before), heavy spoilers and so forth. The reason for not starting with Mass Effect 1 is that I want to have things I can use as flashbacks.

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Debriefed

Landing on a smaller titan and with only a single night to spend, Pyra is roped in by Nia to go out and explore a town that has outright been seen to be a bit more lecherous and open than she's used to. What's a Blade to do when a man offers her for a party?

Go along for the ride of course!

Anonymous commission. Check my bio for more information!

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Sluttier on the Inside

Various tiny stories using the 2019 prompt list, because I looked at all the things I have to do and decided this was a good opportunity to practice my flash fiction because I am profoundly stupid.

Wish me luck.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: Husky

Four sinfully sexy tales of cold blooded hotties. Based on the Bishoujo, Rule 63, versions of famous movie slashers!

READER BEWARE! These erotic horror stories contain scenes of non-con, reluctance, violence, and death (often involving sex). They are fun and sexy stories, but they're still horror stories. Enjoy at your own risk. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Friday the 13th

Patreon Shorts and Requests.

Tags: Lesbians, Fluff, Anal Sex, Blow Job, Standing Fuck, Cumshots, Facials, Tsundere, Face Fuck, Masturbation, Sex Machines, Incest, Threesomes, Gang Bang, Cum-Swapping, Loud Sex, Competitive Sex

Fandoms: Mass Effect, Star Wars, Fate Stay Night, Frozen, Scooby-Doo

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: September - Hot & Cold - Frozen

Aloy and Talanah take a job to help clear out a bandit camp, but forces against them want to make sure they don't come back. 

Contains: Bondage, Butt plugs, abduction, electrocution, and large insertion. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Capital Punishment

The Flesh Pits are Shang Tsung's personal laboratory. But what if they were more... seductively accurate? And profitable, don't forget profitable. 

For just a few paltry Koins, have the most beautiful of Kombatants grant your every desire... well, within reason...

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: Kitana: Fan Dancer

Link needs some armour upgrades from the Great Fairy, but he's completely broke! Still, she seems kinda into him... maybe the mischevious little twink can figure something out...

A short, intense one-shot set in the BOTW continuity, featuring giant MILFs, and slutty boys in adorable outfits.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Link's Modelling Gig

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