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Chapter 2 - Earth-Chan & Moon-Chan

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Themes: Personification Sex, Public Sex, Exhibitionism, Fucked Silly

Summary: An AU of our modern world where Gijinkas, personifications of every day things, run amok. Only, our main character, Virgil, really has no experience with them, having never truly hopped on the Gijinka bandwagon. This just makes him all the more interesting to them, in the end.

Chapter 2 - Earth-Chan & Moon-Chan

Chapter 2 - Earth-Chan & Moon-Chan
It’d been a week since the insanity with Facebook-chan. Luckily, his anonymity with the general public had held out, and by the third or fourth day, people were getting bored and going back to talking about other things. Facebook-chan’s plan to simply lay low for a while seemed to be working perfectly. Virgil was just happy that he wasn’t being dragged deeper into things than he’d already gotten himself.
Gijinkas were… well, maybe they weren’t so bad after the more intimate encounter he’d had with Facebook-chan, but the young man still couldn’t help but feel that Gijinkas as a whole would turn out to be more trouble than they were worth. Even if Facebook-chan had been an utterly amazing lay in every sense of the word, Virgil would be happy just taking it easy and getting back to normal from this point forward.
Of course, it was around that moment that there came a knock on his door. Confused as to who it could possibly be, since he had no visitors coming over that he knew of, and no packages that he’d ordered, Virgil makes his way over to the door nonetheless, brow furrowed slightly in confusion. When he looks through the peephole, his heart stops for a moment, and his eyes go wide.
There’s a second, a beat where Virgil considers whether or not he really wants to answer the door to the two outside. But in the end, there’s no real choice, now is there? His parents didn’t raise him to be rude or anything like that. Letting out a sigh, Virgil collects himself and plasters a smile across his face as he finally unlocks and opens his apartment door, looking out at the two lovely ladies gracing his doorstop.
Earth-chan and Moon-chan are turned towards each other and speaking when he finally opens his door. They immediately go silent at his sudden appearance and turn towards him to regard him as he’s in turn regarding them. Earth-chan has a smile on her face, while Moon-chan looks petulant and put out… an expression that’s made all the more pronounced by her arms crossed over her chest.
Looking between the two of them, and then out into his hallway to see if anyone else has noticed them, Virgil lets out a sigh.
“Come in, come in!”
As he ushers them inside, the young man keeps looking left and right out his door. It wouldn’t do for someone to see two of the world’s most famous Gijinka. Virgil didn’t need any paparazzi crowding around his apartment, or worse, one of those Gijinkers, or whatever they called the idiots who went around proudly proclaiming themselves as Gijinka Fanatics. Those fuckers were the worse. Not that he had any real issue with them wasting their lives pining after some personification or other, but if it got in danger of affecting HIS life, he was a lot less understanding.
When he’s finally got Earth-chan and Moon-chan inside, Virgil closes and locks his apartment door, letting out a slight sigh of relief. So they knew how to travel relatively incognito then at least… though he wasn’t sure how exactly they’d managed that, given their looks and their chosen outfits. As he turns to regard the two Gijinka, Virgil has to work to keep his false smile on his face. Earth-chan’s, on the other hand, is far more genuine as she looks around his apartment.
“You have a lovely home, Virgil.”
She knows his name. Of course she does, she wouldn’t have his address without also having his name. Coughing slightly, Virgil clears his throat as he bobs his head up and down.
“Right… yeah… I guess Facebook-chan told you about me?”
Not that he knew why she would do such a thing. Moon-chan scoffs at that and looks away, while Earth-chan’s eyes brighten and she nods happily, clasping her hands together in front of her sizable breasts.
“That’s correct, Virgil! Your deductive skills are amazing!”
Really? Did she not mention that she was the first Gijinka he’d ever met? Well, whatever. Giving Earth-chan a hesitant smile, Virgil gestures towards the couch in the center of his living room.
“Right, well… make yourselves at home, I’ll put some tea on for all of us. One moment.”
Earth-chan once again bobs her head up and down in agreement, just as cheery as ever. Moon-chan scowls but doesn’t say a word, even as she follows Earth-chan like a puppy, sticking close to her side. Virgil watches them move to the couch for a moment, and then he heads into the kitchen where he can do some thinking. This whole situation is… well, it’s certainly a situation.
Virgil isn’t sure what to think about this encounter. Not really an encounter at all, was it? More of a visit. Right. God, his head wasn’t even in the right place. That might have been because he couldn’t deny that both Earth-chan and Moon-chan were pretty hot. They were… dressed like Japanese Schoolgirls? Virgil didn’t know what to make of that, but that’s exactly what sort of outfit they had on, with the skirt and the cute white shirt and the ribbon around her neck.
The non-white parts of their ‘uniforms’ were filled with stars, while Earth-chan’s hair was the blue and green of the planet’s continents, and Moon-chan’s was a mixture of the grays commonly depicted of the moon. It was… well… Virgil really, REALLY wasn’t sure what to think. Earth-chan was hot. Moon-chan was clearly not happy to be there, though whether it was because she hated him or something else, he couldn’t exactly figure out.
One way or another, it was probably best to at least hear them out. They’d come all this way, and he’d already let them in, hadn’t he? The tea was finished as well. Letting out a sigh, Virgil finally leaves the safety of his kitchen, moving into his living room with the tea set. He pours three cups, one for him and one for each of his two guests, and then he looks over the brim of his tea cup as Earth-chan sips happily from her own, while Moon-chan doesn’t bother touching hers, just glaring at it as she grabs at her skirt with both hands instead.
“So, I assume you’re Earth-chan, and you’re Moon-chan.”
Earth-chan’s eyes widen in delight and she quickly nods as she puts down her cup of tea.
“Oh yes, you got it in one! You really are very observant, Virgil! Facebook-chan was right about you, it seems!”
Moon-chan scoffs, even as Virgil’s eyebrows rise. Observant? It was super-fucking obvious. He was beginning to think Earth-chan might just be a tad gullible. But then, she’d let his race fuck around on her for thousands of years, so maybe there was something to that thought…
“… Right. Why exactly are the two of you here?”
Another scowl from Moon-chan. He’s really beginning to feel a little irritated, more at not knowing what her problem is, then her actually having a problem. But before he can confront the grey-haired girl, Earth-chan happily pipes up and explains.
“Well, after your meeting with Facebook-chan, she told us ALL about you!”
Virgil blinks at that.
“’Us’ being…”
“All of the other Gijinkas of course, silly! She really talked a big game about you, you know! She said some really nice things! But then her scandal sent her into hiding for a little while, so the other Gijinkas sent me to talk to you to see what kind of guy you really are!”
As Earth-chan finishes her explanation with that same bright, slightly naïve smile on her face, Moon-chan finally pipes up as well.
“And I’m here because I’m not going to let my precious Earth-chan meet alone with someone like YOU!”
At the same time, Moon-chan hugs into Earth-chan’s side, much to the other Gijinka’s visible exasperation and apologetic glance in his direction.
“Sorry, Moon-chan is just… like this.”
Moon-chan harrumphs, but also doesn’t seem willing to dispute her Earth-chan’s words. Virgil, meanwhile, abruptly has a better understanding of the smaller Gijinka, and now that he realizes Moon-chan is of the tsundere variety, he’s perfectly happy to wave it off, smiling a bit more politely now.
“Well then, do you have questions for me? I suppose I can explain a few things. Though learning that a bunch of Gijinkas are apparently now breathing down my neck has me a little nervous.”
He punctuates that last bit with a laugh, even as Earth-chan cocks her head to the side.
“Questions? Ah, that’s a good idea Virgil! Then I can learn all about you and report back to my sisters! Right, let’s get started! What’s your favorite color?”
Virgil lifts a brow at that. He’s really beginning to see a ditzy sort of girl in Earth-chan… but the way she’s so exuberant about everything has her chest bouncing around in very interesting ways. And in all honestly, he just can’t bring himself to dislike her. Grinning roguishly, he decides he’s not going to let that stop him from having some fun with her though.
“Well, I’ve always had a hard time deciding, honestly. You see, it’s a toss up between blue, green… and gray.”
Earth-Chan’s eyes go wide and she smiles even more brightly at that. Even Moon-chan sneaks a glance in his direction, before scowling again and looking away, her arms still crossed over her chest. Virgil valiantly resists the urge to snicker at both of them, even as the questioning continues. Earth-chan asks him all sorts of things for the next little while, until the tea is all gone, and Virgil is a lot more relaxed.
These girls aren’t so bad. Not even Moon-chan is too much of a nuisance and tailoring his likes and dislikes to what he knows will get her interest seems to be doing the trick, even if she won’t willingly admit it. Of course, then Earth-chan apparently decides to throw him a fast ball.
“Who do you like better, me or Facebook-chan?”
Virgil’s mouth opens, and then closes as he fully registers Earth-chan’s words. Damn it, how is he supposed to answer that question diplomatically? There’s no doubt in the young man’s mind that this conversation is going to get back to the other Gijinkas… of which, Facebook-chan is one. And he really didn’t have a preference over either of them. Licking his lips nervously, Virgil notes Moon-chan’s eyes on him for the first time in a while, staring at him as if she’s waiting for him to slip up. That little brat…
“W-Well, you both have your pluses, I suppose. And you both have your similarities. You’re each rather short and slender, except for-…”
“S-Slender?! I AM NOT FLAT, Virgil! Y-You take that back!”
Virgil blinks and then flushes with embarrassment. He’d actually been about to mention Earth-Chan’s chest as the thing that really set her apart from Facebook-chan. It was obvious that the whole ‘flat’ thing was a bit of a hot button issue for Earth-chan. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? Swallowing thickly, Virgil shrugs his shoulders and gives a half-smile as he nods in agreement.
“A-Actually… I think you have perfectly amazing breasts, Earth-chan.”
Silence falls as both Earth-chan and Moon-chan stare at him for his forwardness. Virgil is a little taken aback by his own words as well, even as he blushes a bit deeper. Then, Earth-chan is blushing, even as she reaches up to play with the ribbon on her front.
“W-Would you… would you like to see them?”
Moon-chan gasps in shock at her senpai’s words, but Virgil has eyes for no one but Earth-chan. More specifically, her chest as he stares down at it and slowly nods.
“… I think I would.”
Nervous and blushing up a storm, Earth-chan removes her top, slowly but surely. As it turns out, she’s not wearing a bra underneath. But then, she really doesn’t need to. Her breasts are perfect. Large, but not too large… and absurdly perky, given their obvious weight. They’re beautiful orbs, settled on her chest as she blushes and presses them together with her arms.
“D-Do you like them?”
Virgil nods slowly, his eyes fixated on them. Seeing this, Earth-chan gains a bit more confidence.
“D-Do you want to touch them?”
At this, the young man realizes the situation he’s in… and he wonders just why he’s acting like an awkward, bumbling teenager. It’s the way Earth-chan and Moon-chan are acting and dressed, it has to be. He’s somehow been drawn into what feels like an anime of sorts… but it’s not. This is reality, and he’s not some kid virgin looking for his first pair of tits.
Taking back control of the situation, Virgil leans back in his chair and gives Earth-chan a coy smile, even as he reaches down and begins to undo his belt buckle.
“Why don’t you come over here Earth-chan, and we’ll have some fun. Yeah?”
The personification of the planet herself blushes even deeper, but in the end, she nods and stands up, shuffling over to him nervously, her tits bouncing and swaying as her nipples grow rock hard in the open air. When she stands before him, Virgil pulls his cock out of its confines and gestures for her to knee.
“Wrap your tits around this, Earth-chan.”
She really is a needy thing, isn’t she? Heh, no wonder the human race had walked all over her for thousands of years… Earth-chan was a natural born submissive. Otherwise, why would she so happily follow his instructions, even as he ran his hands through her multi-color hair? Grinning wickedly, Virgil sits back and relaxes as Earth-chan begins to give him a boobjob right then and there.
The Gijinka isn’t bad at it, either. Blushing up a storm and acting like a virgin, Earth-chan nonetheless focuses all of her efforts on making him feel good… and she in turn moans, clearly aroused by the way her sensitive massive mammaries are sliding up and down the length of his hard cock. She pants heavily, and seems to be getting more and more into it, even as Virgil feels his balls churning with need. He’s going to cum soon, already turned on by the whole situation in the first place.
“M-Mouth… Earth-chan, take the tip i-in your mouth.”
She does as she’s told, just as he knew she would. And that right there, having her suckle at his tip so lovingly, even as she continues to slide her tits up and down his cock… it’s enough to send him right over the edge. The way she’s looking up at him with those ocean blue eyes of hers all the while only serves as added pleasure.
“S-Shit, I’m cumming!”
Earth-chan gasps as she pulls back, and as a result, the Gijinka ends up with a face full of his cum, right then and there. Virgil pants, even as his sticky hot seed ends up all over her, coating both her features and her tits in the stuff. There’s something so deliciously perverse about it. Something utterly naughty and oh so satisfying about defiling the literal personification of the planet that’s currently kneeling before him.
He feels a little ashamed of himself, but at the same time, Virgil can’t help but wonder if any of those CEOs in those big Oil Companies ever get off on drilling the Earth. They might not, but he knows for sure he’s going to get off drilling Earth-chan.
“Hop up on my lap, Earth-chan. I’m not done with you yet.”
His commanding tone still has the intended effect, but when the Gijinka in question tries to climb on board facing him, Virgil makes sure to spin her around, leaving her facing Moon-chan instead, even as he guides his cock up into her cunt from below. Just like she wasn’t wearing a bra, Earth-chan isn’t wearing panties either… she’s going all natural… which is just so very fitting for her, in his opinion.
The look on Moon-chan’s face is hard to parse, even as Virgil begins to bounce Earth-chan up and down on his cock, slowly at first, gently. He’s not trying to break the girl, after all… but this alone seems to turn the Gijinka on even more as she moans happily, sliding herself up and down his length a little faster. Just showing a bit of care is apparently enough to make Earth-chan absurdly happy… so Virgil keeps it up, being nice to the beautiful personification, even as she rides him reverse cowgirl style.
Moon-chan on the other hand… well, Virgil isn’t just going to leave the smaller girl out, now is he?
“You like what you see, Moon-chan? Like seeing your senpai so happy, so delirious with pleasure?”
The Gijinka scowls at first, but then blushes and glances away, this time more embarrassed than angry. Virgil grins at having pegged Moon-chan perfectly. And sure enough, the grey-haired tsundere soon rises up, and with shaking fingers, begins to undress. Once she’s even more naked then Earth-chan, she moves over and joins in on the action, taking her senpai by surprise as she kisses and molests Earth-chan’s defenseless, cum-covered body, right then and there.
Virgil watches this with great amusement, and his pace increases a bit as he fucks up into Earth-chan with greater and greater fervor. Eventually though, she milks him dry after who knows how many climaxes on his dick. He cums inside of the personification of the planet herself, and god if that isn’t a power trip, Virgil doesn’t know what is.
Of course, then Earth-chan proceeds to grab Moon-chan and hold HER down so Virgil can fuck her as well, but that’s… well… how to put it? He doesn’t say anything out loud, but while Moon-chan is certainly a fun fuck, and once she gets into it, he really enjoys himself… she doesn’t compare to her senpai. Even with her inverted nipples on her much smaller chest, she’s just not in the same league as Earth-chan.
Virgil figures she knows that though, and he still enjoys his time with her, just as he makes sure she enjoys her time with HIM. Earth-chan CERTAINLY enjoys herself, given the way the Gijinka pins him down afterwards just to ride him again. Things become a right and proper threesome from there, and Virgil loses track of pretty much… everything, as it all begins to blur together.
 Eventually though, things come to a close. A day later as it turns out, after they’ve all slept in and made a mess of Virgil’s bed. He hadn’t expected the visit to turn into the two Gijinka staying the night, but then, he hadn’t exactly expected the visit to turn into them both wrapped around his cock either. Perhaps… perhaps he should have.
It was still only a sample size of three, but Virgil was beginning to wonder if all Gijinka were so… slutty? Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing. And he wasn’t really using the word as an insult, or at least he didn’t mean it as one. After all, Virgil fully considered himself a slut as well. There was nothing inherently wrong with being a bit of a slut, male or female, merely society’s prudish nature asserting itself on those who were more sexually active.
If Gijinka in general were slutty beings, Virgil could only imagine what would happen next. Especially when their time together finally came to an end, and he was seeing both Earth-chan and Moon-chan to the door, with the former talking quite casually as she gave him a happy smile.
“Facebook-chan was right about you Virgil! And I’ll be sure to let all of the other Gijinkas know as soon as I possibly can.”
That… that probably wouldn’t end well. Or maybe it would. Virgil wasn’t about to tell Earth-chan to keep mum about him, not after she’d explained that the entire reason she’d been sent here was to investigate him. The other Gijinka would be expecting some sort of report from the personification. All he could do was hope that things wouldn’t get even more complicated because of this.
“Great… that’s… great.”
Though, in the end, no matter what, he couldn’t really bring himself to regret anything they’d done together. All three of them. Speaking of which…
“Hmph! I guess… I guess you’re not the WORST man in the world.”
Virgil looks at Moon-chan with some amusement, even as the diminutive girl flushes and looks away, her arms once again crossed over her chest. Earth-chan, on the other hand, grins wickedly as she leans in and stage-whispers to him.
“That means she LIKES you.”
Virgil can’t help the snicker that leaves his lips, and Moon-chan goes stiff at her senpai’s betrayal. A moment later, and she’s running off in embarrassment, blushing up a storm all the while. Earth-chan and Virgil watch her go for a moment before the former turns to him and smiles a more genial smile.
“… I like you too.”
She then leans up on her tip toes to give him a peck on the cheek, before running after Moon-chan. Virgil watches them go for a moment, his hand coming up to touch the kissed cheek in question. He has a soft smile on his face for all of five seconds before his eyes suddenly widen and he looks left and right down the hallway of his apartment.
No one… thank fuck. Pulling his head back inside, Virgil slams his apartment door shut and locks the damn thing, before groaning as he plants his forehead against the inside of it.
Just… just what had he gotten himself into now?


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