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Chapter 0 - Temptation of Ino

Commissioned by slots. Naruto is a caring, loving husband. But... there's just one problem. For months, owing to his wife's pregnant state, he has been deprived of sex. At first, he's fine... but, after recruiting Ino as his personal secretary, the blonde Yamanaka begins to tease him. Eventually, he snaps, gives into his temptations and begins an affair with Ino, which will surely lead to more.

Chapter 0 - Temptation of Ino

Chapter 0 - Temptation of Ino
Naruto let out a groan as he flopped down onto the bed. His blonde hair was disheveled, his brow slick with sweat, his body stiff as a board.

“Was work tough today, sweetie?” a soft voice came from the bathroom. Naruto craned his head up slightly, just managing to catch the sight of his wife, Uzumaki Sakura, standing in front of the bathroom mirror. She was clad in a simple tank top and a pair of shorts - although she had the shirt pulled up, and was applying lotion to her swollen belly, her womb having been ripe for about eight months with their first child.

“Yeah,” Naruto mumbled. “Tons of paperwork, like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t wait for my laptop to get out of the shop - having to go back to pen and paper is a pain in the ass.” Even with Kurama hard at work, his hand was cramped, his fingers feeling as brittle as tissue paper, every little motion making them ache with pain.

He watched as Sakura washed her hands in the sink, before pulling down the tank top over her belly. Nimble fingers allowed her to tie her long, pink hair up into a high ponytail. She half-walked, half-waddled out of the bathroom a moment later, flicking off the lights behind her, and closing the door as well.

Naruto eased himself off of the bed, striding around the side and grasping his wife’s shoulder - picking her up with ease and setting her down on her side of the mattress.

She pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek. “Thanks, baby.” Sakura said, rubbing her stomach.

“No problem,” Naruto said. He smiled sweetly as he worked his way around the bed, before climbing onto his own side. “So… not tonight?” he said.

Sakura rolled her eyes. “You know how big you are, Naruto.” she said, putting a hand on his thigh and giving him a reassuring squeeze. “I don’t want you to accidently hurt the baby.”

“I’ll be gentle…!” Naruto promised.

“It’s only a while longer,” Sakura said.

He groaned, exasperated. “Can you at least… you know… give me a blowjob?” Naruto asked, his tone hopeful.

“You know I get nauseous when we do that.” Sakura said. “You don’t want me to throw up all over your dick, do you?”

“No…” Naruto murmured. “So, handy?”

“Handy.” Sakura said. She reached her hands beneath the covers, peeling back his boxers and grasping the base of his member. Gently, she began to stroke it, Naruto letting out a groan at the feel of her warm hand against his shaft. “So… what’s going on at work, honey?” Sakura asked. “You usually aren’t this tired.”

“Maa… I don’t know.” Naruto said, as she continued to stroke him. “It’s just- I’ve been Hokage for a while now. At first, I just felt so enthusiastic… but Kage Bunshin give me some serious migraines after a while, so I’ve had to do all the work on my own… and without my laptop, it’s just a huge pain in the ass.” He sighed. “I knew being Hokage was going to be tough, but honestly, I can see why Sandaime-jichan was so eager to give up the hat to tou-san.”

Sakura pursed her lips together. “Have you ever thought about… I don’t know… getting a secretary or something like that?”

“A secretary?” Naruto said.

“Yeah,” Sakura said. “You could have her arrange meetings, maybe funnel some of the more menial work down to her… stuff like that.”

Naruto frowned. “I don’t know…” he murmured. “Who could I use as a secretary though?” Naruto said. “I can’t use a civilian - I might have to show them classified stuff, and I can’t trust anyone who isn’t a kunoichi or a shinobi.”

“What about Ino?” Sakura suggested.


“Yeah!” Sakura said. “She’s been looking to get out of the kunoichi game. Settle down, have some kids, you know. I could talk to her! Her being your secretary would be perfect. It’s a win win situation, no?”

“I guess.” Naruto said. “When can you talk to her?”

“Tomorrow.” Sakura said. “Hinata, Ino and I are meeting up for lunch.”

A small grin curled the blonde’s lips. “Awesome!” he said, before letting out a light groan as Sakura intensified her pace, as she continued to stroke his engorged member. “If she says yes, send her up to my office. I can have her set up by the day after tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Sakura said. “Almost?” she asked, her head tilted to the side.

Naruto gritted his teeth. “Getting there…” he murmured. Sakura only continued to intensify her pace, faster and faster, until- “Argh…!”
With a groan, he came, spraying a hot and sticky load into the inside of his sheets. Sakura grimaced, wiping her hand clean on the bed. “Good night, baby.” she said, rolling over - reaching a hand out to turn off the lamp beside the bed - before slowly drifting to sleep.

Naruto sighed, before climbing out of the bed. He walked to the bathroom, wiped himself down, and then slipped back onto the mattress - Sakura’s snores echoing throughout the room already. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, and then, drifted off to sleep himself.


“Are you saying that Naruto-sama is looking for me to be his personal secretary?” Ino said, astonishment in her gaze.

Sakura chuckled. “I said that Naruto is looking for a secretary in general,” Sakura said, her voice slightly teasing. “And that I recommended you to take up that position.”

Ino blinked, her blue-green eyes trained carefully on Sakura, almost as if expecting the pink haired woman to burst out in laughter, claiming that it had been some kind of joke. But… clearly, that wasn’t forthcoming.

“A-Alright.” Ino said, her voice rather shaky, although neither Sakura nor Hinata - who was calmly sipping her tea - seemed to notice. “When do I start?’

“Naruto said that he wants you to go straight up there… as soon as we’re done eating lunch that is,” Sakura said happily, the waiter in view - carrying a platter, with three small plates on top. A steaming hot cinnamon bun for Hinata, and two plates of dango for both Sakura and Ino. He placed them down in front of them, gave them a small nod, and then strode off.

Ino could hardly contain her excitement, all through lunch. She hardly spoke - only really answering questions that were asked, or asking herself whether Sakura and Hinata were finished eating. Again, neither of her friends seemed to notice… the both of them having lengthy conversations about the state of Sakura’s pregnancy, and about a mission that Hinata had been wounded on about three weeks prior. Ino could feel her knees shaking beneath the table. Her hands felt clammy, her heart nearly beating out of her ribcage.

She stifled a shriek as the waiter finally, fucking FINALLY came with their check. She paid in cash, and as casually and at the same time as quickly as she could manage, Ino strolled out of the cafe, shooting hurried goodbyes to Sakura and Hinata.

Ino stopped about a block down the road, finally unable to stop the shrill cry of happiness that spilled forth from her lips, startling several nearby bystanders and causing more than one person to give her the stink eye. She merely glared at them in return, although her cheeks were tinted a slight pink in obvious embarrassment.
What luck! What fortune! Ino had to pinch herself on the arm, to ensure that she wasn’t dreaming, that she, Yamanaka Ino, had the luck to be selected as none other than Uzumaki Naruto’s personal assistant.

Why was she so happy? Well… it was simple, really.

Her crush on Uchiha Sasuke had been no secret, back when he had been in the village, and even a little after he had left. It had persisted for a while… but, as tales of his deeds reached Konoha, Ino knew that her feelings were slipping away. To be replaced by even stronger, more potent, more meaningful feelings towards her fellow blonde - who was none over than Naruto. She had watched, as he had saved the village from Pein. She had watched him battle Edo Tensei during the war, fight Madara and his lackeys, and had awoken to the news that he had been the one to save the world, alongside Sasuke, from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

It was childish, she knew. But she couldn’t help the way her heart would swell in his presence, the way her blood pounded in her ears, the way her eyes would trail his beautiful face or his muscled figure…

He was amazing.

And then… Sakura had stepped in.

She wasn’t spiteful towards Sakura. She didn’t hate her best friend, she simply couldn’t. Sakura and Naruto… the writing had been on the wall long before Ino had developed her lo- crush on Naruto. She had watched as the two had bonded through tears, after Sasuke had deserted the village and had left Naruto hospitalized. She had watched them fight, tooth and nail to get him back. And… she had watched as their despair was renewed, after Sasuke had once again left the village on a journey of redemption.

It wasn’t surprising. First… they had hung out. Then, their daily visits to Ichiraku’s had turned to proper dates, first to Ichiraku’s and then to higher class restaurants. It wasn’t long before Sakura had proudly proclaimed Naruto as her boyfriend. It wasn’t long, before Naruto had popped the question. Sakura hadn’t even hesitated in saying yes. And it wasn’t long… before Naruto had slipped that exquisite diamond ring onto Sakura’s finger, in front of Ino - who had of course, been Sakura’s maid of honor.

They were so happy. Sakura… aside from Naruto, of course, Sakura had first confided in Ino her pregnancy. She remembered watching Sakura pulling up her shirt, showing off her navel, coercing Ino into rubbing the smooth skin… where, beneath layers of muscle and skin, Ino knew that Naruto’s seed was growing.

However, the fires of jealousy, of envy, were not so easily crushed. From the sidelines, she watched, as Naruto was the absolute perfect gentlemen to Sakura, the best husband one could possibly be, looking after her hand and foot, worshipping the ground she walked on. And Sakura… Sakura was the same! She was the perfect fucking wife! They were so perfect?! Why did they have to be perfect, while she, Ino, was forced to lounge alone in her apartment!

But now… an opportunity. Maybe - she could soothe her crush, by being around Naruto. Maybe… she could relax. Maybe, she could finally rest. She had to. She had to at least fucking try.

And so, with a heavy heart, she made the trip up to his office.

She had no time to change. It wasn’t that she was dressed unnecessarily casual - but she wasn’t in her shinobi gear, nor was she in anything fancy. A simple green shirt. A pair of knee-length shorts. Some sandals that showed off her feet, toenails painted a glorious emerald. Her hair was tied up in its usual do, a blonde curtain that obscured half of her face.

Ino, of course, attempted to… class herself a bit. She patted down her hair, wiped down the front of her shirt… not so subtly adjusted her bra in an attempt to make her bust that much more evident. And now, she felt that she was ready. She reached forward, standing in the hallway just outside of the Hokage’s office… and knocked.

A pause.

“Come in!” that familiar, warm voice called, one that sent a shiver down Ino’s spine.

She gulped. And then, she twisted the door handle, stepping into the room before her courage deserted her, and closing the door behind her. She turned to face him. His blue eyes trained on her, a small smile on his face - his figure hardly visible behind the mounds of paperwork on his desk.

“Ino!” he greeted. “I take it that Sakura managed to get you on board, hmm?”

She didn’t trust herself to speak. And so, instead, she gave him a single, firm nod.

“Excellent.” Naruto said, beaming. “Sit down, sit down.” he said, clearing away some of his paperwork, so as to allow her to see him clearly, looking so positively amazing in his usual Hokage attire. Of course, that wasn’t his intention - he merely didn’t want it in the way of their conversation. “So… if you take this job, Ino, I’ll have to ask you to sign a few forms.” he said calmly. “The usual stuff… promising that any classified information stays classified, a simple contract to prevent you from quitting, benefits such as therapy on request… stuff like that. You alright with that?”

Ino swallowed once more. “Sure.” she said, her voice… strong. It took her digging her fingernails into her palms so deeply that she drew blood to manage it, but finally, she could talk in front of her idol. “Um… could… could I ask you what the starting pay would be?” Ino asked.

Naruto smiled. “We can arrange that later,” he said airily. “But… rest assured, it’ll be more than enough for you to live comfortably.”

She nodded. It wasn’t that she cared - Naruto could pay her in dango and dirt, and she would likely still take the job. “So… once the signing is out of the way… when can I start, Naruto-sama?” Ino asked.

Naruto chuckled. “Please. Naruto-sama makes me feel way too old, especially from one of my friends.” he said. “Naruto is fine.”

“Okay... “ Ino swallowed. “Naruto-kun.”

He beamed. “You can start tomorrow, Ino.” he said. “I’ve got the paperwork right here,” he said, pulling a few pieces of parchment from one of the stacks, and slipping it in front of her, along with a pen. “Sign here. Initials here. Date of birth, full name here.” He watched as she did so, noting the pretty way she wrote her name, with hearts above the lower-case ‘I’s and all. “Awesome!” Naruto exclaimed. “I’ll have some clones put together your office,” he said. “There’s a spare room right across from here that you can use.”

“Is… is that all?” Ino asked. She didn’t think she could stay much longer in his presence, not without dropping her shorts and panties, bending over the desk and asking him to take her right then and there.

“Just about.” Naruto said.

He stood up, walking around the desk with a few powerful strides. He gave a nod of his head, and instinctively she stood up. He was… massive compared to her, nearly a full foot taller, like a giant compared to her in frame and in height. And yet, she felt no fear as he gazed at her, those warm blue eyes sending tingles up and down her spine.

Naruto reached forward, wrapping those burly arms around her, and pulling Ino into a hug. “Thank you for doing this,” he murmured into her ear, completely unaware of the fact that Ino had froze, gibbering against his shoulder. “You have no idea how much I’ve needed a secretary to help me in the office.”

Ino could almost whimper. He was so… warm. His chakra was infecting her, influencing her body, making her feel all loose and…

“It’s no problem, Naruto-kun!” she blurted, taking a step back and breaking the hug.
Naruto grinned at her. “Tomorrow, at seven in the morning.” he said simply. “I’ll have a clone meet you in the lobby, to show you to your office and such.” He clapped her on the shoulder, nearly knocking his fellow blonde over on accident with his strength. “Have a good one, Ino!” he said.

“Y-you too…” she murmured weakly.


It was hard to believe.

In her first week of working with Naruto, Ino had been happier than she had been in ages. Doing the most menial tasks for him - bringing him paperwork, coffee, tea, food for when he forgot to eat… it made her heart positively race, and it left a smile etched on her face that persisted throughout the day. The tiniest word from him to her made her day. A ‘thanks’ here, a ‘good morning’ there.

However… she did notice… some things.

Sometimes, when she would go home fairly late and come back relatively early, Naruto would still be there in his office. Sometimes, he would be scrawling signatures on an upside down paper. Other times, he would be fast asleep. In the seven days she had worked with him, he had only gone home at a proper time twice. And both times he did, he came back looking even more tired than he had before going home.

What was wrong? Perhaps… was the perfect couple finally breaking apart? Ino couldn’t help but feel absolutely horrible, for the idea of Sakura and Naruto splitting up sent a shiver of… of happiness through her! What kind of a friend was she? Sakura deserved Naruto, after how hard she had fought and clawed for someone like Sasuke, she deserved a nice man like Naruto.

But… something was clearly out of the ordinary. She had no idea how long this had been going on, but she, Yamanaka Ino, would get to the bottom of it.

And she did that the only way she knew how.

“Is there something wrong, Naruto-kun?”

Naruto nearly spilled coffee over his front, his blue eyes - shadowed by dark circles - widening ever so slightly. “What do you mean?” he said hurriedly, placing his cup of coffee down on the desk.

Ino placed a hand on her hip. She had managed to control herself in front of him now - and although her blood was still roaring in her ears, and her heart was still pumping fiercely, she looked calm and composed on the outside.
“Don’t try and hide it from me, Naruto-kun.” Ino pressed. “Obviously, something has to be wrong. Late nights? Dark circles? I mean, your pen’s been out of ink for the past fifteen minutes and you haven’t even noticed!”

Naruto, not so subtly, threw that pen in the trash, and retrieved a second one from a drawer. “Okay… maybe I’m a little off my game.” he admitted a moment later, biting his lip. “Just-”

“Just, what?” Ino said. “You can trust me, Naruto-kun.” she said soothingly. “I’m your secretary, no? That’s practically another word for therapist.”

Naruto chuckled. “Sure it is, Ino.” he said, grinning despite his rather drab mood. “Alright. Sakura and I… it’s been months since we’ve had sex. Literal months.”

“Ah…” Ino murmured.

“I mean- that’s not so bad in itself.” Naruto mumbled. “But we used to screw like rabbits, all the time. And then she cut me off. Cold turkey. I- I don’t blame her of course,” he said hurriedly. “But… you know… it’s been tough.”

Ino sighed. She leaned down, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Don’t you worry, Naruto-kun.” she said, her green-blue eyes locking with his cerulean ones. “The baby’s due super soon, isn’t it?” she said reassuringly. “Just hang in there.”

Naruto smiled. “I’ll try.” he said.

Unfortunately… things only seemed to worsen in the coming days.

Naruto wasn’t sure why, either. At least, at first. Thankfully, a rumbling from Kurama - not that the fox did it on purpose - managed to clear things up for him.

“That blonde one is really trying to show off, isn’t she?” Kurama murmured.

Naruto blinked. “What do you mean?” he asked his furry companion.

Kurama sighed. “Look at what she’s wearing.” he said simply. “Human females don’t dress like that unless they’re trying to attract a mate.”

Truthfully, his conscious brain hadn’t noticed it until Kurama had pointed it out - but, now that the Kyuubi had kindly pointed him in the right direction, it was all that Naruto could think about.

Her first week, Ino had stuck to simple clothes. A skirt here. Jeans. A variety of colorful shirts. Nothing flashy… well, flashy for Ino at least.

But… by the dawning of her second week, things started to be a little different.

The first day, she wore an incredibly tight violet skirt, one that showed off her rather ample rump. The shirt she wore was button-up, but even that seemed tight, straining against her bust.

The second day, she wore something similar… a pale lavender skirt, with a purple blouse that had the first few buttons undone, showing off a rather… inappropriate amount of cleavage.

The third day, she wore a small tank top that revealed her midriff, and a pair of skin tight black short shorts. Naruto had questioned her - and Ino had claimed that she was going to exercise after work, and didn’t want to go home and change. At the time, he had believed her.

The fourth day, she wore a pair of yoga pants… so tight, so delicious, hugging her firm ass cheeks in such a way that Naruto had to excuse himself to the bathroom then and there, and jerk himself off.

And so on.

And so on.

Handjobs from Sakura at home weren’t enough. Jerking himself off, it wasn’t fucking enough. For a brief moment, Naruto had even considered making a Kage Bunshin turn into his Sexy jutsu form… but, he had quashed that idea at once. The thought of Sakura… or Sasuke, or anyone discovering that he was quite literally screwing himself...

The third week dawned. And Ino stepped things up a notch. Naruto just couldn’t bring himself to stop this beautiful blonde. The outfits only continued to get tighter and tighter, more and more revealing… and then, she started to do… things.

Like for instance-


Ino pressed a hand to her cheek, a sly smile on her face. Carefully, she bent over, her ass in full view of Naruto, taking her sweet, sweet time in collecting the papers that she had ‘dropped’, her hips wiggling from side to side in a teasing fashion.


Ino smiled. Naruto had asked for coffee- and being the attentive secretary she was, she had decided to bring the pot into his office. Now, she was pouring it… bent over his chest, making sure not to spill any of the brown liquid by making sure to pour it nice and slow.

Naruto’s eyes were glued… elsewhere. To her cleavage, to be exact, which was so teasing… her breasts practically staring at him. He could just make out her bra, a forest green beneath her lime green blouse.

“Is it hard?” Ino asked.

“W-what?” Naruto blurted. Was she talking about…?

“Sakura’s pregnancy.” Ino said, smiling sweetly. There was a glint in her eye, however, that told him that her choice of words had been entirely purposeful.

There was the time that she-

“Oh… shit!”

“Ah, fuck!”

Naruto cursed. He was infinitely glad that the coffee was slightly old, or else it would have burnt the living hell out of his crotch. Ino clapped her hands over her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Naruto-kun!” she exclaimed. “Here, let me get that for you!”

“What are you- oh…” Before he could stop her, she had slipped beneath the desk… a wad of napkins clutched in her hand. Slowly, tantalizingly, she began to ‘clean’ his crotch with the napkins… rubbing her hand over the coffee stain, using varying amounts of friction and moving her hand from side to side.

Really, Ino was driving him crazy. Her body… her sexy, irresistible body, flaunted in front of him day in and day out, at a time when he couldn’t use his wife’s equally sexy body to relieve his frustrations. He was going insane. Mental. Fuck! What was wrong with him?

And then… push finally came to shove.

“Beautiful, I insist, Dickless needs to finally have his-”

“Sai, you can’t do that today!” Naruto heard Ino snap. “Naruto-sama is hard at work, and he doesn’t have time for you to paint some stupid portrait of him!”

“I assure you, that my portrait is not ‘stupid’. Dickless, while he may be lacking in the bedroom department, has a very nice physique, and I’m sure a painting of him in the lobby of the tower would do well to inspire morale.” Naruto heard Sai calmly reply.

Naruto cracked the door to his office open, peering inside. Neither of them seemed to notice him - even after he cleared his throat in a gratingly obvious way.

A painting easel, folded up and compacted, was clutched in Sai’s hand - along with a tub of what appeared to be a mixture of painting supplies. “Look,” Sai was saying. “Just allow me to set up here, Beautiful.” As he spoke, he began to unfold the easel. “I assure you, it will not take long!”

“Oh, no you don’t!” Ino said. She leapt forward, grabbing the easel with one hand and the painting supplies with the other. “Naruto-sama has enough on his mind, and he certainly doesn’t want you coming in here and making fun of of his penis for two hours!”

They struggled for a minute. Naruto considered intervening - but, before he could act…


The tub of painting supplies had burst open. A myriad of different colored paints were sprayed across the front of Ino’s blouse, the blonde momentarily frozen with shock, as Sai stared at her in a sort of blank yet oddly horrified way.

In that moment, Sai decided to flee. As Ino lunged at him, he melted into a puddle of ink - further ruining Ino’s blouse. She shriekd in frustration, watching as the black ink disappeared into the floor, and yet the colored ink remained on the front of her blouse.

“Uh… Ino?” Naruto said.

She jumped. “N-Naruto-kun!” she said hurriedly, flinching as he closed the door to his office behind him. “You see, Sai and I-”

“Calm down, Ino.” Naruto said, with a wave of his hand. “It’s fine. “

“Oh, thank kami.” Ino breathed.

“I’m going to go find someone to clean up this mess-” Naruto began. He almost turned to leave… almost. If he had left a moment later, everything would have been fine. And yet, instead, he was treated to the wonderful, wonderful view of Ino taking off her blouse, discarding it onto the floor and standing in the middle of his office in just her bra.

It was everything he could have dreamed of. Black lace, elegantly designed, her pink nipples just visible through the thin fabric. Her breasts… near perfect. Rounded. Plump. Perky. Just the right size, that Naruto knew they would fit near perfectly in his hands.

She smiled at him, almost knowingly.

“Uh- um…” Naruto stammered. His face was heating up… and yet, it was mid Autumn. Was it just him, or was it suddenly getting really, really hot in here? He couldn’t take his eyes off of them… her, he meant her! “Here!” he blurted, taking off his coat. “Use this to- c-cover up!”

Ino grinned. “Thank you,” she said, taking it from his arms, wrapping it around her shoulders appreciatively. Of course, it was a coat… and while he had expected her to wrap it around entirely, she was content to allow her front to remain bare… and thus, allow Naruto to continue to take in the sight of her bra-clad breasts.

She looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry, Naruto-kun…” she murmured. “I-I’m a horrible secretary. I mean… look at this mess!” She toed the mixture of colors staining the floor.

“It’s- it’s fine, Ino.” Naruto said hurriedly, wanting, above all else, to make sure she knew that this wasn’t her fault. “Don’t worry about it. You’re- you’re my friend… a little bit of cleaning isn’t going to make me get mad at you.”

She smiled sweetly.

And then, she stepped forward, wounding her thin arms around his burly frame, and pulling him into a tight hug.

Naruto’s mind… shut down. He couldn’t focus. He couldn’t think. All he could feel was Ino, her sweet scent, her breasts pressing against his chest like a pillow, her soft arms touching his tanned skin. Her nails gently raked his back through his shirt, massaging him. Without thinking, on pure instinct alone, he wrapped his arms around her as well.

“You really are an amazing person.” Ino murmured, her voice soft. Naruto stilled. “So kind. So generous. Willing to forgive anyone and everyone, no matter how heinous their crimes, no matter how much they might not deserve forgiveness. Always willing to help everyone. Always there… for the village, even when they weren’t there for you. For your friends. For your wife… for… for me.”

He could feel her arms trailing down his back… until, they were tightly gripping his ass. He couldn’t bring himself to push her away, even though alarm bells were ringing in his head.

“You have no idea how much this job means to me.” Ino whispered. “The chance- to be around you. To see you. To talk to you. To… smell you. To feel you.”

At that moment, she squeezed his ass. Naruto let out a light moan, feeling his body tense up ever so slightly. She looked up at him. Her green-blue eyes tinted with something very familiar to him… because he had seen that exact look in his own eyes, when he had gazed in the mirror. Lust. Mind numbingly powerful lust. She continued to squeeze his ass gently, sending ripples of pleasure up and down his spine.

His erection was so impossibly hard, that there was no way she couldn’t feel it. And that much was confirmed not a second later, as she began to grind her lower body against him, rubbing her crotch up against his member, the layers of fabric not halting her for even an instant.

He couldn’t think with his head anymore. At least… not the one on top of his body. His mind was a whirlwind of lust, and of desire. All he could see was her. Those beautiful, green-blue eyes… those even more beautiful breasts, still squashed up against his chest.

Without even thinking, he dipped his head down, and captured her lips in a deep kiss.

She leaned into it immediately. Hell, Ino was the first to add tongue to the action - slipping it in as a little tease, a little nudge against his own. Naruto answered with a fierce assault, pounding her tongue into submission, plundering her mouth relentlessly. One of his hands was gripping her blonde hair tightly. The other was holding her buttocks in a deathlock. Both of her hands were still on his ass.

They separated for air, a minute or two later.

Naruto stared down at her, his eyes darkened in such a way that sent tingles running up and down Ino’s spine. “Get those fucking clothes off.” he growled darkly. “Get on the fucking desk.”

“Y-yes, Naruto-kun!” she said.

He turned, and as quick as his fingers would allow him, he locked the door. He activated a seal just beside it, one that would ensure no one would be able to hear anything from the outside, nor see anything through the windows - which merely showed him sitting in his desk, working as usual from the outside.

Once more, he turned. And there, she was, waiting for him. Her bra long since discarded. Her skirt, crumpled on the floor in front of his desk. Her panties, halfway down her thighs. And her pussy… oh, her delicious pussy. Shaven down to the very last blonde curl, her folds looking so appetizing, pink insides practically winking at him from her tiny hole.

Naruto shed his clothes in a flash. His shirt dropped to the floor. His trousers soon followed. And then, his boxers came off - freeing his hardened cock.

Now… Ino wasn’t a virgin, not by any measure of the word. But, she had never been with a man such as Naruto before. His cock wasn’t just the largest, or the thickest… it was the grandest. It looked almost majestic, veins and muscles throbbing along the length of it, small globs of precum leaking from the tip.
She shuddered, at the sight of it. It was all she had dreamed of, and more. He was the perfect man. Kind. Selfless. Beautiful. And with a cock that backed all that up and more, that would fill her in ways she had previously thought unimaginable.

He approached. His footsteps echoing throughout the office. His mind was screaming at him. ‘THIS IS WRONG. THIS IS WRONG.’ And yet, he didn’t care. He didn’t fucking care. His cock was so hard, so desperate. His libido was out of control. He couldn’t stand another handjob from Sakura. He couldn’t stand jerking off one more time. No… what he was going to do, was fuck this blonde beauty on his desk, and he was going to fuck her hard.

Naruto stopped just before the desk, his eyes dark as the night sky. He placed his hands on Ino’s hips, and with a sharp jerk, pulled her close, his thighs slapping against hers. His member twitched once, before falling onto her belly, smearing precum on her creamy skin.

He dipped his head low, and captured her lips in a deep, fiercely heated kiss. His arms wound around her waist, as did hers. They were so close. Her chest pressed against his. Platinum blonde hair tickling his own. It was a very intimate position, and Ino very well knew that.

Her heart was pounding out of her chest. This was happening, right here, right now. She was naked. He was naked. She could feel his cock, resting on her thigh, so hard that it seemed almost like a steely pole poking against her leg. His body was so warm. His heat was so infectious, his chakra so sweet that she could almost taste it.

Two weeks of planning. Picking out her most provocative outfits, sometimes sacrificing her bra and panties, doing the best things she could think of to arouse him… it had finally worked. She had seduced him, Uzumaki Naruto. And now, they were to make love, here on his desk, in full view of the entire village.

She moaned as he eased inside of her, the fit of his cock so snug inside of her tight little pussy. He felt so… breathtakingly good. So deep, even with just an inch inside of her. So big, and so thick. She could feel his member pulsing inside of her, his engorged appendage somehow growing even bigger, and harder.

Thankfully for him, she was sopping wet. For him. Always, for him. A quick glance of those dark blue eyes… and she was scurrying off to the bathroom for a quick change of panties. And if he bit his lip in that incredibly sexy way, or put his hand on her shoulder? Kami, she knew that by nightfall, she’d be driving a dildo in and out of her pussy whilst moaning his name. She remembered him hugging her, and that alone had kept her sated sexually for a couple of days.

She was… addicted him. Was there any point in denying it? It was true. Ino loved everything about him, from the way he blinked, to the way he could raise her spirits with a few words. He was amazing. Everything about him… amazing. If he said jump, she would ask how high. If he said bend over, drop your panties and open your legs, she would do just that. He could ask her to do the most depraved, sick, twisted things - in the bedroom, or on the battlefield - and she would do it… for him… always for him.

And now, he was inside of her.

Naruto was overcome by how… warm her insides were. She was so tight, so deliciously tight and wet. He couldn’t help the moan he let out into her mouth, or the way his hands tightened around her thin frame, holding her closer and closer, her breasts like a pillow of sorts against his muscled chest.

He began to thrust. In, and out. Only the first few inches of his cock was inside of her - he wanted to savour this after all, this feeling. Before this, he had been a man tied to one woman… Sakura. Now, he knew the feeling of another woman’s insides… and he couldn’t lie… he found himself loving it.

Don’t get him wrong. Sakura was tight. Sakura was wet when he wanted her to be. Sakura was… terrific, in so many ways, that he still wasn’t sure why she had agreed to marry him and have his child. But Ino was the same - minus the marrying and child parts. She was so beautiful, so breathtakingly beautiful, with her plump breasts, beautiful eyes, platinum blonde hair… she was an angel in human form, one who had so conveniently fell into his lap as his personal secretary.

Faster and faster. Harder and harder. She was bucking her hips back against him, intent on giving him just as much pleasure as he was giving her. He was an attentive lover. If he wasn’t kissing her, he was nipping at her neck, suckling her breasts, teasing her clit. He angled his thrusts like only a pro could. It took him a while to find her G-spot, but once he had, he pummeled it relentless, until Ino was a moaning and groaning mess beneath him.

It wasn’t long before she came. Ino, in all actuality, was trying to blurt out - “I love you, I love you!” into his ear, but her words merely came out as animalistic groans instead, as he continued to thrust into her. Ino’s legs and arms were wrapped taut around him, her body completely at the mercy of her fearless Hokage.

He couldn’t help himself. Soon, he was pounded her like some sort of beast - almost like the one sealed inside of him. The wooden desk creaked beneath their movements. Papers fluttered to the ground, some soaked with her juices. But he couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop, more like. Her moans grew more and more frenzied, her finger nails leaving red trails down his back.

And then he stopped. One last thrust, and he bottomed out inside of her… and with a low grunt, came, spilling his seed inside of her. Ino moaned and groaned, shivering, the feeling of his warmth filling her up unparalleled by any other.

Almost as soon as he was finished, it felt as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped over him. He went soft inside of her. Naruto pulled out, and took a step back, his blue eyes the size of dinner plates as he observed Ino - her legs still wide, and his cum drooling idly from her tight little pussy.

She smiled lazily at him, mewling every so often.

He gaped at her.

And then, in the same yellow flash that his father was known for, he redressed, throwing on his shirt, pants and boxers, sweeping up his Hokage cloak from where Ino discarded it. And then he was out, the door slamming behind him.


He… he cheated on his wife.

That was all that consumed his thoughts for the next day. He kissed Sakura on the lips, the same lips that had been kissing Ino before. He rubbed her swollen belly, ripe with the same seed that he had planted deep within Ino before.

The guilt was overwhelming, and yet, he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. Truth be told, he was downright terrified. Sakura wasn’t going to stay with him if he admitted that he cheated. She would leave him. She would take his child away from him. And he would deserve it.

He had feigned sickness, although that wouldn’t hold up to any scrutiny considering Kurama. But… he didn’t want to go to the office. He didn’t want to face her. And he couldn’t just fire her either, in the three weeks since she had started working there, Ino had become an important part of the office - ever since she had arrived, his workload had been reduced by at least thirty three percent, which was incredible.

Naruto managed to get out of going back for another two days. Sakura had readily agreed - saying he had needed a vacation, to get out of the office, to spend some time alone… or with her.

But… the withdrawals hit. And they hit, hard.

Months without sex had been bad enough. But, he had rationalized it then, his wife was in need, and he couldn’t put his own needs over hers.

But… his wife wasn’t the problem here. Ino was. And here he was, sitting at home, watching Sakura waddle about the house - while a blonde bombshell was waiting in the office, more likely than naught wearing one of those deliciously tight skirts.
Eventually, he had to go back.

He walked into the office at half past eleven, having put off going in by lounging around at Ichiraku’s for a few hours. Ino was there. Waiting for him. A knowing smile on her face, as she sat on his desk - her legs kicked up, her skirt riding up to reveal a teasing amount of her warm, creamy thighs.

“We need to forget what happened.” Naruto said, his voice low, the blonde forcibly averting his eyes from Ino. “It- it- that, it can’t happen.” he insisted. “We can’t do it, Ino.”

She sighed, almost dreamily, hopping off the desk. “I understand.” Ino murmured, her voice soft, her blue-green eyes kind. “I do need you to sign some papers first,” she said airily.

“Of course.” Naruto said. He walked to his desk, sliding into his chair. Ino slipped the papers before him, and he scrawled his signature across each and every one. Smiling sweetly, Ino stacked them, folding them beneath her arm.

She began to walk away. And then, there in the middle of the room-

“Oops!” In possibly the most unconvincing manner possible, the papers simply went dropping to the floor. Ino pressed a finger to her chin… and then bent over. Her skirt rode up, further and further, until Naruto was given a glimpse of the violet thong she was wearing beneath it. Her hips wiggled from side to side, as she made a great show of gathering the papers.

Naruto blanched. “Here!” he said, practically leaping over the desk, and skidding to a halt beside her. “Let me help you with that.” As fast as he could manage, he grabbed the remaining papers off of the floor, shoving them into her hands.

They paused for a moment.

Staring into each other eyes.

The papers drifted to the floor once more, as they slammed into each other, lips locked, arms grasping at each other’s clothing. It lasted for a minute. And then, Naruto broke it off.

“Fuck!” he growled. “I- we can’t!”

Another pause.

And then he leapt forward once more. Ino hopped, her legs wrapping around his waist as he caught her by the ass cheeks. Without pause, they began to make out once more, Naruto carrying her over to his chair, plopping himself down in it.

Ino smiled. Carefully, she slipped out of his lap. She was well hidden beneath the desk, pulling Naruto’s chair towards it until his chest was pressed against the rim of the desk. If one were to walk in, nothing would seem out of the ordinary… nothing at all.

Naruto’s eyes widened. He felt her unbuckling his pants, pulling them down. Quick as a flash, he summoned a clone - who gathered the papers up off of the floor and threw them onto his desk, before dispelling.

The instant Ino took his hardened member into her mouth, someone walked in. A glimpse of pink hair, and Naruto felt his chest tighten.

“Sakura-chan!” he greeted.

She beamed at him. “Why are you looking so surprised?” she said, coming to a stop just before the desk. “I didn’t see Ino in her office. Where is she?”

“Coffee break, I think.” Naruto said.

“Ah.” Sakura said. “Well… I brought you your lunch.” She dropped a wrapped up plate on the desk before him, a smile on her face. “Have a great day at work sweety.”

She leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips - blissfully unaware of the fact that just below the desk, not three feet away, Ino was deepthroating her husband’s enormous cock.

Sakura half-waddled half-walked out of the room, the door closing behind her.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief. And then, a moan. “Ino…” he murmured, staring down at the blonde tucked beneath the desk, her lips stretched lewdly around his significant girth, a happy grin on her face as she bobbed her head up and down. He tried to open his mouth to say something else - but couldn’t, as another moan forced itself from his mouth, courtesy of her skilled tongue swirling around his shaft.

She was so damn eager to get him off. Her hands pumping him fiercely at the base of his immense shaft, her tongue and mouth hard at work. Her eyes glossy, filled with lust and adoration and a thousand other emotions that Naruto couldn’t even begin to discern. And when he came, many minutes later, Ino didn’t recoil - as Sakura would have - but rather, she took every last drop into her mouth. After she had slid him out of her warm cavern, she opened her mouth: revealing it to be full nearly to the brim with Naruto’s warm and sticky cum. And then, just as clearly, she swallowed it all with an audible gulp.

It was no surprise to either of them, when Naruto’s cock was erect once more in less than a minute.

Once that dam was broken, there was no going back. Months of pent up lust swirled inside of Naruto - and he had a more than willing recipient to accept it all, and return it with gusto.

“Naruto…! Oh- you’re so deep, you’re so big… faster, harder, harder, oh… right there… right there… ohhh…!”

For the fifth time in so many minutes, Ino shivered and came, her entire body convulsing against Naruto - who continued on, thrusting as hard and as fast as he could manage into the blonde bombshell sprawled out beneath him.

It was a little known fact that the Hokage had his (or her, in Tsunade’s case) own private quarters. Of course, he didn’t spend much time here, considering he had his home with Sakura, but considering his new affair with Ino… it made perfect sense to put his previously unused second home to work.

And now here they were. On the bed, Naruto quite literally fucking Ino’s brains out.

He just… couldn’t hold himself back. He couldn’t. Not when he had this fucking drop dead beauty willing to do anything for him. If he wanted to order her to drop her panties in full view of the village, and ride his massive cock, she would. If he wanted her to be strapped up in a corner of his room, there only when he needed a warm hole to get himself off, she would do it.

She was perfect. And more.

Naruto did things with her that he couldn’t even imagine doing with Sakura.

For instance - liberal use of the Kage Bunshin technique. He had tried it once with his wife. And when she had emerged from her temporary coma (that he had fucked her into), shaking and shivering, her pussy and mouth clogged with his cum, she had told him that they would never use it again.

Ino, on the other hand, had no such reservations.

She grinned dumbly, as a dozen Narutos appeared all around her - all of them naked, and all of them sporting the same, long, hard erection that the original was. She was naked as well, perched in the center of the bed, her luscious and curvy body put on display for all of the Narutos to enjoy.

Well… for only a moment. And then, they pounced, surging onto the bed like a tidal wave, surrounding her. She was more than a willing participant - and soon, a cock was slotted into her pussy, her mouth, her ass… one for each of her hands. One of the Narutos even slid his cock in between her breasts, while the other simply waited for their turn at the blonde bombshell on the bed.
And did he mention the anal? Sakura had never even entertained the notion of anal - she was much too scared that his immense size and girth would leave irreparable damage. But, once more, Ino had no such reservations. She would lube him up nice and well with her mouth, bend over the bed, and moan and cry as he fucked her tight and plump ass at a vicious pace.

Everything was on the table. Ino would spend long hours on her knees before him, hidden beneath the desk, alternating between either choking on his fat cock or giving him the titjob of a century.

He couldn’t get enough of her. No matter how many loads she swallowed, no matter how many loads he shot into her pussy or ass, he could never tire. She was always willing, to ride his cock, to blow him.

And funnily enough, his new ‘stress toy’ helped his work out plenty. Naruto had never flown through paperwork as fast as he had when Ino was sucking him off beneath the desk - and truly, he loved his job, being able to fuck Ino doggystyle over the desk one moment, and then stamp a building permit for a new skyscraper the next.

Sakura was left blissfully in the dark. She had no idea, none at all. All she noticed was two things - that Naruto was a lot happier… and that he was much, much more assertive. More manly. More dominant. When he asked her to make him breakfast in the morning, she complied, a shiver running down her spine, Sakura wishing more than ever for her pregnancy to be over so that she could once more sleep with her husband.

Of course, Sakura being in the dark about Naruto and Ino’s affair left her volatile to… opening certain situations for the blonde duo.

Such as this one.

“We should really have Ino over for dinner one night,” Sakura said, absentmindedly rubbing her belly as she and Naruto laid side by side on their marital bed.

Naruto blinked. He had just been thinking about Ino as well - namely, whether he was going to get her to ride him cowgirl or reverse cowgirl the next morning. “Really?” he said, keeping his voice neutral. “She has been a big help around the office. I think having her for dinner would be a nice treat for her.”

Sakura beamed. “Great!” she said. “Let’s make it tomorrow night then, shall we?” Sakura said. “You can tell Ino at the office, right?”

“Of course.” Naruto said.

And he did tell her at the office.
Ino swallowed his first load of the day, a bright grin on her face as she beamed up at him from beneath the desk. She, of course, had been listening to her Hokage as he explained that Sakura wanted her to come over for dinner - but she had decided to finish servicing Naruto before replying.

“Sure!” she exclaimed, wiping a bit of cum from the corner of her mouth. “I’d love to come over for… ‘dinner’.” she said, a lilt to her voice.

Naruto grinned. “It’s tonight.” he said, leaning back in his chair. “But… we’ve still got a ways to go until then. I’m thinking a titjob next, Ino.” He scooted forward, and set to work… as Ino, likewise, set to work - unbuttoning her blouse, unhooking her bra, and wrapping her jugs around her Naruto-kun’s massive cock.

He let out a sigh of contentment. Knowing Ino… dinner tonight, was sure to be fun.


And it was.

Sakura slipped their plates in front of them, piled to the top with steaming food. While, at first, Sakura had been a rather… poor (that was an understatement) cook, she had improved, with the help of some cooking lessons from Hinata. Now, she was as good as they came, and Naruto could honestly say one of the reasons he had married her was because of her delicious cooking.

The seating arrangement was simple. Naruto sat across from Ino. Sakura sat beside Ino - she hadn’t seen the blonde in a while, and so she wanted to afford her the opportunity to feel her swelling belly. Of course, this gave Naruto and Ino an… opportunity of their own.

She gave him a significant look.

Naruto flashed her a smile. And then, he slowly unzipped his fly - allowing his flaccid member to escape from the confines of his trousers. He leaned back in his chair and began to eat.

Sakura and Ino began to converse. “How have things been at the office?” Sakura asked, through a mouthful of porkchop.

“They’ve been pretty good,” Ino admitted. “Although… Naruto’s been riding me pretty hard lately. Everytime I get home I just pass out.”

Naruto felt Ino’s feet begin to tease his member. Squeezing it gently between her soles, rubbing it up and down, slowly yet surely arousing it to the point where the tip was poking against the bottom of the table.

“That’s unfortunate.” Sakura said. “Naruto made sure that you have a lunch break and such, right?” she said, flashing Naruto the ghost of a glare.

“Of course he did!” Ino said. “Naruto-ku-sama, isn’t so crass as to not afford me that.” she said. She neglected to mention the fact that her ‘lunch breaks’ consisted of about an hour of Ino swallowing anywhere from two to four of Naruto’s loads. “Besides, the pay is good. And I’ve been happier than I’ve been in ages. Being Naruto-sama’s assistant… it’s really a breath of fresh air.”

She continued to give Naruto a footjob beneath the table. Naruto pursed his lips together tightly, to prevent himself from moaning or groaning as she teased his hardened member.

“How about you?” Ino asked. “How’s the pregnancy coming along?”

“Oh, it’s been great.” Sakura said, smiling. She rubbed her belly, a fond look in her eyes.

Dinner continued on for a good, long while. Of course, Ino never quite brought Naruto to orgasm - Sakura would certainly notice the mess he would leave splattered against the bottom of the table - but she came damn close, always retracting her feet at the very last second.

Sakura wiped her brow with her forearm. “I’m tired,” she said. “I think I’ll go to bed.”

“Alright,” Naruto said. “Ino and I just have some office stuff to discuss, and then I’ll come on up with you.” He formed a clone without even thinking, the Kage Bunshin promptly swooping Sakura up. “Sweet dreams!”

“Love you!” Sakura called. “See you soon, Ino!”

“Good night!” Ino said, as the clone carried Sakura up the stairs.

Interestingly enough, ever since she had entered the later stages of her pregnancy, Sakura - quite honestly - slept like the dead. She would be out within a few minutes. And the clone knew to dispel the instant Sakura began to snore, a telltale sign that she was out for at least the next ten hours.

The clone dispelled.

And then, Naruto leapt at Ino. Their clothes were hurriedly discarded, and soon, Naruto had Ino bent over the freshly cleaned dinner table, her plump and delightful ass pressed out towards him. He took a moment, to simply explore her body… his fingers gliding over her smooth skin, Naruto squeezing her heavenly breasts, caressing her wide hips, or teasing her shaved mound.

She was so attentive. So responsive. Every one of his touches left her mewling before him, Ino casting glances back at him, trying to entice him with her beautiful eyes and her plump, full lips. But… she knew not to talk. He was taking her in. Savouring this moment.

Naruto, normally, was a… soft lover. With Sakura, he was exceedingly gentle, taking his time, making sure that she was pleased far, far more than he was.

With Ino… it was different. He wasn’t gentle. He was rough. Brutal. He took her when he wanted, and she was all the happier for it. Naruto found that he loved being rough with her. He loved dominating her, to screw her senseless, to hear her moans and screams echoing off the walls of whatever room they were fucking in.

And he was good at it. Really good at it, he found. Sakura had always told him how big, how skilled he was… but, Naruto had never truly realized that until he had shacked up with Ino. He had done some nasty things to Ino. He had fucked her, literally, unconscious. He had fucked her until her throat was raw, until her hair was soaking wet from sweat, until her body was giving up on her. And he kept going. He made her cum, again and again, without fail.

Naruto had never been the most humble of people. Well - he was the fucking Hokage. He had fought, and clawed his way to his position. And now… he had no qualms as to the power he wielded over Ino. She was loyal, willing to do anything for him.

It was a feeling he could most certainly get used to.

Naruto let out a sigh as he eased himself into Ino’s snatch. As always, she was sopping wet, to the point where even his incredible length and girth were given easy access.

Ino let out a long, shaking moan. Her hands clutched at the edge of the table. He was inside of her, a feeling that was equaled by none. So big. So deep. She couldn’t get enough of it, no matter how many times he pounded her tiny hole, she couldn’t get enough of it.

And then, he began to thrust.


The wooden table truly wasn’t built to support this kind of weight. Naruto slammed into Ino without mercy or quarter, rocking her entire body against the table. She could feel her nipples biting into the wood, her fingers growing sore as she held on for dear life, as Naruto used her body to his heart’s content.

Not that she wasn’t getting any pleasure out of it. Quite the opposite really - she had already came twice, and already, she could feel that familiar coil in her stomach wounding, ready to be unleashed the instant her blonde lover’s cock hit that spot inside of her again. As he would, with ease.

It wasn’t long before he came. It wasn’t that he was a quick shot - but Ino was just so damn hot, so tight and so sexy, that he couldn’t bring himself to last more than twenty minutes at a time with her.

Not that the night was over. Not by a fucking long shot.

Cum drooling from her pussy, Ino was hoisted up with ease by Naruto. He had a bit of an idea, and without further ado, he lead her into the laundry room, which was just to the side of the kitchen. Sakura had put a fresh load of laundry in the washing machine before she had gone to bed, and the machine was rocking like crazy, the sound of water sloshing around inside of there evident.

Naruto set her down on the shaking machine. She spread her legs accordingly, and without further interlude, he eased himself back inside of her.

The combination of the angle, the way the machine shook beneath her, and her well hung lover thrusting into her snatch nearly drove Ino crazy. She bucked her hips helplessly against him, her hands wrapped taut around his burly torso, ler legs similarly wound around his waist, forcing him deeper and deeper into her.

“Fuck, yes!” she cried out. “Harder you fucking stud! Faster! Fuck my little pussy, Naruto-kun, fuck me good!”

“Mmm…” Naruto grunted, a grin on his face. “You like being fucked like this, don’t you?” he murmured, as he continued to slam into her. “You like me pounding your tight cunt, don’t you?”

“I love it…!” Ino exclaimed. “It’s amazing- you’re amazing! Harder! Faster! Don’t stop - never stop, please, never stop fucking meee…!”

The climax in the laundry room was the same as it was in the dining room. It ended with Naruto blowing his load deep inside of Ino, the blonde bombshell convulsing against him, her moans broken, the fire in her pussy being doused by his liquid essence.

After that… they decided to get a little bold.

They crept upstairs. Naruto’s cock dripping with Ino’s juices, her pussy leaking his cum down her thigh and onto the carpet in a trail that followed them.

Sakura’s snores echoed throughout the upper floor of the house. Now, they weren’t so foolish as to think their activities would go entirely unnoticed - and so, they took some precautions. While Sakura would easily be able to fend off Yamanaka clan techniques when she was awake, her being asleep left her rather vulnerable. Ino’s hand glowed a luminescent blue, and as she pressed it against Sakura’s forehead, she cast the jutsu on her. It was a simple one, that would ensure she stayed asleep.

The instant Ino turned around to report the news to Naruto, she had was swept up. Thrown onto her side, facing Sakura on the bed. Naruto was behind her - spreading her legs, nudging apart her thighs, slipping into her pussy once more, uncaring of the fact that he had already dumped two massive creampies into her. Her womb was already packed full with his cum, and Ino was sure that if he kept this up, she’d end up looking three months pregnant by the end of the night.

Not that she had any objections to that.

Back and forth he went, thrusting in and out of Ino’s cum-filled snatch, only feet away from his soundly asleep wife. It was an exhilarating feel, Naruto thought. He hadn’t had sex on this bed in months, but never had he imagined that he’d have sex with another woman on it. And never had he imagined that he’d fuck another women with Sakura on the same bed.

Even though they both knew Sakura wouldn’t be woken by it, it was an incredible experience. Naruto wrapped his arm tightly around Ino’s waist, capturing her lips in a deep kiss as he thrusted into her, harder and harder, faster and faster, his balls slapping against her thigh.

“Fuck my pussy,” Ino murmured to him, their lips so close that it still appeared that they were kissing from an outside point of view. “Harder. Faster. Fuck me on your marital bed, right next to your wife, show just how much of a man you are, Naruto-kun.”

He grinned ferociously. And, like clockwork, he began to fuck her harder. The bed squeaked beneath them, the headboard rocking gently against the wall.

Again, he came. On the same bed that he had impregnated Sakura on. He burst deep inside of Ino, adding another pint of his hot white cum to the already stretched out womb of Ino.

Of course, Ino still had to go home. And so… they decided to get ‘clean’ afterwards.

Ino had taken great care to set the mood. Dimming the lights to a sensual orange that hardly illuminated the bathroom. Spreading rose petals across the bubbly surface of the water, which she had found in a cupboard beneath the sink. And then, she and Naruto slipped into the bath.

They were intertwined beneath the water, their arms wrapped around each other’s torsos, their legs tangled together. And once again, he was inside of her. Gently rocking his hips back and forth. They kissed sloppily, tongues and saliva being exchanged freely.

Ino and Naruto separated, for a brief moment. They stared into each other’s eyes, blue-green meeting blue.

“I love you... “ Ino whispered.

Naruto smiled kindly, before leaning in, capturing her lips once more in a passionate kiss.

It was a long time before they left the confines of that bathtub - and although Ino looked squeaky clean on the outside afterwards… Naruto had made sure to dump more than a few loads inside of her cunt, as a way for his fellow blonde to remember him.



“Calm down, Sakura!” Shizune said hurriedly, her face slightly red. “It’s not time to push yet. Just breath. Breath, in , out, take it slow… take it slow.”

Sakura growled. “Where the fuck is Naruto?” the pinkette practically barked.

Ino smiled. “Don’t worry, Forehead.” she said, standing up. “I’ll go get, Naruto-sama. I’m sure he’s just finishing up some important paperwork - I’ll be back in a jiffy, alright?” She flashed another smile at Sakura, before hurrying out of the room, her blonde ponytail whipping around the corner and out of sight.

“I remember a time when you two were always at each other's throats.” Shizune said, a small, content smile on her face. “But…” She sighed. “You and Ino really have come a long way, Sakura.” Shizune said.

Sakura smiled, although it was strained considering the pain coursing through her body. “Yeah,” she said. “Ino has just been… amazing throughout this pregnancy, helping Naruto out at the office, being there when I need her… she’s just so dependable. I’d trust her with my life.”


“YES! YES! Harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me!”

The Hokage’s private quarters wasn’t that far away from the hospital, only about two minutes away if you went by rooftops. Naruto had been in his office when Ino had found him. Now, they were in his quarters, both buck naked, sprawled out on his bed. And, as per usual, she was being fucked senseless - Naruto shoving his exceedingly large cock into her sopping wet cunt, and screwing her as if he owned it.

Which he did, of course. Ino refused at this point to allow any other man access to her body.

The funniest part was that she had told him, of what was happening to Sakura. And he hadn’t cared. At this point, Naruto couldn’t contain his lust. The moment he had seen her, he had picked her up - practically tore her clothes off, and shoved his impossibly large cock into her.

“Am I so much better than your wife, that you won’t even be around for the birth of your son?” Ino said, spurring him on, whispering into his ear as he continued to fuck her.

If possible, he began to thrust faster and faster, his hips a blur, soft grunts escaping his lips as he fucked this blonde beauty into the mattress. He didn’t care. So what if his son was about to be born? He - in this very moment, had yet another beautiful woman, who he was going to have a child with. He was sure of that much by now.

He suckled at her luscious tits, nipping and teasing her nipples with his teeth. Ino had her hands on his ass, pulling him against her, forcing him deeper and deeper into her sopping wet cunt until she could probably feel him in the back of her throat.

“Come on, fuck me harder, baby.” Ino murmured. “Cum inside of me. Fuck a baby, your baby into me.”

“I will…” Naruto growled.

Harder and harder.

Faster and faster.

He couldn’t think about anything but her, and him, in that very moment. Her blue-green eyes trained on him. Her breasts bouncing, her skin shining with her sweat.

And then, he came inside of her.





Breathless, the two blondes burst into the hospital room, as another one of Sakura’s piercing screams tore through the air. They had been able to hear her from several floors down - and Naruto had been spurred on by the noise, finally freed from his lust, at least temporarily. It hadn’t been hard to bulldoze past the usual security checks and such, considering he was the fucking Hokage, and so, he and Ino had made their way up to Sakura’s hospital room within two minutes of entering the hospital itself.

“What took so long?” Shizune asked, glancing back at them, from her position in between Sakura’s legs.

Ino smirked. “We had some complications on the way up here.” she said airily. “But, we made it in time, didn’t we?”

“We did.” Naruto said.

In the end, Sakura gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Naruto and Sakura had agreed on a name beforehand… Shinachiku. He was beautiful. Tufts of blonde hair growing out of the top of his head, emerald eyes shining from his tanned face.

Sakura held him in her arms, tears of joy pooling in her matching eyes. “He’s so beautiful..!” she cooed, hardly aware of anyone else in the room.

Naruto was standing beside her, a happy smile on his face. Ino swooped up to his side. Under the pretense of bending down to get a closer look at the baby, she decided to grab a handful of his ass… Naruto smirking at the gesture.

Shizune noticed this. But, she played it off. Surely, it was just some joke from the office, nothing serious that she would have to worry about. “Sakura,” Shizune said. “I hate to do this - but may I see him? I need to do some basic checks, nothing too serious I assure you.”

Sakura bit her lip. “Oh, alright.” she said. Once Shinachiku was safely secured in Shizune’s arms, the pinkette leaned back in her bed. She let out a soft little sigh, before allowing her eyes to drift closed.

Ino seized her chance. She turned - pulling Naruto into a warm hug. “Congratulations, Dad.” she said out loud. And then, she whispered to him - “How about we get started on baby number two? Make a Kage Bunshin… and find a nice empty room for us, Naruto-kun.”

He grinned.

Five minutes later. They had left two Kage Bunshin behind in the hospital room, one posing as Ino, the other as Naruto. And now…

“Harder, faster, fill me up you fucking stud!” Ino practically roared into his ear.

Naruto’s grin widened even further. He had to admit - life… was good.
Later that day, and once again, Sakura was sound asleep.

Naruto stood in the nursery, a smile on his face as he stared down at the sleeping form of his son. “Don’t you worry Shina-chan..” he whispered, gently poking his son’s cheek, grinning as the newborn wiggled in his cot. “I’ll make sure you have plenty of little brothers and sisters to play with.”

A pause.

And then he dispelled. It had been a Kage Bunshin, clearly.

Back in his own home, the original Naruto received his clone’s memories. Not that he was focused on that. No, he was focused on fucking the living daylights out of Ino, who he was currently balls deep inside.

“Harder, harder, faster, fast-”


A couple of months later.

Shinachiku giggled happily, waving his fists around, his emerald eyes staring at the looming form of his father. Naruto waved a rattle above him, the baby loving the sound of the beads rumbling about inside of it.

“So… Naruto, did you hear?” Sakura asked.

“Hear what?” Naruto said.

“Ino-buta’s pregnant.” she said.

Naruto blinked, but kept his cool. “Really?” he said, his voice neutral. “That’s surprising.”

“I know…!” Sakura murmured. “I don’t even remember her having a boyfriend or anything like that! Maybe it was a one night stand or something… but she seems really, really happy about it.”

Naruto poked Sakura in the belly. “That’s a little odd.” A pause. “Anyways - I was thinking we should go out tonight. We haven’t been to dinner in a long time. And… now that I think about it, I bet Ino could be our baby sitter. Might be some good practice for her.”

Sakura smiled. “Yeah… that sounds nice.” she said.

Naruto stood. “Tell you what. I’ll go over to Ino’s house and ask her right now,” he said. “Not to mention give her my congratulations on her pregnancy. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Bye,” Sakura said.


Ino’s baby bump was already fairly significant. While, it wasn’t quite swollen yet, it was noticeable - and, unfortunately, Naruto had to tone down his rough fucking just a tad, to avoid hurting his kid. He was suckling at her lactating tits like a newborn, drinking her milk, gulping it down as if it were some kind of aphrodisiac.

“Don’t worry about not being able to fuck me, baby.” Ino whispered, gently stroking his hair. “So long as you’re gentle, we can fuck until the day before she comes out.”

Naruto smirked. Ino really was an amazing woman.

And he rewarded her promptly, shooting a massive load inside of her, Ino bucking and convulsing against him as she always did.

In the past few weeks, Naruto had learned something. He was a man. A powerful man, with powerful needs - that not Ino, nor Sakura could satisfy alone. Or even together. He had a clan to restore. A family to build.

And, he decided, it wasn’t only going to be Ino and Sakura who would bear his children. Oh… no, he had something else in mind for that.

End of Chapter One.


Fun fact, this is my longest single chapter ever, topping about 12k words. And it's a doozy indeed. I hope you guys enjoy it! Don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you think, a favorite for more, a positive rating to help promote it - and if you haven't already, don't forget to follow me on my Hentai Foundry page for more stuff like this!


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