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Sarah Sweet goes out for what she thinks will just be a little jog but instead somehow winds up in a garbageman gangbang. 

Sarah and the rest of the Sweet family are creations of The Dirty Monkey

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Sweet Sarah Gets Trashed (Gangbang)

In an advanced Kingdom where women grew alongside men as an inferior subspecies, raised and bred like livestock, one man seeks to rise through the social hierarchy by gathering his own harem.

[This is a long-term Role-Play between myself and a friend, which I am publishing with his permission.]

Each chapter will receive its own content warning, but be warned that Rape, Misogyny, and Slavery are core themes.  Read at your own discretion.

New Chapters:
Chapter 7: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Chapter 6: Stolen Treasure
Chapter 5: Morning after Sleepless Night
Chapter 4: Garret's Revenge
Chapter 3: Maria's Chance to Heal
Chapter 2: Kiara, Goddess in the Slums
Chapter 1: Emily's New Home
Chapter 0: The Setting

As part of a Patreon reward, we have the Umbrella-Yutani Merger
A tale of two Colonial Marines who are themselves colonized.

It was love at first facehug!

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: The Umbrella-Yutani Merger

Ann helps cure Haru's constipation with a specially made enema. The experience ends up awakening some new feelings in both girls.

CW: Scat

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: The Sleepover

"You may now kiss the bride."
But no kiss came. I woke up in the middle of a fantasy forest and I'm dressed like a peasant.
I scratch an itch in my brain and open a "menu". I see Status, Skills, Magic, Items, Notes and Messages. There's a message.

Sender: God
"I'm sorry for this, but there's no way for you to go back."

I feel my Sanity decrease.

Sex after chpt5. This is a story with lot's of porn. Visit my  for more.

New Chapters:
Chapter 35: Titans
Chapter 34: Chapter 31: A Pervert's Vacation
Chapter 33: The Tree In Our Yard
Chapter 32: Nap Time
Chapter 31: Circulation
Chapter 30: The Price
Chapter 29: Paying
Chapter 28: Wisps of the Proud
Chapter 27: Connections and Introductions
Chapter 26: Night Terrors
Chapter 25: Baalfire
Chapter 24: Bargain
Chapter 23: Depths
Chapter 22: Coincidences
Chapter 21: Shadows
Chapter 20: Eyes
Chapter 19: Trust
Chapter 18: Stand Beside Me
Chapter 17: Responsibility
Chapter 16: Growth - Part 2
Chapter 15: Growth - Part 1
Chapter 14: Morning Dew
Chapter 13: Vows - Part 2
Chapter 12: Vows - Part 1
Chapter 11: Duty
Chapter 10: The Good Days - Part 2

The new guy in school reports for Friday afternoon detention, where he meets a pretty girl... and her pretty big secret.

This story is set in and around the fictional Harrison High School.

Contains: Male on Futa, Futa on Female, Oral, Anal, Romance

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Making Dreams Cum True
Chapter 0: Friday Night Lights

While hunting after Shepard's remains in the wake of the Normandy's destruction, Liara T'soni is lured onto Earth where she's enslaved and fucked into submission by an African crimelord. Broken and made into perhaps the most well-fucked Asari pornstar in the galaxy, a resurrected Jane Shepard then attempts her rescue...

Commissioned by: Anonymous

Primary Story-Codes: Interracial, Rape, Slavery, Body-Modification. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Liara Learns the Ropes

Sarah a generic white bread soccer-mom is stalked and kidnapped by her evil identical twin sister Samantha who was kicked out by their parents when she became a goth stripper, whore and pornstar. Now Samantha wants her identical twin back on her terms. 

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Sam wants her twin to be a twin again.
Chapter 2: Sarah's flashback to the original abduction
Chapter 1: Samantha escaped and Sarah is put on notice
Chapter 0: Prologue

Scott Snow attends Overwatch High where the cast of Overwatch teaches classes for no real legitimate reason other than providing fetish fuel for sexual fantasies.

Watch as he goes through a bevy of classes taught by the lovely (and usually horny) ladies of Overwatch, and catches them sometimes with their pants down.

New Chapters:
Chapter 81: The 800 Faves Thanksgiving Special: Aunts
Chapter 80: Halloween III Part 3: The Final Parter
Chapter 79: Halloween III Part 2: The Party
Chapter 78: Halloween III Part 1: The Chafe-n-ing

She was one of the greatest trainers in all the land, a master before she even hit puberty. She had captured the best and beaten the worst, all the while never losing track of her goal to catch them all! May was a super-star on the rise.

Too bad that meant it was easy to fall.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: A Wild Hypno Appears

The Clocktower is one of the three main branches of the magus world. Where the current and soon-to-become house heads study. A dangerous place where deals are struck at any moment, and all for the sake of furthering the history of one's family.

Or, in the case of one individual, to satisfy his lusts with the bodies of the more amicable women.

Anonymous Commission. See my Profile page for more information!

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Gray (Appearance Modification)

Bastard Sword Online is a fighting game whose poor advertisements have made it into a gathering place for gore fetishists and rapists. Our protagonist is unaware of this and just wants a good fight. He'll get a good fight, alright!

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Monster Invasion
Chapter 1: The Spoils Taste Bad
Chapter 0: Off to a Good Start

Being one of the biggest pop stars in the country isn't all fun and games. When Leo, also known as idol sensation Electric Blue has one too many encounters with obsessed fans, he decides it's high time he got himself a bodyguard. However when his bodyguard ends up being a no-nonsense wolf by the name of Tracey, who has seen her fair share of tragedy and has no patience for the idol's flippant ways, this ram and wolf will butt heads and the sparks will fly.

18+ Mature sexual content

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Episode 2: Are you protecting me, or beating me up?
Chapter 1: Episode 1 - Don't Call me a sheep!
Chapter 0: Prologue - It means nothing without her.

Commissioned by: Anonymous

In one universe, Orihime Inoue would go on to marry the man she had loved and start a family, and just in general live out her life happily. In another, just before all those very same events could start out, a simple, offhanded comment from a dear friend of hers sends her down on a path that she may never recover from. These, are tales from that very world.

[Contains: (F)Masturbation, Hair Growth, Oral(FxF), A Gradual Degradation as the Chapters Continue on]

New Chapters:
Chapter 3: Orihime in: Breast Sagging
Chapter 2: Orihime in: Permanent Dye
Chapter 1: Orihime in: Bodily Hair

After the War, Peggy joined the SSR. All she needed was to be given a chance. Sadly, after an encounter late at night in the office, Peggy was faced  with what everyone thought of her. And after, Peggy would have to become the whore her co-workers thought she was or give up on being the agent she always wanted to be.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: First Day of the Rest of her Life

Bordering the Duchy of Vynia and encroaching upon the Pass of Seborin, the Wayward Wood is a threat from time immemorial, a woodland of loose magic and looser inhabitants.

Most of the crusades to have ventured its depths have never returned. Some are rumored to be marching still, deep within its undergrowth.

Now a new alliance is mustering to destroy the ancient realm. Will the Wood consume them too?

Contains: heavy transformation (mind and body), noncon and other kinks.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: The Nymph and The Knight, part two
Chapter 1: The Nymph and The Knight, part one


Themes: Futa Sex, Bondage, Rough Sex

Summary: In which Miranda isn't too happy about Shepard letting Tali'Zorah onto the SR-2. But in the end, she finds a use for the Quarian bitch all the same. Namely, serving as stress relief for the ship's futanari population.

New Chapters:
Chapter 4: Tali's retraining
Chapter 3: Tali/Futa!Morinth

Celebrate the year of the boar with some fresh pork. Updates once a month.

New Chapters:
Chapter 10: Trainer Rosa : Faithless Boar
Chapter 9: Diana Cavendish: A Fiesty Feast for a Wicked Witch
Chapter 8: Yoruichi Shihouin : Boarback in the Litterbox

A fluffy romance piece between the crown guard Shyvana and a mysterious pale girl who decides the half dragon is the next creature to lure into her web...

This story is a commission.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: The Bath House
Chapter 5: Lust
Chapter 4: A Date
Chapter 3: A Picnic

When CEO Seto Kaiba propositions Joan, she expects a one-night stand, but he and his brother keep coming back for more. Now the Kaiba brothers want an heir from her and will pay any price to get it. How do Joan's husband and boyfriend feel about her new profession? More importantly, how do they handle public scrutiny?

Seto Kaiba is 27, Mokuba Kaiba is 22, and Joan Saunders is 25.

New Chapters:
Chapter 9: Chapter 10: The Orgy
Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Clubbing
Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Dumpster Dice Monsters
Chapter 6: Chapter 7: The Morning After
Chapter 5: Chapter 6: The Lion's Den
Chapter 4: Chapter 5: That Stupid Banner
Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Shopping
Chapter 2: Chapter 3: The Deal
Chapter 1: Chapter 2: That One
Chapter 0: Chapter 1: Introductions


Five years ago, Ryuko Matoi put away her scissor blade for good, and proceeded to begin a new life with her sister. 
But they never really grew up, and competitive siblings often try to one up one another. 
Though, things escalate when one calls the other a virgin.

Lots of buttsex follows. 
Follow me on  for updates on all my stories! 

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Poolside Pandemonium

Kara Killgrave finally has the life she's always wanted. The perfect boyfriend, perfect job, perfect everything. But why does it feel so familiar?

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Day dreams

Fun, wholesome, plot and character driven porn in a grimdark universe, as an Inquisitor and his gang set out adventuring across the galaxy.

The smut PoV character is first in the title.
Anything Inquisitor is male dom and includes a daemonette. Mild NC in chapter 1, none after.
Cadian girl episodes are dorky group sex.
Medicae and Knight are just lucky guys.
Xenos are Xenos, and everything has romance eventually.

New Chapters:
Chapter 19: The Medicae And The Techpriest
Chapter 18: The Inquisitor And The Tau
Chapter 17: The Medicae And The Commissar
Chapter 16: The Knight And The Seer Council
Chapter 15: The Inquisitor And The Fire Warrior
Chapter 14: The T'au And The Cadians
Chapter 13: The Fio'ui And The Fio'la
Chapter 12: The Knight And The Farseer's Handmaiden

(One shot story)

What would have happened if Father Comstock had not been a tyrant leader if not the leader America needed. This story offers a succulent answer.

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: One shot: Bioshock Infinite.

Wonder Woman and the Justice League have interfered with vigilante justice once too many times.  Intelligent men and women have come to take matters into their own hands in a way that will be acceptable to the halls of power and the rest of the world.

This will be a dark story and if you dislike dark endings this story is not for you.

This will be an ongoing story, I will try to post a chapter a week, right now I have 35

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: This is actually 1-4

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