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Chapter 3 - Irisviel von Einzbern


Themes: Hypnosis, Dubcon, Mind Break

Summary: The unthinkable comes to pass. Shinji Matou wins the Fifth Holy Grail War. With Kiritsugu Emiya having actually managed to purify the grail at the cost of his life in the Fourth War, Shinji actually gets to make his wish and have it come true. The results will be revealed in this several part commission. Starting with Caster, Medea of Colchis.

Chapter 3 - Irisviel von Einzbern

Chapter 3 - Irisviel von Einzbern
Shinji was man enough to admit that he might just have mommy issues. On account of the fact that he’d grown up without one. But hey, at least he could say that he didn’t have daddy issues. Really, a large part of the Grail War, which he’d fucking won easily, could be chalked up to daddy issues. Or at least, that was what had motivated Illyasviel von Einzbern.
In the end though, Illyasviel’s problems were meaningless. Her beef with Shirou didn’t matter. At the end of the day, it was Shinji who had won the Holy Grail War. It was Shinji who had gotten the wish. It was Shinji who now had the power to do anything he wanted. So… why not give himself a mother, of sorts? And why not make it a familiar face, so later he could torment a choice few of his slaves with it?
Grinning wickedly, Shinji reaches into himself, into the power that wishing upon the Holy Grail had given him. He is, effectively, a God now. Reality itself bends to his whims! As such, without much effort, the young man is able to bring back a woman that had been dead for a decade and a half. He’s able to reconstitute a woman, that in truth, wasn’t really a woman at all.
Without much fanfare beyond a simple bright flash of light, Irisviel von Einzbern appears in the room in front of him, the white-haired, red-eyed homunculus suddenly alive again, where previously, she had not been. Except, as a homunculus, could she truly be said to be alive? In a way, she was more like a doll than a human, right?
Hm, though at the same time, she sort of had to be a woman, if she’d been able to give birth? How the fuck did that work? Illyasviel was supposed to be Irisviel and Kiritsugu’s child, right? Shinji had wondered about that for a while, but now he supposed he could just ask Irisviel and she would answer him.
“Where… where am I? The last thing I remember… I was dying.”
As Irisviel comes to terms with her sudden reconstitution into the mortal world, Shinji takes the chance to look her up and down, humming slightly. Her clothing was just what she’d been wearing when she’d been alive last, he hadn’t gone out of his way to make it anything special. As such, Irisviel didn’t really look like much of a mother right now. She looked more like a young coed, perhaps freshly in love with the man she’d married… a man who was now a decade and a half dead.
Wearing a long-sleeved burgundy blouse complete with a brooch, as well as a white skirt, black tights, and thigh-high boots, she wasn’t really showing much in the way of skin. In fact, she was dressed more conservatively than most of the women, both young and old, that Shinji had grown up with throughout his life. It was definitely an older style, older even than the time period that Irisviel had lived in. But the clothing was also clearly of very high quality.
“W-Who are you? W-Where’s Kiritsugu? Saber?!”
Ah, she’s finally noticed his presence. Shinji grins as Irisviel looks around, slightly panicked. The homunculus glances down at the back of her hand for a moment, as if she’s looking for something. Shinji doesn’t know what, but then, that’s half the fun of playing around with a new woman. Though, if she’s talking about HIS Saber… well, that’ll certainly be a delicious reunion.
“Sorry, sorry. I’ve been a bad host, haven’t I, Irisviel von Einzbern? You’re in my mansion… and my name is Shinji Matou.”
Irisviel stiffens at that, her red eyes going slightly wide.
Shinji just nods his head, before cocking it to the side as he feels Irisviel begins to draw on her magecraft. Interestingly enough, the magic that she brings to bear involves the creation and forging of matter into different things… a far lesser version of what he himself does, what he actually just did when he brought her back to the waking world.
With a derisive snort, Shinji reaches out on a metaphysical level and ends Irisviel’s attempt at magecraft before it can even get off the ground. She jolts as if shocked, red eyes even wider now as Shinji chuckles darkly.
“You don’t need to fret, Lady Einzbern. Your family already lost the Fourth Grail War, handily. Isn’t it obvious? I won. After all, how else would I have brought you here.”
Irisviel’s nostrils flare as she desperately tries to control her breathing. It’s very interesting, watching this homunculus react. She’s so much like any other normal human woman, that Shinji can’t really say for sure whether she’s a doll or not. He’s leaning towards not… but that just might be because of the use he truly wants to put her to.
“I-It’s possible that you’re lying… you could have captured and revived me for the purposes of learning Einzbern secrets. I won’t tell you anything.”
Shinji hums at that, peering at the visibly nervous and uncomfortable woman for a moment. The more he looked at her, the more he could see it. The signs of motherhood. Before she’d participated in HER Grail War, she’d just given birth to Illyasviel after all. So there really hadn’t been time yet for her to lose the baby fat, and Shinji imagined that even now, her sizable, plump breasts, contained as they were in her conservative blouse, were capable of lactation.
As if sensing he was lost in his own thoughts, Irisviel makes another attempt at crafting some magic, right in front of him. Just as quickly, Shinji puts another stop to it, even as he leans back and chuckles evilly.
“If I wanted Einzbern secrets, wouldn’t I have just kept you dead so that I could dissect your body for them or something?”
Irisviel furrows her brow at that.
“It’s not that simple. If you tried that, you would likely trip certain countermeasures, and annihilate this entire building, as well as yourself.”
A moment later, she seems to realize that she’s probably said too much, because her red eyes widen once again, and her back goes ramrod straight. Maybe it’s the slightly evil grin that’s spread across Shinji’s face as she speaks that’s tipped her off. Laughing again, Shinji just shakes his head, even as Irisviel begins to tremble slightly.
“Good to know, good to know. But I’m not lying to you, so at the end of the day, it really is a moot point. I won a Holy Grail War. I’m practically all-powerful already. I don’t NEED your stupid family’s stupid secrets and given that I went ahead and axed my grandfather, he won’t be after them either. Your precious little magecraft is safe from me. You on the other hand…”
He trails off here, rather enjoying being just a teensy, tiny bit menacing. Irisviel’s trembling certainly doesn’t cease as she looks at him with concerned, wary red eyes.
“What… what do you want from me?”
Shinji hums for a moment, before nodding to himself.
“I want a step-mom. Will you be my step-mom?”
It takes a moment for the words to permeate, and even once they do, it’s obvious that Irisviel doesn’t know how to react. She blinks dumbly, taken aback, and her mouth opens and closes like a goldfish a couple of times.
“I… w-what?”
Chuckling again, Shinji steps forward and reaches out. Irisviel tries to flinch away in response, but he stops her from pulling back, freezing her in place while at the same time being rather gentle physically, his fingers simply gliding through her white hair.
“You’re very beautiful, Irisviel von Einzbern. And you already are a mother, right? Hell, you’re a Grade A MILF. So why not be my Step-Mom, yeah? My dad is already pretty much an absentee father, so it works perfectly for us to roleplay having an intensely intimate, taboo step-mom/step-son relationship behind his back.”
Finally, Irisviel looks at him with a look he’s very familiar with. It’s the same look most of his slaves give him when they think he’s not looking. A look of fresh horror, upon realizing just how low he can sink to.
“You… y-you’re a monster…”
Letting out a soft sigh, Shinji just smiles. This was going to be fun.
“Shinji, my darling, it’s time to wake up~”
The next day, as Shinji awakens from a restful night of sleep, his eyes creak open and he grins as he watches a pair of wide hips sashay across the room, attached to a woman who makes her way towards the curtains and pulls them apart, letting in the sun. It’s a bit blinding, but he doesn’t mind all that much, especially when Irisviel von Einzbern turns to him and gives him a soft, adoring smile.
No longer dressed in all that conservative faff from the day before, Irisviel is now wearing a simple, gorgeous sundress, one that bares her arms and some of her chest, and ends at just above her knees, exposing plenty of her porcelain legs to his gaze. The sundress is a bit more formfitting than what she was wearing previously as well, and it flows most deliciously over her curves, from her sizable chest to her wide hips and her ass, which still has all of that delicious bounce from her recent (at least as far as her body is concerned) pregnancy.
Hurrying back over to near the door now that she’s brought some morning sunlight into the room, Irisviel grabs a tray up from where she’d set it down and then makes her way over to him, careful not to spill the platter of breakfast food that she’s brought for her beloved step-son. Because what’s who Shinji is to her now. That’s who Irisviel sees him as. Not the monster, as she’d named him the day before, but the light of her life, the boy that she dotes upon and adores with all her heart.
“I-I made you breakfast in bed, Shinji. I hope you enjoy it.”
Chuckling, Shinji nods his head.
“I’m sure I will, mother. Share it with me?”
Irisviel blushes, ducking her head and averting her gaze, but ultimately, she gives a single, hesitant nod, a slightly unsure smile on her lips as she sits on the bed beside him, laying out the tray across his lap. Together, they eat from the breakfast platter. Irisviel talks a little about her morning, about how she’s adjusting to her arrival in this new place. In her mind, his father and her had had a whirlwind romance that wasn’t much of a romance at all. She’d needed protection from her family, and his father had been able to give it to her.
As soon as they were married, he’d then sent her off to live with Shinji, not having any real time for her, just treating her like a possession or a trophy, a victory over the great Einzbern Family. Of course, that was all in Irisviel’s head. In truth, there was no marriage. Shinji’s dad had no say in his life anymore, hell, the old man was lucky that Shinji hadn’t offed him along with his grandfather.
Regardless, for the sake of this bit of fun, it was what Irisviel believed to be true. As such, she was busy making herself at home, given she was now the Woman of the House, so to speak. Though, so far, she had yet to meet any of the staff… that was on purpose, Shinji didn’t want to share his newest toy with any of his slaves or servants just yet. Rather, he wanted to have as much fun warping Irisviel into exactly the sort of step-mom he’d always fantasized about first.
As they continue to eat, Shinji decides to move things along, picking up a grape and popping into Irisviel’s mouth while she’s in the middle of speaking. His finger lingers near her cute lips for a moment as she sputters slightly before getting ahold of herself and chewing and swallowing. The porcelain homunculus’ face gets even redder than before, and Shinji can’t help but grin wickedly as he notes to himself that homunculi blush much more blatantly than normal women are capable of, do to their white skin.
Still, basking in the first reaction, Shinji can’t help but continue feeding Irisviel by hand. She seems like she wants to comment at first, but when he keeps doing it, she eventually capitulates, and returns the favor, starting to feed HIM by hand as well. Of course, Shinji takes full advantage of this entirely too intimate exchange, making sure to suck at Irisviel’s fingers, slurping at them sensually whenever he gets the chance, while at the same time being bolder and bolder with his own fingers.
Eventually though, they do run out of food and the mutual hand-feeding comes to an end. Shinji’s libido has definitely been raised however, so as soon as the breakfast platter is consumed, he sets aside the tray and takes Irisviel by one of her delicate, porcelain hands, pulling her over to him and up onto the bed entirely. When he slides her onto his lap and she feels the bulge beneath the sheets that he’s currently got going on, the white-haired homunculus gasps, blushing profusely as she squirms and wiggles in his grasp.
“S-Shinji… darling… w-we shouldn’t. I-I’m married to your father…”
Shinji grins at Irisviel’s feigned reluctance. Reaching up, he takes her gently by the chin and turns her to look at him, forcing her to stop averting her gaze from his own.
“Iri… I haven’t failed to notice what lies between us. I haven’t failed to notice your feelings for me… and I feel the same way. I won’t hide from it. You shouldn’t either.”
Then, he kisses her. It’s incredibly cheesy, of course. Really, he can’t believe he managed to say all of that with a straight face. But he did, and now his tongue is in Irisviel’s mouth and her tongue is reflexively reacting to his presence by intertwining with his own. Together, the two of them kiss and makeout for what feels like an eternity, with Irisviel whimpering the entire time, but making no move to resist. She’s like putty in his hands right now.
Sliding one hand up, Shinji cups one of Irisviel’s breasts. He’s not surprised at all that she’s not wearing a bra… after all, it’d been his choice for her to forego underwear altogether in her new circumstances. With only the soft, thin fabric of the sundress between his hand and her chest, Shinji gropes and molests Iri’s tit to his heart’s content, having some fun at the expense of his ‘step-mom’. Irisviel herself lets out a cute, surprised moan into his mouth as he begins to touch her, but as reluctant and as hesitant as she is, she makes no move to stop him… and in fact, her body reacts and instinctively pushes her tit further into his grasp as she arches her back and gasps in pleasure.
Reaching up with his other hand from behind her back, Shinji slips the straps of Irisviel’s sundress off of her shoulders, leaving them bare as she lets the straps fall down her porcelain arms. Then, he drags the front of her sundress down, until finally, her breasts pop free of their loose confines, exposed to his eyes… and his touch.
“A-Ah, Shinji… t-this isn’t right. Y-You’re my step-son!”
Chuckling darkly, Shinji looks up into Irisviel’s worried but lust-filled red eyes.
“Well then, if you’re to be my mother, aren’t you supposed to take care of my needs? You brought orange juice with breakfast this morning… but I didn’t see any milk. Seems I’ll have to take it right from the source.”
Irisviel’s eyes widen, and her blush goes an even deeper red, practically tomato red at this point. Never once breaking eye contact with the trembling MILF, Shinji leans down and lifts one of Iri’s breasts up, hefting the sizable mammary and bringing it to his lips as he clamps down on her nipple and begins to suckle.
As he expected, it doesn’t take long to get a reaction. Irisviel IS still lactating, though whether that was just because he’d been expecting her to and her power had reacted by making it so, or because she actually still was at the time of her demise, Shinji couldn’t say. It didn’t really matter in the end, her sweet, sweet milk was filling his mouth, and Shinji was drinking long and deep of her breast, suckling at Irisviel’s nipple quite hard.
She was wincing a little at the rough treatment… but also moaning, despite herself. One of the homunculus’ hands comes up, and she grabs the back of Shinji’s head by his hair. Not to drag him away, but to push him in DEEPER as she shudders and spasms beneath him. Shinji grins from around the teat that he’s drinking from, knowing exactly what sort of effect he’s having on Irisviel von Einzbern in this moment. His beloved ‘step-mom’ is currently having what one might call an almost religious experience as he slurps at her lactating tit, drinking her breast milk down.
With a startled, sharp cry, Irisviel climaxes from his ministrations. He doesn’t even have to touch her, beyond what he’s already doing. His hands haven’t even ventured below her belly button by this point. And yet, orgasm she does, and with that orgasm her grip loosens up and Shinji pulls away, smacking his lips and wiping his mouth clean with the back of his hand as he lets out a satisfied sigh.
Irisviel, meanwhile, is in a daze as she pants heavily, her naked tits bouncing and jiggling with every breath that the clearly breathless woman takes.
“I see that you enjoyed that just as much as I did… mother.”
That gets her attention. Her already atomic blush goes into overdrive as she shakes her head and whimpers.
“S-Shinji… please, if we’re going to d-do such things… don’t call me your mother…”
Cocking his head to the side and affecting a hurt expression, Shinji frowns.
“But… I want to. You’re my new mom, aren’t you? I love you, Irisviel… and you love me.”
He kisses her again to silence any further protests from her, and Irisviel melts into the kiss just as she did the first time, whimpering all the while. His hands grope and squeeze her tits, but eventually Shinji escalates things further, slowly shifting so that she’s no longer on his lap, and he can push back the sheets that are covering his lower body. He never stops kissing her though, never stops molesting her and making out with her.
Irisviel truly is like putty in his hands… her mind, body, and soul all belong to him, as assuredly as the rest of his toys do. Not only had he made her think she was his step-mom now, not only had he given her a fair amount of guilty, shameful lust for her new step-son to deal with… he’d altered her body just a tad. Like he’d told her before, he didn’t need to know the Einzbern secrets… not when he had the power to do whatever the hell he wanted regardless.
As such, Irisviel’s libido and sensitivity have both been cranked up to eleven. Right now, the homunculus is descending into her new life as his depraved, sex-crazed, slut of a step-mom. Little by little, inch by inch, he’s going to make her the most needy, whorish MILF that will ever grace his home. As such, the first thing he does is put her under him, once he’s out from beneath his bedsheets. Forcing Irisviel onto her hands and knees while holding her by her hair so he can twist her head around and continue to kiss her, Shinji works the sundress up over her thighs and hips and ass, until the entire thin garment is bunched up around her waist, with the important parts of her gorgeous porcelain body on full display.
Irisviel moans as he finally separates from her, releasing her hair and allowing her to fall forward properly. Her head lowered as she finds herself planted on her hands and knees, the delicious MILF can’t really speak for a moment, trying to catch her breath as she is. Shinji smirks and pulls down his pajama bottoms, releasing his thick cock and his heavy balls from their confines, feeling absolutely erect at this point. He doesn’t know if he’s ever been harder than he is right now, as he strokes his member a few times with one hand and reaches out to grab Irisviel by the hip with the other.
The sudden touch on her lower body causes a jolt to run through the white-haired mother once again, and she looks back over her shoulder at him, wide eyes landing on his cock. Realizing his intentions, Irisviel shudders, and from the glistening gushing wetness that splatters across his bedding, Shinji is pretty sure she experiences a mini-orgasm right there on the spot.
A moment later however, the guilt and shame are back in her eyes, not completely beaten back by the depravity and debauchery growing within her corrupted soul quite yet.
“S-Shinji… you’re supposed to be my s-son now… I’m supposed to be your m-mother…”
It’s half-plea, half-confused statement. There’s not even a real effort to tell him to stop in this latest attempt. It’s like she’s not even sure what she wants anymore, or what she’s allowed to want. Leaning over her, Shinji brings his lips close to Irisviel’s ear, even as he presses the head of his cock into the entrance of her gushing, sopping wet cunt.
“I am your son now… and you are my mother. It’s a mother’s duty to take care of her son’s needs. And look what you’ve done to me, Irisviel. Look at how hard you’ve made my big… fat… cock.”
He draws out those last three words and watches as Irisviel blushes brighter and brighter on each one, until the final one just makes her flinch entirely. Still, she’s left panting even more, clearly wanting it, clearly NEEDING it. But of course… he’d made her need it. With a vicious grin spread across his face, Shinji reaches out and grabs hold of Irisviel’s hips. And then he thrusts in, just like that, slamming his cock deep into her cunt.
The homunculus MILF lets out a cry at that, and orgasms on the spot, having clearly worked herself up through anticipation of what was to come alone. Her back arches, her head tosses back, and she moans wantonly up towards the ceiling as his length penetrates and spears into her deepest parts. In that moment, holding her by her soft hips, buried in her tight, wet quim, Shinji knows without a doubt that this is not a doll… this is all woman, and he’s going to enjoy making her his bitch, just as he’s done with so many before her.
But Irisviel isn’t like the others. She’s special, and that means making her his bitch in a very special way. Grinning ferally, Shinji slides his cock back with almost agonizing slowness, drawing a whining moan from Irisviel’s lips… she has cause to regret her whining a moment later though, because that is the last time Shinji even contemplates or ponders going SLOW as he thrusts in again just as fast and hard as the first time, before setting a fast pace and plowing the voluptuous MILF from behind right then and there.
In and out of Irisviel’s quim Shinji’s cock pistons. In and out he thrusts as he fucks her and fucks her and fucks her. His growls mix with her moans and Shinji loses control of himself for a time. Not really, he’s always in control these days, but there’s no denying that he sort of… just let’s go with this, plowing Irisviel as if she truly was the mother that he’d never had… that was how a healthy mother-son relationship worked, right? With the son growing up to fuck the smoking hot mother who looked nothing like him absolutely silly?
Shinji grins at his own inner thoughts as he continues to force orgasm after orgasm out of Irisviel von Einzbern, knowing that with the changes he’s made to her body, each and every one is another step on the path towards debauchery and depravity. He’s quite literally fucking her into a sex-crazed slut-MILF right fucking now, and there’s nothing anyone, including her, can do about it.
Leaning forward, Shinji slides his hands up from Irisviel’s hips around to her breasts. He grabs and squeezes her milk-laden mammaries again, digging his fingers into her titties as his ‘step-mom’ cries out in an ugly fashion and orgasms yet again around his cock. Her body is getting more and more sensitive, her mind is growing more and more hazy. She’s going to be his needy little MILF whore, his step-mom cum dump. That’s what Irisviel von Einzbern’s place in Shinji’s new world is going to be.
It’s a fitting role for a smoking hot MILF like the one he has beneath him now. Even as he fucks her doggystyle, even as he pounds into her tightening, squeezing, sopping wet cunt with all his might, Shinji can admire the Einzbern craftmanship. Ah, he can finally ask the question he’d meant to ask before!
“Hey, Irisviel…”
It takes her a second to collect herself enough to answer through the moans and the mewls, but she manages it, panting heavily all the while.
“Y-Yes d-darling?”
Slowing down just a tiny bit, but still thrusting away with great force into her tight cunt, his body slapping against her reddening porcelain ass each time, Shinji cocks his head to the side.
“What’s the deal with Illyasviel, exactly? Is she actually you’re daughter, or did the Einzbern Family produce her like they produced you?”
Still moaning, Irisviel struggles through the words, but answers him, nonetheless.
“N-No, she was not… created like I w-was, ooh, created. I-Instead, I was, mm, given the ability t-to bear children, a-and my previous husband b-before your father, K-Kiritsugu Emiya, i-impregnated me…”
Now that WAS interesting. Shinji hadn’t even stopped to wonder if homunculi would have reproductive organs or not, even as he’d found himself wondering if Illya was actually Irisviel’s organic, natural-born child or not! And yet, now he knew better. It seemed that most homunculi were in fact dolls… but not Irisviel. Irisviel was capable of motherhood, she was capable of bearing children. She was capable of bearing HIM children.
Grinning wickedly, Shinji changes the subject, just a tad. Leaning over her, still groping her lactating tits and fucking her from behind, he chuckles softly into Irisviel’s ear.
“I wonder… I know that you and my father never consummated your… marriage. Dad’s a limp dicked stain on the human race who wouldn’t have been able to get it up, even in the face of your beauty.”
Irisviel doesn’t answer, but she does hang her head, which is answer enough. To be fair, Shinji knew he was ‘right’ because really, he was making up that particular bit as he went along. Simply by saying it was the way it was, he was making it a reality. Regardless, he continues on after a moment of continuing to fuck his new step-mom.
“Still, I have to wonder… who’s better? Me or your previous husband?”
Irisviel goes rigid beneath him, and Shinji just chuckles as he slides his hands from her tits back along her sides, across her hips, eventually bringing them up to the white-haired homunculus’ reddened behind. He grabs and squeezes her full ass with both hands, licking his lips as he begins to fuck her a bit harder when Irisviel doesn’t immediately answer.
“I asked you a question… mother.”
A full body shudder runs through the smoking hot, sweaty MILF, and she whimpers even as she finally deigns to give him a reply.
“I-It’s not… not r-right to speak ill of the dead, S-Shinji.”
Shinji just laughs at that admission. Of course, he’s better than Kiritsugu. He has all of the cards. He’s stacked the deck. Still, it’s nonetheless pleasurable to be able to say he’s NTRing Irisviel from Shirou’s dad so damn effectively. Pulling back a hand, Shinji brings his palm down HARD on Irisviel’s behind. The homunculus cries out in pain as her pale flesh jiggles under the impact, growing even redder than it already was as his handprint forms in her backside.
Sighing and tsking behind her, Shinji shakes his head back and forth.
“If we’re going to make this relationship work, Irisviel… you’re going to have to always be honest with me. When I ask you to do something or tell me something, I don’t want you to dilly dally. Do you understand?”
He gives her another spanking before she can reply, and once she’s done squealing over it, she hastily blurts out her response.
“Y-Yes Shinji! I-I understand!”
Still fucking her, his cock methodically slamming into her womb with all his might, Shinji just smiles contently.
“Then tell me, mother dear… is my big fat cock better than your previous husband’s?”
“… Y-YES! It is better, oh GOD it’s better! You’re so d-deep inside of me Shinji, you’re… you’re penetrating deeper than Kiritsugu ever could!”
She sobs as she speaks, as if its some great admission. And perhaps it is. Perhaps this is the moment that Irisviel von Einzbern truly begins to break. Shinji just smiles wickedly and picks up the pace, giving her a ‘reward’ by fucking her all the harder, until all that comes from her cute feminine lips is incomprehensible gibberish, constantly unintelligible moaning and muttering and blabbering.
When he grabs her by her hair and forces her head up and her back to arch so he can look at her face, it’s to find that her eyes have rolled back in her skull and her tongue is lolling out of her mouth in a picture-perfect expression of mind broken ahegao. Quite pleased with his work, Shinji finally decides it’s time. He cums, and in doing so, he seals Irisviel von Einzbern’s fate, irrevocably.
His seed fills her womb to the brim, and he groans as he unloads deep inside of her, having been holding this load in for quite a while now. Without pause, without reservation, Shinji makes Irisviel his bitch. Maybe he’ll even get her pregnant from this… though, he’s not going to force it like he could. If he does get his brand-new slut of a step-mom pregnant, than it’ll happen organically… that’s for the best, in his mind. He doesn’t want her to get too round and unfuckable too fast, after all.
Sliding out of her freshly fucked cunt, Shinji isn’t surprised when Irisviel slumps forward, face down on his bed, her legs spread and his seed dripping out from betwixt her thighs. Admiring the image for a moment, Shinji just smiles and nods, before getting up and getting on with his day. He’d have more opportunities to fuck her later, after all… and she wasn’t the only woman that he wanted to play around with today. There were so, so many things he wanted to do to all of his slaves, all of his pets, all of his servants. And so little time to do them.
The next day, when Irisviel comes in to wake him up as a proper step-mom should, she doesn’t bother with the curtains or even breakfast. She slides under the sheets in his bed and wakes him up with her lips suctioned around the base of his cock, doing this thing with her tongue that has Shinji’s eyes opening at the exact same moment that he’s cumming down the horny, hungry homunculus’ throat.
Throwing back his sheets, Shinji is treated to the absolutely delicious sight of Irisviel von Einzbern, clad in extremely skimpy lingerie that doesn’t even cover up her tits or her crotch, slurping his seed down as her lips tighten up around his cock, her red eyes filled with lust and need and fixated on his face. It is an absolutely absurd, utterly humiliating look for the beautiful MILF… and also the most arousing thing that Shinji has ever seen.
Grinning wickedly, the young man reaches down and runs his fingers through Irisviel’s white, silky locks, petting her as she nuzzles into his palm without ever taking her mouth off of his cock. Then, he lays back and stares up at the ceiling as she gets to work on coaxing a second load out of his shaft, one of her dexterous, feminine hands already hard at work massaging his ball sack and getting his nuts churning with more hot, viscous seed.
Oh yeah, bringing Irisviel out of retirement to be his depraved, sex-crazed, slutty step-mom had been one of his best ideas ever, hands down.


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