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Chapter 13 - Susan Bones


Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Chapter 13 - Susan Bones

Chapter 13 - Susan Bones
Small Preface: This dips more into the Horror Genre than previous chapters. Consider it a belated Halloween chapter, though it's got no actual Halloween themes beyond the horror bits :P


There’s a smile on Harry’s face as he gives the secretary outside the Minister’s Office a nod. She gives him a smile and nod right back and he walks right on through. Being Head Auror has its privileges after all. Humming a jaunty tune, Harry pushes open the door and grins as the woman behind the desk looks up at him. Closing the door behind him, Harry lets out a happy sigh as he walks forward, giving the new Minister of Magic his biggest shit-eating grin.
“Susan Bones, finally where she belongs! After all these years as Deputy Minister, I’m glad to see you in that chair my friend.”
Susan and Harry had never been particularly close at Hogwarts, but after the war was over, they’d both decided independently to change things from the inside. After realizing that they were allies in the same fight, they’d gone on to become rather close friends. As such, Harry can’t help but grin at finally having one of his closest allies as Minister of Magic. She’d already been so helpful as Deputy, but now she had all the power in the world…
Opening up the pouch at his side, Harry hefts the unopened bottle of firewhisky he’s brought for the occasion. Only as he’s doing so does he realize that Susan is remaining seated, rather than standing to greet him. A bit rude of her, but Harry shrugs it off as he holds the bottle out across her desk.
“Ogden’s Finest of course, aged to perfection. Enjoy.”
Susan takes the bottle from his hands, but there’s no smile on her lips as she sets it aside and then leans forward in her chair, her elbows on her desk and her fingers steepled together.
“Head Auror Potter. Have a seat.”
Harry’s back stiffens, though not in fear. The powerful wizard doesn’t feel fear. He does take offense to her tone, but he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. Sweeping his robes out so they won’t get bunched up, Harry settles into one of the comfortable, cushioned visitor’s chairs. He lifts an eyebrow at the newly elected Minister of Magic, even as she leans back, her lips pressed so tightly together they’re almost white.
“When we started our work in the Ministry, we did so to stamp out the nepotism, the greed, the corruption that we both knew ran so damn deep in this institution. At least, I did. I thought you did as well, all these years.”
Narrowing his eyes, Harry has to keep himself from balling his hands into fists. He can’t quite keep the coldness from his voice though, but then neither can Susan so what does it matter if he mirrors her?
“I have done much to clean up the Ministry of Magic, Minister Bones. Just as much, if not more than you have. If you are insinuating something…”
Susan scoffs at that.
“I am insinuating nothing. I am accusing you of abusing and misusing your authority, Head Auror Potter.”
Harry’s eyes widen in disbelief and anger. His voice is outraged, but it’s a quiet sort of anger as he speaks, almost hissing out a single word.
Her eyes stormy and her face like stone, Susan Bones looks every bit the woman her aunt once was… the similarity is made all the more obvious by Amelia Bones’ portrait hung up on the wall behind Susan’s head. Both women, painting and real, are glaring at Harry at this point. Susan almost snarls as she abruptly stands and plants her hands on the desk in front of her.
“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Did you believe me that ignorant, naïve, gullible?! Or perhaps you believed I would turn a blind eye to your excesses, simply because we were allies, because of what we’d accomplished together. Regardless of which it is, you were WRONG Head Auror Potter! I did notice and though I could not move against you as Deputy Minister, things WILL change now that I am Minister of Magic!”
Now Harry gives into the urge to ball his hands into fists, mostly because his current desire is to straight up throttle Susan, either with magic or with his actual fingers wrapped around her throat. Only, Amelia and the other portraits in the office will undoubtedly raise the alarm. Harry could have managed something if he’d come in here knowing what he was doing, but he’d expected a celebration, not a fucking interrogation. It was the first time in a long time that the messy haired man had been caught off guard.
In the end, he keeps his cool and remains seated for a little while longer as he glares up into Susan’s stormy eyes.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Minister Bones. You’ll have to be more specific.”
“Draco Malfoy! Victoire Weasley! Delphini Riddle! Just to name a few! You truly did think me stupid, didn’t you? I’ve noticed the irregularities Potter! I’ve heard all about your questionable decisions! You’ve traded the old nepotism and exchanging of favors for your new brand, but it’s still the same corruption, just happening under different hands!”
Now Harry does rise from his chair, mostly to feign a proper amount of outrage in order to hide his shock at being discovered. He doesn’t feel ashamed or guilty of his actions though. No, at this point, the powerful wizard is too far gone to realize that Susan is right to censure him for what he’s done. Still, he’s left scrambling a bit in order to defend himself. In the end, he finds himself doing something he never thought he’d be doing. He uses Dumbledore’s old words, thrown at him all that time ago during his school days.
“My track record more than speaks for itself Bones. I have revamped and rebuilt the Auror Department from the ground up and Wizarding Britain is safer today because of ME! Dumbledore himself once said that everyone deserves a second chance! And you’re accusing me of corruption because I’m showing mercy to criminals who very well might reform?!”
Despite his words, Susan Bones is not moved in the slightest. Crossing her arms over her top-heavy chest, the new Minister of Magic is icy as she speaks.
“I am opening an official investigation into your abuse and misuse of your authority Head Auror Potter. You will have Victoire Weasley and Delphini Riddle produced within two hours. I will interview them myself in Interrogation Room One. If you do not comply with my orders, I will have you stripped of your title and your authority and I will have you thrown in a cell. Then, I will speak with the aforementioned young women anyways. Am I understood?”
Harry stands there, tense and agitated and altogether furious for a long moment. And then, it’s as if the emotions simply drain out of him. He relaxes, and his face becomes truly expressionless as he inclines his head towards Susan. Even his tone is emotionless.
“Crystal, Minister Bones.”
Another beat of silence passes as Susan just stares at him, but whatever she’s looking for, she doesn’t find it. Letting out a disgusted grunt, the new Minister shakes her head.
She watches Harry leave with her nose wrinkled and her lips curled up. She’s not only angry at him though, she’s angry at herself as well, both because she’s having to do this to a man who truly has done much for the Ministry, and because she didn’t see it sooner, didn’t curtail Harry’s excesses before they got as out of control as they obviously had.
“You’re doing the right thing Susan. This was always the plan. If he hadn’t shown up to give you that bottle, you would have called for a meeting before the end of the day anyways.”
Susan lets out an explosive sigh as Amelia’s words reach her from her deceased aunt’s portrait. She looks to the bottle of firewhisky in question, unable to think of a time when she’ll ever want to drink it. Grimacing, the Minister of Magic turns around and looks to the woman who’s inspired her all her life, immortalized in the framed canvas hung on her wall.
“I know auntie. I know. It doesn’t make it any easier though…”
Amelia shakes her head at that.
“Doing the right thing is seldom easy, unfortunately. The hard work doesn’t end just because you’ve become Minister, no matter what example Fudge with his buffoonery set. You’ve got a long way to go… but I know you can do it my dear niece. You’re the strongest, brightest young woman I’ve ever known, and it was a pleasure raising you.”
Susan can’t help but smile at that, a warm sensation rising in her chest as she straightens up under her aunt’s praise. Amelia grins, as if able to sense Susan’s emotions.
“Now. Get out there and find the truth.”
Nodding resolutely, the newly elected Minister of Magic spins on her heel. She puts the firewhisky in her bottom desk drawer for the time being and then makes her way around her desk and out of her office. She has an interview to conduct. It’s time to get the truth.
To his credit, Harry does get both Delphini Riddle and Victoire Weasley to the interrogation room before the time Susan has given him runs out. Though that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, if his corruption truly runs as deep as she believes it does. Still, at least she can finally get started. The red head makes sure that the security spells and recording spells are working properly, and then she looks to both of the young witches sitting across from her.
They look nervous, scared even and Susan can’t help but wonder what Harry said to them before she got here. Doing her best to give them a smile, Susan clasps her hands together.
“Thank you for coming in girls. I want to preface this by saying you’re not in any trouble, neither of you… Delphini, I know that the Head Auror took you out of Azkaban and you might feel like you owe him a lot, but as Minister of Magic, I can protect you. I just need you to trust me. You as well Victoire.”
Both girls fidget. Neither looks at the other. After a moment, Victoire speaks.
“U-Um, I don’t know what this is about M-Madame Minister. I know who SHE is… and I know Uncle Harry has her out on parole… but what does any of this have to do with me?”
Susan lets out a low sigh, even as Delphini lowers her eyes to the ground, hunching over and curling in on herself. The lie in Victoire’s voice is so damn obvious that it’s almost sad. It’s clear that the beautiful young blonde is frightened of her, for some reason or other.
“Victoire…  I know what happened between you and Teddy two weeks after you graduated from Hogwarts. I know you were caught and arrested. And I know that Harry made the charges go away, in exchange for certain… favors. It’s alright, you can talk to me. Both of you can.”
Victoire stiffens in wide eyed surprise, looking like a deer in the headlights now as Susan just comes out and says what they both know to be true. The young witch is speechless, and in the end its Delphini who speaks up next.
“I-I… Lord Potter said I’d go back to Azkaban, i-if he was removed from his post. I don’t… I don’t want to go back. I’m better now, H-Harry made me better.”
Susan’s heart breaks a little as the silver haired girl stares at the floor. Honestly, she’s always pitied the young woman at least a little. Delphini Riddle got bad break after bad break, and while she’d committed the crimes she was ultimately imprisoned for, her future had always been tainted by her parentage. She’d never had a chance.
Leaning forward, the older witch does her best to keep a supportive tone and a kind smile on her face as she speaks to Delphini, and Victoire too by proxy.
“Like I said, I’m not here to get either of you in trouble. The fact of the matter is, Head Auror Potter is now under investigation for abuse of power. I need to know what the two of you know and I need you both to work with me on this. If you can help me, then I can help you. There’s no need for you to go back to Azkaban Ms. Riddle, not so long as I’m Minister. Just… tell me what happened.”
Rather than Delphini speaking up, its Victoire who breaks first, surprisingly enough. The blonde whimpers, drawing Susan’s attention to her. There are tears streaming down the young witch’s face.
“I-I… he m-made me do things f-for him. In exchange for w-wiping away the charges.”
Susan nods, having suspected as much from what she’d heard, the rumors that had reached her ears. Seeing that the Minister is listening, Victoire gains a bit more confidence as she speaks.
“He made me… he made me suck his c-cock. A-and then he fucked me. He t-told me I was a slut and a whore and that h-he was teaching me how to properly service his g-godson like the c-cunt I was made to b-be!”
Victoire sobs into her hands and Susan’s heart breaks as Harry’s actions and words reach her through one of his victims. Finally, finally she has proof of the man’s indiscretions and corruption… but it’s far worse than she thought, if he was willing to treat someone from the Weasley family like this.
“… He made me call him daddy.”
Susan’s eyes snap from Victoire to Delphini as the other witch finally begins to speak. Delphini Riddle’s voice is soft and quiet, her eyes still tilted towards the ground.
“He came to me, in my cell. At f-first, he said it was because he felt a kinship with me. We talked, a-about growing up as orphans. H-he told me he slept in a cupboard… until he was eleven. I thought… I thought maybe h-he was like the father figure I never had… b-better than V-Voldemort…”
Delphini shudders even as Susan stiffens at the use of the name, old fears dying hard and all that rot. After a moment, she collects herself and continues.
“E-Eventually, he brought a magical tent with him. B-Bigger on the inside and all that. I-It had a working shower a-and when he recommended that I use it to c-clean up, I jumped at the chance. But while I w-was washing up, he came into the shower and h-he was naked… he made me do things with him… he bent me over a-and he fucked me… he told me i-if I’d been born his daughter, he’d have taught m-me t-to respect and serve wizards… a-and he made me call him daddy, o-on the condition that he’d take me o-out of Azkaban…”
At this point, tears are streaming down Delphini’s face as well and the young silver-haired witch looks just as broken and confused and lost as her fellow victim, beside her. Susan can’t take it anymore. She rises from her seat and rounds the interrogation room table as she comes to a stop behind Delphini and Victoire, turning their chairs to face her and hugging them both close.
The abused young witches clutch at her tightly, even as Susan shudders, squeezing her eyes tight as if the horror of what they’ve told her will go away, if she just wills it. Instead, shutting out her eyesight just lets her imagine the terrible scenes of debauchery and sexual assault that Harry Potter levied on these two all the more easily.
“I’m so sorry you two had to go through that. Don’t worry though, I’ll put an end to it. You have my word as Minister of Magic. I don’t care who he is or what he’s done… no man like that should be in a position of power, no wizard should be allowed to abuse those who rely on him for safety and protection and justice.”
Even as she says the words, Susan knows just how difficult the task before her is going to be. Harry James Potter, Lord of two Ancient Houses, Savior of Wizarding Britain, and Head Auror of the Ministry of Magic. Even with her new position at the top of the Ministry, it would be no small feat to topple the Man-Who-Won and she was already plotting out her next moves as carefully as she could, even as she consoled the two young women in her arms.
Perhaps that’s why she didn’t initially recognize or react to the fact that both Delphini and Victoire were getting more handsy as time went on. She did however, come out of her thoughts when they spoke again. There was no sobbing in Victoire’s voice as she groped at Susan’s ass.
“But we’re not done yet Madame Minister… we haven’t told you how he finally broke us, how he showed us how much we loved being his little whores.”
Susan Bones stiffens, but she’s already trapped, her wand slipping into Delphini Riddle’s robes even as the silver haired witch backs up her blonde counterpart.
“Mmhmm… god I love daddy’s cock. Also, I suppose I should come clean, he’s always telling me off for lying… Harry didn’t ask me to call him daddy, I begged him for the privilege Minister Bones. With his big hard dick and his muscular, masculine body, god, I WISH my mother had been smart enough to fuck him instead of my real biological father. Snaky bastard can rot for all I care, I love Harry and he loves me.”
She didn’t understand, and it shows in her trembling voice, even as she tried to push back, tried to escape the grasp of the two young women, to no avail.
“G-Girls, what are you saying?”
The witches that Harry had abused and used for his own pleasure have done a complete one eighty. Their tears are dried up and they’re grinning almost ferally at her as they work together, tag-teaming her off of the ground and onto the interrogation table. Susan tries to resist, but with four hands working against two, the girls begin to tear her garments from her body piece by piece, stripping her down.
She opens her mouth to scream for help, but Victoire is on her lips as the first shouts leave her throat. Nothing makes it passed Victoire as the blonde part-veela kisses her deeply, domineeringly. At the same time, Susan is down to her last garment, a tight corset meant to keep her truly massive tits hidden. It doesn’t do a very good job, merely downgrading her to top-heavy or ‘huge rack’ rather than ‘gargantuan mammaries’, but it’s necessary to keep SOME level of professionalism at work each day.
The tight corset pops away, not from either young witch because Delphini is busy pulling her panties down her long legs, but because of her own hyper-ventilating. Susan’s chest heaves and the garment gives up the ghost, revealing her insanely impressive chest to the world, even as she’s kept pinned down, Victoire’s tongue doing its level best to go down her throat.
Stripped naked and terrified by what the girls are going to do to her, there’s not much Susan can do at this point to fight back, not without her wand. Victoire continues her assault on Susan’s mouth, but now her hands are also on the red head’s ginormous tits. Meanwhile, Delphini has taken it upon herself to crouch between the female Minister’s spread legs, dangling off of the interrogation table as they are.
The young witch’s tongue works hard at Susan’s cunt and despite the horror and terror and fear coursing through her body, she can’t quite stop the pleasure from slowly overwhelming it. She doesn’t want it, the arousal that they’re forcing upon her. Her impending orgasm is the very definition of reluctant and undesired. But it seems to be coming nonetheless and Susan finds herself pressed towards the edge of an abyss, closer and closer and closer…
And then the door to Interrogation Room One opens up and Harry James Potter steps inside wearing nothing but the outer robe of his office as Head Auror. It’s parted, and his body is on full display as Victoire and Delphini freeze up at his entrance. Susan finds herself half-dragged off the table by the two young woman’s haste to pull away from her. She falls to the hard, stone floor of the room with a thump, groaning as she lands on her coccyx.
The cold of the floor does little to stiffen the pleasure the younger witches so expertly forced upon her and Susan can only shiver from both sources as she watches Harry smile widely, spreading his arms wide to welcome Victoire and Delphini into his embrace.
Of course, they don’t go for a hug. They kneel before him and immediately begin to slavishly fight over the largest cock that Susan’s ever seen, jockeying for position and entering a contest of wills over who gets to suck his dick first. Harry doesn’t seem to mind this though, his wide smile a mixture of kind and perverse as he rests his hands on top of silver and blonde heads of hair.
“Well done girls. Very well done. Watching her buy into your stories was a true treat. You’ll be rewarded for this, just as I promised… but later. For now we have business to attend to with our new Minister of Magic.”
Susan can only watch in ever-growing horror as Harry grips down with both hands, gathering up the hair of the two kneeling witches into makeshift ponytails, and leading them forward towards her on either side of him. Victoire and Delphini submit immediately, shifting their positions so that they’re crawling across the floor alongside the powerful wizard. Their eyes fixate on Susan, where she’s sat naked on the floor, but Susan finds herself caught in Harry’s gaze alone, unable to look away as the Head Auror smiles down at her.
“Hello again Susan. I do apologize for my attitude back in your office. Friends shouldn’t talk to friends like that, don’t you agree? No, as you can see, I’ve calmed down quite a bit. I think that the two of us should make up and come to an… understanding. I’m sure we can work out a compromise. See, I firmly believe that girls like Victoire and Delphini… and to a different extent, women like you, are best served by my kind of discipline. Let’s start a dialogue on the subject. What do you say?”
Susan finds herself disgusted by Harry’s carefree attitude. She scoffs in the face of his faux congeniality and grits her teeth as her hands ball into fists. She might be naked, but she won’t let that make her powerless in the face of this… this man!
“I have nothing to say to you, monster. You’re just as bad as You-Know-Who! You were just better at hiding it all this time! But no more!”
Harry lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes.
“All this time… all this time and you still can’t say his name Susan. How… sad. Even you, even the Minster of Magic herself… just another sheep.”
And then he lets go of Delphini and Victoire and the two lunge at her without any further prompting. Susan cries out as she struggles weakly, but there’s not much as she can at this point as the young witches pull her up into the air, lifting her between the two of them. They open up her legs, spread eagle and then Harry is there before her as she hangs her head, grabbing at her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes.
She meets the gaze of the man she once respected with all her heart and despite her fear and despair, for the moment, her anger is stronger. However, before she can cuss him out further, Victoire and Delphini release her and Susan’s eyes widen as her pussy spreads open wide around Harry’s massive schlong. It doesn’t seem like it should be possible, but there she is, impaled on his huge cock, hanging in the air by the strength of the large dick alone, her feet inches off the ground.
Harry’s hands close around her massive tits and he squeezes them hard, holding her close with that grip even as he turns around and begins to walk towards the interrogation room’s door. Susan’s eyes are wide and her mouth is open as she chokes on the words she was going to say. Instead, all that comes out of her throat is gasps and groans and whines and whimpers.
 Her pussy twitches and squirts erratically from the sensory overload of bouncing up and down again and again on Harry’s cock, but Susan is still aware enough to hope that someone will see them, that someone will help her.
However, when they leave the interrogation room, the red head is shocked to find that the main Auror Office is empty, the lights dimmed to almost nothing. Harry snickers at the dumbfounded look at her flustered, red face as they continue on through the building.
“I suppose I should have known you were a sheep when you couldn’t even tell I’d put a dilation spell over the interrogation room. What was just thirty minutes for you and the girls was the rest of the day out here. Everyone’s gone home for the night, which means there’s no one left to help you, no one left to save you.”
Susan shudders as the full weight of the situation finally hits her, the sheer hopelessness of all this ramming into her already weakened, beleaguered mind. She’s been losing the will to fight for a while now, but with those words, Harry drains it from her completely.
As Harry carries her through the empty, dimly lit back hallways of the Ministry of Magic, he smiles warmly at her vacant eyes, leaning forward and kissing her on the nose in a strangely gentle move, though it does little to properly diminish the horror of the situation.
“Don’t worry my dear. You’ll come around soon enough.”
And to her terror, she actually feels like she is, though it’s a slow process. The reluctant, forced pleasure brought on by Harry’s dick impaling her cunt is beginning to overwhelm the horror and terror. By the time they arrive at the door of Susan’s office, the secretary noticeably absent, the big-tittied red head is whimpering in need, her own hands clawing at Harry’s arms as he continues to grope and knead her fat tits.
They enter the Minister of Magic’s office and for a moment, Susan goes ramrod straight as a fresh kind of horror runs through her body. One of humiliation and embarrassment, rather than just her fear of her own feelings, of what Harry plans to do with her. After all, if they’re in her office, that means the moving paintings all around them are watching her even now. Her AUNT!
But when Susan twists in Harry’s grasp to look behind her, eyes raking across the walls of the room, she finds nothing but frozen pictures. Not a peep leaves the magical painting, as each and every one has been struck unmoving by magic. And yet… they’re still conscious. She can see their eyes moving, though their heads and mouths will not.
A fresh wave of shame washes over Susan as she realizes her aunt is watching everything, but is powerless to do anything about it, trapped in her frame behind Susan’s desk. Harry carries her over to said desk and abruptly lifts her off his cock, even as she’s contemplating this. The crimson haired witch’s eyes go wide and she shouts in unwanted ecstasy as a torrent of her pussy juices leaves her gaping cunt and splatters down onto her desk. A powerful orgasm hits her, even as Harry drops her face first into the pool of her own arousal.
Her feet scramble against the ground as her upper half is left atop her messy desk, but Harry is pinning her between the furniture and his body. His massive cock comes to rest between her ass cheeks and his hands close around her pert, perky posterior. It’s not as impressive as her breasts, not by far, but it’s also certainly not her worse asset. Harry grins viciously as he plays with the Minister of Magic’s beautiful ass and Susan groans in response, shaking her red locks back and forth along with her head, but no resisting him in any other meaningful way.
When Harry finally pulls back from hot dogging her ass cheeks and fits his cockhead once more against her dripping wet cunt, Susan can only mewl at first… and then he’s slamming his dick home into her pussy once more, splitting her open around his massive schlong just as her passage is beginning to tighten back up again from its earlier impalement.
Susan screams bloody murder as she climaxes explosively around Harry’s thrusting dick. Her pussy juices coat the girth of his member and spill out onto the floor between them… but Victoire and Delphini have not been idle, and the two young pets are there to clean it up, before returning to their activities beneath Harry and Susan.
The red head is unable to contain herself with Harry’s massive cock pistoning in and out of her. He’s fucking her over her own damn desk, plowing her like she’s some two-bit whore instead of the Minister of Magic! Intellectually, Susan knows what Harry is doing. She was told his M.O. by the two young women directly after all. He was going to break her, force her to submit to him through sheer force of pleasure and will.
And to her utter shame, Susan is already on her way, her mind fracturing, fizzling at the edges as she tries her damnedest to hold back the arousal, ultimately to no avail. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm wracks Susan’s body as she fails to contain herself. Her pussy walls clench down hard along Harry’s cock and her cunt sprays its juices out from around his pistoning length onto the faces of the two witches kneeling beneath them. This happens repeatedly and Susan completely loses track of time, until finally something changes.
Harry cums and though she knows she shouldn’t be happy about it, Susan can’t stop herself from shuddering and climaxing right alongside him, even as his seed fills her womb. She’s not been with too many men at this point. Her career in the Ministry, fixing the shit that was wrong with Magical Britain’s politics, finishing what her aunt had started… all those things had taken precedent for the beautiful crimson haired witch.
She didn’t have a husband or children, or even a boyfriend. While she wasn’t a virgin, she was certainly on the verge of becoming a spinster. But now… now Susan couldn’t help but wonder, her pleasured mind fevered beyond all belief, if Harry hadn’t gotten her pregnant right then and there. Susan shudders at the thought, finding it far more desirable than she wants it to be as her eyes roll back in her head and her jaw drops open, no sound coming out of it.
In this moment of pleasured distraction, Susan offers up no resistance when Harry pulls out of her cream-filled cunt and flips her over onto her back. Her massive, natural mammaries flop to either side of her chest, not quite able to hold up against gravity, like they would if they were fake. Harry grins and leans forward, gathering up her huge tits and squeezing them together as he places his mouth on one nipple and then the other, licking and suckling and nibbling at her teats.
Her legs dangle off the table and his cum slowly dribbles out of her pussy and into Delphini and Victoire’s mouths as they fight over who catches each drop. In the end though, after a few moments of playing with Susan’s breasts, Harry moves on. The powerful wizard grabs at the red head’s pale legs and pulls them up onto the desk with the rest of her body. Then he goes a step further and begins to push them back and back and back.
Susan’s eyes bulge out of her skull as he stretches her far past the point that she thought she could be stretched, ultimately pressing her ankles back behind her shoulders and arms and tying her up into a pretzel. With her legs framing her torso, Susan’s giant tits can no longer flop to either side of her chest. Instead, they end up pushed together as Harry gropes and kneads them a bit further. More than that though, the red head’s crotch, her cream-filled cunt and her ass, are both exposed in this new position… but then that’s the point.
Stuck in her new pose, Susan can do nothing about the fact that her cunt is now gaping even further, causing Harry’s cum to slop out of her in large amounts. It slides down her body and runs along her ass crack and her sphincter, before finally dripping off into the mouths of the two young witches waiting for it below. But before it gets to them, some of it gets into the entrance of her butthole, ever so slightly lubing her up… for what’s to come.
Harry’s wand suddenly slides past her sphincter and a cry leaves Susan’s lips as she’s anally penetrated for the first time in her life. The witch’s mouth is open in a perpetual scream even as Harry casts a silent scourgify on her bowels to make sure she’s properly clean. When he pulls his wand free, Susan can only whimper in relief… before going right back to screaming as Harry fits his cockhead against her asshole and begins to push.
“N-No! Please… please no… mercy Harry… m-mercy…”
There’s no mercy in Harry’s eyes, even as he grabs her by the chin and smiles down at her, leaning in to bring his face right up to hers, even as he continues to slowly bury his cock inside of her tight, unused hole.
“Don’t worry Susan. Soon you’ll understand. I’m not going to let up until you do, until you break around my cock like all the rest.”
Even as he speaks, Harry is subconsciously pushing his magic down onto the poor witch. There’s not much Susan can do beyond gurgle helplessly as her eyes roll back in her head, from both the metaphysical pressure AND the physical pressure. His cock is soon fully lodged inside of her ass, while his magic seems to be in her very soul, suffused throughout her person.
Harry goes back to worshipping her tits, even as he begins to fuck her in the ass, right on top of her desk. The red head’s mind frays even further under the constant assault as thrust after thrust of Harry’s cock pillages her poor, virginal butthole. Each time he pistons into her ass, it feels like a spike of pleasure is driving its way through the last remaining remnants of her sanity. Susan Bones, Minister of Magic, is slowly but surely becoming Harry Potter’s umpteenth cock slut, and even though she KNOWS what he’s doing and what’s happening to her, she can’t stop it.
That realization sends a fresh wave of horror through the crimson haired, top-heavy beauty, but it’s just as swiftly washed away by overwhelming, unwanted pleasure as Harry increases his pace and Susan soon finds herself cumming from nothing more than his cock in her ass and his lips on her tits. To be fair, her massive mammaries have always been sensitive territory for the poor woman. She’s had to deal with unwanted arousal from them day after day for her entire life.
Now though, it’s like the floodgates have been opened. All that pleasure and lust and desire she’s bottled up over the years is pounding at the gates of her mind… and the gates are fracturing as Harry plows her ass like a man possessed. Her nipples are distended and puffy from his lips and teeth by this point, and her breasts are reddened form his digits digging into her pliable flesh again and again and again.
When he finally cums, Harry doesn’t cum inside of her like last time. Instead he pulls out and with great enthusiasm, the powerful wizard paints Susan’s front with his seed, leaving streaks of white, hot cum across her body, all the way from the top of her head to her puffy pussy lips themselves. She looks great, covered in his seed.
Of course, Susan is just relieved that he’s finally done… for all of a single moment before Harry grins viciously and pulls her off of the desk and onto the floor. She bounces painfully and ends up on her knees as Victoire and Delphini swarm her, groping her massive tits and licking her cum-covered body. Susan pays them no mind though, instead the red head is tense, frozen in trepidation and anticipation as she stares down the barrel of Harry’s still-hard cock.
“Hah, did you think we were done? We’re just getting started slut. This doesn’t end until you accept your new place at my feet. Now, open wide.”
And to her utter shame, Susan actually obeys, unable to stop herself from immediately following the powerful wizard’s order. The red head opens her mouth wide and Harry sticks his cock between her lips, almost immediately stretching them out. She doesn’t even think to bite down, instead Susan begins to suck him off, bobbing her head up and down and hoping to make him happy, just so that he’d leave her alone.
Harry groans as her plan fails utterly. His hands curl into her red locks and then he grips down roughly as he begins to slam home into her face hole, wrecking her throat. Susan finds herself pushed back against the side of her desk, her head bumping into it even as Harry rails into her, fucking her esophagus and choking her on his cock.
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”
Over and over and over again, Susan takes Harry’s massive schlong right down her gullet. He has no care for her, all he wants is to use and abuse her, just like he did with Delphini and Victoire and who knows who else. And yet, Susan can’t stop it. She can’t help the two young witches who have betrayed her to Harry. She can’t bring the Man-Who-Won to justice. It was foolish of her to ever think she could truly make a difference, to ever think she could stand up to Harry James Potter.
With the frozen painting of her aunt watching on, Susan is thoroughly and utterly throat-fucked, tears ruining her makeup and slobber dribbling down her chin. Even before Harry finally cums, her face is an absolute ruin. When his release DOES arrive, it comes in a torrent and Susan is ill-prepared to swallow, even as he blasts his load down her throat.
It comes back up, but with his cock in the way, it has nowhere to go except out her nose and the small spaces on either side of her stretched open mouth. His cum explodes from those places and makes an even bigger mess of Susan’s face as her eyes roll back in her head and she passes out ever so briefly, looking to all those around her like a complete and utter whore.
When she wakes up again a couple minutes later, she’s bent over the back of one of the cushioned chairs she keeps for guests. Her massive breasts flop over the back of the chair and both Victoire and Delphini are there, taking advantage of that fact to molest and suckle at her giant, puffy teats. Susan whines, even as she feels Harry’s dick inside of her cunt once again.
He's still not done?! S-Surely three loads would be more than enough for even a powerful, strong, virile wizard like Harry! And yet, it seems not, given his massive schlong is still completely hard as it pistons in and out of her poor, exhausted pussy. Even the part of Susan that’s ready to worship Harry’s dick for the rest of her days is getting tired. There’s only so much a woman can take, and Susan’s basically past that at this point.
She can’t even muster enough strength to beg for mercy, or a break at this point. All she can do is whine and whimper and moan as Harry fucks her again and again and again.
Hours later, Susan shudders atop Harry’s lap as yet another load of his jizz fills her already filled womb. The top-heavy red head is covered in cum at this point, and her holes have been repeatedly plugged with the viscous white fluid. She looks pregnant, though in her fractured, broken mind, that translates to ‘she looks like a cum soaked, pregnant whore’.
With a grunt, Harry pulls out of her and lets her fall face first to the ground. Susan whimpers as her face presses into the puddle that now lies beneath her desk, but she makes no effort to move from her face down, ass up position, even as Harry’s words pierce her addled glazed over haze.
“I have business to attend to. The workday will be starting soon. No one will come in and out of this room though, I’ve made sure of that. I’ll be back, soon.”
Susan feels relief and for the first time, just a glimmer of hope. Not hope of escape, but hope for mercy, for a reprieve. That’s all the disgraced red head wants at this point, all the degraded and humiliated Minister of Magic desires. She just… she just needs a break. Harry can keep fucking her if he wants, she’s far too gone at this point to think about trying to stop him anymore. But she can’t continue on like this, or her mind really will snap. She has to rest, has to… has to-
The red head’s thoughts are abruptly derailed by a large object slapping her across her cum-covered face. Susan’s eyes open wide as she stares up into the smirking, evil face of Delphini Riddle as the younger witch holds a massive double-sided dildo in her hands. Another pair of hands hooks under her armpits and Susan finds herself rising up off the ground as the two witches, the ones she’d forgotten were even there, work together to maneuver her into position.
“Ready for Round Two cunt? Vicky and I are going to pay you back for trying to take our beloved Master from us. Did you really think I would ever betray my precious daddy? Stupid bitch.”
Delphini cruelly shoves the fake dick up into Susan’s cunt and though it’s not quite as big as Harry’s, it’s quickly joined by an equally large fake dildo up her ass, as Victoire mirrors her ‘friend’s’ action.
“That’s right. Delphy and I may have our differences, but we discussed it and decided we can set aside our competition over who will be Harry’s best slutty whore for just a moment, so we can teach you a fucking lesson. Ready or not, here we come!”
Susan’s eyes bulge out of her head and she screams as Victoire Weasley and Delphini Riddle sandwich her between the two of them, DP’ing her right there in the middle of her office. Her cries of agony and pleasure reach nobody. No one is coming to save her. No one is coming to rescue her. The closest thing to a reprieve she’s likely to receive from these two is going to be Harry, returning to plow her again.
And upon realizing that, Susan finds herself looking forward to his return, much to her own shock and shame. She much prefers he fuck her, then these two savage hellions. In that moment, as she decides that Harry is the lesser of two evils, Susan Bones is truly broken as a fire begins to grow in her belly, a need for Harry’s cock. The newly elected Minister of Magic is now Harry’s prick-hungry whore, just like all the rest.
Two days later, an anxious Hermione Granger is ushered into the Minister of Magic’s office by Susan’s secretary. The brunette witch is flustered and antsy, eyes sneaking this way and that as she bounces from foot to foot. But then, Susan has kept her waiting for over an hour… Hermione would be more miffed by that, and peeved at the other witch’s behavior, but this is too important for her to focus on petty things like that.
When she enters Susan’s office, she finds the other woman turned away from her in a new high-back chair that is definitely a replacement over the old minister’s chair. Biting even harder at her lower lip, Hermione approaches the desk slowly. Her eyes gloss right over the painting that sits on the wall behind Susan’s chair, and as such, she completely fails to notice the look of disgust and reluctant arousal on the face of the late Amelia Bones.
It’s clear Hermione will have to get Susan’s attention, as the chair still isn’t turning to face her, though it is shifting slightly, letting Hermione know it’s occupied by the woman she’s come to see.
“Susan… Minister Bones. I need to speak with you, urgently. I-It’s about Harry… something is SERIOUSLY wrong with him. I can’t… I can’t even explain it, but he’s become a completely different person as of late and it’s just… Susan, are you even listening to me?”
Hermione frowns severely as the chair STILL remains faced away from her. Growling a bit in anger, the brunette witch slams her fists down on Susan’s desk in irritation.
“Damn it Susan, this is important! I don’t have time for YOU to go on a fucking power trip as well!”
Incensed at being ignored, Hermione Granger-Weasley stalks around the side of the desk and reaches for the high-back chair’s armrest, eager to turn it and give Susan Bones a piece of her mind. Before she can touch it however, a familiar, masculine hand shoots out and grabs her wrists. Hermione lets out a yelp, but the chair is already turning to the side in order to face her, and the brunette witch’s eyes go wide as she takes in the current state of the Ministry of Magic’s top official.
Susan Bones is certainly in her chair. But she’s in absolutely no condition to have a chat… nor is she alone. The red head’s eyes are crossed and her mouth is open, her tongue lulling out of her skull. Her hands are restrained together at the wrists and said wrists are pulled back behind her head. Her legs are held apart by a spreader bar and pulled up into the air by a particularly cruel, taut chain connected between her newly pierced nipples, and the spreader bar itself.
Her chest is heaving from a recent exertion, but as hypnotic as that might be, Hermione’s eyes are not drawn to Susan’s massive mammaries, but rather to Harry’s amused gaze as the powerful wizard smirks from beneath Susan. After all, he’s the one actually sitting in the chair. Susan meanwhile, is sitting on him, his freshly flaccid cock laid out over the red head’s abused, puffy mound, still leaking white, hot seed all over the poor witch’s stomach.
“Something is wrong with me Hermione? Well if it was so serious, I wish you’d come and talked to me about it first…”
With his hand on her wrist, he tugs at her easily and Hermione, stammering and stuttering and as weak in the knees as she is wet in the pussy, slowly descends to the ground, bringing herself face-to-cock with Harry’s shaft. The intelligent witch’s eyes become dull and glazed over as Harry slaps his dick down across the bridge of her nose and her forehead, causing her to cross them in order to keep her gaze fixed on the beautiful, massive piece of man meat.
There’s no verbal response she can give Harry that will fix this situation. She’s betrayed him, even if it was a failed attempt, and now she must make up for that. This will only be the start, Hermione knows it instinctively… but at this point, there was only one thing on her addled mind, only one desire present in her usually intelligent brain.
And so she does, leaning back just enough for Harry’s cockhead to flop down off her forehead and into her open mouth. Bobbing up and down, Hermione begins to blow Harry with all her heart, her desire to expose him or get him help or whatever the fuck she’d thought she could do by coming here today completely derailed.
Smiling almost ferally, Harry Potter looks back at Amelia Bones’ portrait, even as he immensely enjoys Hermione’s ministrations.
The command cannot be refused, magically bound to him as she and every other portrait in the Minister’s Office now is. Leaning back in the comfortable chair, Harry keeps one hand laced through Hermione’s brunette locks and the other kneading, mauling at one of Susan’s tits. His eyes however, remain on the painting of the late Amelia Bones as she obeys him once more, a look of disgust and revulsion and shameful arousal on her face and her hand pushing into her gaping cunt.
The painting is still wearing most of her clothes, because it’s more arousing for him to see her debase herself in the robes of the office she once held. Harry grins as the former Head of the DMLE fists her sopping wet cunt right before his eyes, all while Hermione sucks at his cock and Susan just sort of lays on him, completely and utterly wrecked both mentally and physically.
It is clear that Amelia hates him, or at least this fragment of her, trapped in a portrait does. As well she should. After all, he’s forcing her to fuck herself for his pleasure, for the pleasure of the wizard who turned her intelligent, bright, proud niece into nothing more than his delicious, whorish cock sleeve.
A chuckle on his lips, Harry leans in and breathes a whiff of Susan’s red hair, just to piss off the painting before him even more.
Life is good.


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