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Chapter 1 - Nueva Puta -part2

This is a non-con futa on male story.
Lucas starts his college life. His hot next door neighbor speaks Spanish. but he doesn't know Spanish...

Story by Xtina
and Art and character design by Anasheya

Note: if you want to know the translation of the Spanish text, just use your mouse cursor and select the hidden text to the right of the "TL:" Mark (down in the story, NOT in the picture above)

Chapter 1 - Nueva Puta -part2

Chapter 1 - Nueva Puta -part2
Story written by and Art by

Note: if you want to know the translation of the Spanish text, just use your mouse cursor and select the hidden text to the right of the "TL:" Mark (down in the story, NOT in the picture above)

Lucas arrived back at the apartment and walked in to find Will in his usual spot on the couch, a beer in one hand and a headset with microphone around his head, upon spotting Lucas he clasped a hand around the microphone bud and spoke to him in a low voice, “Hey dude, I’ve got a tournament thing on tonight, is it alright if I talk a bit later with my mates?”

Lucas shrugged and smiled, “Oh, sure. I-...”

“Cool dude, thanks.” Will interrupted, turning back to his screen and returning to talk to his friends.

Lucas pursed his lips but was distracted by Harry who moved to stand in the doorway to the kitchen, a smirk gracing his lips as he spoke, “Ah don’t mind him, Lucas, he gets worked up about these tournament things for some reason.” he looked towards the trio of books under Lucas arm and tilted his head, Lucas didn’t realise until too late that the muscled blonde was reading the spines of the books, “Entry-level medical history, entry-level Spanish basic, entry-level Spanish cuisine.”

Lucas blushed crimson and Harry grinned broad, “Hey I’m not going to judge, you’ve heard what I had to say and if she really is your thing,” he said, sounding incredulous, “then who am I to stop you? I’m cool with guys like you, you know?”

Lucas, too flustered in being caught out didn’t even question what Harry had meant by ‘guys like you’, “Er thanks, Harry.” he said, embarrassed.

“Don't mention it.” he moved to step past Lucas, making for his room but paused, coming to a stop as he remembered something, “Oh, I got my girl coming over in a bit, is it alright with you if she spends the night?”

Lucas shrugged, happy to agree to anything to change the subject from his area of tonight's intended study, “Oh, sure, yeah.”

“Cheers Lucas.” Harry nodded, making again for his room.

Lucas sighed and made for his room, setting the books down in the privacy of his own space lest Will see them too and he was subjected to more mocking. He wondered if it was deserved, he was, after all, considering learning a whole language for the girl next door. Though, even if he learned the language and she wasn’t interested, it was still a valuable life skill to have on hand.

Lucas spent a little time making food, not quite in the mood yet to start making real meals and settling this night for an oven cooked pizza. As it cooked he flicked through the spanish cuisine book, wondering what he would cook for her when that day eventually came, thinking he would have to test the recipe at least once before making it for her.

Several recipes caught his eye and his indecision and lack of confidence over what was and wasn’t a good Spanish dish got the better of him, he figured he would have to do some research online unless he was overthinking things. Growing concerned that he may be overthinking his overthinking he set the book aside for now, retrieving his pizza and retreating to his room, the main living space dominated by Will’s voice as he talked with his teammates, leaning forward on the couch.

He ate in his room, watching a short documentary on youtube directed by Jeffrey Schwarz from way back in two thousand one that he had been meaning to watch since before he came to college.

After he had finished eating and the video had finished he set the empty plate aside and pulled over the remaining two books. His medical book that was one of the very first steps on his future and career, the other his language book, offering no real substance for his career and future, though perhaps opening doors as to the people he would be spending it with.

He carefully placed the medical text down on top of the cuisine book and opened up the Spanish book, having a quick flick through the pages. It was intimidating, but as he scanned several of the pages the foundations instilled in him during his time in high school, trying and failing to learn the language, seemed to give him the push he needed. He had now the one thing he had been lacking in high school when it came to trying to learn the foreign language, motivation.

The evening wore on and progress was slow, he was starting to wonder whether or not he should try one of those online courses to make faster progress, but he knew even if he decided to take that path the book was a good first step.

His attention was pulled from his book as he heard Will’s voice, cutting through his own internal monologue, the guy was practically shouting at something or other.

Lucas sighed, trying to ignore it, trying to concentrate past the disruption and focus on his work but as he repeated sentences in his mind he was continually interrupted.

He sighed again and stood, moving to his door and peering around towards the main room, “Hey uh, Will? Do you mind keeping it down a bit?”

Will glanced over his way, “Oh, sorry dude! Sure!”

Lucas smiled politely and retreated back inside his room. The door wasn’t even closed before he heard Will cursing, apparently, following being killed after the distraction Lucas had caused. It seemed that minor slight was enough for Will to instantly forgo any form of quiet.

Shutting his eyes, Lucas took a deep breath. It was starting to get late anyway he realised and though it would be earlier than usual, it wasn’t too early to consider bed. He got himself ready for bed, brushing his teeth, stripping down to his shorts and climbing into the cool sheets.

Will’s antics were annoying, but wouldn’t be enough to keep him awake.

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath, relaxing his body and, as best he could, his mind. With his senses closed to all but the sounds in his house, he heard when the apartment's front door opened and shut, two new voices joining in with Will’s.

He recognised the low hum of Harry’s voice and then a softer voice, that, while unfamiliar, sounded distinctly feminine. Harry’s girlfriend, he assumed.

The three talked and Lucas rolled over onto his stomach, dragging the pillow over his head with a groan, the three were seemingly vying for who could talk over the other.

He was about to drag himself from bed and once more try and ask them to keep it down when he heard the volume once more die down, the sounds of more doors letting Lucas figure out that Harry had gone to his own room with his girlfriend.

While Will was still loud, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the now, quite exhausted Lucas awake. He shut his eyes and let out one last deep sigh.

He was on the verge of falling asleep, only half lucid when he started to shake, the movement was almost imperceptible but was met in his mind with a pounding noise that drove into his tired mind like tiny spears.

“Ugh… What now?...” he said, lazily pulling himself back from the edge of sleep. His bed was rocking ever so slightly, the sound was of a consistent, rhythmic slamming. Confused he sat up on his elbows, glancing around uncertainly.

“A-aah! Ah! Ah!” The sound echoed through his wall and, with surprise, he realised what was going on. His bed was pressed to the thin, room separating wall, as was Harry’s bed. Lucas flopped onto his back and stared at the ceiling, eyes wide as the knowledge swept over him.

The slight movement he was feeling, the pounding noise, the sharp gasps only slightly muted, was Harry railing his girlfriend.
“Nope… Nope, that's it.” Lucas said, raising from his bed and wearily pulling on a shirt to go with his shorts. His eyes strained with exhaustion he collected his apartment key and his phone, padding barefoot through the hall, away from Harry and his racket, past Will still shouting down his mic, not even noticing as Lucas stepped from his apartment, walking the short few paces to his neighbours and lightly knocking on the door.
He didn’t have to wait long, Ximena opened the door wearing a comfortable looking pair of jogging bottoms and a tank top, the black straps of her bra visible alongside the straps of her top, she tilted her head as she saw him but didn’t seem surprised. She offered a gentle, knowing smile, “Hola, Lucas.”

She stepped aside and beckoned in with a hand, “Hola, Ximena.” he said with a weary little smile as he stepped inside, a hand rubbing gently at the back of his head as he stepped into her apartment. It seemed she was alone, or perhaps her roomie was already asleep in bed. The layout was the same as his own, albeit mirrored and significantly cleaner.
She motioned with her hand towards a sofa, a couple of open and empty beers on the table in front of a tv, playing some Spanish show he didn’t recognise.
“Thank you, er gracias.” he smiled and moved to sit down, Ximena’s eyes drinking him in, a glint in her eyes he couldn’t figure out as she smiled politely, stepping towards the kitchen, her hips swaying alluringly.
He felt a little awkward and out of place, half fueled by his exhaustion and the situation he found himself in. She was absolutely beautiful and, while he valued the friendship he had made with her, despite their barriers between them, he couldn’t help but feel a little curious as to where the night could lead. He wondered to himself what she thought of him, whether his feelings of attraction were mutual.
She returned, grinning as she held two bottles of chilled beer by the neck, stepping towards him and offering him one.
He took it gladly and she turned, moving to sit down right beside him, the warmth of her body pleasant as it pressed lightly against him.
She looked him over, smirking, “esto es, mi niño lindo. no te vas a escapar de esto.”
(TL: “This is it, cute boy, there's no getting away from this now.” )
she raised the beer to her lips, a little too eagerly, the beer overflowed through her lips as it fizzed in her mouth and she let out a surprised little noise, a trickle of beer staining her tank top.
Lucas blinked in surprise as she looked down at the mess she had made of herself, rolling her eyes and swallowing her mouthful.
Without a thought she placed her beer down, hooking her thumbs under the edges of her tank top and pulled it, up over her own head, her hair bouncing back as she cast it aside, leaving her sitting beside Lucas only in a black lacey bra and her jogging bottoms.
She looked at him and grinned, registering his expression of stunned concern, he was obviously shocked at her brashness and looked a little bit flighty.
She laughed some, showing her confidence as she looped an arm around his shoulder, nudging him so he leant against her, nestled in the crook of her arm.
Lucas swallowed, brushing crimson as he leaned against her, watching the TV with her, though he clearly didn’t understand it he didn’t much care, he was here with Ximena, pressed close together as they each drank beer, Lucas working through his quick, trying to gain a little bit of confidence from it.
As they sat cuddled together Lucas found his gaze being drawn downwards into the full cleavage that her bra offered. He saw, just beyond, a slight bulge in her jogging bottoms, his brain momentarily reminding him of Harry’s warning about her, but he quickly dismissed it, guessing it was just her phone or something.
After a while, the show ended and Ximena stood, bringing back more beers and offering them to Lucas, who took them gladly, though they were stronger than he was used to.
She took out her phone and started messaging, but, after a few minutes she passed it to him, he took it, curious, and realised she had downloaded the same app as he had, ‘I am sorry your housemates are so loud, do they know you are here?’
He shook his head and typed back, ‘No they think I am in bed.’
She nodded understanding, " No hay nadie extrañandote mientras que te hago mi puta."
(TL: “No one to miss you as I break you in.”)
She typed on the phone, ‘Would you like to spend the night here? My flatmate is out at her boyfriend's, so just us.’
He blushed brightly as he read the message, swallowing down another mouthful of beer, feeling a buzz and needing more, he took the phone, typing back, ‘That's really nice of you, so long as I’m not intruding.’
She shook her head and smiled brightly.
Lucas and Ximena talked for a little while this way, passing her phone backwards and forward, talking a little about music as they played various songs through the Spotify app on her phone, always passing him more beers as he ran out.
After a little while as they laughed he looked up at her, her dark eyes, beautiful full-lipped smile, the honey tones of her luscious skin, the fullness of her breasts held close to her chest by her bra.
He swallowed, their gazes locked, her expression curious, “Ximena… I- Mm!”
Unable to contain herself any longer she leaned down, pressing her full lips to his, meeting him in a kiss.
He let out a surprised little noise, but pressed back into the kiss, her hand relinquishing him of his almost empty bottle, placing both hers and his on the table as her hands moved to his cheeks, lightly holding his face as she urged deeper into the kiss.

Lucas was in heaven, his head spinning as their lips met and their tongues mingled, her hands on his face his down on her bare waist, caressing over her silky smooth skin, feeling the warmth of her under his soft fingertips.
She leaned forward, pressing him down against the armrest of the chair, her body writhing eagerly against his, one hand sliding down to begin lifting his shirt, breaking the kiss only to lift it up over his read.
He looked up at her, his lips parted, breathing hard as he lifted his arms up, letting her ease the shirt up off over his head, “A-ah… Are we really doing this?”
“Callate, puta”
(TL: “Shut up you little slut.” )
she panted, casting his shirt to the floor and placing her lips back firmly against his, owning him with a passionate kiss that dominated his senses.
Slowly she pulled him up off the couch and he followed her direction eagerly, her thumbs hooked over the top of his shorts, pulling him along with her as they made out.
He suspected he was being pulled towards her bedroom so was surprised when he found himself leaning back on the other sofa arm, his eyes opening slightly to look at her, she grinned naughtily as she squatted low, keeping her eyes on him as she pulled his shorts down by the waistband, leaving his cock to spring free into the comparatively cool air.
Lucas closed his eyes and tilted his head back, fully expecting to feel Ximena’s lips wrap sensuously around his tool, but instead, she kissed her way back up his body once again to his lips, giving him one last loving kiss.
Breaking the kiss Ximena put her hands on Lucas' hips and spun him around, putting her hands on his back and pushing him over the armrest, he let out a surprised little gasp as he felt the sofa press into his chest, the fabric rubbing against his hard cock as one of her hands rested on his back, the other elsewhere.
“H-hey, what’re you-” he asked, then, as she moved quickly, her actions desperate and eager, he felt it, even in his tipsy state he knew what he felt between his cheeks, it could only be one thing. Harry and Will hadn’t been just messing with him, as she free herself from the waistband of her trousers she grinned brightly, letting the thick, meaty member come to rest on the cheeks of his ass, pressing it down to it slid between the warm plush cheeks  She was hung, her cock hard, thick and ready as it pressed against his body, hot and veined.
“Whoa! Whoa, Ximena, stop!” he gasped, trying to sit up but her hand pushed him down, firmer, pinning him.
“Para de resistir, pequeño puta! Dame ese culo pendejo!” she said, her tone aggressive, matching her actions.
(TL: “stop fighting you little slut! Give me that ass, bitch!” )

“Ah! Ximena! No! Stop!” he fought hard, his limbs kicking out, bashing against her, his hands struggling to find purchase on the arm of hers pressing roughly into his back, pinning him as her other hand stroked her cock, the juicy latina shaft and accompanying sack making his own equipment seem diminutive in comparison.
Ximena grinned, her cheeks flushed with colour as she pinned the boy, he wasn’t as strong as her and with how exhausted he was and the amount he had drank, his efforts were completely in vain as she lined up her rigid tool, poking it between his cheeks, finding her mark and making her intentions painfully clear.
Lucas cried out in pain, his legs flailing helplessly as his hands gripped and twisted helplessly at the arm on his back that pinned him, the awkward angle of his grab meaning he could bring no muscle to bear on shifting her, whereas she had her full weight behind her pin.
His cry intensified, his eyes wet as he felt her pressure mount, the tip of her cock forcing its way into his tight virginal ass, the pain piercing, lancing through every nerve of his body, the only lube she provided being that of a few drops of pre she had massaged into the spongy head of her dark cock.
“Ay puta, cojete esa verga. Siente bien? Tener verga latina en tu concha?”
(TL: “Oh you little slut, take that cock, does that feel good? Latina cock in your pussy?” )
She moved her hand from her cock to his hip, gripping his body as she spat down onto her own veined shaft, letting her spit somewhat wet herself as she prepared to drive in further.
Lucas tried to push himself up, gritting his teeth but felt her hand move from the small of his back to his hair, her fingers tangling in it as she painfully shoved his head down into the sofa, growling her defiance as she jolted her hips forward, driving herself into him, thrust after thrust, shoving forward each time to lose more and more of her hungry cock into his tight hole.
He yelled out in pain, her hand directing his face into the cushions so his screams and shouts of protest were muffled as she laid her pipe, inch after inch starting to disappear inside him with the force of her aggressive thrusts.
She grinned, “Ay si, haz tus ruidos puta. A ver si alguien te viene a rascatar de la verga de Ximena!”
(TL: “Oooh yeah make that noise slut, see if anyone comes to rescue you from Ximena’s dick!” )
He looked up, seeing the other arm of the chair in front of him and reached out with his hands, gripping tightly as he felt more than half her massive cock in his white ass. He pulled with all his strength and felt himself pull away from her, up the sofa, he stared forward, eyes intense, “Mm!! Ximena!! Stop!! Please!!!” but as he crawled away, he felt her follow him, onto the sofa, her hand in his hair suddenly yanking back, stopping him as he knelt, his hands on the arm of the chair, her hand on his hip, each time now that he tried to pull away she twisted her hand in his hair, causing extreme pain to lance through him.
“Seas un buen mascota y mantente quieto para que te lo puedo meter ahora!” she shouted at him, intimidating in the amount of aggression she could feed into her voice when she needed to.
(TL: “Be my good little white pet and stay still so I can fuck you already!” )
Holding him where he was she twisted his head to the side where he could just see her out of the corner of his eye, looking at her expression of lust, joy and domination, “Mirame pendejo! Apuesto que una puta como usted le encanta esto, verdad?!”
(TL: “Yeah look at me bitch! You know I bet a slut like you enjoys this! Don't you?!” )
she spat in his face and smirked, letting him hang his head, body stretched out like a cat as she moved both her hands to his hips, he seemed too exhausted, too defeated to fight any further, his body language showing his humiliation and surrender.
“Eso era lo que pensaba.”
(TL: “Yeah that's what I thought..” )
she bit her lip and squeezed the cheeks of his full pale ass, slamming her hips forward, again and again, mercilessly forcing the rest of her cock into his unwilling hole.
Each thrust drew out grunts as she pushed herself deep, not relenting until finally, the heat of his tight, wonderfully hot ass was wrapped around every inch of her cock, easily more than twice as big as his own, her nuts pressing to and smothering his own, her member balls deep inside him where it belonged.
“Eso siente tan rico, cojete esto puta.”
(TL: “Yeah that feels fucking good, take it, slut.” )
she purred low, her voice sultry and victorious, she knew she had won, she knew he was hers, she writhed slightly, massaging her heavy balls into his as she relished in the glorious sensations surrounding her cock.
She started to slowly withdraw her cock before feeding it back into him, but with the boy under her gritting his teeth, he wasn’t making enough noise for her liking.
“Vamos Lucasito, déjame escuchar cuánto te encanta mi bicho latina, dale, estabas tan alegre cuando me estabas besando orita!”
(TL: “Come one Lucas baby, let me hear how much you love my Latina cock, come on, you were so into it when we were kissing a second ago!” )
she said with a grin as she repositioned her fingers on her hips and bit her lip, slamming her cock forward, forcing a gasp out of him.
“Asi es, chico! Sigues haciendo eso para Ximena.”
(TL: “Yeah that’s more like it baby! Keep doing that for Ximena.” )
she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she started to fuck him, her massive cock spreading his tiny star, forcing it to stretch and accommodate her huge girth.
She panted softly, her cheeks flushed with colour as she rammed her cock into him again and again, making him her bitch, each forward push driving a pained whimpering gasp from him, pushing the air from his lungs.
Lucas moved his hands down, on all fours on the sofa, his whole body bouncing as she slammed her hips into him time and time again, her heavy sack swinging to slap against his smaller one.
Every sensation to him was foreign, the way his body was bounced with each movement, the way he was violated, penetrated and filled, being used for another's pleasure, the pain was incredibly, his once tight ring now forced to swallow her cock, but the pain was quickly changing, the sharp pain of penetration instead becoming a persistent, deep throbbing that pulsed with each thrust.
She squeezed and kneaded his cheeks, watching as her dark latina cock spread and entered him time and time again, hypnotised by the way his tiny hole pushed in and pulled out slightly with each movement, gripping her cock in a vice-like hold that felt so good around her needy cock.
As his exhaustion gripped him she found she had to do more and more to elicit those lovely noises, her thrusts becoming harder, sharper, her hands slapping his cheeks, watching as the white cheeks rippled with each strike, the pale skin warming, becoming a warm rosy glow.
As the sensations intensified he felt his arms and legs weakening, his whole body collapsing down onto the sofa, though even as his body to rest, lying down on the sofa, she followed, her body now all that was needed to pin him as she sat on his legs, she paused for a moment in her thrusting, reaching behind herself with a hand to unclasp and ultimately discarded her bra before she began her thrusting anew, spearing him.
The new angle offered them both a new range of sensations, the bottom of her cock pressing harder down inside him, the sensitive underside of her tip getting more pressured action as she fucked him, but for Lucas the new angle again manipulated the pain inside him, the deep throbbing twisted, it’s pain reshaping to a slight, bizarre pleasure, he shook his head, gritting his teeth, confused as to what he was feeling.
Ximena, uncaring and unnoticing of his inner turmoil continued to fuck his tiny hole, feeling it wrapped around her cock like a hot loving fist, riding him.
Lucas started to squirm again, trying to stop the betraying sensations flooding his body, but each twist of his body rubbed her cock against the inside of his ass in a new way, sending fresh sparks of pleasure through him, struggling he arched his back and felt a prod against him, deep within.
“A-ah!” He gasped, in pleasure, not pain.
Ximena blinked and grinned, broad and gleeful, letting out a soft mocking laugh, “Ay si chico, te encanta! Eres una puta para mi bicho latina! Eso es, cojelo como una mujer!"
(TL: “Oh yeah baby, you do love it! You are a slut for my thick latina cock! Yeah that's it, take it like a woman!” )
she shouted at him, fucking him with a renewed vigour, enjoying the humiliation written across his flushed face as each new thrust dragged a fresh moan out from his body, the pleasure growing each second with intensity.
Lucas was so conflicted, he was being raped, there were no two ways around that, he had invited himself into the home of a predator who had taken advantage of him at his tiredest, drunkest point and forced herself upon him, no thought or care for his feelings, only for the pleasure she could milk from him. He couldn’t understand why it felt so good, why his body was feeling so good even while his mind screamed just how wrong it was.
Their voices lifted and mingled through the room, both announcing their pleasure and enjoyment, Lucas cock, now hard again, grinding into the sofa, feeling amazing as he was ridden like a bitch in heat.
" Quieres más, verdad puta? Quieres mi verga. Apuesto que quieres mi semen tambien! Quieres el semen de Ximena en tu culito, verdad pequeño puta!" she growled low, feeling her pleasure mount.
(TL: “You want more, don't you, slut, you want my cock, I bet you want my cum too don't you, you want Ximena’s cum in your cute ass! Little bitch!” )

She roughly dragged him back up, pulling him back to his elbows and knees and roughly shoving down on his lower back, forcing him to arch his back, displaying his ass for her more prominently.
All the fight driven from him now he let her manipulate his body, holding the position she moved him into, his cock hanging ignored and hard between his pale thighs, his ass hers for the taking.
She used him, hard and greedy, her hips slamming into him, her shaft sinking from tip to root with each powerful thrust from her athletic honey-skinned body, her pleasure mounting higher and higher, her mind blanking as she felt nothing but pure pleasure.
Lucas gasped and squeezed his hands into fists, feeling the intensity of Ximena's climax from the very beginning, it was like nothing he thought was even possible, her cock pulsing to be thicker and fuller, pulsing as it fired off like a hose deep within him, rope after rope of thick hot cum, he felt uncomfortably full of hot seed, her cock spurting cum into cum as she bred him her body collapsing down on him, his elbows caving as she laid across him, his knees still in place as she panted hard into his neck, gasping and whimpering in pleasure, her full soft breasts pressed wonderfully to his back.
Ximena squeezed his body in her arms, embracing him even as her cock still pulsed within, the pleasure above all else, her cock still spending it’s last few drops inside him, his ass surrendered to her, painted white, existing solely in this moment for her pleasure.
They lay together, her cock locked deep within him, slowly beginning to soften, his own cock pressed humiliatingly tight to the sofa, forced to press into his own slowly cooling smear of his cum, his body exhausted.
She let out a low soft moan as she slowly drew her soft cock from his abused hole, her member lying wetly across one of his thighs, the boy letting out a groan of embarrassed discomfort as he felt her cum flow from his ass in a rivulet down to stain the sofa below them.
The two of them looked up startled, a woman not unlike Ximena, Latina with a fuller figure and her arms folded under her heavy breasts stood before the two of them, a disapproving expression on her otherwise fine features.
“Ximena! My couch you puta! Why always my couch?!” she shouted, waving her hand, anger in her voice, no care or thought for Lucas.

“Laina! Ah, I did not think you would be home so soon! I was going to have the boy clean it I swear!” she responded defensively in perfect, albeit accented English.
“Y-you… You speak English?” Lucas said, the disbelief cutting through all else, his mind spun with the implications, trying to remember everything he had said to her not realising she understood.
Ximena grinned down at him as her housemate began speaking Spanish at her, by the tone of her voice she was unimpressed, but not shocked.
“Sure do, I’m glad you love listening to me talk, because you’re going to be listening to me every day for a couple years.” she smirked.
“But… Why…” he said softly, his voice spent and hoarse, every aspect of him aching, afraid of her, afraid of what he had felt, his eyes shifting between the two women, even with his humiliation complete, her speaking English was forefront in his mind, even above the abuse he had endured.
“Why did I rape you?” she asked, obviously believing that's what he intended with his question, “You’ve got a cute butt.”




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