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Chapter 17 - Day 17: Oviposition

In order to up my wordcount, I've challenged myself to write a flash-fiction piece a day based on a different kink. Hopefully there's something for everyone.

Contains, in order:
Stuck In Wall
Breast Expansion
Free Use

And more!

Chapter 17 - Day 17: Oviposition

Chapter 17 - Day 17: Oviposition
(Part of the ongoing story form Days 4 and 13)

Moira stumbled through the bowels of the ship, giggling to herself. Her legs were weak, her head light and hazy. It felt like every part of her body was burning up. She half-collapsed against a metal panel, shuddering and groaning. A warm, sticky fluid dripped down her thigh. Dripped down everywhere, actually; she was soaked head to toe in cum. In her messy blonde hair, dripping down her face, her chest, her stomach and thighs… The smell was intoxicating. The feel of it even more so. The boys down in engineering had gone hog-wild with her, and she could barely make the walk back to her bunk. She scooped a fingerful off her stomach and sucked it off, moaning quietly.

 Totally worth it.

 She took another step and collapsed onto the metal floor. She lay there panting for a few seconds, her mind still buzzing with the sensations. Kutilak's rough grip… Lenix's monster cock stretching her apart… The many arms of Scree'tk suspending her in mid-air as his tentacle cocks filled her to the brim… She mewled, a hand drifting down to her cunt. She'd already had a lot of fun, she didn't need any more. Okay, maybe just… just one more before bed…


 Moira blinked, propping herself up at staring at the shadow looming above her. It was hard to make anything out with the bright lights above her. Slowly it came into focus and the haze very suddenly cleared away. Moira's heart sunk. Oh, shit…

 "Ensign Connelly." Officer Hallu's four eyes all narrowed, her lip pale blue lips curling.

 "M-ma'am…" Moira mumbled, trying to stand but falling back on her arse. She tried to give a respectful salute anyway. It didn't go down well.

 "Return to your quarters and make yourself presentable. I want to see you in my office in fifteen standard minutes." Hallu turned sharply and marched off, her three-toed claws clicking across the panels.

 Moira groaned, and almost fell over again.


 "I have neither issues nor interest in what this crew does in its personal time," Hallu said, steepling her chitinous fingers, "Intoxication, relationships, fornication… none of it matters to me. What I do take issue with is when your personal time leads to you stumbling around this ship covered in reproductive fluids!"

 "Sorry, ma'am…" Moira mumbled. Her hair was still wet from the shower, and she was sure that turning up in her maintenance jumpsuit had been the wrong move.

 "The indignity of one of my crewmembers being so, so… brazenly naked! And nevermind the potential biological hazards!" Hallu pinched the bridge of her nose, "One wonders where you even managed to find so much fluid…"

 "U-um…" Moira scratched the back of her head, feeling like a scolded child, "The entire maintenance crew helped to, uh… donate."

 Hallu gave her a cold look, the hair-like mass of antennae rustling.

 "Sorry, ma-am, I should have-"

 "How long have these activities been taking place?"

 "A few weeks, maybe… we started after I-"

 "You are aware of the potential health risks of ingesting foreign genetic matter?"

 "I-I've had a few immune-boosters from medbay…"

 "And the risk of hybridisation? How did you plan to handle that?"

 "I checked online… none of the species in the maintenance crew can reproduce with humans. Or pass on STDs due to genetic difference. Maybe a rash or two, but-"

 "That's enough, Ensign." Hallu stood up. It was odd watching the digitigrade legs unfold from the chair. "I can see that you've at least taken precautions with your… activities. And as I said, what happens in your personal time is no concern of mine. However, your little parade through the corridors constitutes a biological hazard and a breach of conduct. That I cannot overlook."

 Moira gulped.

 "Stand," Hallu commanded.

 Moira did, fidgeting with her hands. She hated being put on the spot like this. With the maintenance guys, she felt like an equal, but here… authority just made her feel kind of weak. Which would be hot if it wasn't so deadly serious. Hallu circled her, claws clicking across the floor. All four eyes felt… intense. Like Hallu was grading her.

 "Have you ever spawned, Ensign?" Hallu asked.

 Moira blinked, "Um… no, ma'am."

 "Do you know how my species reproduce?"

 "No, ma'am…"

 "It's fascinating, really. Our eggs are capable of performing horizontal gene transfer. That means that, when exposed to reproductive material with a similar genetic structure, the eggs will swap peptides and amino acids in order to create natural variation. While this often results in non-viable eggs, the sheer number of eggs means at least one young will spawn. Quite ingenious for a mono-gendered species, don't you think?"

 "I… suppose. But I don't understand why-"

 "It also means…" Hallu continued, "That we can theoretically reproduce with any species that has a similar DNA construct. As long as we have a… host."

 Moira turned, just in time for Hallu to push her against the desk. Their faces were mere inches apart; Hallu's cheeks a deep blue while Moira's were bright red. Moira could feel Hallu trembling slightly, the officer's breath slow and shallow.

 "M-ma'am?" Moira asked, "A-are you asking me to…?"

 "Since you're… exposed to so much genetic material s-so often…" Hallu said, "It only seems prudent to use you as a host. And perhaps I would overlook your little transgression…"

 "I… I've never… not with another woman, you see…"

 "Technically, I am not female. Though I am… nearing the end of the maternal stage. And with no offspring…" Hallu looked away. Was that… shyness? Fear? That wasn't like her.

 Moira ran a hand up Hallu's slender body, giving her a little smile. "Well… if that's an order, ma'am…"

 Hallu smirked, "No, but this is: strip down, ensign."

 Moira snapped a cheeky salute and unzipped the front of the jumpsuit. She hadn't had much time to get dressed, so all that was under was a tank-top and shorts. Those were almost immediately pulled away by Hallu; tossing them to the side and sweeping the desk clear of papers and trinkets in one movement. Moira giggled as Hallu hoisted her up onto the desk, her own hands working to pull the navy-blue officer's uniform off. And that was how Moira learnt Hallu's species didn't use underwear.

 "I can see why you are considered desirable…" Hallu said, her chitinous fingers stroking up and down Moira's curves. She gave Moira's breasts a gentle squeeze. "So… pliable."

 "I-I prefer the term soft, ma'am…" Moira hissed, her hips wriggling as the alien officer explored her body. She leant back, opening her legs and giving her plump arse a playful smack. "Besides, most species prefer this bit of me."

 "It is very attractive," Hallu purred, "Perfect for breeding, yes?"

 "They can try all they want."

 Hallu chuckled, and shimmied out of her long skirt, exposing more of the surprisingly fleshy torso and hips. As well as… Well, Moira didn't know what to expect to find hanging between the officer's legs, but that certainly wasn't it. It was like a pair of balls, though 'pair' was the wrong term; it was as if there were dozens of testes nestled inside Hallu's sack. With a start, Moira realised that they must be eggs.

 "Do you… require lubrication?" Hallu asked, her fingers fidgeting.

 "A little warm-up might be nice…"

 Hallu leant over Moira, her body cool to the touch. She weighed a lot less than Moira had been expecting, but still… being under someone was nice. To feel them press down from above… She squirmed, wrapping her shapely legs around Hallu's waist. Hallu smelled of lilacs and honey. And her lips tasted much the same as the two of them kissed. Moira didn't know what she'd expected, but kissing a woman –er, feminine phenotype?- was almost the same as the boys. Passionate, just a little more gentle. Chitinous fingers fan through her hair, hips grinding together. Teeth and lips and tongue flicking over her neck and collarbone, forcing little mewls of pleasure out from her. She could feel something long, hard and sticky push its way out of Hallu and across her slit, teasing her clit and folds.

 Hallu pulled away, panting slightly as she positioned herself in front of the desk, fingers on Moira's hips. She didn't have a penis, per se; it was more like a tube. A long, pinkish tube with a pointed tip. Moira swallowed; she had no idea what to expect from that thing.

 "So, um… how does this…?" Moira asked.

 "I assume the same as other species…" Hallu said. She pulled her hips back and slowly slid her thin ovipositor inside. Moira moaned, thought it was slightly exaggerated; it felt good, but it wasn't as thick as… well, what she preferred. She was a real size-queen, after all. Hallu gave a few tentative thrusts, her grip tightening. Moira shuddered; something felt… cold.

 "What is that?" Moira asked.

 "A numbing agent."


 "Else this would be painful," Hallu said, pushing herself down to her hilt. Moira felt a little popping sensation inside her, but otherwise nothing else. Had she just...?

 "That is weird…" Moira said.

 "Apologies if I become more… erratic," Hallu said, "This next part of the process is considered… p-pleasurable to me."

 Before Moira could ask what she meant Hallu whimpered, her face contorting a little. Something thick and round pressed against Moira's cunt, straining to get inside. Oh fuck, she thought, this is really-

 She yelped in shock and delight as the egg popped past her folds. It slid up her cunt, stretching out the walls as it went. Oh fuck, that was more like it! Moira shuddered, hands gripping the edge of the desk as the egg met another wall of resistance before pushing inside her… oh god, inside her womb. Hallu whined, biting her lip as another egg pushed along the thin, fleshy tube, slowly working its way into Moira and making her squirm with delight.

 The eggs started pumping inside her faster and faster, making both of them writhe and moan together. Every new egg felt like a big, thick cock pushing its way inside her, filling her up and sliding along every sensitive spot. Her legs wrapped tightly around Hallu's hips, pulling their bodies tighter. She slid a hand down to her clit, rubbing vigorously as she watched the officer's face twist more and more with obvious pleasure. Hallu's tongue was lolling past her blue lips, her eyes rolled back as she shuddered and moaned.

 Fuck, do I look like that when the boys get to me? Moira thought.

 It felt like a new egg was pushing into her every few seconds, the pleasure from her cunt and clit growing. Moira panted, groaned and whined. Fuck, how long was this going to keep going on for? It wasn't enough to make her cum! Just enough to keep her on the edge. She needed something… something else. She whimpered, grinding her fingers on her clit as hard as she could. Come on, come on! Desperate, she grabbed Hallu by the shoulders and kissed her.

 That worked.

 Hallu squeaked adorably as Moira kissed her and Moira could feel the egg pumping grow faster. As if the eggs were crowding to get into her. One a second, two, three-! She shuddered and cried out, wrapping herself around Hallu and shuddering in unison. They screamed together, Moira's whole body tensing as she finally came. Her mind blanked out, her body felt like it was on fire. Aftershocks rocked her muscles and filled her mind with pulses of pure pleasure.

 She collapsed back onto the desk, dimly aware of Hallu flopping out of her and onto the hard metallic floor. Moira rubbed her sensitive cunt, a goofy grin on her face. She felt so… full. Really, really full. Bloated, almost. She peered down at her stomach and blinked as the haze cleared. She was… well, she looked pregnant. Not very pregnant, but her belly was stretched beyond taut and bulging just enough to make anyone stop and stare. She ran her hand along it and shivered as the contents shifted slightly. Wow. That was… fucking weird.

 "I-I apologise…" Hallu said, picking herself up from the floor, "I may have gotten a little overzealous."

 "No worries here, ma'am," Moira grinned, "So, I just… keep doing what I do? And these things will get fertilised?"

 "That is correct. Any non-viable eggs will break down into a slurry, and-"

 "I don't want to know…" Moira shuddered, "How long do they usually take to… hatch, I guess?"

 "They will expel themselves within a few days. Once fertilised they enter a harder, chrysalis stage. Hence why the slurry is important, it allows for easy lubrication and-"

 "That sounds messy…" Moira bit her lip. "But… kinda hot. Hehehe… I guess I'm gonna be a mommy real soon, huh?"

 "Technically, there is no mother in this…" Hallu stopped, stood up and coughed, "You are forbidden from speaking about this to anyone except the medical staff. Do you understand?"

 "Yes, ma'am." Moira rolled her eyes.

 "I… thank you for your service." Hallu was blushing still. "Please make yourself decent and return to your quarters."

 "Yes, ma'am!" Moira dropped to the floor, stumbling a little as she adjusted to the new weight. A grin spread across her face as an idea came to her. "Officer Hallu…"

 "Yes, ensign?"

 "Would you like a recording of the ‘fertilisation sessions'?" Moira giggled as Hallu turned a bright blue.


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