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Chapter 4 - Jaina's Back Alley Deal (Jaina Solo/m street thugs)

The sexual lives of various women in the SW universe.

Chapter 4 - Jaina's Back Alley Deal (Jaina Solo/m street thugs)

Chapter 4 - Jaina's Back Alley Deal (Jaina Solo/m street thugs)
A/N: yet another story I've dragged out of the seemingly forgotten stories in my archive.

Jaina Solo was lost, had been for awhile. "Where are you uncle Luke?" She whispered under her breath. She'd come to Nar Shadda after getting a tip that somebody was dealing in vong bio tech. They'd come undercover to try and fallow the dealer back to the source but had got separated after a uncle Luke had force leap onto the dealers speeder.
So there she was walking down street dressed in skin tight glitter synth pants and a halter top that was open in the back so that she hadn't been able to wear a bra, and everyone could tell. What her uncle didn't know was she was also without underwear. The pants where just too tight and they showed, nobody liked panties lines. To go with the look she'd used a temp dye to colour her hair gold, not blond but really gold.
Jaina so focused on trying to sense Luke didn't sense the men coming at her. "Where do you think you’re going sweat cakes." One of the men said standing in her way. Jaina looked at him, he was human about 6 foot tall and well built. Then two more men showed up next to the first. All three where looking at her body and she didn't need to see the bulges in their pants to know what was on their minds.
Jaina knew she couldn't use her lightsaber, it would blow her cover and she couldn't use the mind trick on all three. She could how ever take them on hand to hand. She knew it would be a hard fight, street thugs knew how to fight dirty, then she felt three more come up behind her. This was not good she couldn't take on six street thugs without reviling that she was a Jedi.
Jaina thinking fast looked around as if afraid said "Look you can have all my cred’s just don't hurt me." She said taking a steep back right into the arms of the man standing behind her. Crap she thought he'd been closer to her then she'd expected. One of the man’s hands quickly went up her shirt and cupped one of her breast. The men then pulled her kicking uselessly into a nearby ally.
Jaina was at her wits end in the ally she could use the force to free herself but unless she killed all of these men one could still let the cat out of the bag. The one who had stopped her covered her mouth with one of his hands. "Listen cunt, here's how this is going to go down. You are going to be our play thing for a while and if you do a good job we'll let you go. Scream or fight back and we will make a lesson out of you that nobody will forget. Got it."
The man removed his hand and Jaina didn't say a word. She knew what was going to happen she wasn't a virgin, at the start of the vong war with so many jedi dying, she had known she didn't want to die a virgin, so she'd picked a pilot she knew from her squad and they'd become lovers. Sadly he'd died shortly after. She had a few lovers after that, so she wasn't inexperienced in sex. Dam she was fucked and it looked like literally.
Without any other option, she nodded, "Fine, but nobody cums inside my pussy." She said and taking a deep breath she pulled her shirt up and over her head reviling her breast to the eyes of the men. One of the men whistled and another said "dam girl those are some fine tits". Jaina couldn't help but be turned on by their remarks, it had been a few years since anyone but herself had touched her, and she felt herself getting wet.
The man who had been holding her twisted one of her nipples causing her to shiver. She then gasped as the other hand join the first and started playing with her nipples. Then the man who had stopped her reach down started pulling her pants down and she wiggled her hips to help him. She knew that this wasn't how a jedi was meant to act but damn she was horny. The man smiled at her now exposed pussy, her well shaved pussy. Jaina had been saving since she was a pilot, it was just more conformable in flight suet's.
"Oh fuck Jet, this chick is so fucking hot." one of the men said to the man who was now staring at her pussy. Jet didn't respond and ran a finger over her pussy. Jaina didn't even try to stop the moan that left her lips as he bent forward and licked her clit. Jaina couldn't stop moaning as jets tongue moved all over her pussy and every now and then flicked her clit. Jaina couldn't remember the last time somebody licked her pussy this well.
Jaina spread her legs so that he could have better access and was rewarded with a finger being inserted into her pussy. "By the force. more." Jaina nearly yelled as he started finger fucking her. She was quickly reduced to thoughts of more and faster as the men fondled her breast and played with her pussy. Then a man started rubbing her ass hole and Jaina knew by the end of this she'd be fucked up the ass. This just turned her on even more, she'd never done anal before.
Jaina almost groaned as Jet pulled his finger out of her pussy "Please, don't stop." She said as she looked at him.
"Don't worry baby we will make sure you are well used." Jet said as he stood and then she felt his cock slid along her pussy, it came away wet, and shit, was she wet and ready for him.
 The man holding her started to lower her to the ground so that she lay in his lap and her head rested on his chest. This was good because at this point she didn't think her legs could hold her. She then noticed that the other men were already undressed.
Jaina’s attention was quickly pulled away from the other men as Jets cock and it was a large cock at least 10 inch's nudged at her opening. Then he slowly slid in and she started moaning, moaning that quickly built into screams of passion as he started pounding in and out of her pussy. "More, faster" She cried out and then a cock came into view and Jaina didn't need to think twice before she sucked the cock into her mouth. She relished the salty taste of the cock as it muffled her cries and looked back down as jet pumped away at her pussy.
The cock pumping in and out of her pussy felt so good and the feel of the cock in her mouth hitting the back of her throat was just amazing. Jaina felt the build of pressure and started trusting her hips up to meet Jets as he plowed into her. The cock in her mouth spasmed and hot cum poured into her mouth and she went over the edge into orgasm. As her pussy spasmed  around jets cock he pulled out and spayed his cum onto her stomach.
Jaina was just coming down from the orgasm as the next man pulled her up before pushing her back down on to her hands and knees. He wasted no time before sliding his cock into her wet pussy..Jaina immediately started trusting back to meet him. She relished the feel until he pulled out and Jaina nearly cried from the loss the cock. "Please don't stop!" she panted. Then He lined the head of his cock up with her virgin rose and started pushing his cock into her ass.
Jaina winced at the pain then focused and used a force trick that her aunt Mara had showed her for loosening muscle, though she didn't think that her aunt had had this use in mind when she'd trained Jaina. The pain slowly eased and the man’s cock slid into her ass. Jaina moaned at the feeling of the cock in her ass. It felt odd, good but odd.
"Faster, fuck my ass faster." She moaned out and the man picked up speed. Another man then steeped in front of her his hard cock pointed right at her face, Jaina just smiled and took the offered cock into her mouth.
Jaina began to wonder if she had just a little slut in her, then as the man fucking her ass picked up speed and she felt herself getting near the edge of another orgasm, she decided she had more than a little slut in her and the thought just made her want more. Then the man fucking her ass cam right into her rectum, the feel and thought of the cum in her ass sent her over into her second orgasm of the day.
As the man pulled out of Jainas' ass the man whose' dick she'd been sucking pulled out of her mouth and came on her face. Jaina just smiled up at him before the man she'd be laying on earlier pulled her back to him and lied back down so she was once again laying on him. Then another man got between her legs and pushed his cock into her welcoming pussy. Jaina let out aloud moan, this man wasn't as big as jet or the one before but her pussy was so sensitive that it didn't matter. Then another man stood next to her and she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it.
The man holding her yelled something that Jaina didn't catch in her sex hazed mind. Then the man holding her started to undo his pants and Jaina guessed he wanted to go next and she smiled around the cock in her mouth. Jaina was shocked when she felt the man behind her pull her ass checks apart then started to work his cock to her asshole. Jaina froze, letting the cock she been sucking slid out of her mouth. She had heard of this and even seen a holo of it once while on the holonet but she'd never thought she'd find out what it felt like. As the man’s cock slid into her ass Jaina gasped she'd never felt this before but by the force this was good.
Jaina thought she was going to die from the pleasure as the two cocks pumped in and out. After a few seconds the men got a rhythm going one in one out and Jaina moan turned into real screams of pleasure and she pulled the cock she'd been sucking back into her mouth and began sucking fanatically at it. She was on fire from the cocks and then one of the men grabbed one of her bouncing breast and pulled the nipple into his mouth. Somebody else’s hand, she didn't know whose' started playing with her other nipple and another started rubbing her clit. Jaina relished the feeling of so many cock fucking, and fingers playing with her at once and found herself cumming so hard that she nearly passed out.
Jaina spent the next few hours fucking the gang, sometimes one on one sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Jaina fucked them all over and over again drawing on the force to augment her when she grew tired. Then Jet came back around for his third time at the cum covered and vary satisfied Jedi.
 Jaina pushed Jet onto his back and mounted him and began riding him. Jaina raised her hips up and down on his large cock while playing with her tits. She slowly fucked the man who had given her such a good time and as he cried out that he was cumming. Jaina didn't stop, oddly the men had listened to her and hadn't came inside of her pussy, but this was something she was going to do for Jet. Then he was cumming his hot cum purring inside her and this sent her over the edge again and she came.
Jaina lay on top of Jet for awhile then slowly stood up, she had used the force to stop any of the cum from going too deep and the feel of it sliding out was amazing. The men then started leaving a few even stop by to tell her how fucking amazing she had been. Jet even let her go to his apartment to shower, where he of cause joined her. "You know" Jaina said as she was leaving "how about you give me you number and the next time I'm in the area I'll call ahead." Jet smile widely as he did just that and they parted ways Jaina knowing that she'd be back.
Jaina decided to head back to the ship so that she could wait on her uncle she was too tired to wonder around anymore for him. A few hours later have finished the mission without her uncle Luke arrived back at the ship.
 "There you are Jaina, I was starting to get worried." Her uncle said hugging her.
"I ran into a gang in a back alley but we made a deal and they left." She said then kissed her uncle on the check, "I don't think they knew what hit them." She said with a wide smile.


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