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Chapter 4 - Nymphadora Tonks


Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Chapter 4 - Nymphadora Tonks

Chapter 4 - Nymphadora Tonks
Nymphadora Tonks knelt beneath Harry’s magically expanded desk. She was tied up in surprisingly comfortable rope and Harry had also silenced her just to make sure she stayed quiet when Fleur was due to arrive. Of course, judging from the voices she heard and the resulting sounds, Fleur was not alone this time. Tonks had explicit knowledge of all the things happening in the office for the last week so of course, she knew why Victoire Weasley was here.
The metamorphmagus couldn’t blame Victoire either. She’d been Harry’s the longest, even if the two of them had never actually had sex yet. So when the Head Auror saw down in his large comfortable desk chair with Victoire’s naked voluptuous body in his lap, her hips and round ass bouncing up and down on his cock… well, Tonks hadn’t been able to resist. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out, pushing it between the perfectly shaped ass cheeks in front of her and wiggling the tip up against the blonde part-veela’s butthole.
When the young witch looked back over her shoulder, her eyes widened in shock. It was clear that Victoire was expecting something else. Grinning impishly up at the younger woman, Tonks wasted no time in diving back in to continue tonguing out Victoire’s ass as Harry began to truly fuck her at the same time. While this happened, Tonks found her mind going back to how it all began. The other girls had all fallen under Harry’s spell for lack of a better word, because they wanted something from him.
But for Tonks, she hadn’t wanted anything, not at first… it’d been what he did for her, what he gave her without request or expectation of reward that had ultimately led her to becoming this to him, a bondage slut on her knees waiting to worship his cock.
Auror Nymphadora Tonks stared down at her young boss with barely disguised anger, her teeth clenched, her jaw set, and her hands balled up into fists.
Harry Potter, newly promoted to the Head Auror position, winced a little. He was still young and when she hissed that single word full of deadly promise at him, it was clear that he wasn’t exactly comfortable repeating himself. So Tonks did it for him.
“Did you just try to tell me that I’m your stinking secretary from now on Potter? Because I sincerely HOPE that’s not what I just heard out of your mouth.”
Even the young wizard’s good looks and innate charisma would not stay Tonk’s growing fury. She might have appreciated the young man and all he’d done for her, hell for the entire Wizarding World. That didn’t mean she was just going to get down on her knees and kiss the ass of boy nearly ten years her junior. She’d sooner hex him then do so. Still, Harry looked apologetic and Tonks held back for a brief moment, waiting for a response.
“Tonks, you don’t fully understand what’s happening here. I have very legitimate reasons for needing you to take over these duties an-“
Nope, taking too long. Tonks shut Harry down by slamming her balled fists into his desk, a small cedar holdover from the last Head Auror. Harry shut up as Tonks spoke over him.
“Legitimate my ass Harry! Is this because I’m a metamorphmagus? You abolished the secretary position beneath your office only a MONTH ago! You told me it was because of the constant stream of floozies applying for the position to try and be closer to you. Was that all a lie? You wanted to get rid of the job so that you could give me the duties and prey on my loneliness didn’t you?! I may be a widow Potter, but I’m not stupid! Give me ONE good reason for my becoming your secretary in all but name!”
Tonks was panting by the end of her little rant, red-faced and only partially from anger as she realized just how much of her own insecurities she’d thrown on Harry in that moment. The young man that had the power to fire her with a snap of his fingers was quiet as he looked at her with an unreadable expression. Suddenly, the Auror was really grateful that Harry’s office was soundproofed and the door was closed and locked.
That had been Harry’s doing and she kind of understood why he’d done so when he’d called her in now. This was a bit of a… inflammatory and sensitive issue.  Such consideration was why Tonks tried to tamp down on her rage, holding herself back from continuing to spout enraged nonsense. Letting out a low breath, Tonks squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again, staring at Harry and waiting for a response.
The young Head Auror didn’t say a word, simply opening the top drawer on the left side of his shitting cedar desk and pulling out a folded up piece of parchment from within it. When Harry held out the letter to her, Tonks furrowed her brow but took it all the same, licking her lips nervously and opening it up to read its contents. She noticed immediately the official and important looking names at the bottom of the parchment. Tonks tracked her eyes back to the top and noted absently that the letter was officially addressed to Harry in his capacity as Head Auror. This was official Ministry Communication.
Reading the letter, the beautiful female Auror found her lips slowly pressing together tightly as her eyes slid back and forth across the parchment. Her fury and anger at Harry was slowly drained away and replaced by agitation, worry, and fear. Her hair began to whirl through a mixture of different shades, most of them not quite colorful, faded instead as the blood drained from her face.
Getting to the end of the letter, Tonks set it down on the desk fast, as if she couldn’t bear to hold it for another second. Only then did she look back at Harry. Her boss, and boy was that still strange to think of the young man as, looked at her with pity in his eyes. Tonks struggled to find the proper words for what she’d just read and ultimately they came out in a stutter when she finally did, the righteously angry confident female Auror gone in a split second, replaced by a woman fearful for her and her child’s future.
“H-How… how can they do this? Because of Remus? Because of a man who died for them, who f-fought for them?! Remus Lupin was a war hero but they will never see him as anything but a werewolf!”
Tonks was nearly ready to burst into tears, unable to comprehend the callousness of the pureblood racist fucks that still stood at the top of magical society. Even now they were trying to use their influence and their power to harm those below them. The letter outlined to Harry that he was to find a way to fire Auror Nymphadora Tonks with all due haste. It went on to call her presence in the department an unnecessary distraction to the other Aurors and a detriment to the smooth operation of the Auror’s Office.
Harry leaned forward and his hand suddenly closed over Tonks’, her fingers shaking and trembling until he touched them, stroking the top of her hand.
“I’m not going to let it happen Tonks. I’m making you indispensable by giving you these duties. If there’s one thing the old codgers at the top hate more than those who they wrongly consider inferior to them, it’s wasting coin. When I got rid of the secretary position beneath me, they talked about giving me a fucking medal. I’m their golden boy, and not just because of my past. They’re using me as an example to others on how to cut costs and extraneous positions from across the Ministry. It’s caused a bit of a shake-up, but at the very least I can USE it now.”
She didn’t understand how. Tonks furrowed her brow, biting her lower lip self-consciously.
“I don’t quite understand it Harry. How does it get them off your back about getting rid of me?”
The young wizard smiled wickedly and Tonks found herself blushing just a bit as he directed that smile her way. For a brief moment, she forgot that he was nearly ten years younger than her and married to boot. Her heart pounded in her chest and she was glad to already be flushed with more emotions than she could account, because it meant the blush that blossomed across her face was mostly hidden as Harry explained.
“Like I said, I’m making you indispensable Tonks. They’ll have a choice to make, an ultimatum I’ll gladly give them. Either they let me keep you on to handle some of the secretarial duties at no extra cost to the Ministry, or they make me fire you and I bring back the position of Secretary to the Head Auror, offering the fattest Merlin damned salary I can in the process.”
Tonks processed this and slowly nodded, realizing what Harry was planning to do now. He wasn’t throwing her under the bus, he was…
“You’re using their greed to overcome their prejudice… Harry that’s brilliant.”
The younger man ended up flashing another grin and Tonks had to glance away as her knees went weak. She quickly looked back though, trying to avoid seeming too obvious. Harry was already looking down at some papers though, shuffling through things as he spoke.
“So then Auror Tonks, I have a couple tasks for you that I need done before you go home tonight. Do you think you can handle a floo call and a quick delivery to the Department of Magical Transportation?”
He glanced up at her and gave her a small secretive smile. Tonks returned it and nodded happily.
“Of course sir! Always glad to be of assistance!”
They shared an amused look as Harry handed Tonks the parcel for delivery and began to explain who he needed her to floo and why. Tonks felt light as a feather, her heart singing just a bit. She’d be fine, so long as young Harry had her back. The metamorphmagus just knew everything would be alright.
As the months passed, everything was alright, for Tonks at least. Harry’s little plan worked and the prejudiced fuckers backed off, unwilling to push the issue when it became gold on the line, rather than just their delicate sensibilities demanding that they purged the Ministry of a werewolf lover. Tonks remained an Auror, but she found herself taking on more and more secretarial duties for Harry and as a result spending more time in the Auror’s office rather than out in the field.
It wasn’t even that Harry demanded she do more work for him. Tonks took it upon herself to transition in that direction all on her own, happy to spend more time with the young Head Auror making his life easier after everything he did for her. And if once in a while Tonks found a bit more Galleons on her paycheck than should be… well she didn’t say a word and nobody wanted to be the one who questioned the rising star that was Head Auror Potter, not with his work building on his already hefty past fame.
Still, spending so much time around the office meant that Tonks saw things she might not have seen under different circumstances. While things were going swell for her, she was privy to quite a bit of evidence that they weren’t going quite as easily for Harry. There was trouble at home, his marriage with Ginny on the rocks thanks to his longer hours. Those same longer hours were leaving the young man stressed out and that wasn’t making his conversations with Ginny any better.
Tonks worried after the young wizard. It hurt her to see her son’s godfather and the savior of the Wizarding World in such duress. It also helped that spending so much time with Harry had ignited a bit of a fire deep inside of her, a fire that had been embers since Remus’ death. In the end, the metamorphmagus had watched one too many floo calls between Harry and Ginny end in an argument, with one of them inevitably leaving the other staring at an empty fire.
After Harry pulled back from one of these, only to startle upon realizing Tonks was in the room, the older woman felt a pang of pity for her boss. It was clear that he was at the end of his rope as he ran a hand over his face and stood up.
“How much of that did you hear Tonks?”
Wincing, Tonks stepped up, following him over to his desk. The young man had finally gotten that dinky little cedar his predecessor used replaced and now he had a big grand mahogany desk in its place, a proper sort of thing for a Head Auror to use. It took up quite a bit of that end of the office, but it fit with the layout Harry had going on. Settling down into his chair, the young Potter grimaced and looked up at her expectantly, still waiting for a response.
“… All of it sir. We were discussing something when your wife called… an hour and a half ago. You didn’t dismiss me so I stayed.”
Harry’s eyes flickered to the clock on the wall and he groaned, leaning forward and burying his face in his hands. Tonks abruptly came to a decision in that moment. Seeing the wizard who had done so much for her in such a state upset her to no end. At the same time, a large part of her was goading her on, telling her that SHE could be the comfort for Harry that Ginny was supposed to be. In the end, Tonks gave in to temptation and swiftly circled around the large mahogany desk.
Her young boss did not realize she was there until her hand was rubbing circles into his back.
“Harry, you’ve got so much on your plate. Please, let me help you.”
He just shook his head in response, continuing to grind the heels of his palms into his eyes as he groaned.
“You already do so damn much for me Tonks. How the hell can I ask for more from you?”
Licking her lips, Tonks moved her hand from his back to the arm of his chair, grabbing the other side with her other hand in the same moment and turning his chair to face her abruptly. Harry let out a yelp; well and truly startled by the sudden change of positioning as Tonks leaned down to bring herself eye level with him. She saw the way his eyes immediately focused on her cleavage, her currently position giving him quite a delicious view right down her top.
Tonks grinned salaciously as Harry finally looked up at her, realizing what he’d done and blushing in embarrassment.
“You don’t have to ask for it boss. I’m here for you whenever you need me. I’m yours.”
As she spoke in a soft cooing tone, Tonks descended to her knees, her hands transitioning from Harry’s chair to his knees as she pushed them apart and took up position between his legs. Harry swallowed hard and fell back into his chair as he stared at her. The confliction in his eyes was good. It gave Tonks hope, the fact that he didn’t immediately respond with anger or disgust or outrage.
“I… we shouldn’t.”
Tonks curved her lips into a coy grin and then her face transformed into that of a familiar red head. Harry’s eyes widened as Tonks, with Ginny’s face on, casually reached for the wizard’s belt, moving to unbuckle it and work at the button and zipper on his trousers right after. As she did, she spoke in the voice of Harry’s wife, her tone seductive and just a bit apologetic.
“Shouldn’t we though my love? I’ve been so very hurtful of late. I owe you an apology Harry, for being such a mean bitch. Please, let me make it up to you.”
Harry swallowed hard yet again, but he didn’t move to stop her. Instead, the young man kept his hands on the arms of his chair, clutching down tightly as she pulled his huge cock out of his pants. For a moment, Tonks broke character as she laid eyes on that prodigious member and let out a surprised explicative.
“Merlin’s balls that’s huge!”
Her exclamation caused Harry to let out a bark of laughter, though it came out more than a little high pitched. Realizing she was breaking the scene, Tonks recomposed herself and turned Ginny’s heavily lidded gaze back towards the woman’s husband.
“It’s okay Harry. I’m going to take care of this for you.”
And Tonks proceeded to do just that, wearing Ginny’s body, the metamorphmagus stroked up and down on Harry’s massive member before leaning forward and placing the ginger’s lips over his cockhead. Suckling on Harry’s cock with Ginny’s mouth was a bit of an interesting experience for Tonks, but the groan that left her young boss’ throat was more than enough to encourage her to keep going. Grinning a little, the deviant Auror continued to bob her head up and down on Harry’s cock, humming as she did so in order to send vibrations up his shaft.
One of Harry’s hands abruptly left the arm of his chair and grabbed her hair, clutching roughly at the red hair of his wife as Tonks paused, looking up at him with Ginny’s eyes, his shaft lodged halfway in her mouth. But he didn’t pull her off and so Tonks didn’t stop, instead continuing her ministrations as she bobbed her head up and down. Using her tongue to lash along the underside of Harry’s length, Tonks knew that she was getting to the wizard as he threw his head back and let out another guttural groan.
Then his other hand was in her hair and Harry was thrusting away into her mouth. Tonks gagged a little as he forced his way down her, down Ginny’s throat, but she didn’t even contemplate trying to pull back. The metamorphmagus had offered herself up to the Head Auror with every intention of following through. If this was the capacity that Harry needed her in, Tonks would gladly give it.
“Hulghk! Hulghk! Hulghk!”
As she choked on his cock, Harry growled, his hands pushing her head into his lap even as he thrust his length forward, right down her throat. He was nearly doubled over her as she felt his pubes tickling her nose and his balls bouncing against her chin with every last thrust.
“That’s right you slut, take it. Fucking god damn, you little ginger cunt, can’t you see I’m trying to make the best life possible for our family!? FUCK! Take it, TAKE IT!”
Tonks moaned as Harry took all of his frustration and stress out on the woman currently wearing his wife’s face. Her eyes began to flutter shut from the sheer savagery Harry was proving capable of. As she slowly slipped into unconsciousness, Tonks felt her body shifting, transforming back now that her focus was no longer on the task of keeping Ginny’s form in the forefront of her mind. Harry noticed as well when her hot tight throat began to spasm and shift around his thrusting cock.
Realizing what he was doing and finally seeing that Tonks’ eyes were barely open, Harry let out a shout and pushed the poor Auror back off his cock. Sitting back in his chair and panting heavily, Harry looked on wide eyed as Tonks hacked and coughed, on her hands and knees, trying to recover from the brutal face fucking he’d just visited on her.
“T-Tonks, I’m so sorry…”
Realizing that Harry was trying to apologize, the barely recovered young woman shook her head and got back up onto her knees, returning to her spot between Harry’s legs and lavishing further praise on his throbbing hard cock with her tongue. The young Head Auror’s eyes widened and he moved to stop him, but Tonks caught his hands in her own, lacing her fingers through his and holding him in place. Stopping her ministrations for a second, Tonks looked up at Harry with her own face on, trying to convey just how serious she was about this.
“I wasn’t lying to you Harry. I want to do this for you. I want to be this for you. You can use me however you want, take me, abuse me, fuck me! I’m yours, your tool, and your toy. But please, just let me help you.”
Harry’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish and it was clear that he had no words. Tonks took that for acquiescence and wrapped her lips around his cock once more, bobbing her head up and down and keeping her eyes locked on his as her hair shifted through a variety of bright colors. Her tongue swirled around the length of Harry’s shaft and she dove deeper to take Harry’s cock down her esophagus willingly, not choking quite so badly this time as she happily deep-throated her young boss.
A few moments later, Harry let out a hiss and it was the only warning Tonks got before he came right down her throat, gripping her purple hair as he did so and forcing her to swallow every last drop. Some of it escaped from the corners of her mouth as her cheeks chipmunked out from the sheer amount of seed, but in the end Tonks was able to swallow most of it. Harry was panting as he finally pulled his dick free of her lips and Tonks grinned impishly up at him, bringing up a finger to scoop up the bits of his white hot cum that had escaped her lips and suckling said finger clean almost teasingly.
This got quite the reaction out of Harry. His wand was suddenly in his hand and Tonks found herself stripped naked in a moment by the wizard’s powerful magic, then bound up in rope as she was bent over his mahogany desk. For a moment, Tonks thought Harry was going to fuck her. Instead, he moved to her side and brought his wand down her suddenly naked back, skipping over the rope as he reached her ass and ran it down her crack as well.
Tonks shivered when Harry leaned in and murmured in her ear.
“However I want, isn’t that right? Well then, my dear Nymphadora, I want you to cum for me.”
Before Tonks could protest the use of her first name, Harry had shoved his wand into her cunt and fired off a spell. Tonks didn’t know the name of the spell. It was like a hundred vibrating cocks had invaded her already wet pussy at the same time. The metamorphmagus’ eyes snapped open and she shook, her body convulsing as she began to climax right then and there on command (though with quite a lot of help from the spell.)
“Ohhhhh Meeeerliiiiin!!!”
Tonks’ eyes rolled back in her head and she lost all capacity to think as the multitude of orgasms wracked her form. By the time she was done, she’d left quite a mess all over Harry’s desk and the floor under it. Harry pulled his wand tip free of her gushing cunt and tapped it against her forehead, casting a silent Ennervate on her. Tonks came back to full awareness with a gasp, pushing off the mahogany desk despite her hands being tied behind her back and panting heavily as she looked at Harry with wide eyes.
“You’ve made quite a mess Auror Tonks. You might as well get started on cleaning it up.”
Tonks gave Harry a beseeching look, her gaze snapping between him and her clothes halfway across the room where he’d spelled them to land, folded up in a chair. Her wand sat atop said clothes. Harry just smiled though, making no effort to remove her bindings.
“With your tongue Auror Tonks. Or was that not clear?”
Blushing furiously, the sexy MILF realized she just might be in over her head. She certainly seemed to have awakened a beast in Harry Potter. Still, the metamorphmagus slowly fell to her knees. Her tongue snaked out and she began to lick up her own pussy juices, starting with the fluids dripping off of Harry’s desk as he watched her.
She might have bitten off more than she could chew… but Tonks wouldn’t change a thing if she had a chance to go back and do this day again. Not a single damn thing. The beautiful buxom witch was already getting wet all over again, just thinking about what Harry had planned for her next.
Things fell into a similar rhythm moving forward. Tonks continued to act as Harry’s secretary while remaining a full-fledged Auror with all the benefits that entailed. She knew that her fellow Aurors suspected there was something between her and the Head Auror, but they either had too much respect for who Harry Potter was to say a thing, or they just didn’t have the guts to voice their thoughts out loud.
In the end, Tonks didn’t quite care that she got whispers and stares when she started dressing a little sluttily. Harry did reprimand her for it though, quite severely. She enjoyed that quite a lot and ultimately the metamorphmagus found that she loved toeing all sorts of lines with her young stud of a boss. The MILF spent her days servicing Harry with her body, though he never once truly fucked her.
Truthfully, the witch was beginning to wonder if he ever world, even as she conjured up dildos that were similar in girth and length to his cock late at night in her bed in order to satisfy herself after a long day of teasing and heavy foreplay. And then there was the BDSM. Harry seemed to quite enjoy tying her up, but then Tonks had shown him just how much she loved it as well.
The situation that Tonks currently found herself in exemplified that quite clearly. She moaned through her thick ball gag, her arms hanging from a chain over her head. Tonks was pressed back against the door to Harry’s office, sitting on her ass as she squirmed back and forth, not quite trying to break free (that would be cheating!) but instead showing off her naked form, covered only by elaborate and complex rope bondage as Harry worked his way through stacks of paperwork, not paying her any mind.
Tonks moaned louder, wanting to go to him, wanting to be with him. She wanted to take his cock in her mouth and deep throat it. She wanted him to play with her tits and pull on her nipples. She wanted him to cast spell after spell on her that would leave her writhing in ecstasy. More than any of that though, Tonks wanted Harry to fuck her.
And he wouldn’t, the Head Auror simply would not stick his cock inside of her cunt and go to town on her needy little pussy. Tonks wished he would. She’d been hoping for it for months, since practically the start of their little relationship. Ultimately though, Harry had never tried and Tonks had finally cracked. That was why she was where she was now; sitting with her back against the door, the farthest away from Harry that she could be while still being in the room.
A muffled whimper left her throat. She’d asked him to fuck her and he’d done this to her instead. Would Harry never just take her like she wanted him to? His eyes suddenly flickered up towards her and Tonks leaned forward as best as she could, beseeching him with her own eyes as she moaned through the ball gag. Harry’s eyes moved to the clock and he let out a sigh, finally standing up and moving around his desk.
The Head Auror leaned back against it and crossed his arms over his chest as he flicked his wand out to release Tonks from the wall. The metamorphmagus rubbed her wrists and slowly stood up, leaning against the door for support as she waited in silence for him to speak. He definitely had something to say, she’d learned that by now after all their time together.
“So you want me to fuck you Nymphadora?”
Tonks nodded emphatically and moaned through her ball gag. He liked to call her by her first name, to mess with her of course. It’d backfired a little though, by this point him using her full first name sent a shiver down Tonks’ spine and a flood of arousal through her body. She loved it when he just ran roughshod over her ‘rule’, just like she loved it when he ran roughshod over HER.
A wicked grin spread across Harry’s face.
“Well then, all you had to do is walk to me then. Touch any part of me with any part of yourself and I’ll fuck you senseless right here over this desk.”
To punctuate his point, he patted the big mahogany desk he was leaning again. Tonks nodded again, eyes wide at his offer. This would be easy; she’d be there in no time! Tonks went to move forward towards the wizard, but he lifted up a single hand palm out, stopping her in her tracks.
“You’re not ready yet.”
A few flicks of his wrist and a few spells from his wand and she was ‘ready’. Tonks looked with even wider eyes at what her boss had wrought with a few simple spells. He’d already had her upper body bound in complex rope bondage, but now there was also a long knotted rope attached to his desk and the door behind her. It ran right between her legs, nestled deep between her thighs, right up into her pussy lips.
Tonks straddled the knotted rope, looking at it in disbelief as her already sopping wet cunt leaked all over it.
“The rules are simple. Reach me, touch me… and don’t cum. If you cum, you lose Nymphadora.”
Looking up at the wicked smile on Harry’s face, Tonks knew that she wasn’t getting his cock without completing this challenge. She just had no idea how she was ever going to manage that. Steeling herself, the metamorphmagus squeezed her eyes shut and took one long step forward, trying to stand on her tip toes to escape the knotted rope, but to no avail. The knots rubbed against her sensitive quim and Tonks let out a moan as she had to stop, catching herself when the edge of the cliff that was her orgasm came all too quickly to her.
Panting and drooling through the ball gag; Tonks stared at Harry with heavily lidded eyes. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly. She would have him. Taking another shuddering step forward, Tonks cried out, muffled by the gag but loud all the same as she nearly doubled over the knotted rope, causing the already stimulating knot currently pressed against her cunt to dig in all the deeper.
It took even longer to calm down this time but Tonks would not be deterred. She took another step forward after several moments. Even waiting wasn’t enough though, and it proved to be her downfall. Three steps into the ten or fifteen that she would need to reach Harry, and Tonks was done, falling over off of the knotted rope and climaxing hard right there on the floor of his office. A disappointed sigh filled the room as she came down from her pleasurable release.
“Ah well. Maybe next time.”
Tonks flushed scarlet, both in shame at her failure and more than a bit of lust at her humiliation. Despite having failed to get the dicking of her life, the metamorphmagus still found herself inexplicably happy. Perhaps because she knew she’d entertained and amused her younger boss, even if she hadn’t gotten what she wanted.
Years had passed. Tonks had remained under Harry all that time, never once managing to make it across the room whenever he let her try. Sometimes, knowing his eyes were upon her and knowing her failure would make him happy; Tonks hadn’t even been able to make it one step before her orgasm overwhelmed her. The metamorphmagus hadn’t minded though, simply being at the powerful wizard’s side had been enough for her.
Then Astoria Malfoy had come along and Tonks had watched as a grown up Harry twisted the woman around his finger and utterly destroyed her. Her mother-in-law, Tonks’ aunt had followed shortly afterwards and Tonks had been incredibly jealous, envious to the extreme as she sometimes got front row seats to the debauchery Harry put the Ladies Malfoy through.
Of course, then came the incident with Victoire and Teddy. Fleur fell under Harry’s sway and Nymphadora finally thought she might get some action, perhaps to help Teddy stay out of trouble. Of course, Teddy was a man and they’d been caught with Victoire’s hand around his cock. The punishment fell to Victoire, because apparently, it was her fault that Teddy was exposed, since the two young adults had innocently told the Aurors the truth, that Victoire had pulled Teddy’s cock out of his pants to give him a handy.
Watching the transformation of the mother and daughter duo this past week had been too much for Tonks. She’d come in and begged Harry to finally fuck her yet again. That’s how she’d ended up stuffed beneath Harry’s desk, tied up and silenced as Harry fucked Victoire instead of her. Now though, as she tongued out the hot young blonde witch’s ass, Tonks had every intention of getting that dicking finally, no matter what. And she thought she just might know how to do it this time around.
Victoire suddenly cried out and a flood of pussy juices gushed out onto Tonks’ chin and down her chest as the part-veela came hard around Harry’s member. A moment later, the wizard let out a grunt that Tonks knew meant he was cumming as well, Victoire’s tight young cunt managing to milk his release from him. Once he was done filling her with his seed, Harry pushed the blonde off of his lap, leaving Tonks to pull back a little and catch Harry’s eye as the obstruction between them in the curvaceous form of Victoire Weasley was abruptly removed.
“Please Master…”
That got a pause from Harry and Tonks did a little internal cheer as he looked down at her more seriously. She’d never said the word before, despite their years together, despite the BDSM and the nonstop teasing and domination. Tonks had always called him Harry, or boss, or on formal occasions Head Auror. Never Master. But something Tonks had only learned recently after watching Harry dominate the Lady Malfoys as well as Fleur and Victoire, was that Harry LOVED to be called Master. Licking her dry lips, Tonks spoke again.
“I beg you Master… your worthless slave will never make it across the knotted rope. Won’t you take mercy on me and fuck my tight little cunt to your heart’s content?”
Harry’s cock, which had barely softened by this point, jumped a bit right in front of Tonks’ eyes. The metamorphmagus grinned a little before looking up to see what the wizard was truly thinking. His expression was unreadable as he abruptly stood.
Tonks scrambled to her feet, even with her arms bound behind her back. She squealed a little when Harry pushed her face first over his desk, bending her over and pulling her ass up into the air. Tonks helped, lifting her hips up and pushing her big fat bubble butt out towards Harry’s huge meat stick of a cock, rubbing her ass crack up and down his tip. The Head Auror responded by growling and pushing down on her back, pinning her in place with one hand while taking hold of his huge member with the other and guiding it up and under to her sopping wet pussy lips.
A moment later he was inside of her. Tonks couldn’t believe it, after all these years, she was finally being fucked by the awe inspiring man that had held her heart in his hands for so long. She came almost immediately of course, even as Harry buried as much of his shaft inside of her cunt as he could in one go. Tonks cried out, her body shaking and her pussy walls clenching down around Harry’s cock as she bounced her hips back towards his crotch.
She wanted more, but luckily for her so did Harry and he was quite happy to give it to her. With the majority of his long length now lodged inside of her cunt, pistoning in and out of her slick hole, Harry moved his hands to her ass, gripping down on it and kneading the her delicious derriere to his heart’s content. Tonks just moaned, the whole thing seeming utterly surreal to the metamorphmagus as her hair color changed so rapidly it almost looked like a rainbow, every possible shade of every color flickering past while her eyes rolled up in her head and she came around his cock again and again.
Tonks knew she looked like a disgrace at the moment, but the thought didn’t concern her even as she shouted out praise and begged Harry to take her faster.
“Oh yes Master! Just like that, fuck your slutty little secretary whore as hard as you like! God Master, harder, please, I beg of you!”
Absently, Tonks noted that both Victoire and Fleur were watching her. The two women were quite broken to Harry’s cock by this point as well, but while Fleur was just smiling happily as Tonks was plowed from behind, Victoire was looking at her wide eyed, as if she could scarcely believe that this was the mother of her former boyfriend. And Tonks had no illusions regarding Victoire and Teddy’s already rocky relationship. The two were undoubtedly going to break up, but Tonks knew her son would find another nice girl. One not so broken by a powerful wizard’s massive cock as Victoire now was, and as Tonks had long been.
Harry snarled and picked up the pace and years of practice told Tonks that he was getting close. He railed into her cunt as hard as he would sometimes rail into her throat right before cumming down it, and Tonks bit her lower lips, clawing at the mahogany wood beneath her as she waited for several agonizing moments for the end to come. It did so quite abruptly and explosively as Harry hollered out and filled her with his release. His white hot seed spilled into her womb, filling it to the brim and then some before exploding out from the tight space between his thick girthy member and her stretched pussy lips.
Tonks slumped forward onto the desk for a moment as Harry rested over her, his cock still lodged inside of her. Only then did the metamorphmagus realize that the Head Auror was far from soft yet. In fact, he was still rock hard.
“… M-Master?”
A moment later, the rope bondage was gone and Tonks found herself spun around and lifted up onto the desk. Her fat ass sat on the edge as Harry grabbed her sides and pressed the tip of his cock to her entrance. Tonks latched onto the wizard’s body immediately, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he locked his eyes with hers. The corners of his lips curled up into a wicked smile.
“Surprise me slut.”
She understood what he wanted immediately, even as Harry pushed into her and began to fuck her yet again. But this wasn’t meant to be a normal fuck. No, Harry was ordering her in few words to use her transformative capabilities to heighten the act. Tonks didn’t want to disappoint and so she spent a minute simply trying to decide who to start with. Finally, her skin changed tone to ebony and her body shifted as the metamorphmagus took on the appearance of Angelina Weasley, the beautiful dark skinned wife of the remaining Weasley twin.
Panting as she parted her now full pouty lips, Tonks, wearing Angelina’s face, moaned out, bucking against Harry’s thrusting cock as he sped up the pace. She spoke then, her words coming out in Angelina’s voice naturally.
“Oh Merlin, H-Harry! I… we shouldn’t. What if George were to find out? It would d-devastate him!”
Harry fucked her even harder as she played the reluctant cheating wife for a few seconds more, but ultimately Tonks could tell he was plateauing on his enjoyment of this particular face. So, without a second thought she changed it up again. This time Tonks morphed into Susan Bones, the very chesty red haired woman that represented the last remnants of the prominent Bones family.
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Susan had followed in her deceased aunt’s footsteps, joining the Ministry. But the girl had had no true appetite for Auror work and ultimately ended up going to a different part of the Ministry altogether.  Ultimately, the buxom red head was now the Deputy Minister of Magic, a new position instituted by the reforms that Harry had used his fame to bring about.
“A-ah, Head Auror Potter, yes! Right there! Fuck me you big bad boy!”
Adding a bit of authoritarian slut to the mix did it for a little bit but Tonks could tell that Harry wasn’t really that interested in Susan either, at least not right now. After another several seconds of being roughly pounded in the crimson haired witch’s top heavy form, Tonks decided to go for the throat so to speak, transforming once again. This time she took on the form of a beautiful brunette that Harry knew quite well. With the face of his childhood friend staring back at him, flushed red and panting from arousal, Harry even paused. Only for a brief moment though and then he was right back to fucking her as hard as he could, even if Tonks did now wear the face of Hermione Weasley.
“Merlin Harry, you’re so bloody big! So much bigger than Ron, oh yes, I’m, I’m CUMMING!!!”
Tonks hollered at the top of Hermione’s lungs as she truly did orgasm around Harry’s member, the bookworm’s tight cunt clenching down along Harry’s thick length. But Harry did not cum with her, not even this, the visage of his best friend, bringing him over the edge. He did speed up though and Tonks was beginning to worry for her continued sanity if she couldn’t find a way to satisfy the insatiable man sometime soon.
An incredibly perverted though entered her head in that moment and Tonks tensed up as she considered it. Then another moan escaped her throat as her body was wracked by a mini-climax. Well, if Hermione didn’t work, Ginny was unlikely to get barely anything from Harry at this point. After all, if he was satisfied by his wife, he wouldn’t need her and the others in the first place. That left just one option.
Tonks swallowed thickly and decided that it was worth a shot, come what may. She transformed and this time Harry froze solid, stuck deep inside of her cunt as it became his daughter’s cunt, attached to his daughter’s body. Tonks looked up at Harry Potter through the beautiful green eyes of Lily Luna Potter; Harry’s seventeen year old first born. Licking Lily’s lips with her tongue. Tonks spoke with the voice of Harry’s daughter, adopting a shy bashful tone.
“Daddy… won’t you please cum inside of me?”
There was a moment of dead silence. Tonks could only imagine what Victoire and Fleur thought of her choice of form. She didn’t care though in the end, the opinion of the other two women was meaningless to her in the face of Harry’s own feelings on the matter. The moment passed and Harry’s stillness passed with it as he was suddenly laying into her harder than ever before, fucking her with the force of a god as he plowed into the tight cunt of his little girl. Tonks howled in delight in Lily’s voice.
“Yes daddy! YES! Just like that! Fuck me daddy, fuck me!”
And oh did Harry ever. He fucked her senseless for the next several minutes and by the time he finally came inside of her cunt once again, Tonks had dropped his daughter’s form, unable to maintain the focus needed to hold it any longer. The metamorphmagus fell back across the large mahogany desk, insensate as Harry slid his messy cock out of her stretched pussy lips, panting heavily, eyes wide at what he’d just done.
Out of the corner of his eye, Harry caught something out of place. It was late at night by this point, and the Auror’s Office was probably empty as Harry was the only one who really liked ‘working late’. But that didn’t mean his door should be unlocked. Only his blood was capable of unlocking that door. He looked at the crack of darkness shining through the partially opened office door and saw a green eye gazing through it.
As soon as the eye met his, a yelp could be heard from the other side of the door as it disappeared. Then, a moment later the door to his office was pulled open all the way, revealing the owner of the eye standing in the doorway. Harry stared with disbelief at his blushing seventeen year old daughter. Then his gaze tracked down from her tentative smile to the woman kneeling submissively at her feet.
Lily had her mother on a leash. Ginny was putting up no resistance, no fight. She avoided his gaze as she stared at the floor, a large dog collar around her neck and the leash in Lily’s hands attached to that.
“Hello… daddy.”
Harry’s eyes snapped back up to his daughter’s grinning face. She tugged on the leash, causing a cry of discomfort to escape from his wife’s throat.
“Mommy’s been a very naughty girl. I had to punish her, but in the end, I think we both know that she needs a man’s touch if she’s ever going to learn her lesson.”
With all eyes on her, Lily stepped forward, dragging her own mother into the office along with her. A flick of her wand shut the door behind her as she stood in the middle of the office, her legs spread apart and a wicked grin on her face as she oozed confidence… and lust. Her eyes kept going to her father’s dick and Harry couldn’t quite bring himself to hide his hard member, even as his gaze kept tracing up and down Lily’s petite form and her mother’s submissive body.
“Won’t you help me teach her that lesson daddy? And then afterwards, I’d love it if you came inside the real me, rather than a fake.”
Lily punctuated her statement by running her hand down the slope of her form, grinning as she cupped her covered mound with her palm and let out a cute gasp.
Harry was fairly certainly he’d long since passed the point where he was going to hell for his actions. To be fair though, if the Christians were right, he was going to hell for being a wizard first and foremost. So really, what was the point in holding back anymore? When your own daughter offers you her body while holding her mother’s leash… there’s only one option isn’t there?
Grinning, Harry stepped around his desk and into the center of his office, moving forward to join his suddenly nervous, yet completely ready daughter. He reached for his lovely little girl, eager to introduce her to his new world.


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