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Chapter 7 - Rose Granger-Weasley


Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Chapter 7 - Rose Granger-Weasley

Chapter 7 - Rose Granger-Weasley

 Rose Granger-Weasley really wasn’t sure about this. Fooling around with Lily Luna Potter was one thing. They were the same age as well as lifelong childhood friends. It had made sense for them to experiment a little with one another and that had led into a bit of a relationship between the two of them. They weren’t romantically involved, but they were definitely more than friends.

Still, Lily had been acting a bit differently late. More than that though, this was…

“Lily, are you sure about this?”

The young woman looked to her crimson haired friend with some trepidation. She was completely naked, knelt down in the middle of Lily’s bed as she bit her lower lip and wiggled in the bindings around her wrists and arms, which were secured quite tightly behind her back. She could barely even move them with how well Lily had tied her up. It surprised Rose a little bit, that her friend would have this sort of experience with bondage.

Now Lily was holding up a large O-ring gag and Rose really didn’t know if she was on board with that. She looked at the gag warily, before glancing towards her friend again. Lily smiled and nodded.

“It’s going to be fun Rose, you’ll see. Come on and give it a try.”

Ugh, well how could she say not to that? Lily was literally throwing her own words back in her face at her. That was exactly what Rose had said when she’d pulled her friend into kissing, then scissoring, then sixty nining. When Lily put it that way, Rose really wasn’t allowed to say no when the Potter girl had said yes to everything now was she?

Nodding hesitantly, Rose watched as Lily’s smile morphed into a wide grin and the other girl slowly moved forward with the O-ring gag outstretched in her hands. Still not too sure about this at all, Rose opened her mouth wide nonetheless, allowing Lily to fit the gag into place under her teeth. There was a small tinge of discomfort from just how wide the O-ring stretched her jaw, but it wasn’t unbearable and so Rose simply lived with it, even as Lily pulled up her red hair and tied the thing into place behind her head quite tightly.

A grunt left Rose’s mouth as Lily made sure to pull on the strap a bit more than was probably necessary. When her friend finally pulled back, there was a mischievous grin on her face that worried Rose to no end. But Lily just started touching her now that Rose was completely at her mercy, her hands ghosting along Rose’s naked form and lightly sliding over the slope of her breasts and down her sides.

Rose had already been quite flustered and maybe just a bit aroused beforehand, but now that Lily was teasing her, all that the Weasley girl could do was moan through the gag, her tongue wiggling in the open space that the O-ring was forcing her to make. Lily just giggled at Rose’s reaction and the red head couldn’t help thinking that she’d made a monster of her crimson haired friend. All Rose had wanted to do was having a little mutual satisfaction between the two of them. A way to blow off steam until they both found a boy they liked and could settle down.

Lily was taking things too far with this, but Rose just didn’t have it in her to say no. And if she was being honest with herself, she was enjoying this just as much as her friend seemed to be. When Lily finally pulled away from her, Rose couldn’t quite stifle her whine of protest even, thanks to the large ring in her jaw keeping her from closing her lips. In response to her incomprehensible noise, Lily just winked and pulled back some more, sliding off the bed entirely and leaving Rose kneeling in the center, naked and alone.

The Potter girl never did leave her line of sight though thankfully, allowing Rose to track her with grey-blue eyes as Lily moved across the room towards her closet, throwing it open and stretching her own naked delicious form out in order to stand on her tip toes so she could reach the top shelf. Rose couldn’t help getting a bit more aroused as she stared at Lily’s perky posterior and long legs, her tongue ghosting around in her wide open mouth as she subconsciously tried to lick her lips and failed.

However, when Lily made a noise of triumph and came down from her tip toes with whatever it was she was aiming to find on that top shelf, Rose lost the view of her friend’s backside in favor of a view of her front… and what exactly she was now holding in her hands. The Weasley girl’s eyes widened dramatically as she took in the massive pink dildo in her friend’s hands. Rose immediately began to vehemently protest as best as she was able, shaking her head back and forth and trying her best to vocalize a no without being able to fully press her tongue to the roof of her stretched open mouth.

“Nnghh!! Auugghh!!”

Lily just giggled again and held the large sex toy up in both her hands like a trophy for Rose to look at.

“Don’t freak out so much Rose. It’s a doubled sided dildo. Only half of it goes into you. The other half is for little ole me and you don’t see me sweating it do you?”

Stopping her struggling for a brief second, Rose actually looked long and hard at the huge pink dildo in Lily’s hands and saw that the other girl was actually right. She could see the spot in the middle where there was a thickened band to denote where their pussies were supposed to meet as they both fucked themselves on the dildo. Blushing deeply, Rose bowed her head and mumbled out a barely recognizable apology.

“It’s okay; I know this is new for you, so apology accepted. Now, up on your knees a bit more so I can get into position.”

Still embarrassed at her negative reaction, Rose did as Lily said without thinking, rising up so that she wasn’t sitting on her knees on the bed but rather kneeling, her upper legs completely straight as Lily climbed back on and moved to the head of the bed. Rose turned to follow her movements and watched as the Potter girl licked her lips and began to stuff the huge double sided dildo between her legs. It was a testament to how wet Lily was that the thing went in so easily, inch after inch of the massive pink sex toy disappearing inside of her friend as Rose watched.

Then, once the crimson haired girl had her half inside of her, she gestured Rose forward. Staring at the massive half that was still meant for her, Rose shuffled herself towards her impending doom all the same, feelings of trepidation and anticipation warring inside of the red head. At Lily’s direction, Rose pulled herself over the other girl’s body, being the cowgirl to Lily’s well hung bull as she positioned herself right over the tip of the massive pink dildo.

Lily grinned as she grabbed hold of Rose’s hips and before the Weasley girl knew it, she was taking the other side of the dildo into her as her friend forced her body down onto the thing inch by inch. In the end, Rose just gave in, letting Lily do as she liked and closing her eyes as she tried to concentrate on the pleasure over the discomfort. This wasn’t all that hard given that the pleasure soon completely encompassed the discomfort, but for a brief second it was not a fun experience at all.

That brief second passed and then Rose was moaning all over again as she found herself bouncing up and down on her half of the double sided dildo. Lily grinded back at her, humping up into the air with all her strength and moaning just as happily as Rose was. The two best friends enjoyed the sex toy and each other’s company for several long minutes and Rose was just beginning to think that this whole bondage-gagged thing wasn’t all that bad. Giving up control to Lily had been slightly scary, but in the end it really was working out for the best from what she could see.

All of that changed in an instant after what happened next. Lily’s hands left Rose’s hips for a moment and she tugged insistently on the red head’s nipples. Able to get the hint, Rose leaned forward at Lily’s constant urging, her moans abruptly cut off when their lips finally met. Lily was quick to dominate the kiss and Rose was quick to let her, even as the Potter girl continued to pull and tug on Rose’s nipples. It felt good to let Lily take control and to relinquish it herself. It felt good to have the crimson haired young woman playing with her nipples and kissing her mouth while at the same time spreading her ass cheeks wide to tongue her virgin ass.

It… wait a second. It was like a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped onto Rose’s head. She tensed up, freezing with her eyes wide as she realized that there were too many hands currently on her body for it to all be Lily. To be exact, there was an extra pair of hands and an extra tongue currently going to town on her ass while Lily continued to play with her tits and fuck her with the large double sided dildo.

Twisting her neck around, Rose Granger-Weasley looked back behind her just in time to catch Victoire Weasley’s grinning face as her cousin pulled back briefly from her ass and smirked up at her wickedly.

“Finally caught on? Mm, you’ve got a nice virgin butthole. I wonder if your mom’s is similar at all. I’ll have to give it a try once Harry is done breaking her in.”

Then she stuck her index finger in her mouth and lathered it up with her saliva before abruptly sticking it right into Rose’s slightly loosened ass. Not nearly loosened enough though as Rose found herself squealing through her O-ring gag, her body squirming to try and get away from the probing finger up her butt and failing utterly, skewered as she was on Lily’s double sided dildo.

The assault continues from there even as Rose does her best to struggle. There’s just no way for her to get out from between the two girls with her arms tied behind her back and a large pink sex toy shoved up her cunt connecting her to the one beneath her. Meanwhile Victoire was just going to town on her ass with that finger, thrusting it in and out rather viciously as tears began to fall from Rose’s eyes.

“Finally decided to join the party Victoire? I hope you don’t think my father rewards tardiness. He’ll definitely see fit to fuck me first when I bring him my lovely little friend once he’s done with her mother.”

Rose’s eyes widened dramatically at the revelation that had fallen from Lily’s lips and she made a confused noise of protest even as Victoire smacked her big bubble butt with an open palm and answered the Potter girl’s challenge.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Master will reward me first, when he finds out how ready this slutty virgin’s asshole is for him. I’m going to get it all ready and when he fucks her up the butt, he’ll undoubtedly be so pleased that I get the first fucking once he’s done with her mother AND her. Besides, this will make the third red head. You aren’t nearly as special as you might think anymore, Lily dear.”

At this point Rose had her eyes squeezed shut as tears continued to leak from them. She was trying to ignore everything that was happening around her and to her, but that was rather difficult considering the circumstances. She couldn’t ignore the way that Lily was mauling her tits after all, nor could she ignore the way that Victoire was fingering her ass with one hand and spanking her butt cheeks red with the other. And who could possibly forget the massive pink dildo currently stuffed up her cunt? Rose certainly couldn’t, as she none-to-silently went through another unwanted orgasm thanks to the huge sex toy and Victoire and Lily’s ministrations.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m his daughter, you’re just a veela. Not even a real one either, you’re a full eighth. And did you forget that he has just as many blondes to play with at this point as he does red heads? It won’t come down to hair color you silly little tart; it’ll come down to connection. And when it comes to the bond between a perverted daughter and her loving big dicked daddy, I’ve got you beat a thousand fold.”

Rose truly didn’t know what was going on here. How was this happening to her? Why would Lily do this? What was all of this shit about her dad and Rose’s mom? Was Lily fucking her father?! Was Victoire fucking Lily’s father? Was HERMIONE?! Rose’s head was a mess, a massive migraine on top of everything else leaving her sort of out of it as the two girls continued to fuck her senseless between them. After Lily’s last biting remark, Victoire had fallen silent, almost sullenly so. Lily seemed to notice too because after a moment she rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

“Oh come on now, don’t pout cousin. Look, we’ll share Rose together now and we’ll share my dad when he inevitably rewards us for bringing her to him. Go over to my closet and check the top shelf for something fun to use on our little sandwich filling yeah?”

The finger left Rose’s ass a second later and the red head let out a sigh of relief as Victoire’s presence disappeared from behind her, her weight leaving the bed. It was just her and Lily for the moment and even with her best friend’s betrayal, Rose’s fevered mind couldn’t help being a bit relieved at this change in circumstance. That is, until her thoughts caught up with exactly what Lily had just said to Victoire and she processed the meaning of the crimson haired girl’s words.

It was too late by that point though. Just as Rose realized that Lily had sent Victoire off to get another sex toy, the blonde part veela returned and before Rose could do anything but look behind her and widen her eyes at the sight of the massive purple doubled sided twin to Lily’s pink monstrosity, Victoire was moving forward and forcing the lubed up toy into Rose’s quivering butthole.

Rose shrieked as the blonde witch slammed it home without any ounce of foreplay, forcing Rose’s ass to accommodate several inches of sex toy in the span of a couple seconds. The Weasley girl sobbed uselessly as she was held pinned between the two girls, each of them thrusting in and out of her over and over again from both ends as they DP’d her right there on Lily’s bed. Rose moaned out through her O-ring gag, shaking her head back and forth. She didn’t want this; she didn’t want any of this. The red head wished she wasn’t enjoying it so damn much, but already the pain in her poor virgin ass was fading away even as Victoire kept up the pace of her thrusts.

Already, Rose was beginning to feel pleasure from the harsh butt pounding she was receiving. Lily came up off the bed quite suddenly and Rose found herself truly sandwiched between the two girls as they pinned her tied up form in place. Lily’s tits rubbed against Rose’s and Victoire’s rubbed against her back as her lustful beautiful assailants leaned around her in order to kiss one another.

It was around this time that the door to Lily’s room swung open, unbeknownst to any of the three girls on the bed. Hermione stood in the doorway staring at the sight before her, while Harry stood behind her, reaching out and molesting her as she stepped back into his chest. But Rose wasn’t looking, instead she was staring up at the ceiling with glazed over eyes, her ears filled with the sounds of her own moaning and whining and whimpering even as Victoire and Lily made their own enjoyment of her ongoing double penetration known quite vocally.

Hermione and Harry soon disappeared out of sight, the door closing behind them without any of the girls noticing. Not that there was anything Rose could have done besides despair further at the sight of her already flushed and disheveled mother being manhandled by the Head Auror himself, the very man that Lily and Victoire had already talked about passing her off to for a reward.

Who was she going to go to after this? Who could she possibly report her rape to, if the Head Auror himself was going to participate? These thoughts flitted through Rose’s head even as she was fucked senseless in both ends by two girls she’d grown up with, two girls who she shared blood with. In the end, the situation seemed so totally hopeless to Rose. She began to simply give into the pleasure and the sensation that Lily and Victoire were forcing on her.

Slowly but surely, orgasm after orgasm, Rose was brought to the brink and sent right over, her mind cracking and leaving her seeing white as she half passed out from the sheer pleasure overload. At that point, the red haired Weasley girl was reduced to not much more than a ragdoll, her limp form held up between Victoire and Lily as they thrust their double sided dildos deep inside of her poor holes over and over again.

It wasn’t until both of them stopped and Lily spoke up that Rose actually bothered to pay attention to something besides the pleasure of being savagely fucked senseless. Blinking stupidly, the poor girl looked up through bleary eyes at Lily’s wicked smile and made an inquisitive sound through the large O-ring gag in her mouth.


By this point, quite a lot of drool had left Rose’s lips, but she was only just now noticing it with the absence of all other sensations leaving the sticking feeling of her front half being covered in her own slobber at the forefront of her mind. Lily just grinned wider at Rose’s confused sound and repeated what she’d said.

“Sorry, did you just wake up Rose? I said that it’s time for your initiation. Time for you to get fucked hard by daddy. You should be excited, the first time he takes you is ALWAYS the best.”

The words shocked her back to full awareness, as did the sudden movement as Victoire and Lily crawled off the bed with her still pinned between them. Rose’s eyes went wide and she whipped her head back and forth, getting her hair in an annoyed Victoire’s face but not managing to do much beyond that as the blonde part veela pinched her ass in retaliation. Her cousins moved her towards the door of Lily’s room at a rather sedate pace that still caused the massive double ended dildos inside of her back door and her cunt to jostle around and hit new spots inside of her.

Rose did her best to protest and struggle, but quickly realized yet again that there was no point. By the time they reached the master bedroom and threw open the door, the fight had once again gone out of Rose Granger-Weasley. That didn’t stop her from being horrified at the sight before her though, as she looked at what was happening on the huge four poster bed in the center of the room. Rose’s worst fears were realized as she beheld her mother, laid out on the pillows, Fleur Weasley’s mouth on her cunt and Ginny Potter’s head beneath her ass.

Hermione looked absolutely out of her mind with pleasure, a fucked silly look on her face that only began to fade away when she looked towards the door and saw her and her cousins there. Several emotions flitted across Hermione’s face before Rose’s mom eventually settled on concern, her brow furrowed. Then she looked away from Rose to where the man himself, Harry James Potter, stood watching the two of them. Rose listened, whimpering as Victoire and Lily continued to jostle her, as her mother pleaded with Harry.

“H-Harry… please, no. Spare my daughter. Spare Rose. S-she deserves better than me. She deserves a normal life.”

Hearing her mother beg like that sent a shudder through Rose’s form completely separate from the sensations Victoire and Lily were currently forcing on her. Hermione had always been the strongest woman in Rose’s life, a force in and of herself. Seeing the older witch reduced to this made Rose’s heart sink, even as Harry responded to Hermione’s plea by sliding off the bed and walking over to her, Lily, and Victoire.

Rose hunched in on herself as best she could, flinching as the Uncle she’d looked up to all her life kissed Lily and then Victoire quite deeply. There was lots of tongue involved judging by the assault on Rose’s ears, but when he was done with them, he turned to her. Before she knew what was happening, the Weasley girl’s face was being cradled in gentle yet firm masculine hands and Harry’s mouth was on hers, pressed up against her stretched lips, the O-ring gag still spreading her jaw open.

One would think that the gag would prevent Rose from even remotely enjoying the kiss being forced upon her by her Uncle, but somehow it didn’t. Somehow, she found herself leaning into the kiss as best she could, something that was made quite obvious when Harry pulled back and left her leaning forward with a satisfied smile on his face. Rose felt dazed and confused, but that didn’t stop her from watching Harry’s toned backside as the older wizard turned around and walked back over to the bed where her mother was pinned between Fleur Weasley and Ginny Potter’s mouths.

As Victoire and Lily carried her closer to the bed, Rose was able to hear every word out of Harry’s mouth even as he spoke in a soft gentle tone.

“I can’t do that Hermione. Your daughter has earned this through her own actions. Did you think my Lily was like this because I made her this way? She came to me already well-versed in the carnal delights, with her own mother collared and on a leash she held in her own hands. Do you know where she learned all of that? From your daughter. Rose isn’t the sweet innocent flower you wish she was, not even in the slightest.”

Rose wanted to protest that as she watched her mother shudder at the revelation. Sure, Rose had drawn Lily into a sexual relationship. Sure, the two had experimented together these last couple years and maybe they’d gone pretty far past experimentation, but all that happened was some licking and fingering and scissoring. This bondage stuff was all Lily.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t very well clear her name with an O-ring gag in her mouth. There wasn’t much Rose could do but moan out her denial as she watched her mother squeeze her eyes shut, unable to even look at her. Then, Uncle Harry went for the death blow.

“I’ll teach her everything I know Hermione. I’m going to educate her on just what being with a man is like. And when I’m done with her, I’ll be more than happy to let her go if that’s what she wants.”

He leaned back away from Hermione’s face and snapped his fingers. Lily and Victoire immediately began to move Rose even closer to the bed, closer to Harry. But Rose only had eyes for her mother, watching in horror as Fleur did something with her teeth that caused Hermione’s eyes to shoot wide open, the witch climaxing so hard that she convulsed with pleasure, beginning to pass out right on the spot.

Then, Rose was tossed down onto her Uncle’s broad muscular chest. The abrupt absence of the two double sided dildos that had been inside of her holes all this time made her squeal through the O-ring gag and she squirmed even as Harry’s arms closed around her body. His hands moved over her naked form and Rose felt helpless even as he began to touch her overly sensitive flesh in all the right places.

A moan left her stretched open mouth as Harry dug two fingers into both her cunt and ass right there on the spot, pistoning them in and out of her and causing her to squirm even more. But Rose could not get away. Around her with Hermione completely passed out, Victoire and Lily had taken their respective mothers in hand and were now riding their faces. Fleur and Ginny lay there and simply took it and Rose’s mind couldn’t really handle seeing the older witches she’d been told respect all her life in such disgraceful positions. The world didn’t make sense anymore.

“That’s right sweetheart, let it all out. You’re close aren’t you? Go on, cum for Uncle Harry.”

A low whine left Rose’s throat even as she shook her head, trying to deny his words. But in the end, that was impossible because he was right, she was close. Ever since Victoire and Lily had begun to carry her from Lily’s room to here, Rose had been on the edge of cumming, but not quite there. This latest orgasm was proving to be elusive… until now. Now, with her Uncle pistoning two fingers in and out of her holes and his thick throbbing prick rubbing between her thighs, Rose was left to fall right over the edge.

The red head screamed this time as she came, her eyes wide as her sweat-covered young body shook and spasmed atop Harry’s chest. Her pussy juices coated his hands and his abdomen, but Harry just chuckled and pulled his fingers from her holes as he nuzzled her neck.

“Very good Rose. Very good. Now, lick them clean.”

It wasn’t like she had much choice as Harry stuck two of his messy digits into her open mouth at a time. Still, she was feeling a bit resigned by this point, so she used her tongue to lick off her own pussy juices all the same. Once she was done cleaning off her Uncle’s hands, he slid them both to the edge of the bed and let her fall to the floor on her knees. His grip on her hair kept her in place, but Rose wasn’t about to try to run anyways, not as she was. The thought from earlier came to mind again. Who the hell would she run to even if she could get away?

And so, as Harry turned her to face his cock, Rose stared down the barrel of the gun so to speak, going a little cross eyed in the process as she swallowed thickly. Harry had both hands in her hair by this point, and there wasn’t much Rose could do besides try to twist her head away as her Uncle slowly pressed forward with his cock, fitting the tip of his member between her spread lips and through the O-ring gag.

Rose let out a muffled resigned moan around his girth as more and more of Harry’s hard shaft slid into her mouth. For a little while, the older wizard seemed content to just slide in and out of her forced open face hole like that, but Rose was ever cognizant of the rest of his shaft still outside of her gaping maw. Harry was only about to fit about four inches of his length into her mouth before he hit the back of her throat. But while Rose may never have sucked on a dick before (she’d never even seen a man naked before today), she knew enough to understand that cock sucking didn’t stop at the mouth. It could go further.

Looking up into her Uncle’s beautiful green eyes as he smiled down at her, Rose could see a promise in his gaze. He seemed to see something in her eyes as well, because his smile widened a fraction and then turned slightly wicked as he tightened his grip on her hair.

“Ready sweetheart? I suppose it doesn’t matter one way or the other, does it?”

And then Rose’s eyes widened and she was staring cross eyed again as the cock between her lips went straight down the back of her throat without any further warning than that. Harry pistoned in and out of her throat and Rose could do nothing but gag and choke on it.

“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”

Her own uncle was face fucking her, forcing her to deep throat his entire cock. Tears began to fell from Rose’s eyes again, staining her scarlet cheeks even as drool and slobber galore fell from her mouth to her chin, covering her young tits in even more of her saliva. The worst part though, as Harry continued to thrust in and out of her mouth, straight down her esophagus, was that Rose was beginning to enjoy it.

Why? Why was she enjoying being sexually assaulted by her Uncle? She didn’t want this anymore than she wanted Victoire and Lily to do what they did, so why did she long for her arms to be untied, not so she could run away, but so that she could reach down between her legs and finger herself? Rose let out another muffled moan around Harry’s cock, her tongue sliding along the bottom of the wizard’s length completely voluntarily.

Rose couldn’t breathe, and yet here she was, growing wetter and wetter from the way he was choking her on his shaft. Whenever the black began to encroach at the corners of her eyes, whenever Harry had her nose buried in his crotch for too long, he would inevitably find the right moment to pull back entirely, giving her a precious second or two to breathe before he was right back to throat fucking her as hard as he could.

Yet she couldn’t get enough of it and though she wasn’t able to bring herself to climax in the process of being brutally face fucked, she still tried to swallow every last drop of her Uncle’s cum when he finally released down her throat. Rose failed of course, this being the first dick she’d ever had and the first cum load she’d ever dealt with. The young red head choked on his cum in the same way she’d just been choking on his cock and Harry’s white hot seed exploded out of her nostrils and the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin right alongside her drool as she swallowed the best she could.

It tasted salty, yet at the same time delicious. Rose hadn’t been expecting that and even as Harry pulled out of her mouth, the Weasley girl found herself bemoaning her bound and gagged state for an entirely new reason this time, as she looked down at her chest and stomach and all the tasty cum there, unable to reach it with her jaw stretched open and her arms restrained behind her back.

A dejected moan left Rose’s throat before she could try to hold it back, but if Harry noticed he didn’t care. He was too busy pulling her to her feet as he stood as well. Before Rose knew it, she was in her Uncle’s arms. Not bridal style though, no, such a position would have been too kind. Harry hooked his forearms under her legs and spread them wide as he carried her over to the part of the bed where Hermione lay, completely knocked out and fucked senseless.

Rose found a second wind as she saw this, squirming and struggling anew as she tried ineffectually to get away once more and failed utterly. Groaning, Rose shook her head back and forth even as Harry pressed the tip of his prick up under her, running his bellend against her pussy lips almost teasingly. He was going to thrust inside her at any moment though and Rose knew it, the anticipation building and building until finally he just did it, his throbbing hard shaft filling her young cunt inch by inch.

They said knowing was half the battle, but in that moment Rose would have liked to find out who ‘they’ were that said that, and shove a couple double sided dildos up their holes to see how they liked it. Knowing her Uncle was about to take her first time with a man away from her did not help her at all. He thrust inside of her and no matter how prepared she might have hoped to be, there was no way to prepare for something like this.

Not even Lily and Victoire’s double penetration of her holes for over an hour could have prepared her for Harry’s cock. Was this what all sex with men felt like? Or was it just the Potter Lord’s particular brand of it that had driven all of the intelligent proud women around her wild and was currently in the process of doing the same to Rose?

The latter seemed more likely. The intelligent young witch considered things, even as Harry finished filling her pussy with his cock and slowly began to pull back out, ostensibly to do it all over again. Somehow, Harry Potter had taken pretty much all of the female authority figures in her life and turned them into sex-addled bimbos. At the same time, he’d turned all of the male authority figures in her life besides him into cucks.

Was it any wonder then that she was struggling to see anyone, man or woman, that she could turn to once this was over? Her Uncle was not only the Head Auror, the highest law enforcement position in all of Magical Britain, he was also the strongest wizard she knew. If Harry decided he wanted a harem of beauties of all ages to slake his lusts on, he would get it. From the looks of things, that’s exactly what was happening here.

A moan left Rose’s throat and her thoughts were momentarily derailed by a violent orgasm, her pussy juices practically exploding out of her as she came all over her mother’s unconscious form. Hermione’s face and tits were left splattered with Rose’s juices as the red head whimpered at the sight of what she’d done, what Harry had forced her to do. She’d already been dripping all over Hermione’s abdomen before now, but the young witch could tell that Harry wouldn’t stop until he’d forced her to cover her mother in her satisfaction, a very clear indication of her falling to his massive cock.

Pulling her thoughts back together even as Rose felt herself building towards another explosive climax, the red head tried to think of a reason to keep fighting back, to keep resisting. She tried to find a logical and rational method through which she could save herself once all was said and done. It was what her mother had always taught her to do above all else. Hermione had told her that wizards and witches were lacking in one major area and that if Rose could just keep that in mind, she would excel above all others.

Her mother had been talking about common sense, but all her common sense was currently telling her was that there was no point in resisting anymore. Hell, even her mother had given in. The older witch hadn’t bothered trying to fight back when Rose had been brought into the room. Hermione hadn’t struggled or attempted to use her magic to save her. She hadn’t even managed to get out some of the harsh biting language that Rose knew she was capable of.

Instead, the already broken woman had begged Harry to spare her. And when he’d said no, what had her mother done? She’d climaxed so hard that she’d passed out. Hermione had failed her and if her mother, a stalwart bastion of common sense could not be trusted to resist Harry’s advances, how could she? It was solid reasoning, at least to Rose’s feverish mind as she came again around Harry’s shaft, her pussy juices once more spraying all over Hermione’s naked body.

Squealing through her O-ring Gag, Rose clenched down around Harry’s cock hard and was rewarded by his release as he filled her pussy with his cum, painting her womb white with hot sticky seed. Rose could feel it, and she found that she liked it, the sensation of being so stuffed with Harry’s seed and cock. Except, as she squirmed around on his dick, expecting it to finally begin to soften, the thick hard member defied all of her expectations, staying hard inside of her.

Harry’s lips suddenly ghosted across her ear and she heard him murmur.

“One last hole sweetheart. Ready or not, here I come…”

Rose barely had time to widen her eyes in horror before Harry had pulled out of her cunt and used her spread legs to give himself easy access to her asshole. A loud shriek left Rose’s throat as her back door, which had tightened up a fair bit in the time since he’d had his fingers in there, was forcibly spread open again around his massive member. The squirming red head followed up her shriek with incomprehensible squealing as Harry got right to work at plowing her poor ass.

As of now, that meant he’d been her first man in all three of her holes. The thought caused another fracture in Rose’s already fractured psyche and even as Harry fucked her butt, Rose began to feel strange. Victoire’s huge purple dildo had done its work in preparing her for this moment and the discomfort that came from once more being anally penetrated with only cum and pussy juices as lube faded away in what felt like seconds to be replaced by something else entirely.

After a while, Rose realized she was once again feeling pleasure, sheer unadulterated ecstasy from having her Uncle’s cock right up her ass. Her jaw tried to clench down around the O-ring and her eyes rolled around in her head as the wizard bounced her up and down on his shaft again and again and again, moving faster every time. Her large posterior, inherited from her passed out mother, smacked against Harry’s crotch repeatedly, until Rose was sure that her ass cheeks were as red as her face by this point.

The young witch moaned wantonly through her O-ring gag. Harry’s cock felt amazing in her ass, better than she could have ever imagined. The red head understood now why Hermione had wanted her Uncle to spare her. She understood that Harry hadn’t lied when he said he’d teach her everything he knew and then allow her to leave if she still wanted to, but Rose also knew that his statement had been misleading in the extreme.

How could anyone want to leave once they got a taste of this dick? She certainly didn’t want to go the rest of her life without riding her Uncle’s shaft again. She wanted him to use and abuse her to his heart’s content. Rose wanted to- Harry’s pace suddenly redoubled in its ferocity and the red head he was currently bouncing up and down on his cock came spectacularly. Rose’s thoughts were completely derailed this time as her fractured mind simply broke.

She’d been on the way there all on her own beforehand, but Harry’s brutal and savage anal pounding served as a tipping point for the poor intelligent young woman. She came hard from his surprising anal assault and her pussy juices exploded out of her almost like a hose, making even more of a mess of her mother than she already had now that Harry’s dick wasn’t in her cunt to plug it partially.

What… what had she been thinking about? It didn’t matter anymore did it? What mattered was serving her new Master in each and every way she could. Her beloved Uncle would give her instructions and all she had to do was follow them to the letter and everything would be fine.

“Sweetheart, look at this mess you’ve made of your mother. Honestly darling, you can’t just go around cumming all over people like that. Clean this up.”

Harry’s massive member slid out of Rose’s ass with a pop. Or perhaps it was better to say she slid OFF his cock, because suddenly Rose found herself dropping down on top of her mother’s unconscious body in the same way she’d been dropped down onto Harry’s chest by her cousins at the start of all of this. Paying no mind to that, the young woman immediately began to mindlessly lick her mother’s face clean of her pussy juices, moaning all the while and pushing her pussy up against her mother’s for much needed relief.


Hermione woke up slowly to the feeling of a tongue on her face and then her neck and then her breasts. The busty bookworm moaned as she furrowed her brow and scrunched up her nose. Finally, she opened her eyes to see which of Harry’s other women could possibly be licking her clean. The older woman came face to face with her daughter’s glazed over eyes as Rose continued to tongue her clean almost on auto-pilot.

Freezing up, Hermione stared at her broken daughter in horror and despair before finally coming to her senses and beginning to squirm. The fact that she failed to fight Rose off said more about Hermione than it did about her gagged and bound daughter though.

“N-No… Rose, stop, this isn’t right… w-we’re mother and daughter…”

Her daughter, her bright and proud child, didn’t bother responding verbally as that would have taken her away from the appointed task of licking Hermione clean. Instead, Rose’s eyes just drifted past Hermione to the other side of the bed. Hermione followed her daughter’s gaze and blushed deeply at what she saw there, her pussy immediately flooding with arousal. Harry was fucking his daughter while Ginny tongued out Lily’s ass. Meanwhile, Victoire was still riding Fleur’s face, this time with her own ass covering her mother’s mouth as the older woman let out muffled moans interspersed between her licks.

Hermione understood what Rose was getting at, this idea that because it was with Harry, taboos like sex between parent and child no longer mattered. She was honestly a little surprised and a lot proud that Rose could even string such a complex thought together at this point. That didn’t make her right though, or her current actions any less wrong. Turning her head back to face her daughter, Hermione shook it and opened up her lips to protest once more.

“No! It’s still wro-MMPH!!!”

The busty witch’s eyes widened in outrage and shock as Rose forced her tongue down Hermione’s throat and silenced her. Apparently her daughter was done cleaning the outside of Hermione’s body, because now the younger witch was doing her absolute best to clean Hermione’s tonsils as she maintained the lip lock with her mother and kept Hermione’s protests muffled and incomprehensible in the process.

Hermione squeezed her eyes shut as she felt herself giving into the pleasure. Rose’s pussy had been grinding against her own cunt this entire time but only now was Hermione beginning to feel it. Her hands came up finally but rather than pulling her bound daughter off of her like she could have easily done all this time, Hermione began to kiss Rose back instead, groping her daughter’s big fat bubble butt in the process.

Mother and daughter were totally and utterly lost, two new members of Harry’s growing harem. The powerful wizard felt a tug on his magic and looked over from where he was letting his daughter ride his cock while her mother tongued out her ass. Lily was over the moon with happiness, ecstatic in her enjoyment of his cock.

But while she was throwing her head back and crying out yet again from another orgasm around his shaft, Harry’s eyes were on Rose and Hermione as he watched mother embrace daughter and daughter tongue kiss mother. He grinned happily at the sight, pleased to have brought the two women together… under him. But now was time to think on his next conquest, because even now Harry didn’t feel satisfied.

What had started as something as simple as a mutually satisfactory arrangement between Astoria and he had become something far more. The wizard couldn’t just stop here. But who would he introduce to his cock next? Even as he used his hold on his daughter’s hips to plunge her up and down on his cock, Harry thought on just who else he wanted.

Several women flickered through his mind, in one ear and out the other. Some were easy yeses, some were maybes, some were no’s… but only one felt right in this moment. Harry’s mind finally came to a halt on Angelina Weasley nee Johnson. The dark skinned beauty that he’d played with on Gryffindor’s Quidditch team so very long ago had always been a bit of a flirt. A hundred instances of her teasing him as a young hormonal teenager flew through Harry’s head in a moment and he felt a wide vindictive grin spreading across his face.

He’d long since let such trivial things fall from his mind, even if Angelina and her fellow Chasers, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell had been the cause of some very cold showers for the man when he was still young. But if he could have a bit of revenge while also putting the beautiful witch under his thumb, then why not right?

That settled, Harry focused his attention back on thrusting up into his daughter’s tight cunt, the wide grin still across his face as he sped up his pace and sent Lily into a string of powerful orgasms that had her nearly passing out from exhaustion.


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