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Chapter 24 - Gabrielle Delacour


Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Chapter 24 - Gabrielle Delacour

Chapter 24 - Gabrielle Delacour
Apolline Delacour has a problem. And it’s no small matter.
“Come on, mother. Surely, you’ve seen him around a few times these past months. You’re living in the same castle! Don’t tell me you don’t know ANYTHING about what Harry’s been up to!”
For a moment, the Delacour Matriarch can taste Harry’s cum on her tongue. She can smell his distinct musk, and her lips begin to part, as if to spread wide open for a phantom, mammoth-sized member. The mere mention of Harry’s name is enough to set Apolline off these days, enough for her treacherous mind to send the signals to her equally treacherous body that its time to prepare for a good, hard fucking.
The part veela hides her grimace behind a smile as she looks over at Gabrielle and shrugs.
“We’ve passed one another in the halls here or there, dear daughter, but Harry Potter is a busy wizard. Far too busy for an old witch like me.”
Gabrielle immediately scoffs at Apolline’s lie, not that the gorgeous young woman knew it was such. No, Gabrielle, was scoffing at the last part of Apolline’s response.
“You are not OLD, mother. You are simply aged. Like a particularly fine wine, you are as beautiful as ever, and you know it! It is unbecoming of a woman of your caliber to fish for compliments.”
This time, Apolline’s smile is a bit more genuine as she lifts a hand up and covers her mouth while she laughs lightly. Ah, she truly does love her daughter. Gabrielle is as fiery a wit as ever, even if her lack of a husband worries Apolline. But the problem is, even at over three decades of age, even with so much time between the day he’d saved her life and now, Gabrielle still harbors a fleeting crush on one Harry James Potter.
Apolline stiffens for a moment as she hears his voice in her ear, as she feels his hands on her body. Once again, its like he’s there, his cock slowly penetrating her folds… but it wouldn’t remain slow for long. Except, he’s not there. It’s just a day dream, a fantasy… because yes, Apolline has it bad. She has it so, so bad, and she knows exactly what would happen if she allowed Harry to see that Gabrielle still held feelings for him all this time.
She knew what would happen if she allowed her youngest to be drawn into the Head Auror’s orbit. After all, her oldest had fallen before even she had. Swallowing down her feelings and putting on a brave face, Apolline reaches out and places a hand atop Gabrielle, patting it gently and giving her daughter a nice, wide smile.
“Its been wonderful catching up with you Gabrielle, but it is a Sunday evening, meaning that I have classes to teach in the morning. As the night dwindles, it is time for you to leave, before curfew arrives.”
Gabrielle pouts at that, but doesn’t protest, even as Apolline stands up and her youngest daughter stands with her. It takes every ounce of the older veela’s self control not to react as she straightens up fully. Seated as she’d been, it hadn’t been possible to truly forget her current circumstances, but she’d been able to take her mind off of it, at least a little.
Now though, this much movement… its enough to remind her fully of the large dildo-plug currently buried deep in her bowels. Harry had put it there earlier that morning in fact, and Apolline had had to live with it all day long. She was supposed to earn the right to remove it tonight, as well as earn the right to have his cock inside of her… but she would see to that AFTER she escorted her youngest daughter away from the danger she’d unknowingly put herself in by coming here.
Hogwarts was not safe for naïve, innocent witches. It wasn’t safe at all. Placing a hand on Gabrielle’s back and clasping one of hers with the other, Apolline leads the young part veela out of her quarters and down the hall, guiding her towards the public floo so that she could get home. Just a few more steps, and they’d be fine. Just a few more steps and they’d be home f-
“Gabrielle? Mother?”
Apolline freezes up, even as Gabrielle twists around, ultimately pulling out of her mother’s grasp as a result.
Slowly, their mother turns around and faces the two, even as Fleur and Gabrielle embrace in the hall. Both of her daughters have grown up to be superb women, truly gorgeous in every way. Hell, these days they looked more like twins then older and younger sister. With age came the diminishment of the initial gap between them. A few years seemed a lot longer when you didn’t even have two decades under your belt, but once you had three, it was much closer together.
Still, while Gabrielle perhaps wasn’t as young as say, Fleur’s daughter, Victoire, she was still younger than both Fleur and Apolline. That’s why, as Fleur and Gabrielle hug, Apolline meets her eldest daughter’s eyes and silently beseeches her to have mercy on her little sister. A nonverbal conversation passes between them then, Apolline practically begging for Fleur to let her escort Gabrielle away from Hogwarts… and Fleur staring back with condemnation, and even anger.
When they pull apart, Gabrielle sees nothing of this in Fleur’s gaze, her sister instead smiling happily.
“Its so good to see you, Gabrielle. What brings you to Hogwarts?”
Blinking, Gabrielle glances back at Apolline, who just barely manages to put a brave face on in time, hiding her frozen horror.
“Well, I came to visit mother of course! And yet, I haven’t seen you all day, Fleur… what brings YOU to Hogwarts, if it’s not our mother?”
Fleur’s smile widens slightly at that, growing positively predatory. Apolline almost hopes Gabrielle will notice, but any chance of that is wiped away by the next words from Fleur’s lips, as she name drops the one person that will immediately take up all of Gabrielle’s attention.
“Ah, I came by to visit and help out Harry, of course. He required my assistance with some… troublesome issues, today. Though I don’t think he knew just how far the trouble extended.”
Her eyes flicker over to her mother, and Apolline freezes all over again. Harry would hear about this. The message was clear. And Apolline… Merlin, her body was already growing aroused at the thought of punishment. Gabrielle, meanwhile, is excited as all hell.
“Harry! Mother told me she hasn’t seen much of him on his sabbatical… do you think perhaps that he might want to see me! Just to say hi of course, I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything!”
Fleur lets out a light gale of laughter, even as Apolline’s heart sinks and her shoulders slump. Gabrielle has asked for it now… and there’s nothing to be done anymore, especially not when Fleur happily answers in the affirmative.
“Of course, dear sister, of course! I think he’ll be positively THRILLED to see you, in fact. Come, come. Let’s go see him. You too mother! If you really haven’t seen much of Harry, you haven’t been looking hard enough, now have you?”
The hidden tone in Fleur’s voice goes right over Gabrielle’s head as the three veelas all end up diverting from the public floo, instead heading down a hall that will lead to Harry’s quarters. Gabrielle ends up out in front of them, Fleur calling out to the excited veela whenever they need to turn down another corridor or something. At the same time, she falls back to her mother’s side.
Before Apolline can think of something to say to Fleur, perhaps some final plea to her daughter’s decency, Fleur reaches out and with eerie precision, manages to grab the base of Apolline’s dildo-plug through her dress, pulling and pushing back and forth, even as she grabs hold of one of Apolline’s tits with her other hand, using that as a way to keep her mother upright and walking under the sudden onslaught of pleasure. At the same time, Fleur hisses in her mother’s ear.
“Did you think Harry wouldn’t notice? Did you think I wouldn’t notice? You’re in trouble now, mother. You don’t get to decide what’s best for Gabrielle, not anymore. Not when you’re just as much Harry’s whore as I am, you stupid little slut.”
Apolline shudders, a single tear tracing down her cheek. Because in the end, she can’t deny a single word that Fleur has said.
Gabrielle was excited. How could she not be? Even if there was a small smidgen of honest guilt at the thought of interrupting Harry while he was working, at the same time she couldn’t bring herself to NOT do it. Especially since, hearing that Fleur was helping Harry had ignited an age-old jealousy in her heart. Gabrielle had long been more than a little envious of her older sister.

Fleur had everything, everything that Gabrielle had never achieved. Oh sure, the younger veela wasn’t completely destitute or living off of their parents’ kindness or anything like that. Gabrielle had a career, she was actually a Professor at Beauxbatons now, and she was quite happy with her work. It was the rest of her life that Gabrielle wasn’t so happy with.
She was still a virgin. Even after all this time, even after all these years, she’d never once had sex. Oh sure, she’d given head a few times. She’d wanked a few guys off. She’d masturbated more than she could ever hope to count. But never sex. It just… hadn’t worked out. Not for lack of trying, of course. Gabrielle had tried to make relationship after relationship work. Wizard after wizard, to the point that people thought she was a slut when she wasn’t, whispering behind her back about the ‘harlot who couldn’t hold down a man’.
It wasn’t like that. Even if it did seem to be HER that was the problem. Her expectations were too high, perhaps. But Gabrielle preferred to see it as the wizards she’d tried dating simply hadn’t been able to elevate themselves high enough to meet them. Was it really too much to ask for the perfect man? Gabrielle didn’t think so, but then she’d had the fortune of meeting him when she was eleven years old, now hadn’t she? The perfect man… was there anyone who could ever match up to Harry James Potter?
Sure, people saved people’s lives all the time. Harry wasn’t the only hero in the entire world, Gabrielle recognized that. But he was HER hero. And he was everyone else’s too. He was the wizarding world’s hero, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Man-Who-Won… and now their Head Auror, the wizard in charge of keeping them all safe, of finding criminals and bad men and putting them behind bars.
Gabrielle was mature enough to know that she had a seriously bad case of hero worship for the Man-Who-Won. She understood this quite well, and it was why she’d tried again and again to make a relationship with another wizard work. Because Harry was married, with children, and Gabrielle knew full well that he wasn’t the kind of man who would leave his wife to be with her. If he was, she wouldn’t care for him so much.
It hurt. It hurt quite a lot. Yearning for him, watching from afar as he accomplished this and that, as he proved himself the savior of the wizarding world time and time again. It hurt, and maybe just a glimpse of him, maybe just a few moments of his time, a few ounces of his attention… maybe that would be enough to quell her feelings and let her finally move on.
“Just around that corner, Gabrielle! The door at the end of the hall!”
Hearing Fleur’s instructions from behind her, the younger veela turns the corner, seeing the door that her sister is talking about. She doesn’t look back, doesn’t bother. There’s no point in glancing back to see if her mother and her older sister are still following, because in the end, Gabrielle knows deep down inside that she’d continue on without either of them, without a second thought at that. Striding forward with purpose, Gabrielle reaches the door to Harry’s private quarters, only to realize its slightly ajar.
Taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves, Gabrielle is just reaching for the door handle when it hits her. Her nostrils are already flaring from the inhale, and the part veela goes rigid as she’s assaulted by the overwhelming smell of… sex. And then the noises of what’s happening in the room beyond the door hit her ears as well. Eyes widening, Gabrielle finds herself moving more slowly, grabbing onto the door handle as initially intended, but not striding into the room quite so fast.
Instead, she opens it just enough to sneak her head in, looking around to try to figure out what’s going on. Inside, she finds Harry quite busy. But not with work, as her sister had said. Not unless one counted THIS as work. Harry was sat on a long couch, facing off to the side of her, giving Gabrielle an excellent side-profile of both his naked body, and the three naked bodies of the witches he’s currently with. She recognizes them all, after a fashion. Angelina Weasley is someone Gabrielle knows from the larger holiday family gatherings. Aurora Sinistra is a witch that works as a Professor here at Hogwarts. Both of the dark-skinned beauties are currently on their hands and knees, nestled between Harry’s spread legs, each with a ball in their suckling mouths as they lewdly and eagerly makeout around his nut sack.

And then there’s Daphne Greengrass. Gabrielle only really knows the bitchy witch by reputation, mostly through stories from her mother, given that Daphne is a colleague. It doesn’t really surprise Gabrielle that Daphne is bound and gagged, her legs folded at the shin and thigh with thick rope, her arms clasped behind her back and done up in even more rope. Not even her tits have escaped the rope, which encircles them at the base, squeezing harshly.
On top of that, the witch has a bit in her mouth, like one would put between a horse’s teeth. She’s gagged, and not able to do much more than gurgle and squeal around it. Which to be fair, Daphne is doing a lot of, given Harry’s cock is buried in her ass and the powerful wizard is using his grip on her thighs and buttocks to bounce her helpless body up and down on his shaft again and again.
Not having realized Gabrielle’s intrusion, Harry cheerfully speaks up, even as he continues to thrust into Daphne from below.
“You know, Greengrass… your tight ass really is your only redeeming quality for your toxic attitude. Its okay though, I think you’re learning your lesson, aren’t you?”
Through the bit and given what Gabrielle can see of the witch’s face, Daphne has indeed. Her eyes are rolling around in her head and as Gabrielle listens closer, she can hear the attempts at apologizing around the gag in her mouth, her voice muffled and practically incoherent, but the ‘sorries’ and ‘pleases’ still somewhat decipherable.
Not that Harry seems to care, as he continues to fuck Daphne to his heart’s content. Its as he speeds up and begins to truly ram up into her, Daphne’s body shaking and spasming and jiggling atop him with every hammer-like thrust, that Gabrielle finds herself letting out the breath she’d taken earlier, finally. It comes out all at once, just as deep as when she pulled it in, leading the exhalation to being an audible gasp of shock and surprise that immediately draws Harry’s eye.
Interrupted from his euphoria, the wizard rises from the couch and turns to face the door, staring right at her, even as Aurora and Angelina pull back from his balls to cling to either of his legs instead, nuzzling their faces and their bodies into his as he stares Gabrielle in the eye. At the same time, turned fully to face the door, Daphne’s eyes stop rolling long enough to recognize the presence of Gabrielle’s intrusion as well.
The Greengrass witch takes one look at Gabrielle and then begins to squirt right on the spot, her pussy juices spraying out of her cunt as she orgasms quite explosively from the humiliation of having her shame and her embarrassment exposed to yet another person. Gabrielle just stared, gobsmacked, having never seen anything like it in her life. Sure, she’d experimented with a few other witches back at Beauxbatons, everyone did it, but this? This was the most pleasure that she’d ever seen on any woman’s face. No, more than pleasure. Pleasure wasn’t a strong enough word for it. This was the most ECSTASY she’d ever seen in her life.
A sudden sound comes from behind her, and Gabrielle whips around as she realizes her sister and mother should have followed her up to the door ages ago. What she finds explains why they never quite reached her in these past few minutes. Apolline is face down on the ground, butt in the air and cheek pressed against Hogwarts’ stone floor. The older veela is drooling, her tongue moving slavishly against the dirty floor beneath her, while her hips thrust back into a positively giant dildo that’s currently pistoning in and out of her ass.
Said dildo is only moving so violently because Fleur has ahold of it and is making it do so. Her older sister is currently knelt behind their mother, and as their eyes meet, Gabrielle’s widen as Fleur grins and then leans down, joyously lapping at Apolline’s squirting, drooling quim while still pounding into the older witch’s ass with that massive fake dick in her hand.
Unable to really process all of this, completely blindsided and not at all sure what to do, Gabrielle finds herself sinking to the floor, sinking to her knees as she stares, uncomprehendingly at Fleur’s lewd, perverse defilement of their blissed-out mother. The smell of sex is suddenly overwhelming though, and Gabrielle finds her attention abruptly taken off of her family members by the feel of a thick log of hot meat pressing against her perfectly sculpted cheek.
Blue eyes still impressively wide, the silver-blonde turns her head to find Harry standing there before her, the door now fully open, she in the doorway, he just inside. His cock is brushing along her face as she turns, but Gabrielle doesn’t look to it. She looks up, even as her nostrils press into the massive, throbbing member that had just been in another woman’s ass, her mouth instinctively suckling at its side. What… w-what was she doing? Oh, M-Merlin…
“Gabrielle Delacour. I almost didn’t recognize you. You’re all grown up now.”
He’s smiling warmly down at her, as he speaks. His green eyes twinkle with delight, and Gabrielle can’t help but feel that he’s quite pleased to see her. I-Is he? Is he happy that she’s here? Gabrielle isn’t sure what to think, nor what to feel. How was this happening? What was happening? Harry was married… married to Ginny Weasley. But she didn’t see the Weasley witch here. The red head was nowhere to be found, and instead Gabrielle found Harry fornicating with several members of Hogwarts’ staff. More than that though… how did her sister and mother play into all of this? Apolline didn’t look anything like the strict but kind, harsh, but loving woman that Gabrielle had grown up with. Not right now, that was for sure.
Fleur, meanwhile… pulling back from their mother’s juicy cunt, the part veela gives Harry and Gabrielle a sloppy grin from where she’s knelt behind Apolline in the hallway.
“I think Gabrielle would just LOVE to pay her ‘hero’ back for saving her all those years ago in the Tri-Wizard Tournament~ Mm, and I know for a fact that she’s been saving a special present for him, all this time?”
Gabrielle nearly whips her head around to look at her sister, but Harry’s fingers are already laced through her silver-blonde locks, not that the part veela remembers when he places his hand atop her head and gripped down gently but firmly. Either way, though she jolts at hearing Fleur somehow deduce the fact that she was a virgin, as well as the reason behind it, Harry doesn’t let her turn away from her current task, his hand holding her head in place as she continues to suckle at his cock.
Looking down into her blue eyes, Harry lifts a single eyebrow at Gabrielle.
“Is this true, do you think?”
Blushing furiously, overwhelmed and ultimately overcome by the sex-charged atmosphere, Gabrielle ultimately nods her head as best she can without her lips ever leaving his rod. Harry’s warm, welcoming smile becomes a feral grin, and before Gabrielle knows what’s even happening, she’s being picked up off the floor and carried into Harry’s quarters by the man himself. It’s a bridal carry at that, and her arms immediately go around his neck as Gabrielle ducks her head.
Its everything she ever wanted. Though of course, she never expected it to happen like this, with Harry naked and her feeling every inch of that nakedness, or with three other lustful, horny witches waiting for them as he carried her into the room. Nor could Gabrielle have ever guessed that her sister and her mother would follow them in as they went, Fleur dragging Apolline along by the older veela’s hair as she crawls while her eldest daughter walks.
Harry holds onto Gabrielle for a moment as he turns to Fleur, nodding his head over to the couch.
“Go ahead and put her there, Fleur.”
Apolline ends up deposited on the couch where Harry had just been fucking Daphne (who is still bound and gagged and is now moaning and squirming in a nearby armchair dejectedly, wanting more) and then Gabrielle finds herself dropped right on top of her mother. Its not what she wants, despite everything. No matter how horny she is, Gabrielle wasn’t exactly thrilled to suddenly be having MUCH more skin contact with her gorgeous mother than she ever expected to experience in her entire life. But Angelina and Aurora are on the couch a second later as well, and Harry is pressing up behind her as the two spread Gabrielle’s legs and thighs and buttocks apart to reveal the dripping wet quim waiting for him.
Staring down into her mother’s resigned face as Harry sandwiches Gabrielle between the two of them, the part veela wonders for the first time if this is right. If they should be doing this. Even as Harry presses his cockhead against her virgin cunt, Gabrielle reaches out and grabs the back of the couch, trying to push herself up.
“W-Wait. Wait! Harry, I-mmph!”
“Oh shush, child. Its far too late to back out now.”
Gabrielle finds herself cut off not by either of the dark-skinned witches on the sides of her, nor by Harry or her sister… but by her mother. Apolline’s fingers hand slides across the back of Gabrielle’s head and before she can react she finds her face buried in her mother’s chest, her lips pressing against a teat and instinctively sucking for the first time in three decades.
Eyes sliding up to her mother’s face, an accusatory glint in them, Apolline just smiles down at Gabrielle.
“I tried to stop this from happening. I know I was wrong to do that now, just as I know Harry is going to enjoy punishing me for my transgression.”
“You’re damn right I will. Mm, but I do like a slut who knows when she’s been bad and is properly contrite.”
In a move similar to her mother’s, Harry reaches out and slides his hand around the back of Apolline’s head, drawing the older veela up and making out with Apolline right before her daughter’s eyes. Gabrielle finds herself staring as their tongues intertwine and a bit of drool escapes their mouths to drip down onto her forehead, sliding down the bridge of her nose.
And then Harry thrusts forward, Gabrielle loses her virginity, and after a few thrusts, the gorgeous part veela finds herself not staring at much at all, her gaze crossing as she goes cross-eyed from the pleasure of having Harry’s massive schlong buried in her tight, needy cunt. He’s so deep inside of her, and as much as some of this situation is putting her off, Gabrielle still finds herself thoroughly enjoying finally having Harry filling up her inner passage, pushing forward all the way to her womb.
She’s still sucking her mother’s teat as Harry pounds into her from behind, but that doesn’t last long. Eventually, Harry pulls back from his little makeout session with Apolline. The older veela lays back on the couch, moaning and writhing beneath Gabrielle, the large dildo still buried in her ass prodding up into her bowels thanks to the way she’s sat.
Gabrielle doesn’t have much time to be concerned for her dear mother though. Not when Harry’s grabbing a fistful of her hair, drawing her head back and looking down at her from above, even as he continues to slam into her cunt with greater and greater force, his thick cockhead ramming her inexperienced cervix.
She’s never had anyone inside of her before. Sure, she’s used her fingers and she’s used toys, but none of it was as BIG as Harry’s massive meat log. He’s filling every inch of her cunt and then some, stretching out her pussy in a way that might have caused her serious injury if she wasn’t so damn WET.
“There’s the slut I knew was hidden inside of you. All of you Delacours are the same way, in the end. You might try to hide it, you might try to fight it… but you’re all needy, horny little veela whores, desperate for cock, at the end of the day.”
Gabrielle can’t do much more than let out a throaty moan at that, her eyes threatening to roll back in her head as flesh claps against flesh, her bountiful, bodacious buttocks bouncing with every thrust he makes into her cunt from behind, her ass cheeks jiggling nonstop, never quite settling down. In the end, its Fleur who has to answer for her, hugging Harry from behind as he fucks her little sister, running her hands across his chest.
“Only you, Harry. Only your cock. We veela don’t just put out for anyone, you know. But you’re not anyone… you’re Harry Potter… and any witch, veela blood or not, would be happy to be your filthy little cum dump whore.”
There’s general murmurs of agreement from Angelina and Aurora at that, even as they continue to run their own hands all over Gabrielle’s body, keeping the youngest woman in the room far too frazzled and distracted by everything to really put up any sort of fight or argument contrary to what Fleur is saying. Even Daphne whines louder from where she’s been so easily discarded and forgotten. The bitchy witch wants more of Harry’s cock, and she’s finally willing to admit it. Unfortunately for her, the Potions Mistress is up against three beautiful, silver-blonde part veelas, some of the most gorgeous women that Harry has ensnared with his big, fat cock.
She doesn’t hold a candle to any of them, and Harry’s attention doesn’t stray in Daphne’s direction even ONCE as he fucks Gabrielle for the first time… but certainly not the last. Because, both he and Fleur are right, in the end. Whatever’s left of Gabrielle’s mind that’s capable of rational thought recognizes the fact that their words carry weight with her she didn’t think possible.
She’s a slut, a whore, a needy veela cum dump… but she’s Harry’s whorish, slutty, needy veela cum dump. Gabrielle understands now, as she gets the dicking of a lifetime, that this is why her relationships never worked out. She was waiting for this. It wasn’t that she was pining after Harry, even though she was. It wasn’t that the other wizards she’d tried to date couldn’t compare to him, even though they really couldn’t.
It was simply her destiny to be Harry’s cock-sleeve. It was her fate to be his cum dump. And as she experiences yet another explosive orgasm at the end of his thick, throbbing cock, one that causes a fresh load of pussy juices to slicken her passage and his length even more, Harry lets out a victorious growl and finally penetrates into her womb, his cockhead breaking down her cervix and battering down the gates, entering her fully for the first time, filling her womb with his meat and stretching it out like some kind of flesh condom around his shaft.
Its then that Gabrielle’s eyes finally roll back in her head. Its then that the youngest witch in the room finally lets go and just embraces the pleasure, the ecstasy, the bliss, and the euphoria with all her heart. Her mind breaks then, and when it reforms, it’ll be into what she knows Harry needs, what he wants from her. Even if he does already have her everything.
As he fucks her womb… no, as he fucks HIS womb, the womb that has always and will always belong to him, Gabrielle Delacour moans throatily, her tongue wagging out of her mouth as she ahegaos right before her own mother’s eyes.
The moment when Gabrielle’s cervix finally gives up and she breaks is not the moment when Harry cums. It does come shortly after that though, as he slams into the spasming, shaking, moaning part veela with all his might, fucking her from behind while looking down into her mother’s eyes the entire while. With one loud groan, Harry does finally cum, filling Gabrielle’s womb with his seed, pumping a load into her formerly virgin cunt for the very first time.
Perhaps she’ll get pregnant. Harry’s not sure he cares as much about preventing that, anymore. If he ever really did. If Gabrielle gets heavy with his child, he’ll take care of her. He’ll take care of any of his women, if that comes about. Regardless, for now Harry pulls out of Gabrielle’s freshly fucked, cream-filled cunt. He steps back from the couch and just regards the witches that adorn it for a moment.
The perfect combination of ebony and ivory, just as Harry intended. When he’d first heard that Gabrielle was visiting Hogwarts for the day, he’d expected to see her very early on. Surely Gabrielle would want to see him and speak with him? And outside of a holiday gathering, they could have a long, deep, and hard ‘talk’ about what they were to each other.
As the day went on however, Harry and Fleur realized the truth. Apolline Delacour was a naughty woman and she would keep Gabrielle away from Harry at all costs. Much like some of his more disobedient witches before her, Apolline was ashamed and embarrassed of her continuous lapse in judgment. Not that she was willing to fight back against her own addiction and break away, but she was the kind of witch who would try to ‘save’ or ‘protect’ her daughter from him.
So, Harry had sent Fleur to retrieve Gabrielle and their mother, while he himself had had a little fun in the meantime. Summoning Angelina and Aurora to his quarters after ordering Daphne to his side and prepping her for his fun had been a very good decision. Because now, here they were. Apolline beneath Gabrielle, and Angelina and Aurora on either side of the two. They looked like a human Oreo, dark and pale skin mixing together perfectly.
And they were all waiting for his next move, waiting for him to pick who he wanted to play with now that he was done with Gabrielle. Well, Gabrielle wasn’t really waiting. She was barely conscious at this point, slumped forward on her mother’s chest all while the older part veela eagerly spread her legs and bit her lower lip, staring at Harry over her daughter’s shoulder.
Of course, Angelina and Aurora are also looking his way, more specifically, they’re looking down at his big, fat cock. They’re staring at it, even as they grope and touch themselves for his enjoyment, also biting their full, pouty lips and squeezing their chocolate tits, fingering their puffy pussy lips. They look gorgeous. All of them do. But before Harry can decide which one he’s going to fuck next, Fleur steps back into his field of view.
The powerful wizard lifts both eyebrows at the French witch as Fleur gives him a wicked sort of smile, stroking the massive double-dicked strap-on latched to her waist with one hand. Then, she turns away from him and saunters over to the couch, her hips swaying back and forth as she goes. Apolline’s eyes widen, but she’s in no position to stop Fleur from doing what she does next. The two phalluses attached to Fleur’s strap-on bury themselves in Apolline and Gabrielle’s cunts, stuffing their holes and also keeping Harry’s cum buried in Gabrielle’s womb a little longer.
Apolline moans as her own eldest child fucks her, while Gabrielle squeals at the sudden intrusion. The three of them make quite the sight, and even Angelina and Aurora are distracted from Harry’s dick, staring at the veela sandwich that’s just manifested itself between the two of them on the couch. Reveling in Fleur’s depravity and grinning just as wickedly as she was, Harry decides on what he’s going to do, moving back to the couch and grabbing onto the part veela’s thrusting hips as he goes about rewarding her.
Said reward comes in the form of a butt-fucking, Harry’s fingers digging into Fleur’s expansive ass, which is just a bit larger than her younger sister’s. He spreads her butt cheeks wide and thrusts his own messy cock right into her back door on the spot. Fleur is already slightly agape as it is, the anal slut, and her anus isn’t nearly tight enough for him to cause her pain as he slams home into her bowels. Instead, its just tight enough to be stretched out around his cock, her muscles gripping and squeezing down HARD around Harry’s dick, even as she moans but also groans, thrusting into her mother and little sister all the while.
Grinning like a loon, Harry fucks Fleur’s ass with all his might, all while watching the reactions of the Delacour beneath him. The sandwich has grown now, with Harry at one end and Apolline at the other. But with Fleur in the middle, armed as she is, and Gabrielle fucked senseless already by Harry’s cock, their ‘sandwich’ has a good foundation… and isn’t likely to fall apart any time soon.
Of course, this leaves Angelina and Aurora out of the fun, somewhat. They’ve just gotten done molesting and groping Gabrielle and Apolline for all this time, after all. Moaning needily, the two dark-skinned witches slide off the couch and rub against Harry’s body suggestively, looking at him as he glances between them, eyebrow raised. The two beauties, despite being a decade apart in age, are quick to team-up with one another. Heh, girl power, Harry supposed.
Leaning down, he kisses first Angelina, and then Aurora, capturing their plump, pouty lips with his own, nibbling at them and wrestling their tongues into submission as he dominates their mouths completely. When he pulls away from each, he’s left them both glassy-eyed and breathless, wanting more, NEEDING more. But Harry has other ideas in mind.
“Go play with Daphne, sluts. Bring her to the edge… and then leave her there. If she cums, it’ll be on you. I’ll have to punish you both for it. On the other hand, if you don’t fail me… then I’ll have to find a suitable reward for your success, now won’t I?”
Angelina and Aurora share a look past him at that, their eyes lighting up with interest and desire. Without another word, the two dark-skinned witches disengage from Harry’s sides and move over to the armchair where Daphne had initially been discarded and forgotten. Of course, Harry had spoken quietly enough that she has no idea what he said to the two witches now playing with her body.
It’ll be fun, a bit of a side show if you will, to watch as she slowly realizes over the coming period of time that he’s not having them prepare her for another round, but instead having them tease her mercilessly and endlessly. Grinning rather sadistically, Harry continues to ram into Fleur’s ass with all his might, fucking the part veela into her little sister and mother, making her in turn pound into them with all that much more strength as the whole room is filled with the noises of pleasure from every person inside of it. From Harry’s grunts to Fleur’s groans. From Gabrielle’s squeals to Apolline’s ashamed moans. And then there’s Daphne’s muffled mewling, and Angelina and Aurora’s giggles as they play with the bitchy witch that they so love to hate to their heart’s content.
This is everything one could hope for. Everything that Harry expects from his witches… his needy cum dump whores.
It’s well into Monday morning by the time they’re done. None of these Professors will be making their morning classes, but Harry has already sent a message to Minerva, so she can inform the students. As far as the Headmistress knows, all of them spent the entire night helping Harry with a VERY important research project. Far more important than a single day of classes, truly. The sacrifice was a ‘necessary’ one.
Holding back the urge to snicker out loud, but definitely laughing inside, Harry grins wickedly as he looks down between his legs. He’s on his bed now, with his back against the wall behind him, and his legs spread wide open. Said bed is magically enlarged so that all of his witches for the night can sleep beside him. Well, except for Daphne, her place is on the floor… or more specifically, its in the dog bed he’d bought for the bitch.
While she was no longer bound and gagged due to the dangers of leaving someone restrained like that for too many hours, Daphne knew her place now. Or more accurately, she knew the punishment she would receive if she tried to crawl up onto the bed when Harry wasn’t looking would be a thousand times worse for her.
So, she stayed where she was, trying to get some sleep even in the face of the debauchery happening on the bed beside her. Not that there was much debauchery left at this point. Most of the other girls had passed out. Angelina and Aurora were actually curled up in each other’s arms, his sticky white spunk dried on their dark, ebony flesh as they hold each other close, satisfied smiles on their faces.
Fleur and Apolline are… sort of the same way. Fleur has her mother’s head trapped between her thighs, just enough room left for Apolline to breathe through her nose, her mouth and chin pressed firmly into Fleur’s sopping wet cunt. As far as Harry can tell, the older veela is no longer licking and lapping at her daughter’s pussy lips, as both of them have fallen asleep now, Apolline forced to simply adapt to her situation as exhaustion finally took her over.
In point of fact, there is only one other person in the room besides Harry that isn’t asleep yet. And as she applies a nice, long lick to the underside of his cock, from the base all the way to the head, Harry groans, before smiling down at the mischievous grin adorning Gabrielle Delacour’s face. In the end, she’d been the first to truly get a good dicking, but she’d also lasted the longest. Perhaps it was youthful enthusiasm beating out age and experience. Not that any of them were truly that much younger than the others, despite Gabrielle’s status as the youngest in the room.
Regardless, Gabrielle Delacour had started the night as a virgin, and was now ending it as a horny little cum dump, happily submitting herself as his cock-sleeve and personal stress-relief, needily providing her body to him to be used and abused in whatever way he thought necessary. Right now, that meant one last clean-up blowjob. With one hand squeezing and stroking his cock and the other buried between her legs, fingers pistoning in and out of her well-fucked, messy cunt, Gabrielle licks and laps and slurps at Harry’s member.
She collects every bit of the sexual fluids and seed that still cling to his crotch on her tongue and swallows it, no matter who it came from. She does this as she makes eye contact with Harry, knowing that he enjoys it. Knowing that he enjoys HER. He could tell almost immediately that Gabrielle actually did need this. There weren’t too many witches who made it to the age of thirty without marrying a wizard.
The fact that Gabrielle hadn’t… it could really only mean one thing. She hadn’t found the right man yet, and that was because she didn’t think HER right man was an option. Well, now she knew. Now she knew exactly where they stood. Reaching out, Harry slides a hand through Gabrielle’s frazzled, messy silver-blonde locks. He grips tightly, and without him having to say a word, the part veela opens wide and takes his cockhead between her lips.
Then, she begins to take the rest of his shaft into her mouth and down her throat. He pushes her, and she accepts his direction, swallowing continuously, a trick that her sister had showed her earlier that night. Gabrielle wasn’t a master at suppressing her gag reflex though like Fleur was. She could get it all the way down, but when Harry then gripped her head with both hands and held her there, her chin pressed into his balls and her nose hitting the base of his cock, Gabrielle couldn’t keep it up.
Her beautiful blue eyes flicker upwards to meet Harry’s, already beginning to water. Harry looks right back into them, a placid smile on his face as he holds Gabrielle in place. In response, the French witch’s hands come up and latch onto Harry’s legs. But not to try to push herself away, not for leverage to escape his grasp. No, instead, she uses her hold on his legs to steady herself, focusing on trying to swallow his cock while also trying to steal her instinctive and involuntary responses to being slowly but surely asphyxiated on his big, fat meat rod.
Once she’s completely stilled herself, save for the spasming and choking of her throat, Harry smiles down at her.
“Good girl.”
Only then does he let her off, pulling her back until his cockhead pops out from between her lips. He gives Gabrielle a moment to recover, watching her gasp and pant breathlessly. Then, he tightens up his grip on her hair again, and while her eyes flash up to his face momentarily, she nonetheless opens up, allowing him to repeat the process of pushing his massive cock all the way down her throat once more.
Harry just grins, thoroughly enjoying the wind down from the night of marathon sex he’s just had. Gabrielle is going to make an excellent little toy. And a fine new addition to his collection. Harry couldn’t be more pleased.


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