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Chapter 6 - Hermione Granger-Weasley


Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Chapter 6 - Hermione Granger-Weasley

Chapter 6 - Hermione Granger-Weasley
Hermione Granger-Weasley, because like hell was she going to completely giving up her own last name for a surname like Weasley, was becoming worried. She was over at the Potter Home for the day with Ginny and Fleur as their children were off doing their own thing. The brunette witch wasn’t too sure that she liked the idea of Victoire being a poor influence on Lily and her daughter Rose, but Fleur had steamrolled over her and Ginny had been oddly quiet, leaving her hanging against the domineering blonde.
And honestly, those two were acting so very strange lately. Ginny was withdrawn and recalcitrant, especially around Fleur, to the point that Hermione was beginning to wonder if the red head was sick. The Potter Matriarch would shiver whenever the part veela drew near, while Fleur seemed to have decided that the two of them were the best of friends despite their long-lasting mutual dislike of each other.
What other reason besides friendship would Fleur have for just how handsy she’d gotten with Ginny? The part veela was far more touchy-feely than she had been before. Where once she’d reserved most of her skin contact for Bill, these days she was much more open, at least with the other witches that made up their none-to-little family. Hermione had been on the receiving end of a few big hugs, but Ginny was definitely getting it the worst.
Of course, Hermione wasn’t merely offended by Fleur’s actions on Ginny’s behalf and her behalf alone. She was also more than offended solely on her own behalf. Fleur’s sudden desire to go bra-less on all occasions was causing a rift in the Weasley family all on its own and Hermione was swiftly getting fed up with it. It was bad enough, Fleur’s ability to turn every male head in the room. She’d always distracted the Weasley men at family events and holiday dinners, but now she was practically riveting their attention to her.
Perhaps Hermione had a personal bone to pick with this new fashion choice of Fleur’s because of the reaction her own husband had to it. While the rest of the Weasley males were simply distracted but ultimately could be drawn back to their wives with a clearing of the throat or a pinch of the thigh, Ronald was not so easily swayed. The damnable oaf she’d married turned into a drooling idiot the second he saw Fleur these days, all of the progress he’d made since their fourth year gone in an instant thanks to the simple removal of Fleur’s bra.
Hermione supposed that it was a little racist and a little sexist to blame Fleur for what was clearly her own husband’s hang up. The blonde could not help her part veela heritage and really, why should she have to dress according to the whims of others. If she was more comfortable without a bra, then she should be allowed to go without one. Of course, Hermione was a bit envious of that self-confidence. She wished she was the kind of woman who could just go braless for a day or even as a lifestyle choice for much longer.
Hermione was momentarily shaken from her thoughts as Lily, Rose, and Victoire walked up the stairs and right beside her. The brunette witch was currently leaning against the second floor balcony of the Potter Home, and she watched her daughter and the two other girls walk past her down the hall into what she believed was Lily’s room with a frown and a furrowed brow. Rose had that same flustered glazed looked on her face that had Hermione so concerned these days.
While Fleur was letting it all hang free, Victoire seemed to be growing closer and closer to Lily and Rose and Hermione was concerned about the adverse effect it seemed to be having on her daughter. Lily and her daughter were the best of friends and always had been. Hermione was overjoyed about that, completely and utterly satisfied that her and her best friend’s children got along so well.
Victoire though, had always been a bit of a wild child and Hermione didn’t really think it only had to do with her veela genes, so it was NOT racist to think so. No, Victoire was just a little crazy, getting in trouble with the law, getting Harry’s godson in trouble right alongside her. Hermione was happy that they were able to work it all out, but at the same time she wasn’t entirely sure it was the best use of Harry’s power, getting Victoire off the hook like that. Might it not have been better to let Victoire serve a bit of time in jail so she properly learned her lesson?
A surprise embrace from behind tore Hermione from her thoughts and the brunette witch let out a much undignified ‘eep!’ before recognizing the arms encircling her waist and realizing who it was. Letting out a sigh, a slightly blushing Hermione leaned back against her best friend’s chest, even as she had to remind her body that he was nothing more than that.
Her body never did seem to listen where Harry was concerned though, even if Hermione had managed to hold herself back from jumping the wizard’s bones for most of the time they’d known each other. With long practiced ease (though for some reason it seemed slightly more difficult this time) Hermione ignored her suddenly hot core and her slightly wet cunt and focused on the matter at hand.
“Harry… what’s going on with our family these days? What’s going on with your family?”
Harry just chuckled in her ear as his thumbs rubbed slow circles into her abdomen. The chuckle had the effect of blowing hot air all over her neck, causing a soft breath to leave Hermione’s mouth as she stifled most of the gasp that threatened to escape. The beautiful brunette pressed herself back against him, pretending that she didn’t feel his bulge against her ass.
“I don’t know what you mean Hermione? Care to give some examples?”
Hermione whimpered but tried desperately to focus on the matter at hand. Her and Harry had been having these intimate moments for years now, but there was nothing sexual about it, Hermione was sure of that. It was just some above the clothes skinship between two completely platonic friends. Hermione had looked it up; apparently it was all the rage in places like Japan.
The busty bookworm was sure that Harry wasn’t enjoying this sexually at all, which made her the freak for being so damn wet. Stamping down on her arousal, she finally managed to get her mind back on to what she was talking about before.
“W-well… Fleur and Ginny just seem so different lately. And Fleur and Victoire are spending so much time over at your home these days, aren’t they? It seems like almost every time I come over I find one or the both of them lounging about the place. Victoire is spending a lot more time with Rose and Lily… I’m a little worried.”
Harry’s hands shifted back from her stomach to her hips and he slid them up and down in a rather soothing motion that Hermione found herself melting into all the more. Oh Merlin… it was just platonic. Hermione had to remember that, this was all just something between two best friends. It was nothing to get all hot and bothered by right?
“Worried? Victoire is a good girl Hermione, I’m sure nothing is wrong.”
Of course, due to dramatic timing that was the exact moment that they both heard a subdued muffled shriek come from down the hall. Eyes wide, Hermione slid out of Harry’s hands without issue, as he released her immediately. She walked down the hall, cognizant of Harry following her at a sedate pace. Coming to the room she’d seen her daughter and the two other girls enter. Suddenly hesitant, Hermione slowly reached out for the door handle, half-knowing, half-dreading what she was going to find. A small part of Hermione had a general idea of what she was going to see when she opened the door. Hermione wasn’t stupid after all. She was just so deep in self-denial that when a second muffled shriek escaped the room in front of her, she thought for a second something was actually wrong and her hand immediately closed over the knob, twisting it and pushing the door in to reveal what was happening inside of the room.
The sight before her shocked the brunette witch to her core. Hermione’s eyes widened dramatically as she took in the three buck naked young women inside. Lily and Victoire knelt at either end of her daughter. Rose’s hands were tied behind her back and there was an O-ring gag inside of her mouth that was the cause of the subdued muffled shrieks. Victoire and Lily were supporting Rose between them, massive double sided dildos sliding back and forth between their cunts and her cunt and asshole as they DP’d the poor girl right there in front of Hermione.
The sound of the opening door didn’t seem to have reached the ears of the enthusiastic girls fucking her daughter, nor had it reached her daughter either. All three young ladies were completely focused on the matter at hand, not seeing Hermione at all. The older brunette witch found herself stumbling back into Harry’s arms as she tried to process the scene in front of her. Hermione didn’t even notice at first how Harry was beginning to grope her breasts and rub her cunt, changing up his usual ‘skinship’ to something far more perverse.
“W-what are they doing Harry?! Look at them, they’re r-raping her!”
Harry’s hot breath ghosted across her ear again as he answered her in a deep husky tone.
“I think it looks rather beautiful Hermione. And look at her face. Rose doesn’t look like she hates it.”
Hermione blushed deeply at her best friend’s voice; his smooth baritone had always gotten her engine revving. At the same time, she found herself studying Rose’s face on Harry’s instruction without even questioning it. There she found the look of a girl in ecstasy, rather than pain. Rose didn’t look entirely willing, in fact she looked rather surprised at what was happening to her, but at the same time she was moaning through her O-ring gag and her face was flushed red with arousal.
Harry suddenly tweaked her nipple through her blouse, pulling Hermione away from her excessive studying of her daughter’s sex face. Only now did the brunette begin to realize that Harry’s hands were not where they were supposed to be, her body so tuned to his touch by this point that she hadn’t even noticed until now. Squirming a little, Hermione blushed a scarlet red as she tried to continue to deride the debauchery in front of her.
“I-It’s not right! They shouldn’t have her tie-mmph!”
Her head was suddenly turned by a hand roughly tugging on her hair and before Hermione knew it, her line of sight with the three happily fucking girls was broken by Harry as he kissed her deeply, silencing her criticisms and melting her world away. Hermione’s hands came up to grab his shirt as she kissed him back, not realizing for a moment what was happening.
As such, the brunette witch wasn’t at all resistant as Harry reached past her and closed the door to Lily’s Room without ever ending their lip lock. She didn’t fight it as he guided her slowly down the hall to the Potter Home’s Master bedroom. Once inside, clothes began to fly off and before Hermione knew it, Harry was ending the kiss and pushing her buck-naked body backwards onto the big four poster bed behind her.
The end of the kiss brought a fresh dose of reality to Hermione as she realized where she was, what she was doing, and who she was doing it with. Though the sight of Harry’s massive member pointing directly at her as she looked down the slope of her body was a bit intoxicating, Hermione still tried to keep her wits about her, shaking her head back and forth and groaning.
“No, no… Harry we can’t do this… this is wrong…”
“Oh, hah, hey Hermione! Fancy, mmm, seeing you here! That’s right you filthy bottom bitch, oooh yessss, get deep in there!”
Eyes wide, Hermione tilted her head back to look behind her where she found Fleur sitting at the head of the bed. Though the blonde part veela was not sitting on the bed at all, rather she was sitting on another woman, who Hermione tentatively identified as Ginny despite the poor thing’s entire head being buried under Fleur’s curvaceous ass. Fleur ground down and continued to moan, even as she smacked at Ginny’s slight chest where it quivered and heaved in front of her, the red head clearly struggling to breathe even as she was used and abused by the blonde.
Fleur didn’t give her any sort of relief though, continuing to force Ginny to eat out her big fat badonkadonk while laying smacks and slaps across her entire body until it was covered in red hand prints. Ginny let out muffled cries from beneath Fleur’s huge ass, squirming and struggling feebly, but all in all it seemed the blonde was getting what she wanted judging by her loud moans and happy cries.
“That’s right, that’s right! Work that tongue, god yes!”
Hermione was only pulled away from the train wreck of a scene when she felt the tip of something massive, hard, and throbbing press between her legs, rubbing up and down her shamefully wet pussy lips. Snapping her head back around, Hermione found her best friend getting ready to bury himself in her mewling quim. She immediately held up her hands in an attempt to ward him off.
“W-wait! Harry we can’t do this! I’m married to Ron; he’s my husband and your best friend! We can’t do this to him!”
Harry pauses briefly and then leans over her, bringing his face within inches of her flushed features.
“Alright Hermione. I just want you to answer two questions for me, and then I’ll let you go. Understood?”
There was an actual moment of hesitation as a growing part of Hermione really didn’t want to let him let her go. But the other half of her, the half that knew this was wrong and couldn’t be allowed to happen was still in control for the moment. Nodding frantically, she bit her lip and waited for Harry’s questions.
“First… I want you to look down at my cock and tell me that Ron’s is bigger. Make me believe it Hermione. Make me believe that he hasn’t failed to satisfy you on every single day and every single night of your long and arduous marriage.”
Hermione’s eyes flickered down to that massive prick currently resting threatening against her quivering pussy lips. Whimpering, the brunette witch licked her lips to wet them and then began to speak.
“R-Ron… has a b-bigger p-penis than you Harry. H-He’s satisfied m-me quite well f-for our entire m-marriage.”
A moment of silence passed by, during which Harry just looked at her emotionless and Hermione was inwardly beating herself up for how unconvincing that had sounded. But then the moment was gone and Harry smiled.
“Alright. Now for the second question. Tell me you don’t want this Hermione. Convince me that no part of you, no matter how small or how big, wants my cock inside of you.”
Hermione immediately opened her mouth to say it. This should have been much easier than lying about her husband’s dick size right? After all, she DIDN’T want Harry to fuck her, so it wasn’t a lie! Except when Hermione opened her mouth to say the words, nothing came out. The brunette witch closed her mouth after a second and then opened it again, only to find the words still wouldn’t come out. She was having an incredibly hard time articulating her lack of desire for Harry’s massive delicious-looking shaft.
Eventually, Hermione had to just focus on the individual words. Through sheer will power, she forced each one to leave her mouth.
“I… don’t… want this…”
She was literally sounding out the words as she said them, but Hermione soldiered on anyways.
“N-No… part of… me, wants y-your… c-cock inside… of meEEEEEEEE!!!~”
Hermione knew she didn’t sound very convincing, but she still wasn’t expecting Harry to just stick it in as she got to the end of her sentence. His massive member slid inside of her sopping wet cunt without any difficulty, and her surprise at his sudden thrust combined with her anticipation of this moment sent Hermione right over the edge into an involuntary orgasm.
The brunette witch came then and there from Harry’s very first thrust, his cock filling parts of her cunt that Ron couldn’t have ever reached in a million years with his tiny pecker. Harry was inside of her and all Hermione could do was cry out joyously, her eyes rolling back in her head and her teeth gritting together as she grabbed at the bed sheets beneath her and shook.
Her pussy juices coated Harry’s already thrusting cock and made his passage deep inside of her all the easier as the massive length her longtime best friend was sporting went all the way up to the entrance of her womb before being stymied by her cervix.
“Harry, Harry, Harry…”
Hermione wanted to say more than just his name as the powerful wizard plowed her senseless right there on his bed while Fleur watched. She wanted to tell him to stop; she wanted to tell him to pull out. But if she was having trouble articulating before, now that Harry was buried deep inside of her cunt, Hermione just couldn’t find the words anymore.
She moaned his name over and over again, shaking her head back and forth as she tried to deny the pleasure he was forcing on her. Meanwhile, Harry seemed almost like a starved animal in her treatment of her. He was so beastly in his movements, not at all slow or sensual or gentle. It was the way her husband tended to treat her in bed as well, rough and selfishly. Except, when Harry did it, it was somehow different. There was certainly a savage tone to his actions, but it wasn’t quite as selfish.
Harry’s hands moved over her naked body, eventually settling on her tits where he groped and kneaded her sensitive mammaries. Hermione moaned as Harry turned what was usually a painful and uncomfortable moment with Ron into a surprisingly pleasurable moment with him. His fingers felt like magic on her tits and he was working them in and out of her flesh in all the right places, all while pistoning into her cunt again and again.
It felt like Harry knew her body better than she did and while Hermione continued to mentally resist the overwhelming pleasure of what she was experiencing, her body had stopped struggling all together fairly quickly into the plowing. She’d melted back into the bed and all resistance had fled from her naked form as she lay under Harry with her legs spread wide and her pussy filled with his prick.
“Please Harry… please…”
He slowed down just a bit as the words left her throat. Leaning in again, Harry’s hot breath washed over her bright red face as he looked her in the eyes.
“Please what Hermione? Please stop? Please… more?”
Hermione squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lower lip, whimpering cutely. A moment later Harry just chuckled down at her and went right back to thrusting away into her cunt. The brunette witch had been unable to seal the deal, unable to get the words out. At the last moment, she’d clammed up upon fearfully realizing that she actually didn’t know if she could stop her treacherous throat from begging for more like he’d just offered.
Silence had seemed like the best choice, but in the end it just meant she got the more that she secretly wanted, albeit with small shreds of her dignity still intact, at least for the moment. Harry’s huge member thrust in and out of her cunt again and again and in no time at all Hermione felt another orgasm building up within her. Feeling this one coming, the brunette witch tried to hold it in, tried to keep it back. In the end she failed, only managing to make her climax all the more explosive and vocal when it finally arrived.
“H-Harry, w-wait, n-not so fast, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m cummIIIIIIIIING!!!”
Her eyes rolled back in her head once more and Hermione’s body shook and spasmed under her best friend’s handsome chiseled form. Her pussy muscles clenched down sporadically around Harry’s still thrusting cock, drawing a sudden grunt from him as he made sure to force his dick all the way to the entrance of her womb in one final deep thrust. It took Hermione a moment, still in the throes of her own orgasm, to realize that Harry was cumming as well. More than that, he was cumming inside of her.
The beautiful buxom brunette witch looked down in wide eyed horror at her abdomen, feeling his white hot cum painting the inside of her womb right then and there. Another climax, smaller than the first but no less shameful to Hermione, wracked her body as her treacherous form responded in a positive manner to the idea of possibly being inseminated by her best friend’s no doubt virile seed.
Hermione shuddered; tears’ falling from her eyes as she looked up into Harry’s smiling face. She hadn’t wanted this… except she had. She’d very clearly brought Harry to the brink by allowing him to engage in all that skinship. She’d been so deep in self-denial that she’d ignored his feelings for her at the same time that she was ignoring hers for him. Now, they’d gone too far to go back to the way things were.
The brunette witch wasn’t sure what she wanted to say to the wizard above her, but luckily she didn’t have to figure that out since he overrode her in the next second, his hand curling around her throat, gripping it but not squeezing hard enough to choke her.
“Hermione… we aren’t done yet. Not by a long shot.”
And then his hands were on her hips and the busty brunette found herself flipped over onto her front in short order, pinned down and made to lay prone by Harry’s heavy body as he sat on the backs of her legs. Harry’s hands were immediately on her ass, kneading and groping the sensitive butt flesh as Hermione moaned involuntarily, looking back over her shoulder with some concern. While it was possible that Harry merely wanted to fuck her pussy again from a new position, Hermione had a sinking feeling that she wasn’t going to get that lucky.
A moment later when Harry plopped his still hard cock down between her ass cheeks and began to hot dog her big fat bubble butt, Hermione was fairly certain she knew exactly where he was going with this. Clawing at the sheets in front of her, Hermione bit her lower lip, trying to ignore Ginny’s cunt only a foot before her eyes in favor of watching what Harry was doing with his dick and her ass.
Only, it was so difficult for the witch to ignore it when Ginny had her pussy right fucking there. Fleur was still riding the red head’s face, forcing Ginny to eat out her ass, but the resistance and struggling seemed to have gone out of the ‘bottom bitch’ by this point. Instead, rather than squirming under Fleur, Ginny was multi-tasking, fisting her gaping cunt all while supposedly continuing to tongue the part veela’s butt hole.
Fleur was letting it happen, or perhaps she just didn’t know it was happening. The blonde had one hand on one of Ginny’s breasts, kneading it quite roughly, while her other hand rested on her own much larger breast, her fingers digging into her mammary just as harshly. At the same time, the part veela had her head thrown back, her eyes lulled shut as she slowly undulated across Ginny’s pace, almost like a snake put in a trance by a snake charmer. A continuous moan left Fleur’s lips as this went on, almost mesmerizing Hermione as well.
This very perverse visual distraction right in front of her face left Hermione completely blindsided when Harry drew his messy cock back and began to work the tip of his thumb into her back door. The brunette witch had never let Ron stick it up her ass before, despite the red head asking quite frequently over the course of their marriage. This was not an experience she was used to, and finding the words to tell Harry to stop was MUCH easier than before.
“W-wait Harry! You can’t fuck me back there! That’s the wrong hole! Please, if you need relief, go back to using my v-vagina! O-or even my mouth! Just not there! Not my anus!”
Her best friend just chuckled and Hermione could tell that this wasn’t a battle she could win. She squirmed and struggled as best she could, but Harry had her dead to rights, completely pinned down beneath him. His thumb pressed deeper into her sphincter until it abruptly popped inside of her tight back door, drawing a short shriek from Hermione’s lips followed by mewling and whimpering as he worked the single digit in and out of her tight butthole.
“A-ah f-fuck Harry… dear Merlin it’s so deep…”
That provoked another laugh from her longtime friend and Hermione’s face went red in embarrassment as he snickered at her expense. She really didn’t get the joke until he pulled his thumb out and began to push his thinner but longer index finger into her tight virgin back door. Then Hermione got why he was laughing at her, she understood what was so damn funny even as a groan escaped her lips.
His thumb was the smallest thing he was planning on shoving in her ass today and she’d barely been able to handle it. The index finger was a bit nicer, even as it went deeper, but then Harry pulled it out and shoved it in her face, pushing the digit between her lips and forcing her to clean it off. Hermione whimpered but did as was expected of her, knowing what Harry wanted even if he didn’t have to say anything. She ended up lulled into a false sense of security, focused entirely on the finger he’d had in her ass and not expecting another assault despite knowing Harry had another hand… and other things.
Harry’s wand tip pressed into her tight sphincter without warning and Hermione squealed around the digit she was suckling at, squirming as Harry pushed his thick eleven inch holly wood wand into her butt. He cast a silent scourgify that had Hermione tensing up as she felt the strange feeling of her best friend’s  magic cleaning out her bowels exceptionally well.
Then Harry worked the first few inches of his wand in and out of Hermione’s ass, swirling it around and stretching her all the wider as he did so. Hermione whined out, a keening wail escaping her throat, but even as that happened she could feel the discomfort of being anally probed fading away to be replaced by a strange sensation. It took the brunette witch a while to place it, until eventually she realized her pussy was dripping down onto the bed beneath her and it wasn’t just Harry’s cum leaking out at this point.
She was enjoying having Harry’s wand up her ass, against all odds. Hermione flushed a deeper color red in shame as she buried her face in her hands, whimpering at just how hopeless she was. Even here, even with her ass, Hermione found herself enjoying the ministrations of her best friend. Whining even louder, she ended up biting down on the bed sheets in front of her to avoid letting any of the impending moans to escape her mouth.
This proved to be a smart move for an entirely different reason though, as Harry withdrew his wand in the next moment and replaced it with the cockhead of his massive member, lubed up as it was with a mixture of his cum and her pussy juices. Hermione had only a moment to realize what was happening, barely enough time for her eyes to widen in horror, before Harry thrust inside of her ass, taking her anal virginity right there on the spot and forcing his thick girth right past her tight sphincter.
Hermione screamed loudly, but most of it was muffled by the bedding she was currently biting down on. She squealed long and hard, her legs kicking back and forth ineffectually behind Harry as he filled her with as much of his cock as he could in one go. Then he stopped for a second, focusing on kneading her plump posterior with his fingers as he allowed her to adjust to his size.
At the same time, Harry chose that moment to lean forward and murmur in her ear.
“I love you Hermione. I’ve always loved you. And I’ve wanted to fuck you like this for an awful long time. I’m happy you’re finally here with me.”
With her best friend’s soft deep baritone voice in her ear and his cock buried in her ass, Hermione didn’t as much as break as she crumbled. Hearing a declaration of love from Harry managed to destroy all the walls and all the self-denial she’d been under in one fell swoop. All this time, Hermione had lusted after the dark haired man she’d grown up with. All this time, she’d told herself that Harry didn’t feel the same way, that he had a happy marriage with Ginny and three lovely children.
Hermione had settled for second best only to find out Ron wasn’t even really that. She’d suffered through a loveless marriage for decades under the mistaken belief that Harry didn’t see her as a woman, merely as his friend. She’d even convinced herself that his heavy petting, in hindsight a very inappropriate come on that she’d somehow ignored shockingly well, was skinship between platonic friends.
And now, the dark haired wizard just came out and said it. Harry had just told her he loved her and despite everything that had happened today and everything that was still happening around her, Hermione couldn’t help reciprocating.
“I-I love you too Harry! I’ve always loved you!”
The words came out in a cry and Hermione immediately buried her face back in the bedding, her body feeling scalding hot from embarrassment. Said embarrassment quickly faded away though when Harry laughed happily and gave her fat ass a smack that sent it through a jiggle fit as he began to anally plow her right there on the bed. Hermione let out a muffled moan, her eyes squeezed tightly shut at first as she focused on that big hard cock burying itself over and over again inside of her squeaky clean bowels.
Harry was fucking her, had fucked her. He’d cum inside of her and now he was going to town on her ass and Hermione wasn’t able to deny her own feelings anymore. She was ecstatic to be one with the powerful well-built wizard; she was beside herself with joy over finally being filled with her best friend’s cock, even if it was her ass.
By this point, Hermione was moaning near constantly from the pistoning cock jackhammering down into her asshole. Lying prone like she was caused Harry to spread her ass cheeks wide so he could get himself deeper inside of her and Hermione was sure it looked rather obscene, even if she couldn’t see it. She didn’t care what she looked like in that moment, all she cared about was enjoying every last inch of Harry’s shaft as it plunged into her over and over again.
When the orgasm came, Hermione was not surprised, nor did she try to stop it. She came with pride around Harry’s dick, crying out his name and shaking as her pussy juices coated the bed beneath her, causing much of his cum to spill out of her from the force of her squirting as well. Hermione shook beneath Harry’s strong hands, her eyes rolling up in her head once again and her tongue lulling out of her skull in a classic ahegao face.
When she came down from the orgasm, Harry was still going at it. He was like a machine and Hermione felt like she was going to cross-eyed from the pleasure overload he was forcing on her. Instead, she found herself focusing on the sight in front of her, the interaction that all this time had still been going on between Fleur and Ginny.
From the looks of things, the red head had cum from fisting herself a few times by this point, while Fleur was barely moving anymore, just sitting there grinding down on Ginny’s face as she breathed in and out slowly, her eyes heavily lidded and her breasts jiggling nonstop rather than bouncing up and down as they had been before.
Hermione had been in denial before, but now as she stared at the scene, she saw beauty. She realized in that moment that she wouldn’t be able to go back to normal after this; she wouldn’t be able to go back to a life without Harry’s cock. But she also wasn’t going to get him all to herself. The thought was like a shock of ice water down her spine even as Harry continued to fuck her hard up the ass.
The brunette witch didn’t know how many women Harry had at this point, but she couldn’t imagine him being satisfied with just Ginny and Fleur, who were obviously two of his lovers. She couldn’t imagine the virile stud of a man being happy with her, Ginny, and Fleur either. He would need more, hell he probably already had more. Hermione bit her lower lip as she tried to think of who it could be. Nymphadora Tonks came to mind immediately as the intelligent witch brushed the rust off her old critical thinking skills and began to puzzle things out.
After several minutes of hard thinking, interrupted intermittently by the hard anal dicking she was receiving as well as Harry’s mouth nibbling on her ear and then suckling at her neck, Hermione thought she had it figured out. At the very least, Harry was probably fucking three married women behind their husbands’ backs and at least two widows as well. It was honestly pretty simple once she connected the dots and put the clues together.
She and Fleur were two, while Ginny didn’t really count since she was married to Harry to begin with. After that, Nymphadora Tonks was almost a shoe in for one of Harry’s fuck toys. The woman had basically become the defacto secretary for the Head Auror after Harry had abolished the position. At the time, Harry had confided in Hermione that his superiors were trying to get Tonks fired and so he’d made the metamorphmagus indispensable in the only way he knew how.
But if she assumed that Harry and Tonks were in a clandestine sexual relationship, a dozen encounters over the years suddenly made sense, a dozen small things Hermione wasn’t meant to see that she had seen, only to put it out of her mind, convincing herself that she hadn’t actually witnessed what she thought she had.
After Tonks it was the Malfoy women undoubtedly. Astoria was an easy one as even Hermione had heard about the Lady Malfoy’s outburst at the Auror Office. The fact that Harry had gone out of his way to make sure Draco was imprisoned at a lesser prison rather than Azkaban with the Dementors after Astoria’s little outburst proved that they’d come to an agreement, an arrangement. There was only one way Hermione could see Astoria successfully convincing Harry of anything…
Biting her lower lip as mental images began to fill her head of what that must have looked like, all while the presence of Harry’s thrusting cock in her ass continued to make its presence known, Hermione threw her thoughts to the older Lady Malfoy instead. The old witch was still quite beautiful for age, a product of their slower aging process. Hermione’s evidence of Narcissa’s lewd corruption was admittedly a bit less solid, but she would still stand by her thoughts regardless. All she’d seen was the older woman happy at a ministry function. It was the first time she’d seen the beautiful Lady Malfoy smiling since the death of her husband.
Harry had been at that function. He’d-
“What are you thinking about Hermione?”
Harry’s hand was suddenly in her hair, pulling her head back off the bed as he kissed along her neck, pulling her from her thoughts and focusing her attention fully back on him and his cock currently buried in her ass. Only now did Hermione realize not only had Harry stopped fucking her ass, he’d been letting her hump her hips back towards his cock unconsciously for the past couple minutes as she thought everything out.
Blushing furiously in embarrassment, Hermione averted her gaze even as she answered him.
“J-Just thinking about your harem Harry… Think I’ve got it figured out now.”
His grip in her hair tightened, but he sounded more amused than angry when he spoke again, a simple question.
Nodding as best as she could, Hermione kept her eyes down as she ran through the list.
“I-It’s me… Fleur, Tonks, Astoria and Narcissa Malfoy, and I guess Ginny as well. At least anyways, I feel like there’s more than that but I can’t think of anyone else.”
She gained confidence as she spoke, losing the stammer and the stutter. Hermione had always enjoyed explaining how she’d come to a conclusion on something. Harry was silent for a moment and then chuckled, nuzzling her hair and beginning to fuck her ass again, slow languid thrusts that made her whine for more.
“You’re mostly right. All of those names are correct, and there are a few more… with plans for some new acquisitions coming up. But I notice you put yourself on the list Hermione. You put yourself at the start of the list for my… ‘harem’.”
Hermione blushed deeply and glanced down at that, once again embarrassed. Then Fleur’s quiet voice suddenly startled her from her thoughts.
Glancing up, Hermione frowned as she looked at the other woman, who was staring back at her with heavily lidded eyes and a devious smile on her face.
“You have to call him Master Hermione. Or he won’t fuck you for real.”
Harry paused his movement at Fleur’s words, but didn’t say a word. Hermione found herself frozen in stupefaction. This wasn’t ‘for real’?! The brunette witch was both intrigued and terrified of just what the hell ‘for real’ was supposed to be. In the end though, she couldn’t help herself. Her treacherous mouth took over for her when her brain wouldn’t give the orders and before she knew it, she was saying the word as she looked back over her shoulder at Harry with big doe eyes.
“Please Master… fuck me for real?”
A change came over Harry’s face and his hand in her hair clenched into a fist, the other one coming down to grab her hip. Before Hermione knew it, she was getting the ass fucking of her life, his cock plowing in and out of her at a speed she’d not experienced from him yet and certainly never experienced from anyone else. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream and Hermione’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came explosively within seconds.
From there, it didn’t stop. Harry fucked her long and hard, filled her ass with cum, and then forced her back onto her back and filled her womb with another load for good measure. Hermione was used and abused, her holes fucked what felt like countless times until she was half-delirious from the pleasure and completely exhausted from the marathon sex that Fleur had tricked her into initiating.
It was a barely conscious blissed out Hermione that lay back on the bed hours later when something different finally happened. She was resting back on a pile of pillows with Ginny resting under her ass; begrudgingly slurping Harry’s cum out of her butt, while Fleur knelt betwixt her thighs and ate his seed out of her cunt. Hermione had already cum on the blonde part veela’s face twice and could feel a third one fast approaching when the door to the Master Bedroom suddenly swung open.
Fleur and Ginny stayed focused on what they were doing, but Hermione and Harry’s eyes moved to the doorway as Victoire and Lily walked into the room with Rose still between them. They were walking in a very silly manner in order to keep the red head pinned between them, their huge double sided dildos still sliding in and out of their cunts and both her cunt and ass. Rose still had the O-ring gag in her mouth, but at this point she looked a lot like Hermione felt, completely and utterly fucked, while still a little confused at just how she’d gotten in this state.
Despite her new status as just another one of Harry’s cock sleeves, Hermione still found herself feeling a bit of motherly concern for her beloved daughter. With the last bit of sanity left to her, the brunette looked to where Harry was smiling at the sight and pleaded with him.
“H-Harry… please, no. Spare my daughter. Spare Rose. S-she deserves better than me. She deserves a normal life.”
She was pinned down by Fleur and held in place by Ginny, so Hermione couldn’t do much more than squirm in place as Harry got off the bed, standing up and walking over to the three young women at a languid pace. Hermione watched with wide eyes as he curled his hands on Victoire’s blonde locks and his own daughter’s red hair at the same time, pulling them in one after the other for deep searing kisses.
It was only then that Hermione realized who it was she’d been missing from Harry’s harem. Her mind had put up one final block, one final wall of self-denial as she’d refused to accept that her best friend had taken Fleur’s daughter and his own and turned them into two more of his loyal sex pets. She’d had it all right in front of her and she’d willfully ignored it, assuming that Victoire, Lily, and Rose’s activities were separate from what Harry was doing to her.
After kissing the two young women DPing her daughter between them, Harry cradled Rose’s face in his hand and kissed her on her gagged lips, his tongue pushing past the O-ring and into her mouth for a long moment before he eventually pulled away, leaving Rose looking even more dazed and glazed over then before. Harry turned back to her at that point and Hermione watched with wide eyes as he walked over to the bed and crawled on, leaning down beside her head and brushing her hair lovingly out of her face.
He smiled down at her kindly and spoke in a soft gentle tone.
“I can’t do that Hermione. Your daughter has earned this through her own actions. Did you think my Lily was like this because I made her this way? She came to me already well-versed in the carnal delights, with her own mother collared and on a leash she held in her own hands. Do you know where she learned all of that? From your daughter. Rose isn’t the sweet innocent flower you wish she was, not even in the slightest.”
Hermione shuddered as the truth of Harry’s words washed over her. She squeezed her eyes shut, unable to even look her daughter in the eye. Harry’s voice drifted to her ear regardless, a promise on his lips.
“I’ll teach her everything I know Hermione. I’m going to educate her on just what being with a man is like. And when I’m done with her, I’ll be more than happy to let her go if that’s what she wants.”
Harry pulled back from her and the next thing Hermione heard was the snap of fingers. Opening her eyes, the brunette witch watched as Lily and Victoire carried Rose over to the bed. At the same time, Fleur chose that moment to nibble down on her clit and Hermione was sent right over the edge into an orgasm that could be rightly called the straw that broke the camel’s back.
She came hard, climaxing all over Fleur’s face and beginning to black out from sheer exhaustion. The last thing Hermione saw before passing into the realm of unconsciousness was her daughter, covered in a sheen of sweat and tied up with a gag in her mouth being tossed on top of her waiting, grinning best friend. Rose squirmed on Harry’s chest, but in that last half a second before Hermione fell unconscious she couldn’t have said whether Rose was struggling to escape or needily grinding down on Harry to beg for relief.


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