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Chapter 1 - Sayori


Themes: Consensual, Dark, Violent (More Specific Warnings at the start of each Chapter)

Summary: A new commissioned story with four planned chapters. One for each of our lovely Doki Doki Literature Club Members. First up? Sayori of course!~

Chapter 1 - Sayori

Chapter 1 - Sayori
CONTENT WARNING: Strangulation


“Luuuuuke! Luke!!!”
Blinking, the young man looks up from his manga as Sayori, his childhood friend, squirms a bit, whining petulantly. They’re hanging out in his bedroom, as childhood friends are wont to do, and reading the latest of their favorite manga together. But now Sayori is tugging at his sleeve quite insistently, a mighty pout on her face as she levels her trademark puppy dog eyes in his direction.
“Luuuuke, I’m soooo hungry! Make me a snack!”
He can’t help but chuckle at the girl’s antics. His friend, quite possibly his best friend, has always been like this. Luke makes sure to mark the page that they’re on, and then he crawls off of the bed, where he was laying on his belly while they read.
“Fine, fine. I’m going Sayori, I’m going!”
Sayori pumps her fists into the air in triumph, and Luke can only chuckle a bit more as he rubs the back of his head. She really is over the top… but she wouldn’t be Sayori if she wasn’t, in the end. With a rueful smile on his face, Luke leaves his room and moves down the hallway to the kitchen, aiming to prepare some quick but tasty snacks.
Not quick enough though, as it turned out. Sayori doesn’t have a deceptive bone in her body, in the end. She didn’t set out to make Luke leave his room so she could snoop around… but within a minute the flighty girl has grown bored, all on her lonesome. And then, spur of the moment, she DOES decide to snoop around, rooting through Luke’s things.
It’s not that she’s aiming to find anything in particular… but that doesn’t stop the young woman from inevitably stumbling upon Luke’s porn stash, hidden behind some of his other stuff in a box labeled ‘Things’. Sayori blinks as she takes in the lewd cover of the first porn magazine in the pile, but as she pulls that one out and then the next and the next, she discovers what her childhood friend is REALLY into as she gets deeper into the box.
By the time Luke returns, Sayori is ready to confront him. The young man blinks as he finds his friend standing with her arms crossed over her chest and an uncharacteristically stern look on her face.
“How could you, Luke?”
Confused, Luke sets down the tray of snacks, opening his mouth to ask what she means. Before he can get a single word out, Sayori forces one of the porn magazines right into his face. It takes a moment for Luke to comprehend what he’s looking at. Sayori has the magazine open to a page that depicts a woman being violently choked, masculine hands curled around her throat, her eyes bulging and her face turning purple as her tongue sticks straight out of her mouth.
Luke flushes immediately in mortification and embarrassment. Then he goes pale, as he realizes what Sayori discovering this sort of stuff could mean for their friendship.
“W-Wait, Sayori, I c-can explain-!”
A thousand thoughts run through Luke’s mind as he tries to figure out a way to save his friendship. He doesn’t want to lose Sayori over his dark fetishes, he… he just can’t! However, before the young man can work himself into anymore of a frenzy, Sayori pulls the open magazine back and tosses it to the side, not showing disgust or horror or hatred on her face… but instead her trademark pout, leaving him more than a little confused. Her response… doesn’t do much more to help in that category.
“Luuuke! If you hadn’t hid this from me, I could have had you choking me all this time!”
… What? Luke stands there in stunned silence as his best friend begins to go into exquisite detail about her own kinks and desires.
“You see, I can’t even get off anymore without being choked! But I’m not strong enough to choke myself right, a-and I’ve just been so pent up that I’ve honestly been considering hanging myself so I can really get a nice, big release already!”
Luke finds himself staring at Sayori in shock. Even as Sayori stops to finally catch her breath, the girl is fixing him with a pleading gaze. Her puppy dog eyes are back in full force, but this isn’t something Luke ever thought he’d see them used for.
“Please Luke! Pleeeease strangle me! I need it! Your big strong hands around my throat, squeezing the life out of me as I writhe and squirm and struggle beneath you! It would feel soooo good!”
No longer afraid of losing Sayori’s friendship, Luke is no longer pale. Instead, he’s bright red with embarrassment as Sayori talks about things he’s long fantasized about. Specifically, with her. Blushing deeply, Luke glances to the side and scratches his cheek.
“I-I… I have thought about it b-before. W-Wrapping my hands around her slim little neck and just… s-squeezing. But… Sayori… are you sure about this?”
Sayori’s lips curl up into a wide grin that stretches from ear to ear as she practically bounces in place.
“Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes! It’s fine Luke, choke me out, really give it to me! Hell, you can f-fuck me while you do it if you want.”
That last bit is offered offhandedly, almost nervously compared to the rest of Sayori’s words. Luke looks back at his childhood friend with wide eyes, only to see her blushing a little bit herself now. Apparently, talking about strangling for pleasure was totally cool, but get close to actual sex, and Sayori got just a little shy.
Luke hates his voice for cracking, but when Sayori beams and nods her head, he can’t help but lick his lips and nod back.
“O-Okay… I’d… I’d like that.”
How could he ever possibly refuse? Sayori was making THAT sort of face, and on top of that, she was offering to let him indulge one of his darkest fetishes as well. Not to mention, he most certainly had a thing for her. Luke wasn’t sure if it was possible for a boy and a girl to grow up as childhood friends without at least one or the other developing romantic feelings, but it certainly hadn’t happened between the two of them!

Still beaming and visibly overjoyed, Sayori skips over to Luke’s bed and tosses off her clothes in just a few seconds. Luke’s eyes go wide as he takes in the sight of his best friend in all her pale, slender glory. Sayori is more cute than sexy, but to him, that’s sexy enough in the end. She’s gorgeous… and he honestly thinks he might love her in that moment.
Of course, the girl has gone completely commando, though even with what he now knows, Luke is pretty sure that’s more due to laziness than anything else. Regardless, once Sayori is naked, she hops up on the bed and then lays back, smiling at him even as he approaches. She only really gets nervous when Luke starts to strip too. He keeps his eyes on hers the entire time, watching as Sayori stares at his chest, and then down further, even as he pulls his pants and boxers off.
He’s nothing massive in the dick department, but he’s also nothing small. He’s got several long inches between his legs, and with Sayori offering herself and so much more up to him on a plate, Luke is already pretty erect. Swallowing thickly, the young man crawls onto the bed, even as Sayori squirms in place. Without thinking, he places one hand around her thin neck, and pins her down.
Sayori freezes up immediately, and her lips part as her eyes widen. Her pupils dilate and the gasp leaving her throat turns into a moan as she squirms beneath him for an entirely different reason. Luke doesn’t quite squeeze yet. Instead, he simply holds his friend in place by her neck, gripping firmly to remind her of what was to come.
At the same time, his other hand slides down Sayori’s body. He stops for only a moment at her chest, cupping the ever so slight mound that is her breast, his thumb grazing across her rock-hard nipple. Then, he goes further down still, running his fingers lightly over Sayori’s belly and navel, all the way to the space between her thighs.
The entire time, Sayori is blushing up a storm, whining and whimpering with need as she continues to writhe beneath him. When Luke finally gets to her pussy, he can’t quite help himself. As soon as he feels just how wet she already is, he slams two fingers deep into her cunt. A surprised cry leaves Sayori’s lips, and instinctively, Luke squeezes down on her throat a little, cutting her cry off into a gurgle that swiftly becomes a moan as soon as he lets up the pressure.
She’s… she’s perfect. She’s everything he could have ever wanted. Luke’s heart beats rapidly in his chest. His own pace quickens as he pants with a great need, leaning over Sayori, staring down into her eyes. His digits continue to piston in and out of her sopping wet cunt, until ultimately, he realizes that there’s no point in anymore foreplay. His cock is harder than its ever been before. Sayori’s cunt is extremely wet, and he can’t imagine that it can get much slicker.
All that’s left is to do the deed. Deeds? Both deeds, one deed? How did one categorize strangulation and sex combined? No. He was just trying to distract himself at this point. Luke knew he was nervous. He knew he wasn’t sure about this. But that was a small part of him, and it was growing smarter all the time. The bigger part of him wanted this. Sayori wanted this.
He wasn’t going to hurt her… any more than she’d begged him to hurt her, at least. Licking his lips, Luke pulls his fingers out of Sayori’s mewling, squirming form. He takes hold of his cock and strokes his length a few times, getting her juices all over his member. Then, he shifts his grip to the base of his shaft and guides his cockhead right up to the gushing wet slit staring him in the face.
The tip of his prick pushes past Sayori’s pussy lips, causing them to petal out like a flower. Sayori’s breath hitches, and then she gasps as he begins to fill her up.
“A-Ah… L-Luke...”
It’s once again instinctive for him to grip down on her neck as she tries to speak. Sayori’s eyes bulge out of her skull and she gurgles once more when he cuts her off quite smoothly. Luke bites his lower lip and lets up the pressure a moment later, feeling a little guilty, even as his cock suddenly busts through Sayori’s hymen, sinking several inches deeper into the formerly virgin girl’s slick, inviting cunt in one go.
“A-Ahh!!! Luuuuke!!!”
Sayori’s cry as she loses her virginity causes Luke’s dick to twitch inside of her, and he has to hold himself steady for a moment to keep from losing control right then and there. This was… this was everything he’d ever fantasized about with Sayori. Everything he’d ever dreamed of doing with her, TO her… he was still afraid it was just that, a dream.
But even if it was, Luke intended to enjoy every last second of it before it came to a close. Biting his lower lip, the young man begins to move, slowly thrusting in and out of Sayori’s cunt. In response, his friend spreads her legs wider, moaning slightly as he continued to hold her by her neck. Eventually, his cock is deep enough inside of her that he can let go of it and move his other hand back up her body.
That hand closes over the first, as Luke holds Sayori’s slim, slender neck in his palms. It’s like he’s holding her life in his hands… and in a way, he is. How easy would it be to squeeze hard enough to just outright break her neck? Luke wasn’t some big muscular thug, but Sayori was a tiny girl with a fragile body… she already felt small beneath him, and her neck felt weak in his grip.
All the same, Luke had no desire to kill his best friend. But choking her? That… that he could do.
His best friend looks up at him, reading the unspoken question in his eyes. Her hands come up and grip at his wrists, but she doesn’t try to pull him away or anything like that. Instead, she gains a resolute expression on her face, as she nods the best she can with her throat in his grasp. Well, with that last bit of permission given, there was no reason not to go further now, was there?
Luke starts with increasing the pace of his thrusting. He doesn’t make love to Sayori, he FUCKS her, and she responds quite vocally as her cries and moans grow louder and louder, filling the air. As before, Luke’s grip begins to tighten. His instincts were in tandem with his conscious desires this time around, and when he cuts Sayori off, making her gurgle, he doesn’t let up the pressure. Instead, Luke adds to it, choking his friend more and more, even as he fucks her harder and harder.
In response, Sayori’s slender fingers grip down harder around his wrists as well. No matter how much she squeezes though, she can’t cause him any sort of pain or discomfort. She’s just too weak, too frail, to do him any damage. At the same time, her pussy walls tighten up rhythmically along his thrusting cock, gripping and clinging to him intermittently as he squeezes down on her slender neck.
Its… intense, to say the least. Luke isn’t sure of another word for it, but even intense fells inadequate. As he continues to choke out his friend, he can feel Sayori’s windpipe collapsing inward beneath his grip, fleeing his tightening hold on her. He can see her eyes bulging more and more out of her skull, even as her face turns a purplish-blue from lack of air. Her tongue lolls out of her mouth as she gurgles in an almost sickening way. Sickening, if not for just how fucking arousing it is.
Watching Sayori go through the stages of oxygen deprivation, Luke can’t help but fuck her harder. Seeing her face purple up like it is only makes him pound away into her tight little body with greater and greater force. In this instant, she is NOTHING… nothing but his toy, nothing but his thing to be abused and played with to his heart’s content. She’s completely and utterly at his mercy… and Luke takes full advantage of that as he rails his best friend raw, his cock pounding away into her tight cunt, stretching it out more and more as he rams up against the entrance to Sayori’s womb in no time at all, slamming into her cervix over and over again.
That’s how Sayori reaches climax. Impaled on his dick, taking an inward beating from his rock-hard member, even as she runs out of air from his hands around her throat. Her orgasm is explosive and violent, her body bucking and shaking and writhing beneath him. It’s everything that she’d begged him to do to her, and Luke can’t help but groan as Sayori’s cunt walls squeeze down all the harder along his dick, almost as if they’re trying to strangle his lower head while he strangles their owner.
But even as good as it all feels, Luke isn’t yet satisfied. He can’t be, won’t be, until he sees Sayori’s eyes roll up in her head. Until he sees her give in to the darkness, the blackness he knows has to already be encroaching on her vision. Looking down into her eyes, Luke can already see the glaze in them. The dazed look is obvious, and its clear Sayori isn’t even fully cognizant anymore.
Her body is still reactive though, even as it grows weaker and weaker. Her hands finally slip from his arms, the death grip she’d been maintaining around his wrists relaxing into nothingness before her limbs simply flop to the sides. She chokes and gurgles some more, and her body kicks and shakes in the throes of complete and utter helplessness. All the while, Luke fucks her even harder.
Finally, it happens. Sayori’s next orgasm is her last, before quite suddenly her eyes roll back in her head and she goes still. Luke grunts and speeds up his pace one last time, fucking her as he cunt walls spasm and squeeze down on his dick at random, intense intervals. Eventually, the passed-out girl milks him of his seed. Luke cums deep inside of Sayori, filling his childhood friend with white, hot, sticky ejaculate.
And then its over. He pulls his hands back off of Sayori’s neck, and his cock slips out of her well-fucked pussy, even as he begins to grow soft. Kneeling there on his bed, Luke stares down at Sayori’s unconscious form, just watching as fierce bruises immediately start to form around her neck. He supposed he should be worried, or upset, or angry with himself in this moment. That was what they did in his porn mags, sometimes. Especially in scenarios like this.
The guy would give into his basest desires, strangling the girl until he came. Then, he’d be distraught over what he’d done, upset with himself and filled with self-loathing. Luke… Luke didn’t feel any of that. He wasn’t filled with self-loathing. He didn’t hate who he was. He was actually pretty fucking happy with who he was, even if he’d resigned himself to the possibility that he would never find a girl or woman who would share his deepest, darkest desires.
Now though, now he had Sayori. Now he had a girl who wanted to be strangled just as much as he wanted to strangle her… if not MORE. It was glorious. Utterly glorious. And as Sayori suddenly came back to life with a gasp, her eyes snapping open and oxygen slipping into her with ragged breaths, Luke can’t help but smile down at her, a strange mixture of adoration and wicked glee mixing to make for a truly terrifying look on the young man’s face.
But Sayori took just one look up into that face and smiled back, completely and utterly satisfied. She shifts for a moment, and then speaks, her voice raspy and if Luke was being honest, turning him on all over again.
“T-Thank… thank you, Luke…”
Luke blushes at that, but before he can response, Sayori is climbing up onto her knees, and hugging him fiercely. Her arms wrap around his neck as she buries her face in his chest, whispering the word over and over and over again.
“Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”
His smile becomes a bit gentler as he rubs his hands into Sayori’s naked back. She was happy… and so was he. How could he want anything more than that? Eventually, Sayori pulls back from him and smiles brilliantly.
“That was the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. You can fuck and choke me any time you want, Luke.”
Something builds in Luke’s chest. He grunts as he licks his lips, his eyes already slipping over Sayori’s body again. He couldn’t very well choke her with his hands again so soon… but there were other ways to have some fun with her. And judging by the sudden impish grin on Sayori’s face, the cute girl knows exactly what he’s thinking. Slowly, Sayori slides down the front of Luke’s body, until she’s on her hands and knees, her face inches from his mostly flaccid cock.
His length is still covered in their combined juices of course, and Sayori quickly sets to work with her cute little tongue, darting it out from between her lips as she begins to lick and lap and slurp at his cock. Luke groans as she cleans him up, all while his member grows hard once more. He was a young man after all, and Sayori was a beautiful young woman.
In no time at all, Luke is once more at full mast, and Sayori has cleaned up every last drop of his seed and her pussy juices, leaving his dick covered in nothing but her saliva. That’s when the short-haired girl leans back and takes his cockhead into her mouth, slipping her lips over his shaft as she begins to bob her head up and down his length.
Luke’s hands come down to grip at Sayori’s hair. His childhood friend stops and looks up at him with knowing eyes. All the young man sees in her gaze is loving acceptance, adoration and devotion… utter NEED. She wants this, needs this as much as he does… and Luke is happy to oblige.
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”
As Luke begins to throat-fuck his childhood friend, mere minutes after strangling her as he took her virginity, the young man tosses his head back and groans. He could never have guessed the turn this day would take… but he also couldn’t deny just how much he was enjoying it. As Sayori chokes and gags on his dick, Luke settles in to really give it to her. He owed it to himself and his friend, to take them both to the utter limits of their kinky, dark desires.
It was only polite, after all.
It was a couple days later, at school, when Sayori ambushed him right as he was leaving his last class of the day. Blinking, Luke comes to a stop as his childhood friend grins wickedly up at him. He in turn, finds himself staring at her scarf. Of course, he already knew she had it on, given they walked to school together daily, but it was still… it drew his eye every time he saw it, to say the least.
Knowing what lay beneath her scarf, knowing that HE’D been responsible for it… Luke would be lying if he said it didn’t turn him on all over again.
“C’mon silly, I want you to come meet my club mates!”
Blinking, Luke realizes that Sayori has slipped her hand in his while he was distracted. A blush spreads across the young man’s face as their fingers intertwine and rub together. So l-lewd… people could see them too, at least one or two had noticed. Embarrassed, the young man can do nothing but let his childhood friend drag him along through the emptying school, all the way to the floor where her after-school club met several days of the week.
Luke himself had always been part of the ‘Going Home’ club, and Sayori had respected that before. He wasn’t sure what had changed, but soon enough he finds himself dragged into the Literature Club’s main room, coming face to face with three more girls he didn’t know as Sayori beamed, finally letting go of his hand.
“I brought him, just like I said I would! Ladies, this is Luke! Luke, this is… the Literature Club!”
Slightly off tilt, Luke can only stand there blankly, giving a single hesitant wave as he fidgets in place under three surprisingly intense stares. And then, the brunette clears her throat and its like a spell is broken. The short, pink-haired girl looks away as she crosses her arms over her chest with a ‘harrumph’, while the tall, stacked, purple-haired girl blushes and averts her gaze, twirling her locks over her index fingers in what’s obviously a nervous tic.
Luke stares at them for a moment longer, before the brunette fills his vision, a bright smile on his face.
“Hi there! I’m Monika, the leader of the Literature Club. You already know Sayori, of course. She’s told us a LOT about you. As well, we have Yuri and Natsuki, our club’s only other two members. Say hi girls!”
Yuri is apparently the purple-haired one. She blushes harder at the attention and gives a wave even smaller and more hesitant than Luke’s initial greeting.
Natsuki, on the other hand, just grunts as she looks back at Luke, frowning slightly.
“… Whatever. Hi.”
Luke stares at the two blankly. They’re like walking, talking clichés from some of the anime he enjoys. The Tsundere and the Dandere. Luke supposed that made Sayori the Deredere, but then… what was Monika? Also, why was he here?
The girls in the room all tense up suddenly, and Luke realizes he said that last tidbit out loud. Monika’s smile drops as she gets a very serious look on her face, glancing past him to Sayori. Luke follows her gaze, only to see his childhood friend blush and fidget under their combined gazes.
“You haven’t told him yet?”
“N-No! Of course not! I… thought it best to leave that to you.”
“Hmph… you might just be right. Luke.”
At the sound of his name, Luke turns back to Monika, even as the brunette stares him down.
“Sayori has told us all about what happened between the two of you, two days ago.”
Luke’s eyes go wide at that, very nearly bulging out of his skull in shock. She couldn’t p-possibly mean… but then, what else had happened between them but that?! Still, what the hell kind of Literature Club discussed shit like that?! Before Luke can truly begin to panic however, Monika continues on.
“She did so because the Literature Club is not a real club. Oh, it’s technically registered as a club with the school, but in the end, our Literature Club is a cover for the real club that we all banded together to make.”
Now, Luke is simply confused. What could Monika possibly mean? A cover? For what? Seeing his furrowed brow, Monika simply nods and finishes her explanation.
“The Literature Club is a cover… for the Dark Fetish Club, where we can talk about our darkest desires without judgement or censure. As well as what steps we’ve all taken to satisfy those deep, perverse urges.”
Here, Monika looks a bit less serious and a bit more embarrassed and unsure of herself.
“… Sayori told us all about you, Luke. She told us about what she found in your porn stash. She told us about what the two of you did together. We think… we think that you would be a good addition to the Dark Fetish Club. We all have our desires… and we think you’re the best equipped to help us indulge in our fetishes.”
Luke’s eyes are wide at this point. As he gazes around the room, he sees nothing but intrigue and hope on the other girls’ faces. Yuri is glancing at him through her bangs, and even Natsuki is eyeing him in silence, clearly interested. Sayori, meanwhile, is fidgeting nervously, clearly worried about how he’ll react to all of this. Luke… he isn’t about to rant or rave or scream. Instead, he’s got one question.
Straightening up, the young man collects himself and adopts a stern look on his face as he once more sweeps his gaze across the room. There’s a tone of authority in his voice when he speaks again.
“Before I say yes to anything… you know my secrets. I think its only fair I know yours. If I’m going to be helping you indulge in your fetishes… I want to know what they all are, right here, right now.”
That prompts even more blushing, more fidgeting, more squirming. But in the end, the female members of the Dark Fetish Club acquiesce, and slowly but surely, Luke learns from each of them what REALLY makes them tick. His brow climbs more than once, but he keeps most of his surprise off his face as his expectations are utterly shattered.
His earlier assumption was incorrect. These girls can’t be placed in such silly anime categories such as Tsundere, or Dandere, or Deredere. He should have known better with Sayori from the start, he knew her deepest desires already, after all. Regardless, the girls before him were all as sick and twisted as he was. And by the time they were done talking, done explaining what they wanted from him… Luke had made up his mind.
As everyone stood in silence, waiting to hear his final decision, Luke crossed his arms over his chest, worked his jaw back and forth a couple times… and finally nodded.
“Alright. I’m in. I’ll join the Dark Fetish Club.”
The reaction is instant, at least from Sayori. His childhood friend glomps him from behind as she squeals in joy.
“Yaaaaay!!! I knew you’d like it Luke, I knew you’d like it!”
Snorting in amusement, Luke can only smile as he watches Monika do the same, seeming quite happy with his decision. Yuri is also smiling, even as she presses the tips of her fingers together. Even Natsuki is having to fight to keep the scowl on her face as she blushes deeply and averts her gaze, nibbling at her lower lip.
Yeah… Luke can see himself liking it here. These girls… they need someone like him. Someone to help them, before they end up hurting themselves. Without his inadvertent intervention, Sayori very well might have gone through with it, and tried hanging herself just so she could get that sweet release. Luke wouldn’t allow that, not while he was still around and capable of stopping her.
He wouldn’t let any of these girls hurt themselves. No, instead, he would be the one doing the hurting. It was only right, in the end. It was a man’s job to look after and take care of women. It would be HIS job to make sure the Dark Fetish Club was properly cared for… properly satisfied. Luke could only grin as Monika took the reins now that his membership was finalized. As the girls began to plan out how things would go, with his occasional input, Luke sat down in a nearby chair and relaxed.
This? He was going to enjoy this.


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