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Chapter 1 - Yang Xiao-Long


Themes: Dom/Sub, Incest, Breeding, Rough Sex

Summary: In an AU where Ruby Rose is actually Rory Rose, this genderbent version of our plucky heroine is fed up with everyone treating him like a child. Especially his big sister, Yang. He decides to do something about it.

Chapter 1 - Yang Xiao-Long

Chapter 1 - Yang Xiao-Long
Rory Rose had a problem. One would think that given everything going on in his life, he’d be floating on cloud nine. And to be fair, he was. Or he had been. But this problem, it’d been growing alongside his jubilation over the last few weeks, and he was finally at a bit of a tipping point. The silver-eyed, dark-haired hunter had been pushed to the brink, and there was just no way he could take it anymore.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was just one other guy on the team, as far as Rory was concerned. He could have handled Team Leader, despite his young age, if even one other hunter was there to back him up as a male friend. Like Jaune, or Ren! But Jaune had his own team, and Ren was part of that team. Rory on the other hand, was all alone with three girls. In a shared team dorm room. That they all slept and lived in day in and day out. With… one bathroom.
Rory’s eyebrow twitches as he glances over to the door to said bathroom. From within, he can hear telltale sounds of the shower running… and his sister singing. Honestly, more than anything else, Yang was proving to be the biggest issue. Rory loved his sister with all his heart, but the blonde treated him like dirt a lot of the time.
Perhaps in another world, one where he’d been born a girl, Yang would have taken him (or her as the case would have been) under her wing, and they would have had an awesome big sister, little sister dynamic. But this wasn’t that world. In this world, Rory was the energetic, excitable little brother with a whole lot of talent and not a lot of experience.
And Yang was clearly annoyed that he’d made it into Beacon alongside her, despite the difference in their age. It was like she thought he was showing her up or something. He wasn’t trying to. But he also wasn’t going to give up a chance to become a hunter simply to spare Yang’s feelings! Regardless, the blonde had made his time at Beacon far more difficult than it had to be.
All of her teasing, all of her toying with him… it’d rubbed off on the other members of the team. It wasn’t like Weiss and Blake were about to start acting like Yang, that would be uncharacteristic… but he’d seen them taking their cues from his older sister nonetheless, in the way they generally tended to dismiss him as their leader and even as their peer. He was just Yang’s brat brother to them.
Rory might have been able to survive all of that, but Yang had been escalating things lately. She’d started wearing less and less around the dorm, and Weiss and Blake had subconsciously begun to emulate her. It was like they forgot he was a boy or something! A young man on the cusp of adulthood… with a very healthy libido!
It wasn’t fair. And Rory was done trying to play nice. He had to… he had to take back control of his team, and with Yang acting the way she was, he really only had one idea how to do that. Now was the time to strike. Now was the time to get his sister on his side in the one way he could. Weiss and Blake were already long gone for breakfast. Yang would be to if he let her finish her shower.
But that wasn’t going to happen. Standing from his bed, Rory goes red as he begins to strip down. But he doesn’t stop. His silver eyes remain inherently focused on the door to RWBY’s shared bath, and he licks his lips as he slips out of his boxers, his cock springing free of its confines. He’s half-hard already, thanks to having to watch his female teammates go in and out of the shower in almost nothing all morning.
That was fine. That would make it all the easier to do what needed to be done. Grabbing the handle of the door to the shower, Rory twists it and steps inside, slamming it shut behind him so that even Yang can’t miss it. The blonde whips around in her shower and goes wide eyed at the sight of him standing there.
Then, her eyes slide down his slender form to his crotch, and her jaw drops open at the size of his cock. Rory knows he’s well-endowed… or at least he hopes he is. He’s certainly had to deal with some uncomfortable pants that are too tight in the groin area over the years. At the very least, the young man knows he’s big for his age.
But then, he also knows his big sister isn’t a virgin. She’s had her sexual exploits, some of which he’s heard about in far more detail than he ever wanted to. He just has to hope that he’s big enough to give her pause, and judging by her gob smacked expression, he just might be. Not hesitating for even a moment, Rory strides forward, grimacing slightly as he clenches his hands into fists.
“Yang, we need to have a talk about your place on MY team.”
The blonde blinks at that, but Rory is already in the shower at that point. Despite towering over him by a few inches, it’s Yang who shrinks back in the face of his confidence, a sexual confidence that she’s never seen in her not-so-little bro before. Rory stares into her eyes, and Yang swallows thickly, all sorts of denial or rebuttal dying on her lips before it can ever leave her mouth.
“A-Alright Rory… j-just let me finish up f-first?”
It’s her last attempt at getting him to back off so she can come at this from another angle… and honestly, it’s rather pitiful. Rory can’t help but wonder if Yang is turned on right now. He snorts derisively at her half-hearted suggestion, and steps forward again, this time reaching up to pinch her nipples between his fingers as he invades her personal space and slowly drags her down to her knees by her tits.
“No. We talk now.”
His cock ends up flopping across Yang’s face as she ends up under it. The hot spray of shower water continues to rain down on both of them, but neither pay it any mind. Brother and sister are locked in a contest of wills as they stare into one another’s eyes… but the moment Yang let him maintain his hold on her nipples, the moment she let him take such control of this particular power dynamic, Rory had won. And they both knew it.
Suddenly grinning, the young man shrugs his shoulders.
“Well, I’ll talk. You’ll be busy servicing your king.”
His silver eyes flash and Yang shudders as her nostrils flare, the musk of his cock rushing up into them. When Rory pulls his length back just a bit to run his dick tip against her lips, he’s gratified to see his big sister hesitantly opening her mouth, allowing him to slip inside. All the while, he maintains his grip on her nipples, hefting her large tits with them, even as she suctions down on his cockhead, suckling at it carefully, slowly.
“That’s a good girl. You brought me to this point, you know? Wearing practically nothing around the dorm, calling me out whenever I so much as blushed or popped an erection. Belittling me and teasing me in front of the others… what the hell did any of you expect when you act like that around a guy? Did you think I didn’t have feelings? Did you think I didn’t have desires?!”
Rory finds himself taking out a bit of his frustration on his irritant of a big sister, even as he forces more and more of his thick, large cock into her mouth. Yang’s eyes go wide even as her lips do the same, her cheeks bulging a bit to handle him. He’s pushing her up against the back wall of the shower at this point, but still she makes no move to resist. Rory finds that gratifying… she’s not so much of an irritant right now, is she? Heh, might as well tell her so.
Grinning wickedly, the young man pulls a little at Yang’s nipples, twisting them ever so slightly to draw a whimper from her throat. It’s mostly muffled by his cock, but he can still make it out over the sound of the shower water beating down on them.
“I like you better like this. Something to do with your mouth, rather than using it to annoy me. Go on then, Yang. Show me what my big sister can do with her tongue.”
Rory pulls out a little at that, only to push back in again. Yang’s chest heaves as she realizes he’s going to fuck her face right then and there. And yet, despite his aggression, Yang obeys. Rory has complete control right now, some way or another. He’s not sure how he’s just making Yang do this, but he’s certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps she’s always been a natural submissive slut under her bitchy, quick to anger exterior.
Regardless, Rory begins to thrust, and Yang’s tongue starts to hesitantly writhe along the underside of his pistoning prick, even as he goes deeper and deeper until she starts to choke on his shaft.
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”
Yang’s eyes water, though with the shower water already beating down on them, it’s hard for Rory to tell at first. She gags on his dick and the feel of her tight little throat spasming around his big fat member is certainly a nice one. Groaning, the young hunter-in-training continues to rail his big sister’s throat, pounding away.
“God yes Yang, this is so good. You’re so good… finally… finally found a use for you, didn’t we? You can be the team cocksucker from now on, ooh fuck…”
Not that there was any other cock but his on the team TO suck, but then that didn’t really need to be said. Rory had already declared himself king earlier, hadn’t he? Where had that come from? As ridiculous as it sounded in hindsight, it still felt entirely appropriate. Just like all of this felt so damn right. But Rory wasn’t just here to fuck his sister’s throat. That wasn’t where this ended. With a growl, Rory pulls out of Yang’s mouth and drags her up by her nipples quite sharply.
A cry leaves Yang’s ragged throat, and she stumbles to her feet in the slippery shower, even as Rory spins his nonresistant sister around, pushing her up against the shower wall. Finally, Yang has a chance to speak. So of course, she tries to tell him they can’t do this.
“W-Wait… Rory, s-stop. I’m… I’m sorry for how I treated you, but w-we’re brother and sister… we c-can’t do this…”
Rory just shrugs at that, as he brings both hands down on Yang’s shapely, toned ass. His sister is a fighter, and she has the body of a fighter… but she also has some killer curves, and nowhere is that more apparently than her buttocks. She’s got just enough junk in her trunk to make digging his digits into her behind all the more enjoyable.
A moan leaves Yang’s lips as he does so, and Rory chuckles at the contradiction between her speech and what she truly wants. Bringing one hand down between her strong thighs, Rory runs his fingers across her cunt. She’s wet, but then she’s also in the shower with him. Sliding his fingers inside however, Rory knows he can’t mistake the sticky slickness of her pussy juices with shower water there.
“You want this, Yang. We both know you do. You want your own baby brother to fuck you.”
Yang lets out a hiss at that, but one glance back at his cock has her whimpering as she gives her reply.
“N-Nothing baby about you, b-brother…”
Rory blinks and then laughs, grinning raunchily as he slides his fingers from her cunt and grabs his cock instead, bringing it up to her pussy entrance.
“Why thank you for the compliment, sister. From now on though, I want you to refer to me as sir, or master.”
Yang stiffens at that.
“You can’t be se- oh my fucking GOD!”
Rory chooses the middle of her refusal to thrust in. Needless to say, Yang’s protest turns towards worship almost immediately as he finally starts to fuck her. A groan leaves Rory’s lips, even as she cries out in pleasure. His big sister’s cunt is tight. It’s tight and hot and wet, and strangely velvety. Put simply, it feels fucking amazing and he can’t help but go a little crazy with it. Growling almost primally, Rory begins to pound into Yang from behind. He rams her hot little pussy with all of the strength and fury he can muster.
Yang, meanwhile, is actively beginning to lose it. Sucking on her little brother’s startlingly large cock was one thing. Having that same big dick lodged up inside of her cunt is another entirely. While she has been sexually active before, the blonde has had a bit of a dry spell ever since arriving at Beacon. On top of that, Rory is just so domineering, so controlling right now… it’s hitting all of her buttons in ways she didn’t know they COULD be hit.
As her little brother fucks her from behind in the middle of the dorm shower, Yang can do nothing but hold herself up against the wall, stuck between it and a hard dick that was beginning to thoroughly pound her senseless. The blonde moans lewdly and loudly, panting heavily as her tits grind against the tile of the shower wall. Her legs wobble beneath her, and she’s sure she’d slide down right then and there if it weren’t for her brother holding her up.
Rory’s grip on Yang’s hips is ironclad as he pounds into his sister from behind without reserve, without mercy, without hesitation. Hesitation would mean death in this moment. Not actual literal death, but death of any credibility he could possibly hope to gain with his team. He was going to dominate Yang. He was going to show her where she belonged, her place, and he was going to bring her onto his side.
Then, he was going to do the same with Weiss and Blake. No… no, not just them. As he stood there, railing into his big sister time and time again, his big fat cock pounding against the entrance to her womb itself, Rory reconsidered his initial plans. This resounding success with Yang demanded a bigger idea. It wasn’t just the other members of Team RWBY that had belittled Rory and treated him like a child.
It was almost like every female in the school saw him as nothing more than a little kid playing at being hunter. The males weren’t much better, but he’d had some good experiences and made some good friends in the form of Jaune and Ren. On the other hand, even Pyrrha looked down on him. Even Nora ruffled his hair every morning at breakfast before heading off to get her daily allowance of pancakes.
Rory wasn’t going to stop with Yang, Weiss, and Blake. He was going to conquer every single woman at Beacon, every single beautiful female who’d so much as looked down upon him for his age, his stature! They’d find out just what he was packing, just what he had to offer… just like Yang currently was. In his mental fervor, Rory hadn’t even realized it, but he’s been going a little hard, a little fast on his dear sister.
Blinking, the young man reaches out and grabs a fistful of Yang’s hair, pulling her head back and forcing her back to arch at the same time as he looks at her face. What he sees surprises him, with her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Yang Xiao-Long has been fucked silly, completely and utterly.
Rory hadn’t thought it possible. After hearing about all of her exploits, after everything she’d done already, her life experiences… how was HE responsible for such a stupid look on his sister’s face? Well, there’s one way to bring her back to the land of the intelligent, Rory is sure of that. Leaning in close with a grin stretched from ear to ear, the silver-eyed boy says what he’s been planning all this time.
“Gonna cum soon, Yang. Gonna fill you with my seed. Gonna knock you up, just like our dad knocked up our moms. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Getting pregnant with my baby? I’m going to breed you Yang, I’m going to breed you and everyone else and make you all acknowledge me as KING!”
That does the trick. Yang’s eyes roll back into place with a snap as she gazes into Rory’s Cheshire grin fearfully. But she can’t quite hide the anticipation, the lust, the excitement behind that fear either.
That’s all she says, all she even tries to say… and yet, Rory stops all the same. He pauses, lodged so deep inside of her cunt that his cockhead is pushing up against the entrance of her womb. He lifts an eyebrow at her and smirks as she bites her lip, knowing that she’s feeling his pulsating prick along her squeezing, clenching insides. Knowing that she’s feeling just as good as he is in that moment.
“Wait? I’ll wait Yang. I’ll even stop. All you have to do is tell me to. Say the word. Tell me you don’t want it, tell me to stop, and I’ll pull out and leave you be.”
Yang’s eyes are wide at this point, even as she stares at him in equal parts trepidation and anticipation. Her chest, still squished up against the shower tile, heaves as she pants from the exertion. Her mouth opens and closes half a dozen times as she tries to find the words, but much to Rory’s amusement, they never come. Eventually, the blonde just hangs her head, clearly defeated.
Rory continues to grin, but he doesn’t actually start moving again. Instead he leans in and goes for broke with his big sister, truly looking to find her tipping point and push her right over the edge.
“Say it, Yang. One way or the other, I want you to say it. Either tell me to stop… or tell me to breed you like you’re nothing more than my cum dump whore!”
Rory is surprised when Yang cums on the spot from that. His eyebrows lift as she lets out a low keening wail, all while orgasming across his cock. Just from dirty talk? Damn, not even he knew that his sister was THIS much of a pervert. All the same, he waits patiently, letting her come down from the pleasure high. Eventually, she’s able to speak again and when she does, she says the magic words.
“D-Do it Rory… Master! Do it! B-Breed me, breed me like I’m nothing more than you’re cum dump WHORE!”
That he can do! With a vicious growl, Rory reaches up and hooks his fingers into the sides of Yang’s mouth and pulls. He drags his sister back from the shower wall and forces her to stand in the middle of the large shower, even as he starts to fuck her from behind once more. Yang’s eyes quickly roll back in her head as she climaxes along his pistoning cock again and again, her tongue waggling this way and that out of her open maw as he holds her by his finger hooks.
Fucking her like that, Rory thrusts forward with his big, fat cock time and time and time again. But after everything, the young man is close. Of course he is, he’s closer than close, given that he’s been holding back for a while now. But he doesn’t need to hold back anymore. With his sister orgasming wildly at the idea of him impregnating her, of him breeding her, Rory lets out a victorious roar and fills Yang from behind.
His seed pumps into the blonde huntress-in-training’s womb, and he paints her insides white with his cum. The sensation of being so filled, knowing what that means for her, sets Yang off all over again, and she shrieks around the fingers hooked into the sides of her mouth, even as her body shakes and spasms and seizes up from this latest development.
Rory lets his new fuck toy fall forward onto the shower flower unceremoniously off of his cock. Yang is cushioned by her titties, even as she ends up face down, ass up before him. His seed immediately begins to pour from her freshly fucked cunt, but Rory isn’t too worried about that. He’s not going to stop until his sister is well-bred, after all. If it doesn’t take today, then maybe tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, then every day after that until he knows for sure that he’s knocked her up.
He’s committed to turning his beloved big sister into the breeding sow that they both know she was always meant to be now. And with her lying there in such an obscene manner, completely and utterly broken before him, they both know she’ll never resist him, ever again. No more teasing, no more belittling… the power dynamic between the two of them has been irrevocably shifted, and now that Rory has his sister under his thumb… it’s only a matter of time before he takes the rest.
Lounging on his bed, Rory rests with his back to the headboard, even as Yang slurps and sucks and bobs her head up and down on his cock. They’re both still a little wet, but by this point they’re mostly dry. Rory’s legs are spread wide, and his blonde slut of a sister is laid out prone between them, three fingers pistoning in and out of her cunt beneath her, even as her other hand strokes and massages his churning balls, all while her mouth does all the work on his hard shaft.
Yang is an eager to please toy, as it turns out. When he’d sat down on his bed and demanded she clean him off after their shower was finished, she’d jumped at the chance. There hadn’t been that much to clean off, but Yang had attacked the task with the same gusto she usually went after her enemies with. And now here they were, half an hour later, with her now working him to another release, his cock long since licked and sucked clean.
“We’ve missed breakfast, by now. But I find myself inexplicably satiated nonetheless. Don’t you, my dear?”
Yang’s eyes flicker up to meet her brother’s silver irises, and she nods as best she can, even as she makes an ‘mhm’ sound around the cock in her mouth. Rory just grins at that.
“We’re also late to the first class of the day… I think we’ll be missing that too at this point.”
Once again, Yang simply nods and then returns to bobbing up and down on his cock, almost demure in her sluttiness. Rory can’t help but love the change his darling sister has gone through. He’ll have to make sure she’s still combat capable of course, but even if she isn’t, this is much preferred over the dynamic they’d had before. And soon she’ll be heavy with his child anyways. She won’t be combat capable at all then.
“You’re going to help me Yang.”
That causes the blonde to look up at him with some confusion in his eyes. Licking his lips, Rory reaches out to run his fingers through his sister’s hair.
“I’m not stopping with just you. You weren’t the end of the problem. Everyone needs to know I’m king. So you’re going to help me with my next conquest.”

Yang hesitates for a long moment, before making another ‘mhm’ noise as she returns to sucking and slurping at his cock in such a loving, devoted manner. Grinning ferally, Rory’s silver eyes flash as he considers his next target. His need to assert himself as the top of the food chain has only grown with his success over his sister. Yang is his first conquest, but she certainly won’t be the last.
However, just as he’s opening his mouth to tell Yang who he has in mind, the lock on the door to Team RWBY’s dorm begins to turn and Rory’s eyes dart in that direction, even as whoever’s on the other side begins to push the door open. Yang stiffens between his legs, but rather than let her pull away in some pointless attempt to hide their indiscretion, Rory holds Yang down by her hair, forcing her to take his cock deeper into her hot wet mouth, even as he stares intently at whoever’s coming through the door.
He’s not afraid, nor is he embarrassed, no matter who it is. Rory Rose is just getting started, and no one is going to stand in his way.


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