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Chapter 0 - Nueva Puta -part1

This is a non-con futa on male story.
Lucas starts his college life. His hot next door neighbor speaks Spanish. but he doesn't know Spanish...

Story by Xtina
and Art and character design by Anasheya

Note: if you want to know the translation of the Spanish text, just use your mouse cursor and select the hidden text to the right of the "TL:" Mark (down in the story, NOT in the picture above)

Chapter 0 - Nueva Puta -part1

Chapter 0 - Nueva Puta -part1
ory written by and Art by

Note: if you want to know the translation of the Spanish text, just use your mouse cursor and select the hidden text to the right of the "TL:" Mark (down in the story, NOT in the picture above)

Lucas shuffled his feet, anxiety pulsing through his body as he stood on the threshold to his new home and life. After a successful year of results in high school and a wonderfully relaxing summer break, during which he had formed many happy memories, the time had finally come for him to move on, up and forward in the world.  
He had been initially, as most were, very nervous and apprehensive about the concept of moving away from the home he had known all his life to attend a college and, to begin with, had focused his efforts on finding a college close to where he lived, somewhere where he could study while still living with the comforts, amenities and safe familiarity that his home had always offered him.
While there had been a couple of viable options, local colleges, his parents had persuaded him that he could do much better, that he could aim higher and, finally, after much thought, he had settled on a college a few hours away in the nearby city that was renowned for its courses in his area of interest.
It was well outside the feasible range for him to attend and live at home so, with no other options, he had come to terms with the concept that it was his time to leave the nest, time to set out on his own, albeit with the ever-present safety net of a family home a couple of hours away should something go wrong. It wasn’t true independence, he thought, but it was more freedom and responsibility than he had ever had in his life before.
It was all this that had ultimately brought him to where he found himself now, large wheeled suitcase resting under one hand, keys in the other. Taking a slow, calming deep breath he put the key in the lock.
The door opened suddenly in front of him, his key being pulled out of his hand as the door was opened from the inside, a guy standing there, eying him over with a raised eyebrow. He was taller than Lucas, with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a plain vest showing off the thick corded muscles of his broad shoulders and thick arms.
Lucas hesitated, caught momentarily off guard as he looked up at the guy as he too, in turn, eyed Lucas over, his eyes flickering from the boy to the door to the key in the door.
“Lucas, right?” the guy said in a thick midwest accent, though Lucas couldn’t quite place it past that.
“Er, yeah.” Lucas responded, smiling some and holding out his hand, “Nice to meet you er…?” he left the end hanging, a question in his tone.
“Harry.” Harry said, his face breaking into a wide white grin as he took Lucas’s smaller hand in his own, squeezing with a grip that almost brought tears to Lucas’s eyes, “Welcome home, I guess.”
“T-thanks!” Lucas replied, trying to keep his voice regular even as the pain of his grip radiated up one arm.
Harry released the grip and turned looking into the apartment, leaving Lucas to retrieve his key, suitcase and shake the pain out of his hand, silently mouthing the word ‘ow’.
“Hey, Will! The new kids here!” Harry called out as he casually stepped through the apartment, putting his hands in the deep pockets of his white shorts, walking with a relaxed swagger to his step.

Lucas pursed his lips as he struggled with the weight of his suitcase as it effectively had his entire life in it, he dragged it inside the house and shut the door with a click behind himself, taking in the apartment for the first time. The door opened up into the main room and, as the towering muscled bulk of Harry stepped inside revealing the interior to him like the moon at the finale of an ellipse revealing the sun, Lucas could now see past him into the digs of his new home.
The place wasn’t overly spacious or overly clean, but it was student digs, he hadn’t exactly expected perfection, he would, however, have his own bedroom and he knew all that would really matter was how well he looked after that particular spot, so long as the rest of the place didn’t get too bad, he wouldn’t kick up a fuss, especially since he planned on doing his fair share of the communal housework.
Will was sitting on a couch with his back to the door, he moved, putting one arm on the back of the chair he turned in his seat, casting a glance over towards Lucas and waving casually, “Hey.”
Lucas raised a hand in response, again smiling politely, “Hey! So uh, Harry and Will huh? Like the royal princes?”
Harry looked over at him, a lack of comprehension obvious on his expression, but Will chuckled, “Yeah I guess so, never noticed that.”
Lucas left his baggage by the door and stepped forward, “The er, Royal Princes of the United Kingdom's are called William and Harry, so you’re kinda like them.” he explained to Harry, though his eyes were on Will, a heavy set guy with short black hair and glasses, he had a laptop out on the table in front of him, some video or live stream playing, his headphones draped around his neck as he talked.

“Huh.” Harry said, “That's pretty awesome! Prince Harry huh? Sweet.” he nodded, more to himself before looking back to Lucas and casting a hand out towards a corridor, “Your room is the uh… Second on the right. Your first time away from home?”
Lucas nodded and Will grinned speaking, “Well Lucas, welcome to the big wide world.” with that declared he put his headphones back on and turned back to his laptop, tuning back in, crossing one leg casually over the other.
Harry beckoned with a hand to Lucas, “Come on, I’ll give you a quick look around.”
“Oh, thanks.” Lucas said, pocketing the keys that were still gripped in his hand and stepping up to the muscled tank of a man as he turned and stepped into a side room.
“Don’t mention it. This is the kitchen,” he said, showing Lucas a cramped little room that had all the amenities, if only just, he was at least pleased to note there wasn’t a stack of dishes to be cleaned.
“Bathroom.” He continued after a short walk through the apartment. Again it was small, a little packed with various soaps, shampoos, shaving gear and the like, but it had a bath-shower that was clean, sink and a toilet.
Harry pointed to a door, “My room,” then another, “Wills,” Then a third, “Yours. You’re kinda between us but it's fine.”
Lucas nodded, “Seems simple enough, anything else I should know?”
Harry paused, folding his massive arms as he thought, “Mm, closest place for groceries is like, a five-minute walk out the door and to the right. Neighbours are fine, I guess, there's another student group to the right, a few more lads, I don’t know them too well but they haven’t had the cops busting down their door so I guess they can’t be too bad right? There's a couple of Latina women in the apartment to our left, but I dunno if they’re students, I don’t think they speak English. Whenever me or Will have tried speaking to them they’ve just sort of blanked us.” he shrugged and paused, reaching into his shorts and taking out a buzzing phone, “Ah, it's my girlfriend,” he said, swiping to answer the phone, his voice becoming a whisper, “If you need anything just ask eh?” he said with a nod before raising the phone to his ear, “Hey babe!”
Lucas watched as Harry walked away, one hand held his ear, cradling the phone, the other making exaggerated gestures as he talked, after he had vanished into his room Lucas, glancing briefly at the preoccupied Will, briefly considering engaging him in conversation but, thinking better of it, retrieved his suitcase and dragged it towards and into his room.
The room was smaller than what he had had at his parents, it seemed to be a running theme throughout the apartment that it was small but decent. It was clean, with a single bed pressed into the corner of the room, a wooden desk and chair pressed into the other, one wall dominated by a wardrobe, which appeared to be, along with the underside of his bed and the flat surface of his desk, his only storage space.
Biting his lip as he exerted himself, using both hands he managed to lift his luggage onto the bed, exhaling with relief as he set it down. He glanced slowly around the room, putting his hands on his hips and smiling a little, it wasn’t much he knew, but it was his.
Lucas spent the next hour in his own company, unpacking his luggage and, albeit in a small way, making the room his own. He placed his clothes away in the spacious wardrobe and set out his laptop on the desk, scattering a few personal items around to make it feel more familiar and homely.
By the time he was finished, his empty suitcase pushed under his bed he was beginning to feel the onset of hunger, his stomach growling following the effort that came with moving into a new house. However, he knew none of the food in the house was his own and scrounging for food, or worse, stealing it, would hardly offer a good first impression.
Finding his wallet he tucked it into one of the back pockets of his denim jeans, feeling it bulge with money. It felt like a lot to have on hand, but he wasn’t yet used to having to pay for bills, rent or groceries, his parents had warned him not to be excessive as spending his limited income in the first few days of any given month would leave him desperate towards the end and, he knew, they would only bail him out so many times before leaving him to fend for himself.
But, some initial expenses couldn’t be missed. He would need to buy food, washing powder for his clothes, maybe even stationary for college.
Checking he still had his keys and that he hadn’t put them down somewhere while unpacking, along with his wallet and phone he stepped from his room into the main living area. Will was still sat on the couch and Lucas, paying him no heed and with no sign of Harry, who he assumed, had either gone out or was still in his room, shrugged leaving the apartment and making his way down through the building and out into the city.
The city was unusually busy and he could practically pick out all the young students just like him, their heads always moving, often seen travelling in groups like little packs of anxious meerkats. As much as he didn’t want to appear as they did, he couldn’t help it. He looked around the various buildings and streets as he walked towards the shops where Harry had directed him, letting the neighbourhood and its shops imprint on him so he could better recognise where he was at, hopefully to avoid the embarrassment of getting lost in future.
The grocery shop Harry had directed him to was right where Harry had said it would be and, he was pleased to discover, seemed very student friendly. The stock it carried focused on tinned and frozen goods, keeping the price down and allowing people to buy in bulk. However not knowing how much, if any, freezer space he was entitled to, not having thought to check before he left Lucas focused primarily on tinned goods, a few quick microwavable meals and, of course, the student's staple, noodles.
With bags packed with groceries and required essentials, he began to make his way back, eager to get home and eat something he all but quick-marched the straight line home. It was a pain, carrying the heavy bags up the couple of flights of stairs it took to get to his apartment, but it was still easier than it had been lugging his suitcase up earlier.
As he arrived back at his door he set the bags down outside, checking through his pockets until he came out holding his key, as he was about to place it in the lock a noise to his right caught his attention. Turning to look he noticed one of the two Latina women Harry had told him about was stepping out of her apartment, she looked across to him and raised her eyebrow, a hint of surprise in her expression as she caught him all but staring, he clearly wasn’t one of the two people she had expected to see letting themselves into or out of that apartment.
“Er… Hola!” He said, smiling brightly, when Harry had mentioned the two Latina’s next door he had failed to mention just how pretty at least one of them was. The woman in front of him was perhaps a few inches taller than him, though she wore heels, her figure slender, perfectly proportioned, her honied skin an exotic feature that, along with her curled hair, betrayed her Spanish heritage.
She smirked somewhat at his heavily accented attempt at Spanish, adjusting her pencil skirt as she tucked the key into a small stylish purse, “Hablas Espanol?” she asked, tilting her head, one hand resting on her hip.
“Hablas Espanol… Oh!” Lucas flushed a little with colour, with that alone they had already practically exhausted his Spanish, he thought back to his high school Spanish lessons through which he had paid little attention, he managed to dredge from the depths of his memory what he thought the word for, ‘a little’ was. “Er, Escaso?” he said, tentative and uncertain.
"No puedes entender si te digo algo largo y complejo?" she replied, smiling warmly.
(TL: "So you wouldn’t understand it if I said something this long and complex?”)
Lucas stared at her blankly, obviously lost in both his incomprehension and the enrapturing beauty of her smile, “Er, yes! I’m your new neighbour!” he hesitated, trying to recall the word for 'neighbour', but, failing to find the words, he merely indicated towards himself, the door and showed his key, putting it in the lock to show her that he lived there.
" Te han dicho que tengo una verga?"she said, curiosity in her voice as she ran her fingertips through her beautifully curled hair.
(TL: "Have they told you I have a cock?”)
He looked at her, his expression a little uncertain, “Er… Come again?”

She smiled, her expression warm and friendly, " Te dije que tengo una verga grande, quieres arrodillarte, venir para acá y mamarmelo? O vas a quedarte ahí con ese carita inocente?" she kept her tone level and kind, enjoying the expression of confused politeness on the admittedly cute looking boy.
(TL: "I said I have a thick latina cock, would you like to drop to your knees, crawl over here and suck it? Or would you rather stand there looking all cute with that blank expression?”)
She eyed him over, tilting her head as she drank in the view of him, he was slender, young, not at all like the two other boys who lived there, he was, actually, quite to her liking.
“So, I’ll see you around?” he said, slow and a little tentative, grasping that she didn’t speak English but unsure how else to fill the silence without simply walking inside, which to him seemed too rude.
" De seguro. Tal vez la próxima vez te puedo poner en cuatro y follarte encima de mi sofa." she said, her voice as rich and honied as her skin.
(TL: "Sure, hopefully, next  time I can get you on all fours and fuck you bent over my couch.”)
She raised a hand, smiling brightly as she waved almost meekly to him before turning and walking away down the corridor, a soft giggle emanating from her as she walked, shaking her head.
Lucas raised his own hand, watching her turn and walk away, his eyes inexorably drawn towards the shape of her latina ass. He might have been, in his own opinion, a nice person, but he was still a red-blooded teen and couldn’t help himself but to look.
After watching her go he bit his lip, taking a deep breath to calm himself as he let himself back into his apartment, once more collecting his bags of shopping and stepping inside.
Eliciting absolutely no surprise to Lucas, Will had yet to move, still sprawled out on the sofa watching his show and Harry was still nowhere to be seen. Not minding the peace he carried his items through to the kitchen, having a poke around to establish territories. It seemed he had a cupboard to himself, as well as a shelf in the fridge and freezer, it wasn’t much space, but with the shops only a few minutes away he’d never need much room.
After making and eating a very basic and quick meal of noodles and watching part of an old movie on Netflix that was based on a story his grandfather had once read to him as a child he, deciding he had enough time before it got too late in the evening, went about stripping his bed of its linen and pocketed his headphones and mobile. He had in passing seen the buildings laundry room and, having felt the stiffness of the sheets and pillowcases while unpacking, wanted to wash and dry them before he slept on them.

With all the bedding under one arm and the detergents and softeners in the other, he left his apartment once more and headed downstairs towards the utility room.
He was sat on one of the inactive machines, another one thrumming and jostling as it washed his items and he listened to music on his phone, scrolling through the day's supply of news and articles of interest.
He was so engrossed gazing at his phone that when he felt a light tap on his shoulder, he jumped a little with surprise, guessing it was probably one of the two Princes he turned and smiled, reaching up with a hand to remove one of his earphones.
He was even more surprised when he came face to face with his neighbour, her face close to his as she leaned down, a smile on her lips, as she looked at his stunned expression.
"Puedes moverte tu lindo trasero?" she said, pointing with a polite smile towards the machine he was sitting on.
(TL: " can you move your cute ass?”)
"Oh! Sorry." He stood, moving to let her access the machine, a soft spot of colour warming his cheeks at the pleasant surprise of her company.
She started to load the machine with her laundry and he averted his gaze, seeing that her underwear, dark and lacey was mixed in amongst her other items of clothing. Looking away he kicked himself mentally for not having paid more attention to his teachers in Spanish over the years. While he doubted he had much of a chance with the beauty, he still would’ve loved the opportunity to talk with her.
Blinking, he had a little lightbulb moment. He scrolled through his phone, tapping through apps till he came across the one he wanted. Selecting his preferences on the app he typed in the words, ‘How are you.’
He hesitated for a moment, reading the words that appeared on his screen, trying to guess at their pronunciation, “Er…” he said, always a strong opening when talking to women he knew, but it was enough to draw her eye, “Como estas?” he asked.
For a moment the woman looked surprised and even a little taken aback, her eyes widening before she glanced down, noticing his phone and seemed then to understand, her expression relaxing, " Estoy bien gracias, y usted?"
(TL: " I am good, thank you, how are you?”)
He started typing on his phone the moment she spoke but didn’t quite catch it all, trying to type in the words as she said them. Recognising his lost expression her smile deepened as she leaned back against a wall, her own clothes in and washing now. She repeated each word for him, slower, watching as he typed them in.
As the translator popped out the English translation, ‘I am good, thank you, how are you?’ his face broke into a wide smile, incredibly pleased with himself that he had managed some form of communication with this Latina beauty, no matter how minor it might’ve been.
A little embarrassed with his own reaction he ran his fingertips through his medium length dark hair, starting to type in his response, " I am good too, my name is Lucas."
"Oh heck… Er… Estoy… bien también…. Me llamo lucas?” he said, each word slow and careful, after he had finished he looked up at her, her eyebrow raised and for a moment he wondered if he’d said something wrong.
"Lucas." She said, his own name sounding so much better flowing from her full smirking lips than they ever had from his own, or anyone else's for that matter.
This time when she replied she spoke slowly, giving him time to type into his phone, though it took a couple of attempts for him to get the spelling right as she had to repeat herself once or twice, " Es bueno conocerte. Mi nombre es Ximena."
(TL: " It’s nice to meet you. My name is Ximena.”)
He smiled brightly, sitting on one of the dryers, her eyes on him as she leaned against the wall of the room, her arms folded under her chest.
"Ximena," he repeated.
She tutted and shook her head, a playful smile on her lips, “Ximena.” she said, a different inflexion on the name than he had used.
"Ximena." He tried again mimicking her inflexion and she nodded, seeming pleased with the outcome.
They each moved about each other, moving their clothes from washing machines to dryers, before once again returning to sit and stand opposite each other.
She opened her mouth to speak, but hesitated, pausing and pursing her lips in some measure of annoyance.
She stepped forward towards him and he blinked, surprised as she held her hand out for his phone.
“Por favor?” she asked, sweetly.
He didn’t hesitate for long, handing her his phone, curious as to what she was planning.
She took it and turned it, using her thumbs to type something, speaking aloud as she did, " Tienes una expresión tan lindo. Tienes suerte que no te voy a follarte aquí mismo con mi verga latina inmensa.
(TL: " You’ve got the cutest look about you, you’re lucky I don’t fuck you right here right now with my big Latina dick.”)
She handed him back the phone, a happy smile on her face.
The screen showed his translation app, showing Spanish to English. She had typed in what she had wanted to say to save time, ‘Welcome to the new apartment. I hope you will have a good time and that it is not too noisy.’
He raised his eyebrow, curious as to what could be too noisy but assumed maybe she meant that the area of the city was quite busy and bustling. He typed out a response, ‘Not too noisy and it is nice to meet you too, I hope I will be a good neighbour but if you need anything just knock.’ and handed her the phone.
She took it, her eyes scanning over the screen a few times as she read the Spanish translation, " Niños lindos como usted no deberian invitar latinas con vergas grandes como yo a sus casas al menos que quieren tener un buen tiempo. De hecho, quieres ir a mi casa esta noche? Por favor, dame la oportunidad de hacerte mi puta personal." she said while typing in a response.
(TL: " Cute ass boy like you shouldn’t invite thick dick latina’s like me to come knocking on their door unless they want a good time, in fact, why don't you get your sweet ass across to mine tonight? Oh fuck yes, please come across, give me a chance to make you my bitch.”)

He took the phone, reading what it said, ‘Thank you I will remember that. If you need anything or want a break from the noise you’re welcome to relax with us. Why don’t you come across tonight? We can have some drinks and get to know each other better.’
Lucas blushed as he read the message and looked back to her, a shyness creeping into him that he hadn’t expected, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he didn’t know if he could without making an absolute fool of himself, he’d have to, at some point, at least learn some basics of her language.
He typed out a response and handed her his phone, ‘I’m still settling in, maybe in a couple of days?’, he felt a little anxious as she read the Spanish translation.
She looked a little crestfallen, but her smile returned after only a moment, typing on his phone and handing it to him, " No te preocupas lindo, es solamente una cuestión de tiempo hasta que te encuentras en mi apartamento y te lo meto en el culo. Yo soy un animal en la cama."
(TL: "Don't worry cutie it’s only a matter of time before you come across to my apartment and I lay you out for a good rutting, I’m an absolute animal in bed”)
He took the phone, reading her response, ‘Well don’t be a stranger.’
He smiled and nodded, starting to type out another response, but as he was she reached into the dryer, scooping up and embracing the warmth of her dry clothes, smirking gently as she raised a few fingers, "Adios, Lucas."
He hesitated, lowering the phone and raised his own hand, "Uhm, bye, Ximena."
He watched her go and sat back, his bedding taking longer than her clothes had and he found himself thinking about her, about that warm smile, her exotic accent and just the general friendliness of her attitude. He let out a low sigh. He was off to an amazing start at college, the first girl he met and, he knew, he was quickly falling for her, despite the barriers between them.
He returned to his apartment, carrying his warm scented bedding under one arm, letting himself in and glancing around.
Harry and Will were both chilling on the sofa, a controller in each hand as they seemingly played something split screen on their console, Harry looked over to Lucas and grinned, "Hey Lucas! I see you found the laundry room on your own. How are you settling in?"
He set his linen down on a chair and smiled, "Hey, yeah I'm settling in fine thanks. Got food and stuff, met Ximena."
"Oh, shit really?" he laughed, "You spoke to her? You speak Spanish?"
Lucas shook his head, stepping up to stand behind the two, Harry looking back towards the screen, continuing to play as they chatted.
"No, I used google translate. It wasn't easy but we talked about some stuff. She's kinda cute." Lucas said, smiling to himself.
Harry snorted, "I mean sure, but she’s not really your type."
“I er, she’s not?” he asked, looking at Harry curiously.
“Naw.” Harry continued, “Me and Will were both into her when we moved in but you know, not for us.”
“Mmm.” Lucas mused, glancing between the two guys and shook his head, “I dunno.”
“Well don’t say we didn’t tell you.” Will shrugged casually.
Lucas pursed his lips and shrugged too, no more conversation passing between them as he retrieved his bedding and carried it through to his room, making his bed and sitting down on it, the light conversation of Will and Harry continuing in the background as they played their game.
He leaned back on the inviting silkiness of his freshly cleaned sheets and stared up the ceiling, he was quite curious as to why the two would say she wasn’t his type. He suspected it may be because she had rejected them, he wasn’t sure, but he doubted either one would’ve thought to use a translator to try and speak her language as opposed to just expecting her to speak theirs.
He sighed gently to himself and opted to relax, it had been a long day, moving in, meeting everyone and getting settled. Tomorrow would be no easier, his first day at college and he was going to need as much sleep as he could get.
Lucas slept well and awoke anticipating the day ahead, he couldn’t tell whether he awoke before or after the others, but he was interrupted as he readied himself for the day, washing, checking the various apps on his phone for notifications and grabbing a cereal bar for breakfast on his way out the door, a pack with some stationary slung over one shoulder.
His walk to college was pretty straightforward, but to be sure he wasn’t late he referred several times to his phone, tracing his steps through the city and into his campus on a location-enabled app. It took him a little while to navigate its grounds, the app not being so precise as being able to tell him which building he needed but he eventually found his way to the lecture hall and settled in a seat. Curious, he looked around the lecture theatre but spotted neither Harry nor Will, but he wasn’t so surprised, the vast majority of the other students on this course were women, after all. He made a mental note to find out what they were studying when he saw them later, curious.
His classmates were mostly like him, newbies keeping quiet, unused to change from high school classrooms to lecture theatres but there were a couple of obvious veterans, including an older woman who questioned everything and wrote notes seemingly in excess of what the lecturer was saying. She was a bit of a godsend actually, asking all the simple questions everyone else was too nervous to voice, but, he suspected, if she asked questions throughout every lecture in future she would get on their nerves.
The morning progressed well and he felt pretty confident that he wasn’t completely lost on the subject, though, by the time lunch rolled around he was feeling a little drained, having had to take in a lot of information very quickly.
He bought himself a sandwich from the cafeteria, but, given as it was one of the last few nice days of the year before the warm weather turned, instead of sitting in the hall to eat he decided to take it outside to one of the greens that dotted the campus. He found a bench shaded by a young oak and sat down in a vacant spot, his plastic-wrapped sandwich in one hand and a bottle of soda in his pack.
He had had some discussion with the students sitting either side of him, but they had each gone off campus for their lunch, seemingly knowing the area better than he did and, while he was eager to make friends, one or two lunches alone in the first couple of days wasn’t to be unexpected.
The voice caught him by surprise and he straightened up as a woman sat down beside him on the bench, he looked up at her and was instantly caught in her smile.
“Hola Lucas!” she said, smiling brightly and reaching into a small pack of her own, leaning back against the polished wood of the bench and retrieving a sandwich of the same brand, albeit a different variety as Lucas’s.
He thought back to yesterday, to his use of the app, “Como estas?” he asked, voice uncertain, always unsure whether or not what he was saying was what he meant.
Ximena looked up at him and blinked, already chewing. She paused and gave him a thumbs up.
He grinned and gave her a thumbs up too, leaning back and eating his sandwich, just enjoying her company though they didn’t at first speak.
After they had finished eating he was leaning forward looking over the green, not sure whether he should engage her in conversation when she spoke up.
“Esos dos muchachos no me gustaron, pero tu si eres mi tipo de chico. Espero que te puedo enseñar que excitada estoy para tenerte viviendo cerca de mi apartamento ahorra." she said, looking out wistfully over the green too.
(TL: " Those two boys were so not my type, but you are, I hope I can show you soon how excited I am to have you living next to me now.”)

He looked at her, obviously not understanding but she simply smiled, that now familiar bright happy expression, like she was pleased to see him, an expression he wasn’t awfully used to seeing on girls as gorgeous as Ximena.
He watched her for a moment as she looked out, one leg crossed over the other, her hands resting on her lap, the sun catching in her dark curled hair as the wind gently flowed around it.
She caught him looking and a sly smile touched her full lips,” Quieres un pedazo de mi, chico? Ten cuidado lo que tu deseas, pues te voy a hacer mi juguete sexual preferido. Te vas a levantar en las mañanas con mi pene en tu garganta y te vas a acostarte conmigo metiendo mi verga en tu culo."
(TL: " You want a piece of me don’t you, cute boy? Well be careful what you wish for, I’m going to make you into the perfect little fuck toy. You’re going to wake up with my cock down your throat and fall asleep with me railing your fine ass.")
He looked at her, tilting her head, “I don't understand what you’re saying. But… I suppose you don’t know what I’m saying either.” he paused, smiling, there was a certain anonymity to knowing she couldn’t understand him, he could say anything he wanted to, “You’re very beautiful.”
She looked at him and tilted her head, “Piensas que soy bella? Pobre niño, no tienes la mas minima idea de las cosas que te voy a hacer. Te voy a transformar ese culito tan apretado que tienes al agujero perfecto para meter mi verga."
(TL: "You think I’m beautiful? Oh, you poor boy, you have absolutely no idea the things I’m going to do to you, I’m going to make that tight little ass the perfect pussy for my cock.”)
He simply smiled back.
After a moment of looking at one another, Ximena looked down to her phone then tapped it and looked pointedly at Lucas. “Aunque quiero doblarte aquí mismo y empujar mi verga adentro de ti ahora mismo, tenemos clases al momento."
(TL: "As much as I want to bend you over as I sit here and slide your gorgeous ass down onto my meat, we’ve got class.”)
He hesitated, unsure for a moment then withdrew his own phone, checking it, “Oh! I guess we should get back to our lectures huh.”
She smiled and stood, “Adios, Lucas.”
She offered another small wave as she sauntered casually away, Lucas unable to tear his eyes away from her as she walked, his hand raising, returning the slight wave.
He paused for a few moments after she had vanished from sight. She must be a foreign exchange student of sorts, he thought, and while he was a little curious as to what Harry and Will were studying, he couldn’t even begin to figure out what it was she could possibly be studying without any grasp of the English language.
He stood and began the walk back to his lecture hall, lips pursed in thought as he pondered the quandary, he couldn’t even be sure she was a student given that he hadn’t quite figured out her age and there was every possibility that she was, in fact, a lecturer. He had heard about teachers who taught foreign languages only in those languages, perhaps, he thought, she was one of those.
He let out a sigh and returned to his class, though he did his best to concentrate on the subject matter being projected at him, he found it hard to focus, his mind torn between it and Ximena.
It was silly, he knew, after all he had only met her a few times now and the difference in background and cultures couldn’t be greater, an impassable divide between them, but even when they had sat in silence he had enjoyed it.
The day continued without event, the lecture informative but difficult to pay attention to, Lucas hoped he would get used to the long periods of just absorbing torrents of information, but he felt exhausted.
He returned home and found Will already on the sofa, laptop on and settled on his lap, one leg crossed over the other as he reclined, browsing an article on the internet, he glanced across at Lucas as he returned, “Hey dude. How was your first day?”
Lucas half shrugged and smiled, “Yeah it was good, I had lunch with Ximena.”
“For real?” Will asked, looking across at him, then glancing off to the side.
Harry entered the main room from his bedroom, obviously, he had just showered, his blonde hair dark with water and spiked, he was just pulling a t-shirt on over his head, briefly offering Lucas a view of his toned and muscled chest, “I thought we said she wasn’t your type?”
 “I mean, you have just met me,” Lucas said carefully, not wanting to offend but a little annoyed at being constantly told by these two, who he barely knew and who barely knew him, what he liked, “Are you sure you know what my type is?”
“What would we have to tell you to ward her off?” Will said eyebrow raised as Harry shrugged, padding barefoot through to the kitchen as Will continued, “What if I said she had like, a dick, would she still be your type?”
Lucas rolled his eyes, his annoyance growing, “She’s really nice, you know.”
Harry called back from the kitchen, mirth in his voice, “Maybe Lucas is really into chorizo?”
Will let out a short laugh and grinned, shaking his head as he popped his headphones back in, “Yeah maybe! The lad taketh the girl giveth away.”
Lucas, growing tired of their seemingly senseless jokes sighed and followed Harry into the kitchen where he was busy making a drink, Lucas looked at him, seemingly with an annoyed glint in his eye.
“Hey, I’ve said my bit. If you keep going after Ximena, well it's your ass on the line.” he said plaintively, though his lips were still showing a smirk.

Lucas nodded a little and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it.” He started to walk around the kitchen, intending to make pasta but the silence between himself and Harry was more than a little awkward, “So… Uh… What’re you and Will studying anyway?”
“Oh I’m studying sports science, Will is studying engineering of some sort, I dunno. What about you?” he asked, leaning against the counter and drinking an unappetising looking shake.
“Um, I’m studying medical stuff.” he said, a tint of rose tinging his cheeks.
Harry grinned some, “That's pretty cool, I cover some medical stuff in sports science, you looking to be a doctor?”
“Sort of… I’m going to train to be,” he hesitated, knowing he was opening himself up to ridicule, “well, a nurse.”
“That's awesome dude.” Harry nodded, taking a sip of his drink.
Lucas blinked, tilting his head curiously, “Yeah?”
“Yeah man, I bet your class is full of women right?” he smirked.
“Well. Yes?”
Harry nodded knowingly before standing and moving back towards his room, “All your co-workers will be women too. You’ll be drowning in it, smart move.”
Lucas watched him go, his lips pursed. He had noticed that the majority of his fellow course mates were girls, but he hadn’t spared any of them a second glance, his mind more occupied than he thought it would be with a single woman.
He ate his foot and checked over his notes for the day, it had been primarily an overview and glance at the various modules they would study throughout the coming year. He ate and talked to his housemates a little more, despite their different viewpoints on Ximena they were getting on quite well.
As evening dragged on into night he found himself once more in bed, light bleeding through the thin curtains to illuminate his room, casting everything in an eerie shadow.
He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes, wrapping himself in the comforting warmth of his bedding, letting his fantasies wander and roam before falling into the embrace of sleep.
Lucas awoke to a new day not dissimilar to the last, wake up, shower, dress, breakfast, college. It was surprising how quickly he had fallen into the hallmarks of routine and though there was a certain comfort to it, he was constantly on the lookout for the force of nature that was Ximena, hoping at any point she would break that routine and interrupt it with her glowing presence.
However, he seemed unlucky in that area as he made it through the morning and into the afternoon without encountering her. He had returned to the same bench for his lunch, but eaten alone, he was unsure whether she had gone elsewhere, maybe with other people, or that perhaps she wasn’t even in college today.
But, he knew if he ever got truly desperate to find her and spend some time with her he never needed to look further than the next door along in the evening.
In the afternoon he was free from lectures but had assigned himself that time to do some preliminary reading in the campus library. He had found himself a desk, set himself down and lost himself to the work. He enjoyed reading, but the medical journals before him were a far cry from the adventures and hero journeys he preferred.
He sat, head tilted and cheek resting on the palm of one hand, his elbow on the table, eyes half-lidded as his free hand turned the page, revealing to his utter lack of surprise more boring encyclopedic knowledge. He was starting to consider packing up, starting to lose his will to live when he felt something brush lightly against his leg.
At first, he had thought another student had accidentally knocked him while stretching out their legs and he ignored it, but the foot was persistent, returning to almost caress up his calf.
A little begrudgingly he raised his head from its place of rest atop his palm to see who the culprit was and quickly found a warm hue spreading across his cheeks. Sitting across from him at the desk, casually reading a Spanish book even as she smirked playfully, was Ximena, her foot, free of its heeled shoe, he noticed, casually grazing up his leg.
He couldn’t help but to stare but she caught up, looking up at him briefly with a smirk, “Hola, Lucas.” she said, her voice a whisper.
“A-ah, er, hola, Ximena.” he replied, a little less stealthily, his mind too occupied to worry about things as trivial as being loud in a library.
He looked across at her, her foot returning to its shoe now that it had had its intended effect of getting his attention, and, he assumed, playfully joking with him. After a moment's pause, he reached into his pocket and retrieved his phone, laying it on the desk and opening his translation app. He hesitated for a moment longer before starting to type and, as she was reading, she couldn’t help but glance his way curiously.
He slid the phone across to her, showing her the Spanish for, ‘Hi! I hope you are well and are having a good day.’
She took it and tilted her head, smiling some as she brushed a strand of hair behind one ear, her voice soft as she began to type, "Carajo, eres tan lindo, tu lo sabes? Y me encanta como tu dices mi nombre. Te voy a hacer gritarlo, todos en el apartamento van a escucharte gritando mi nombre."
(TL: “Fuck you’re the cutest piece of ass you know that? And I really love how you say my name. I’m going to make you scream it, the whole apartment will hear you shouting my name.” )
He took the phone as she slid it back, reading the English message it displayed, ‘I have had a very good day, sorry I did not see you for lunch, I was busy.’
He looked up at her cute, blank expression and smiled as he typed in, ‘Do not worry about that, I’m just glad you’ve had a good day.’
"Es muy gracioso como estas coqueteando conmigo. Si solo sabias en lo que estás metiendo, vamos a tener un buen tiempo! Bueno, yo voy a tener un buen tiempo."
(TL: “It’s really cute how you’re flirting with me, I wish you knew just what you were getting yourself into, we’re going to have so much fun! Well, I am anyway.” )
He couldn’t help but find it interesting that she spoke to him as she typed, as if she was having a conversation with him despite his lack of understanding.
“You’re very beautiful,” he said, trying it out for himself, “I always seem to be catching myself thinking about you.” he spoke in a soft, gentle tone, finding a solace in the anonymity of his words, “You know my roommates say you aren’t for me, they even joke that you have a cock. But I think they’re wrong, I think you’re lovely.”
"No era una gran broma." she grinned a little
(TL: “It wasn’t much of a joke,” )
"Estaban siendo molesto, así que lo sace y se los enseñe cuando el rubio apareció llamando a mi puerta una noche. Nunca he visto un chico correr tan rápido."
(TL: “They kept being annoying so I took it out and waved it at the blonde one when he showed up knocking at my door drunk one night. Never seen a boy run so fast.” )
‘Do you have much planned tonight?’, it was a bit of a loaded question, he knew if she responded with nothing it could potentially give him an opening but if she responded with anything it would teach him just a little bit more about her. " Con cualquier suerte me voy a encontrar la tarde en tu boca de la manera latina verdadera. Con tus labios envuelto alrededor del base de mi pene, mis dedos en tu cabello maravilloso mientras que te lo meto por tu cara. Si tengo much suerte, voy a sembrar un árbol de Ximena en tu culo." she said, her voice soft and happy as she again passed him the phone
(TL: “Well with any luck I’m going to spend the evening balls deep in true Spanish fashion, with your lips wrapped around the base of my cock, my fingers curled in that gorgeous hair of yours as I fuck your face, if I’m incredibly lucky I’m going to plant a Ximena tree in your ass.”)

“I could listen to you talk all day.” he sighed to himself, as she handed him his phone.
‘I will probably cook, eat and watch Mexican drama on tv, maybe call my mom. So it will be a pretty boring night, if you want you can come over and keep little Ximena company or are you still settling in?’, it read.
He bit his lip a little and glanced at her, typing in his reply and holding offering her his phone. She seemed to recognise the expression of uncertainty from when she had asked before and, as she was reading didn’t look surprised by his response, ‘I will also cook, eat and probably call my mom too. And I don't know, maybe if I have time in between all that and studying.’
He passed her the phone and watched as Ximena smirked, " Porque no me visitas? Si vienes a visitarme, te voy a hacer mi puta en menos de 30 minutos y no vas a tener que preocuparte por tus estudios después de eso."
(TL: “Why won't you come over? If you came over you would be my fuck toy within half an hour and you wouldn’t have to worry about studying anymore.” )
‘It’s sweet that you call your mom do you like to cook, are you good?’
He smiled, perking up as they talked about a subject he was passionate and confident in, ‘I love to cook! Though I haven’t had much of a chance to here, been too busy, but I’m pretty sure I’m a good cook.’
She smiled excitedly as she read, looking to him with a warm smile as she typed out her own response, ‘I haven’t had a good home cooked meal in a long time, maybe you can cook for me one night?’
Lucas blushed and smiled brighter typing, ‘I would love to.’
She smiled brightly, typing, both had now completely forgotten about any reading or studying it seemed, " Me pregunto cómo vas a poder concentrate cocinando mientras que me tienes atras, mis manos en tu cadera y mi pene adentro de tu culo."
(TL: “I wonder how well you’d be able to concentrate cooking with me standing behind you, my hands on your hips and my dick up your ass.” )
He took the phone, his heart skipping a beat at the vague hope that she would want to meet tonight, ‘I am cooking for my flatmate tonight, but maybe a night soon. Anyway, I have to go, you should get home and study too, the sooner you start studying the sooner you can finish.’
He began to type out a question, but she had already stood, slinging her bag over one shoulder and clasping her book under one arm. Her beautiful smile caused him to falter as he was typing, “Adios, Lucas.”
He swallowed gently, “Adios, Ximena.”
She smirked and turned to leave, talking softly to herself, " Me encanta cuando dices mi nombre"
(TL: “I fucking love it when you say my name.” )
He watched her go, her heels causing her hips to sway in an alluring saunter, displaying the soft enticing lines of her body, her jeans closely hugging her figure.
Lucas  tried to return to studying, he really did, but now more than ever he found his mind wandering away from the plain and boring aspects of researching biology, to the infinitely more interesting daydreams of learning the basic anatomy another way, gaining on hands experience.

After several minutes of failing to focus he gave up, packing up the book and loaning out a couple of others he opted to walk home as opposed to catching a bus. He figured the exercise would clear his mind and allow him to, once he arrived at home and had eaten, to have another go at the book. He considered dropping by Ximena’s, but the last thing he wanted to be was pushy and desperate.

The walk was pleasant and he was starting to memorise the route to and from his college from his apartment and, with his headphones in, clear crisp music echoing through his mind he couldn’t help to smile. He had to admit he had been afraid of college, not just because it demonstrated a new level of academic challenge but because it, for the first time in his life, had meant living alone.

He hadn’t been worried that he couldn’t cope or survive without his parents, but there had always been a worry that something would go wrong. But, as it happened, things were going well. He was learning, his lecturer seemed to know what they were talking about, his flatmates were tidy and he got on quite well with them, despite a couple of hiccups and then there was Ximena. An oddity he hadn’t expected, but who was very welcome.

to be continued in part 2


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