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Chapter 6 - Gohan vs Android 21

A NTR Dragonball Z commission for a fellow that goes by the name of Valmont involving Gohan, 18, and a sad sad Krillin.

The big balled half breed Gohan faces off with the pink skinned babe Android 21...who will come out on top!?

Please read and enjoy!

Chapter 6 - Gohan vs Android 21

Chapter 6 - Gohan vs Android 21
Gohan VS Android 21: Get in mah belleh!

Gohan smiled as he stretched, his tendons popping as he looked around his and Piccolo’s old training grounds. He shook his head and smiled as he thought back to those days, him and his adoptive father fighting across this barren wasteland in order to prepare for Nappa and Vegeta’s arrival so many years ago. He grinned at the thought, knowing that in all reality Piccolo was a cruel and abusive master, but Gohan looked back at those days as some of the best times of his life. He didn’t have a screaming mother commanding him to study, a father who could care less about him, and he actually had someone who seemed to care enough about him to make the young Half-Saiyan the absolute center of his attention. He had come here to get some privacy. While he loved 18 beyond words and loved his kids even more...sometimes a guy just had to get away from it all. Plus, he had a few...issues to work out.

He sighed and looked up at the sky, wondering what would have had become of him if 18 had not come onto him at Roshi’s place...would he had become some limp-wristed pencil-pusher, forever in the shadow of his father? He scowled as he contemplated the idea of being in his father’s shadow for the rest of his life, his hands curling into fists and his teeth clenching as the image of his father looking down at him with that empty smile, how he always appeared so large, looming over every aspect of his life, no matter what he did. He lashed out with his fist, smashing a nearby boulder into powder with a punch that could have caved in an office building. He felt that rage rising in his chest again, that animalistic fury that he had lived with his entire life clawing at the inside of his brain like a caged beast seeking freedom. Ki started to coil around his body as his rage built, his muscles starting to bulge as energy coursed through his body...but then he stopped himself. He crushed that fury into a dark corner of his mind as he let out a shuddering breath, the Ki surrounding him slowly fading as he took a deep breath.

He shook his head, letting out a laugh as he realized how close he came to going over the edge again...ever since he had unlocked his new form, his anger issues had become far worse. He chuckled at the idea, how his new form had unlocked the more primal aspects of his personality. His rage had become a problem as of late, with only his wife and children able to calm had his libido. He smirked at that, thinking about how he had pushed 18 to her absolute limit with his newfound sexual appetites, regularly reducing her to a cum soaked and gurgling mess. He sighed at the thought of 18’s glorious body as he rammed her up and down his cock, his month long self imposed exile coming back to him as he thought about fucking his busty blonde into broken ball battered bitch. He shook his head, trying to banish the desires that rose to the fore just like the rage that had bubbled up in his chest, but this was a little more difficult than the former. He had dealt with anger his entire life and knew how to deal with it...but his newly animalistic desire was something all together different. His cock slowly hardened in his training gi as he fought with the images that bombarded his mind, but he forced it down like everything else and just as he had almost gotten the surge of sudden desire under control...a feminine voice brought him out of his mental duel with himself.

“Hello there!” Came a sultry voice from behind the distracted Gohan, snapping him out of his internal struggle and causing the surprised half-breed to turn on his heel, falling into a fighting stance by instinct, his eyes taking in the measure of his sudden guest...and that measure didn’t do anything to help his already inflamed libido. The woman that stood before him was gorgeous in every way, with a physical perfection that went beyond anything natural. She was a woman of dangerous curves, with full, large breasts, a tight trim waist and round, flaring hips that framed an absolutely succulent bubble butt. Her eyes were like twin chips of ice, staring out from under her high forehead and a wild mane of brown hair fell in long locks around her shoulders. She had what only could be described as an evil grin plastered across her face, showing her startling white teeth. She wore a sleeveless  red and blue checker pattern dress that went down to her mid thigh and a pair of long black sleeves across her arms. Her legs were covered by a pair of tight black stockings and she wore a pair of mismatched high heeled boots, their contrasting colors somehow fitting in with her bright and colorful attire.

Gohan almost immediately recognised what she was, the flat nature of her eyes, the lack of a Ki presence and the almost unnatural stillness she displayed standing in front of him being clear indicators of her origin. She was an android...he knew first hand how to recognise them after having lived so long with 18, the frozen smile and the fact that she was not breathing tipping him off immediately to her nature. It was scary how quick he could pick up on those things...when you lived with a wife that would only show emotions when they were needed or they overcame her had to read the little things to determine her mood. He smirked at that thought, ‘I wonder if Krillin ever got to know 18 that well?’ He mused before relaxing a bit, standing up straight and tilting his head at the newcomer.

“So...another android...I swear to Kami, Trunks, you idiot...” He shook his head as he drank in the gorgeous form of this new mechanical lady, his previous mental struggles coming back to the fore as his hungry eyes roamed over her tight body. “So, what number are you, so I can tell Vegeta to scream at Trunks about it?”

The woman before him let out a giggling laugh, one that was just this side of sane, and licked her lips. “I’m Android 21 and I am here to eat you, Gohan.” She let out a groan of desire as she ran her hands across her belly, her eyes flashing red. “I want to feel you in my stomach...I want to be filled by you!” She cooed as she licked her lips, her eyes roaming over his heavily muscled body like a starving woman looking at a steak….or a chocolate sundae. “I sensed your power and I couldn’t help but come looking for you...and I am going to turn you into the sweetest of treats!” She continued, her obvious insanity setting Gohan’s teeth on edge even as his cock let him know how much it appreciated the sight of her.

Gohan raised his eyebrow at her declaration and he couldn’t help but smile at the sexual nature of her statement. He knew she was probably talking about absorbing him in some way, but his month long hiatus from 18’s succulent body was making his smaller head unusually attentive to the voluptuous woman’s words, “ much fun as stuffing you would be...I am afraid I’m going to have to decline!” He let a smile cross his face as he lowered himself into a combat stance, his throbbing cock straining his pants as he prepared, “So, if you want a are gonna have to work for it!”

21 grinned at his response and nodded enthusiastically while also licking her lips. “It always makes the meals so much sweeter when they fight back!” She cooed and flicked her wrist, as she let loose, dark red Ki coiling around her body like a mini-tornado, concealing her momentarily from Gohan’s sight in a mass of semi-solid Ki. When it dissipated, she was different, her flesh the color of bubblegum and her formerly dark hair turned into a shock of curling white locks. Her eyes were scarlet red circles that stared out from a black abyss that was her sclera and a long coiling tail extended from above her bubble butt.

Her outfit had changed as well, as she was now dressed in white baggy pants and a tight, black tube-top, that only further accentuated her luscious bust. Her arms were still sheathed in those long black sleeves, but now large golden bracelets adorned her wrists. She looked every bit like a slim and sexy female version of Majin Buu...and that fact took Gohan by surprise for a moment, causing his eyes to go wide and his jaw to drop.

“What the hell...?” He muttered as he took in the sight before him. She was gorgeous before, but now she was downright ball busting, the pink skin making her look soft and plush all over while she kept her tight and trim physique. Her exotic appearance gave him all kinds of mixed signals as he stared open-mouthed at that strange creature. She looked like Buu, so that already sent up alarm bells in his head, and burning red eyes were never a good thing in his experience...but her glorious body and the way she moved set his teeth (and cock) on edge. She was the epitome of the saying ‘Not sure if want’, but then again, if his cock was any indicator...he knew exactly what he would do to her, if given the chance.

21 gave a little giggle at his shocked expression, her eyes locked on the muscular half-breed as she ran her hands across her full body until they rested on her exposed stomach, “I cannot wait to feel you inside have you fill me up~!” She let out a groan that set Gohan’s heart beating and did no favors for his sex starved mind, almost as if she was intentionally teasing him. “I’m sure you taste delicious!” She purred, her voice sultry and laced with innuendo, but Gohan knew that if she was anything like the Buu he knew...then the eating part was all too literal. “Then don't just stand there all day!” Gohan snapped, Ki starting to coil around his body. “Because if you are just gonna stand there and play with yourself...I got better things to do.”

As if a switch was thrown inside the stunning android’s head, her face went from animalistic desire to almost incandescent rage, as if she was a child that had been playing a particularly fun game and had been forced to stop. “Grrrr! Alright...” She hissed, her burning eyes boring metaphorical holes through Gohan’s well muscled frame. “Then it is time for DINNER!” She howled and launched herself at him, moving faster than most could see...but not Gohan. He had trained for years at this and he caught the movement at the last second, but not quick enough to avoid the strike, so he turned with the sledgehammer-like blow. He rolled with it, turning his head with the impact and throwing himself back from the strike. Even as he did so, he was stunned at the force of the hit, it was like getting hit in the face with a mountain condensed down into a fist. It rattled his jaw and if he had been any less on point and had not put up his Ki-barriers at the last second, he had no doubt that his head would have been batted off his shoulders.

He rolled up to his feet, eyes wide in surprise. Nobody had ever hit him that hard, not even Super-Buu or Perfect Cell. His vision swam for a moment as he shook off the force of the impact, but 21 didn’t give him any time to recover. She was on him, driving city leveling punches at the half-breed with machine gun rapidity. Gohan was on the back foot. Even with all of his training, this creature was pushing him to his limit...and they had just started. He was in trouble and he knew it...and if she had the same form of infinite Ki generator that 18 had, he was in even deeper trouble than he thought...

Gohan was barely able to keep his guard up, catching and turning the strikes the insane android threw at him. She was good...damn good. Her fighting style was an amalgamation of many fighters he had watched or fought in the was like fighting that bastard Cell all over again. She would switch her styles at random, from fighting like a madwoman to Piccolo’s clinical style and then back again. She threw a low kick in Turtle School style before switching up to a leaping strike in New Crane School style and finally a hammering uppercut that had all the indicators of Frieza Force training. Fighting 21 was like fighting a hundred warriors in one and she had none of the arrogance that had handicapped Cell or Frieza. She was pure desire and fury, hunger and rage and she was possibly the most dangerous opponent Gohan had ever faced...and he was enjoying every second of it!

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE STRONGER THAN THIS!” 21 screamed, flashing away and sending a great red and black ball of Ki towards him in a curving ark. It was like Frieza's Deathball, but the strength of it was far greater than what that long dead tyrant had ever produced. “Maybe you are not the sweet treat I thought you were!” Gohan growled and snapped out a hand, sending a coiling beam of Ki to puncture the Deathball, causing it to detonate in the air with a thunderous roar, exploding outwards in a blackish red mushroom cloud. He leapt away from the blast, hoping to gain some distance between him and both the blast radius and the insane android, but even as the shockwave ripped past him, she was on him again, driving a thunderous punch into the unsuspecting half-breed’s stomach and ramming him into the ground in an explosion of dust and broken stone. She didn’t stop there, smashing several continent cracking punches into Gohan’s face as she straddled the stunned half-breed, her tail lashing out behind her as she cackled insanely.

“You are nowhere near as strong as I thought!” She screamed at him as she slammed another thunderous punch into his face, digging him deeper into the soil. “You are no proper are just an appetizer before the main course!” She snarled and stood from Gohan’s prone form and pointed a finger down at his half buried body. “Maybe your father will be a far more sporting snack than you!” At that statement, something snapped inside the battered Gohan and he let out a roar of rage, Ki erupting from his prone form and blasting the surprised 21 away in a shockwave of golden light. She smashed into and through a nearby mountain...I mean plateau, shattering it and causing the towering rock formation to come crashing down around her in a shower of broken stone and dust. 21 had just pushed the Goku Button...she shouldn’t have done that.

She pulled herself free from the rubble around her, snarling and laughing at the same time, her red eyes wild as she looked towards where she had left her prospective meal...and was pleasantly surprised by what she saw. Gohan was standing there, but not the same Gohan she had been fighting up to that point, what stood in his place was a figure that set her mind alight with hunger at the raw power that was radiating from him. He was taller, much taller, with a thin coating of red fur across his body, with the exception of his face, neck, chest, and hands. His clothing had changed as well, going from his normal red training gi to a simple pair of dark colored pants and pointed shoes, not unlike his former master Piccolo’s attire, but leaving his heavily muscled chest bare. A long red furred tail extended out behind him and his eyes had turned into a predatory yellow color...and those same eyes were locked on the luscious body of Android 21.

“Now we’re talking!” She exclaimed happily, her own burning red gaze meeting his savage yellow one. “You are a meal worth eating!” She cackled and pressed both of her hands against her stomach. “I have been soo hungry for soo long...and you might just be able to make that go least for a little while!” She cooed, an insane grin gracing her lips. “Now come here Gohan...I want you in my belly~!” She screamed, launching herself like a bullet from a gun at the transformed Gohan.

All Gohan did...was smile in response.


The ground shook in a rhythmic motion, as if  a building-sized hammer was hitting  a city-sized anvil. The air resounded with a fleshy crack with every ground shaking impact through the now devastated countryside. The area was completely destroyed, craters and shattered mountains littering the area and the sky above was clouded with thousands of tons of dust and particulate that had been tossed into the air as if by some cataclysmic volcanic eruption. It was a vision of abject destruction, but what was at the center of that field of devastation was far more interesting than the surrounding was Android 21, naked and on her hands knees, being fucked by the hulking Gohan.

The luscious android was prompted up, her gloriously round butt slapping against Gohan’s thighs and groin as he plowed the bubblegum pink colored bitch beneath him, causing her lusciously large breasts to bounce deliciously with each mountain cracking thrust into her offered up cunt. One of Gohan’s meaty palms was sunk into one of her plush asscheeks and the other had wrapped her long tail around her neck and was using it as a makeshift reign to yank the gurgling android babe back against him with inhuman force, each slap of her body against his sending a shockwave through the area around them and causing unstable rock formations to crumble around them. Gohan showed the busty bubblegum bitch no mercy, his throbbing shaft plundering her insides as it battered against the spongy entrance to her womb with each echoing thrust into her eagerly spasming twat. With her own tail wrapped around her neck, 21 couldn’t scream or beg, but the way her eyes rolled up in her head and her tongue hung from her lips, it was clear that she was in heaven, each brutal thrust into her quivering quim producing a torrent of her own fluids that dripped out of her pussy and ran down her thighs to pool beneath her. Each hard thrust caused her entire form to slam forward with enough force to shatter a building and the echoing crack of Gohan’s brutal thrusts sounded like a series of bombs going off with each hard cockplunge into her soaked twat.

“That’s right, you pink bitch!” Gohan snarled as he felt her cunt clamped down on his monstrous prick, “You want to feel me in your belly? Well, here you GO!” He thrust forward HARD, his cockhead smashing against her abused cervix in one brutal thrust and breaking through, his baseball bat like cock smashing up and into her womb like a spear impaling its victim, bulging out her stomach and drawing a jerking spasm from the fucked mad android. She bucked against him, her entire body tensing as she tried to scream in release, but all it did was let out a high pitched whine as Gohan tightened his grip on the tail noose he had wrapped around her neck. 21 was cumming, her whole body jerking with levels of pleasure she had never felt outside devouring someone. She couldn’t understand it and some part of her mind railed against it, but it felt like she was feeding. It gave her the same levels of pleasure, so her body embraced the brutal fucking with the same passion that she put into her gastronomic pursuits. She thrust back against him, adding her own strength to the animalistic fucking and causing the ground underneath them to crack and crater with each hard, rhythmic thrust.

Gohan growled, his eyes wild and wide as he plowed the pink beauty’s even pinker pussy, savoring the feeling of her soft and plush body as it smacked against his and squished under his powerful grip. He was surprised at how soft she was, the cushy and pillowy nature of her flesh contrasting sharply with her swelteringly hot insides as they rippled up and down his throbbing shaft. “Fuck...for a robot, you are soft as hell!” He rumbled, giving a laugh as he spanked her lush asscheeks, watching them wobble like jello from the hit. 21 mentally sneered at his remarks. She was a bio-droid, not some cyborg like her kin, but when another orgasm ripped through her, she just thrust back against him, not caring enough or even able to correct him.

Gohan sighed in pleasure as he picked up the pace, hammering his cock in and out of her stretched pussylips like a piston as he yanked back on her tail, nearly bending her double and causing her elastic flesh to bulge out around his cock even more as he fucked her. This was a new experience for the both of them and they both were enjoying themselves in different, but equally pleasurable ways.

For Gohan it was like having a living sextoy, able to bend and twist and shape no matter what you did to it. She was so tight it was almost painful, but at the same time loose enough that it felt like his cock slotted home perfectly in her tight twat and hot if she was designed specifically for him. It was incredible and he couldn’t help but think that 18 would have some serious competition from now on.

For 21, the experience of somebody beating her in a fight and then dragging her down to her knees and fucking her was like nothing she had ever felt in her life. She had never been beaten before, her hunger had never allowed it, but the feeling of that big cock rearranging the structure of her womb was more than worth losing to this monstrous half-breed. It gave her the same pleasurable high that she got from feeding, that orgasmic sensation ripping through her with each thrust. That pleasant heat she always felt in her belly when she devoured strong prey was matched and almost exceeded by the feeling of the big half-breed’s cock slamming into the back wall of her womb. She was in heaven, her tongue hanging from her lips and her eyes rolling in her head with each belly deforming thrust of that mind bendingly large cock into her eager insides. She had lost count of how many times she had orgasmed since this started, each womb smashing thrust sending her already fractured mind into a new kaleidoscopic realm of sensation.

The two godlike beings rutted in unison, driving against one another  in a brutal dance of sexual domination. 21 thrusting back against Gohan like a bitch in heat, her long tongue slapping against her chin with each hard fuckhtrust. Of course, Gohan treated her like she actually was a bitch in heat, his new form not able to do anything less than absolute balls to the wall fucking, each thrust sending a rippling shockwave through her soft, almost gooey body. Gohan’s mind was a tangle of fury and lust, the sensation of her tight insides constricting his shaft overruling any and all sanity he might have had (what little there was left in this form) and sent him into a rutting frenzy, his thrusts speeding up to the point that his hips became a blur. Not to be outdone, 21 matched his strokes, slamming herself back against him at hypersonic speeds, each collision of their bodies sending a sonic shockwave through the air, loud enough to shatter windows dozens of miles away. There was no affection or love in their fucking, just an animalistic need to procreate, to fuck their partner into a mind-numb mass of orgasmic pleasure...and in that field of battle, Gohan was the undisputed master.

“I’m gonna stuff your slutty womb with my cum, you pink slut!” he growled, his heavy balls starting to churn as he rammed himself in and out of her abused twat, the force of his thrusts causing her deliciously soft body to bounce and jiggle wonderfully as he approached his climax. His eyes widened and his teeth bared as he raced towards his completion. 21 was not too far behind as she bucked against him, her insides spasming around his throbbing cock as she jerked in release underneath her brutal lover, her cunt squirting a great gout of her own juices as she was pushed over the edge once more, her cries of pleasure strangled away by the tight noose he had made from her tail.

“I want to hear you beg for it, you bubblegum colored bitch!” He let go of her tail, letting her fall forward so that her large breasts and face smashed against the ground, cracking the cratered stone beneath them. 21 took her first breath in nearly an hour...and immediately let out a screaming howl of pleasure as she pushed herself up, digging her fingers into the powdered rock of the crater they had fucked into the ground beneath them and used all the strength in her body to slam herself back against the big balled brute bashing her womb. “FILL ME UP YOU BEAST!” She screamed, her eyes rolling in her head as she threw herself back against him. “FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR SALTY TREATS!” She crowed, her body bucking in orgasmic release as she finally gave voice to the mind bending pleasure of being rutted by the beastily half-breed above her.

The surge of her release sent the panting Gohan over the edge, his balls CLENCHING as he finally let go, a torrent of his potent seed jetting into her battered womb, filling her baby chamber to the brim and beyond with each power jerk of his throbbing cock. Gohan threw back his head and roared with his climax, Ki erupting around him in a wave of golden light as it threw a fresh wave of broken rock and dust into the already cloudy air. Gohan had been away for far too long, having let the beast inside his head go hungry...well it was out now and it was not going to go away until it was fully satisfied. He stuffed the jerking 21’s abused cunny with enough seed to fertilize a hundred women, his godlike balls producing a truly insane amount of cum and every drop of it was injected directly into 21’s eager womb, absolutely flooding her fallopian tubes with his thick baby batter and doing its damndest to create a human/saiyan/majin/android crossbreed. Soon, spurts of his wadd begane to jet out of her overstuffed cunt, pooling in the crater beneath them as Gohan fucked 21 through his ball busting climax, each jerk of his cock adding to the expanse of off white chode that filled the crater beneath the bucking lovers.

21 lost herself in the tidal wave of pleasure that accompanied her womb being stuffed with Gohan’s potent seed. She screamed inside her head, her eyes rolling up fully into her head and her arms giving out, causing her to go face first into the cum pool beneath her. At the feeling of his thick cum coating her face, her lolling tongue lashed out at the thick batter as she sought to consume the cast off wadd that couldn’t fit in her overstuffed womb anymore, slurping it up like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted...and to her fractured mind, it was. She was in heaven, her body spasming as she was thoroughly seeded, her stomach ballooning out with the raw amount of wadd that was pumped into her by the time Gohan’s mind bending cumshot had come to and end.

Gohan let out a long sigh as the last few spurts of his cum filled the fuck drunk bio-droid, his heart hammering in his chest and his balls aching from the force of that long denied climax. He looked down at the formerly aggressive android, a feral grin crossing his face as he pulled back, his cock leaving her abused cunt with loud and wet SLORP, causing a stream of ball batter to pour from her overstuffed twat and add to the rapidly expanding pool the near insensate 21 wallowed in. He let out a near mad laugh, his semi-flagging cock starting to rise back to the front at the sight of the android’s abused cunt drooling long strands of his thick wadd.

“You got your wish, you pink does it feel? You want a second helping or have you learned your lesson?” He asked with a sneering laugh, his eyes roaming over her tight body as he savored the sight of her deliciously pink (and now white streaked) curves. His attention was drawn to her full bubble butt, tight and firm, yet soft and malleable to the touch, which caused an idea to slowly form in his head. Gohan gave a wide grin and gave her still offered up bubble butt a hard SMACK, causing it to jiggle and jump wildly, her almost gooey flesh having a wonderfully erotic bounce as he brought his other hand around to smack the opposite asscheek. Upon impact, his hands sunk into her flesh, leaving great handprints in her soft, pink flesh that seemed to slowly fill in, giving her glorious butt its rounded shape back. It was one of the most interesting and erotic things he had ever seen, how her flesh responded to his tough and he smiled like a madman because of it, making him wonder just how durable her body really was. He sunk both of his hands into her glorious bubble butt, kneading them in his palms and savoring the feel of them in his grip.

All of a sudden, a crazy thought hit Gohan’s mind and he chuckled and shook his head at his own idea. hat he had in mind was something he had never done before, but he couldn’t pass up this chance. He spread her glorious asscheeks, exposing her tight pucker to his gaze, a grin crossing his face as he did so. Even at the heights of sexaul fury, he actually had never fucked 18’s ass...but he would not pass up the chance to do so with such a willing and...deserving subject as his new bubblegum bitch. He leaned forward and pressed his throbbing shaft against her rosebud, relishing in the heat coming off her tight body.

21 let out a groan, slowly blinking as she came back to reality, turning her head as she felt his throbbing cockhead press against her pucker, her crimson eyes going wide at the feeling of that log of a cock pressing against her tightest hole. The initial shocked passed quickly, however, and a mad grin crossed her face as she licked her lips at the idea of him fucking her again, the idea of him fucking her brainless a second time causing her to moan in desire. She lifted her head to look back at him, cum dripping from her face and breasts as she pulled her upper body from the rapidly cooling cum pool beneath her, pushing back against him and causing his cockhead to press hotly against her rear entrance. “ naughty~!” She crooned, licking her lips as she winked at the surprised Gohan. “Come on, you beast...fuck me and fuck me HARD!” She snarled, a cheshire cat grin on her face as she wiggled her heart shaped ass for the experimentally minded half-breed.

Gohan blinked a few times in surprise and then grinned widely. He had expected her to fight him some more, but apparently this bitch was just as crazy as she was sexy. “You are a real piece of work, you know that?” He shook his head, laughing, before he THRUST forward without warning. His cock bowed in the middle for a moment, almost as if it was going to be kept out of 21’s bubble butt, but he would not be denied...and with a loud POP, his cock sank into her swelteringly hot and breathtakingly tight butt. He sank to the hilt in one go, bulging out 21’s stomach and having her gloriously bountiful butt slap against his thighs as his cock filled the tightest hole he had ever fucked.

21 let out a howling moan as her tight pucker was devastated by his throbbing cock, a sense of raw, erotic fullness slamming through her as her normally trim and toned belly was once more bulged out by Gohan’s monstrous cock. Due to her unnatural physiology and the fact that she really had no normal biological functions, she felt no pain at all, just a deliciously erotic pressure in her stomach and ass. In her ecstasy, she looked back at him, her eyes wide and her breathing coming in sharp gasps at just the sensation of being penetrated again by the big balled beast that had brutally beaten her. “So tight~!” She cooed, her body trembling with desire as she was filled by that monstrous cock. “OH KAMI! FUCK ME, YOU SAIYAN BEAST!”

Gohan let out a gasp, his eyes wide as he nearly bent double over the tight-bodied 21, her insides seeming to suckle on his cock. She was tight, almost painfully so, but her strange makeup soon adjusted, flowing and changing to provide a perfect fit for his cock. He shuddered, the sensation of her insides rippling up and down his cock almost making him cum right then and there, but he forced it down and grinned crazily. “Damn...I might have to try this...with 18 someday!” He groaned, his eyes closing as he gathered his composure, slowly pulling back and letting out a sigh of pleasure as her tight pucker rippled up and down his cock. “And seem to love it as are a bigger slut than I thought!” He said with a savage grin, his golden gaze savoring the sight of her tight sphincter stretched wide around his throbbing fuckpole.

The bubblegum colored bitch with a busted butt just laughed in response and gave him a wink as she looked back at him, her odd makeup giving her the ability to turn her head enough to look him in the eye. “So, Android 18 is who you have shacked up with?” She asked with a feral grin as she wiggled her hips in time with his slow thrusts, “It’s time to trade up for a new model...because I am ten times the woman that washed up blonde will ever be!” She cooed, wrapping her long tail around Gohan’s waist in an effort to pull him back into her and to fill her up once more.

Gohan went stiff at her declaration, rage flashing to the forefront of his mind at her insult against his wife. His hands lashed out and snaked under her thighs, hefting her up and locking his hands behind her head, placing her in a full nelson crunch, causing her full breasts to push out and the pronounced bulge in her belly to grow even larger. “If you are gonna say shit like that and insult my wife, you pink-skinned bitch...then I’m gonna make you put your money where your fucking mouth is!” Gohan snarled and RAMMED her down his shaft, hefting her up and crunching her down, causing her soft pin frame to compress with the force of his thrusts. If she had been a normal human, her spine would have been reduced to a pulp, but all it did to the eager majin android, was to make her let out a gasping moan, all the air being driven out of her lungs with the force of her decent on that towering monolith of man meat. Gohan did not stop there, pistoning her up and down his shaft at breakneck speeds, only slowing for a moment to sit on the crater’s edge to add to the stability of the cock stuffed crunches he was forcing the squishy android to do.

With each brutal crunch of her tight body, the breath was driven from 21’s lungs in a rasping rush, keeping the moaning android from speaking or responding to Gohan’s declaration. She didn’t need to breathe to live due to her nature, but she did need air in order to speak, and all she could do, was let out a strangled moan of pleasure with each brutal plunge into her tight pucker...and she couldn’t care less. The sensation of having her insides rearranged by Gohan’s pounding prick was more than enough to cause her body to speak for her, each brutal plunge of her soft body down that steel hard cock sending a fresh wave of her juices and leftover clumps of Gohan’s cum squirting from her abused cunt. She was in heaven, her mind already equating the act of being fucked by the burly half-breed to feeding on her enemies, and thus recognising it as the most pleasurable experience she could possibly have. She threw herself into it, moaning and howling with each gasped in breath, praising the big dicked half-saiyan as much as she could before her lungs were once more deflated by the downstroke. 21 lost herself in the pleasure of Gohan using her, the feeling of her tight body being treated like nothing more than a tight sleeve for cock being nothing short of rapturous...and when the realization that he would directly fill her stomach with his cum, that ecstacy reached a new height. She SCREAMED, bucking against him as she orgasmed, her entire body spasming as she reached a new peak of pleasure.

Gohan groaned, Ki flashing off of him in waves as he savored the feeling of 21’s tight insides rippling up and down his cock. It was like nothing he had ever experienced, a silken heat that gripped him like a vice. 21 was simply incredible, her malleable frame flowing to fit him perfectly, as if her entire body was specifically designed to fit around his cock. Plus, the raw erotic nature of breaking open her tight butt with his cock added a sensation of taboo to it. Having never even come close to buggering 18, this had a tinge of his idle fantasies fulfilled and raw lust being serviced over instinct.

Gohan grinned and tightened his grip on the the pink skinned android, pressing her head down and tightening her crunch, causing her stomach to stretch around his cock even more, the outline and thick veined detail of his towering fuckpole visible through her pink flesh. “That’s right bitch...cum for me...cum while I am fucking your filthy android slut!” He roared, Ki blasting out around him in a tornado of force, shattering the already devastated battleground with a fresh wave of destruction and 21 could do nothing but obey his barked orders...and cum like the filthy android slut she was.

There was no mercy or kindness shown to the eager 21 and she didn’t ask for any in the first place. She was in absolute ecstasy as her gloriously bubble butt slapped against Gohan’s thighs and groin hard enough to crush a diamond between them. She just mewled in response, her eyes rolling in her head as she was pushed from one soul crushing climax to another by the brutal fucking. Her brain shut off and she let instinct take over, causing her to throw herself into the brutal coitus without any reservation or hesitation, using her tail grip on Gohan’s waist to add even more force to the brutal full nelson crunches the fuck maddened Gohan was forcing her to do.

Gohan knew that he was not going to last long against furnace hot tightness of 21’s tight backside, his balls starting to churn and clench as his climax rapidly approached. She was truly something else, even 18 couldn’t get him to cum this quick and the two of them had years of practice at this point. Some dark part of his mind couldn’t help but wonder if she indeed would be a trade up from 18...but those thoughts disappeared in a wave of breath stealing ecstasy as he finally reached his peak once again.

Gohan let out a roaring scream, his Ki exploding to heights he had never dreamed of. He had never actually pushed his power to its limits, in fear of what people would think if they sensed what he was truly capable of, but at that moment he didn’t care anymore. Alongside his climax, he gave 21 every ounce of strength he had and the eager pink fucktoy took it all with an orgasmic grin as she was stuffed to the gills with his thick off-white baby batter.

21 let loose as well, letting her full might be known by releasing every ounce of Ki she held in her body, reaching her full power in time with Gohan, but the roaring Half-Saiyan’s might still eclipsed hers in nearly every way as he shot jet after jet into the eager android’s spasming guts.

The ground rumbled and the sky quaked, the clouds of dust and ash that had filled the sky parting to reveal the cold black of the void with Gohan’s power punching a hole through the atmosphere as his climax roared on, filling the tight bodied android to the brim and beyond with his cum. Her belly swelled out, bloating with the raw amount of cum she was being filled with. Cum backfilled and broke the seal around Gohan’s throbbing shaft, squirting out in great ropey strands to coat Gohan’s groin and flow down into the already cum filled crater beneath them. Soon, 21 let out a coughing moan as cum frothed up from between her lips and squirted out of her nose and more importantly, her mouth, a literal high pressure stream of cum erupting from her lips to coat her luscious breasts and body as she jerked in Gohan’s lap.

Gohan felt like he was on another planet. He had never cum like this before, having reached his full strength and climax at the same time was an experience he could have never imagined. It was incredible, the feeling of 21’s tight body rippling up and down his shaft as he filled her sending his pleasure to even greater heights. He let go of everything, all of his concerns and worries he had built up during his month long hiatus from his family, his worries that he couldn’t control his new form. He just gave it all to 21...through a direct protein injection into her ever hungry stomach. He stood up, forcing himself to spite the intensity of his climax and stood over the cum filled crater, a roaring growl leaving his lips as he shoved the tight bodied 21 off of his still spurting cock, causing her to splash in the thick pool of cum that had accumulated at the bottom of the crater created by their rutting. He grabbed the base of his cock and rapidly pumped it, adding fresh layers of his thick wadd to the gurgling 21, the pool of cum growing nearly six inches deep at the base as Gohan rode out the most powerful orgasm of his life. He blacked out from the intensity, his vision swimming as his body jerked in release, his mind wandering into strange places as his brain shut off from the force of his climax.


When Gohan came back to the land of the living, he was seated on the edge of the cum filled crater, his flaccid cock laying across his thigh as he panted in relief. His balls ached and his entire body felt like he had spent a year in the time chamber...and it was one of the greatest feelings of his life. He blinked his swimming vision clear and looked down, seeing 21’s half submerged form wallowing in the thick cum soup at the bottom of the crater, splashing and slurping up the thick ball juice like she was a saiyan at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. The sight of the ball bustingly hot android woman gulping up near gallons of his sticky cum caused his sensitive cock to start to fill with blood once more.

21 was ecstatic as she slurped up great mouthfuls of Gohan’s protein rich baby batter, stuffing her ever hungry gullet with his potent jizz. Despite the raw amount of cum the sexually monstrous half-breed had filled her with...she just couldn’t get enough. She scooped up great handfuls of that thick ballpudding and poured it into her wide open mouth, causing fresh waves of that rapidly cooling jizz to coat her pink flesh. She had found a new treat...a new way to satisfy her hunger...and she would pursue it to the ends of the universe and back if it meant that she could taste it once again! She heard Gohan wake up and she smiled, turning to see that her new food source had come out of his fuck-induced coma.

“Hello, Gohan~!” She said, her eyes wide and...startlingly blue instead of the burning red. She pushed herself up, cum running down her glorious body in thick waves as she moved up to him, the white of Gohan’s wadd standing out starkly against her pink skin. “Good to see you are back among the living~!” She said with a happy giggle as she slid between his legs, her hands seeking out his growing cock, gripping it around the base and slowly stroking that engorging shaft, seeking to coax it back to full mast.

Gohan let out a hiss of surprise as 21 pumped his growing shaft. “Careful...I’m still sensitive.” He said, his cock pulsing as it returned to its ever turgid state, but then he noticed her eyes, the scarlet orbs replaced with baby blue. “Your eyes...what happened?” he asked, confused and sexually exhausted...but not above letting the slutty pink android to work his cock.

“Yeah...that is not something I’m going to get into now, sorry,” 21 said with a happy smile, “Because I’m hungry and I don’t like any more leftovers~!” She leaned forward and engulfed his throbbing cockhead, slurping and suckling on his near fist sized glands. She had no trouble taking his cock into her mouth, her elastic body more than up to the challenge of swallowing Gohan’s resurrected shaft. She took it to the base, deepthroating his cock with an expertise and ease that baffled the half-breed. Not even 18 could deepthroat him that easily in his full form, and yet 21 did it like it was nothing, her long tongue working across his shaft with a stunning level of skill. For a moment, Gohan thought about how she might absorbed that skill from those she eats or if it stemmed from her genetics, but he eventually stopped caring as 21 gave a long and low moan around his throbbing shaft, driving any and all considerations beyond getting his cock sucked out of his mind...but that blissful pleasure was interrupted by something he certainly did not expect.

“...Gohan...what are you doing?!” All of a sudden, the ice cold voice of Android 18 rang out behind him, anger dripping from every word.

Gohan looked back at the face of his fuming wife, her baby blue eyes filled with fury and her eyebrows twitching as if she was about to explode. In his surprise, he said the only two words that came to his mind.

“Oh, shit...”
There you are ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed Gohan taking the new pink skinned addition to the DBZ universe for a ride.

It was commissioned by the always awesome Valmont and edited by just as awesome Kingtoll88(check out his stuff)

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